They guys opened the show discussing Christian's great impersonations.

Here are the highlights from Friday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear to segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– A 19-year old Boston University with no driver’s license drove his Maserati close to 100 mph and ran a red light on the rainy streets in the Back Bay near at an intersection where two people were killed earlier this year, police said. Zeguang Xu, 19, pleaded not guilty to operating without a license, providing a false name to police, speeding, failure to stop and negligent operation.

“He thinks it’s OK to go 100?” Callahan asked. “He owns a Maserati? I hate this.”

Replied Dennis: “Daddy put it on the platinum card.”

Said Callahan: “So this punk, he’s 19. I hate his father even more than I hate him. It’s one thing to buy your kid a car, can you imagine buying your kid a Maserati?”

“It’s one of these things where it’s inevitable, you buy a kid a car like this, dumb kid like this is going to die,” Minihane said.

– The movie “Gone Girl” that stars Ben Affleck and is directed by David Fincher opens up in theaters Friday. Affleck has a scene in the movie where he is briefly nude.

The hosts ran a clip of Affleck discussing the compromising part in the movie.

“He just admitted he has warts,” Callahan said surprisingly.

“Genital warts,” replied Dennis.

Said Callahan: “He didn’t say genital, that’s implied.”

– An NBC cameraman working in Liberia tested positive for Ebola, the network reported. Ashoka Mukpo will return to the United States for treatment. He is fourth American person believed to have contracted the disease while in Liberia.

“Oh, good,” Callahan said sarcastically. “Let’s get as many people back here who have Ebola.”

Said Minihane: “We are all going to have Ebola within that same three weeks.”

Asked Callahan: “Why do we let any flight from Liberia get anywhere near our shores?”

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Andrew Battifarano
Bill joined the show on Belichick's presser and the teams slow start.

[0:00:30] ... would save -- a 100% of the people who watched or heard. Bill Belichick's we're moving on to Cincinnati. Rant yesterday while that was obnoxious thought it was condescending but it was -- thought it was just. Bill being bill you look at this as some social value the Bill Belichick was leading us in the someplace we needed ago. But it really secure -- a light -- it's funny that. And this ...
[0:01:27] ... be deep Reza bore our respect and admiration and free passes. For Bill Belichick may be evaporating quickly based on Sunday night based on -- -- Monday night based on what might happen on Sunday night. Yes I think that free passes have been pulled up the table from ownership from the general -- -- -- And the players that I think about the last night. And you know what you win the Super Bowl who gets the trophy for. Coach. If the owner all right owner be awarded the trophy first. They give it to the ...
[0:08:16] ... said that you keep an eye on the box what all of Logan Mankins does he hurt is he healthy is the end is -- out is he contributing or not. I played well. I -- ...
[0:08:49] ... good. You know which is unfortunate. For anyone who was opened at Logan Mankins would come back to England and I want to -- Stabile and -- I think there's a better chance that Jon Lester comes back to the Red Sox that Logan Mankins comes back to the patriots. I'll probably I would agree I had a bit of both realistic. Legitimate chance of -- Karabakh. ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show by discussing Belichick's latest press conference.

Here are the highlights from Wednesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Boston Herald cartoonist Jerry Holbert apologized Wednesday for a cartoon some people are viewing as racist. In the cartoon, which pokes fun at the White House security lapse, an intruder in the bathtub says to a surprised Barack Obama while he brushes his teeth, “Have you tried the new watermelon flavored toothpaste?”

Holbert insisted he meant no offense by the reference to watermelon.

Callahan said the cartoon wasn’t funny, but it wasn’t offensive.

“I agree it’s stupid, but it can’t be racist or he wouldn’t have done it,” Callahan said. “It’s dumb, it’s stupid. But he clearly is ignorant of this stereotype.

“If I’m just landed here from outer space, I would say, ‘Why is it racist? Why?’ ”

Suggested Callahan: “I would have had him ordering a cheeseburger and having Michelle yell at him because of all the fat and calories.”

– Ricki Noel Lander, girlfriend of Patriots owner Robert Kraft, landed a bit part in the season premiere of the CBS show “Blue Bloods,” according to the Boston Herald.

Kraft is known to have a close relationship with CBS president Les Moonves.

“How did she get a spot on a CBS show? I don’t know how that happened,” Minihane deadpanned.

