The Boston Globe ran a story about our Monday with Jimmy Garoppolo and gave WEEI no credit. This sets Kirk off about the writer Andrew Mahoney, who is a member of Brand X's Snow Squad.
Kirk and Callahan's Tuesday news headlines focus on the interviews Hillary and Bill Clinton gave Monday surrounding pneumonia-gate
Kirk is in pregame mode already for Wednesday's Springsteen concert at Fenway, while Callahan and Mut weigh in on recent sound bytes from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (aired 6:45am-7:25 am Tuesday)
Callahan and guest-host Mike Mutnansky lay into Kirk for crawling back on Comcast Sports Net with Gary Tanguay in this 6am hour upload from the start of Tuesday's show
The 9am hour upload features the reveal that Kirk Minihane is scheduled to go back on Comcast Sports Net with Gary Tanguay Monday night.

[0:18:31] ... agree with that. What else you don't occur if this is and Tom Brady at this and Aaron Rodgers is a guy and his first NFL start which is in Arizona. And at night Sunday night under pressure under you know. ...
[0:25:30] ... him to only fun and their rule like yes are they giving Larry FitzGerald of the greatest receivers of all time tongued as human being cruel to beyond hope she never retires so you to please ...

Weekly 'Patriots Monday' guest Tim Hasselbeck joins Kirk, Gerry and Tanguay to talk about Tom Brady's replacement in Jimmy G after Week 1's outing.
Kirk, Gerry and Tangway talk about Hillary Clinton's apparent poor health after another episode at the Sunday 9/11 memorial in New York.
The 7am hour opens with Tanguay, Callahan & Minihane discussing the less-than-glowing postgame sound quips from Bill Belichick, Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola in regards to Jimmy G's Sunday night performance
Minihane starts the show sticking his chest out about his correct Jimmy G prediction, and this 6am hour upload with Tanguay, Callahan and Minihane is a defacto Patriots postgame show of the team's Sunday night win in Arizona
Jimmy Garoppolo joined Tanguay, Gerry and Kirk to discuss the teams season opening win in Arizona.