Said Callahan, “She just must be supremely gifted.”

– A white Ohio woman is suing an Illinois sperm bank, claiming she was inseminated with sperm from a black donor by mistake. Jennifer Cramblett, 36, is raising her mixed-race child with her lesbian partner and says the 2-year-old faces multiple challenges in the all-white community of Uniontown, Ohio.

“This is 2014, give me a break,” said an unsympathetic Minihane.

Minihane recounted his own experience with looking at sperm-donor candidates, although he and his wife did not go through with that option.

“We had a certain age, we had a certain education, the color, obviously, I would have preferred a honky but I would have taken anyone,” Minihane said. “I didn’t really care.”

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Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB with Lou Merloni, Christian Fauria and Tim Benz. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– California became the first state to ban single-use plastic bags from grocery and convenience stores, as Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to make it a law Tuesday.

Said Merloni: “When I go buy shoes do I have to bring my own box? Are they just going to throw me the shoes, I put them in the box and carry them out?”

“It’s only grocery stores,” Fauria said. “It should be for any store — department stores. You go to a Foot Locker, Sports Authority, anything like that, they’re going to put your box of shoes or whatever it is you buy in a plastic bag.”

“So you’re going to bring bags everywhere,” Merloni said. “You go shopping you’ll carry like six bags.”

Said Fauria: “Bring a backpack. I’ve got a backpack, I’ve got lots of zippers.”

“I will never bring my own bag to go shopping,” Benz said. “What about when my dog goes to the bathroom? What do I use?”

– Solomon Elimimian, a linebacker for the Canadian Football League‘s British Columbia Lions, made a TSN reporter wait for a halftime interview while he talked trash with a Calgary Stampeders opponent. He then calmly addressed the reporter.

Fauria was impressed with how Elimimian was able to transition from aggressively trash talking to being ready to be interviewed so quickly, although he was disappointed that the player didn’t have a Canadian accent.

– The Federal Communications Commission is considering whether to ban use of the word “Redskins” from the airwaves.

“I’m guessing that if the FCC bans the word ‘Redskins’ then wouldn’t that be radio, too?” Merloni said. “Can they really do this? They’re just appeasing people, right? … Will I get fined? Do they bleep that out?”

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Here are the highlights from Wednesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

– Actor George Clooney got married to 36-year-old human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin this past weekend in Venice, Italy. The three-day wedding weekend, which included bachelor and bachelorette parties and a 10-minute wedding ceremony, cost an estimated $13 million.

Said an incredulous Dennis: “There are people starving in Mumbai. … They’€™re drinking out of sewage troughs.”

“That’€™s the most expensive place I’ve ever been, Venice,” Callahan said. “I’ve never been to Tokyo, but that’€™s more expensive than New York City or Toronto.”

With such an expensive wedding, the hosts wondered what gifts were given to the new couple.

“What do you give them?” Minihane asked.

“Candlesticks,” replied a sarcastic Callahan.

“They had a flotilla of boats,” said Dennis.

– Federal Health officials confirmed the first person inside the United States with the Ebola virus. The man traveled to Liberia in late September and returned to the United States without any symptoms. But the man started getting sick a few days later and was admitted to a Dallas hospital on Sept. 28.

“We should ground all flights, no flights to Liberia,” Callahan said.

Callahan wondered why officials have told people to stay calm and wash their hands.

“Does that mean that if you wash your hands, you don’€™t get Ebola?” asked Callahan. “Is that true? What about Purell? Does that keep it away?”

Said Dennis: “This is like that thing where the computers were all going to go nuts at the end of 1999. Y2K. And nothing happened. Same thing here.”

– A Milwaukee journalist said she felt “creeped out” when the White House staff said she could not ask people questions about an event. Meg Kissinger could not believe the staff told her she couldn’t have access to with the crowd at the Wisconsin gubernatorial campaign event where Michelle Obama spoke.

“It’€™s pretty scary,” Minihane said.

“That is frightening,” replied Callahan.

“Who’€™s going to stop her, the Secret Service?” asked Dennis.

“Typical Obama, though,” said Callahan. “They don’€™t feel like President and First Lady. They are King and Queen of America.”

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Andrew Battifarano
The guys opened the show discussing the coaches less than amicable conversation with Dale & Holley.