We continued our discussion of boys playing girls high school sports.
The guys opened the show by discussing the awful performance by Cam Newton on Monday Night Football.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— There was report that Led Zeppelin’s lead singer Robert Plant turned down an $800 million offer to reunite with the band to preform a 35-date, three-city reunion tour. The report has since been taken down from the Daily Mirror website and the hosts agreed it likely wasn’t true to begin with.

“I call B-S on that,” Dennis said.

“That is absolutely untrue,” Callahan added.

Minihane isn’t a fan of the band in general.

“By the way, I know you guys probably disagree, but I think Led Zeppelin is one of the most overrated bands in history,” Minihane said.

— ‘The Newsroom’ on HBO premiered Sunday night with the episode surrounding the events of the Boston Marathon bombings. For the most part it was accurate, except for one mistake where Watertown was pronounced “Water-ton.”

“Watert-ton!” Dennis yelled. “But, compared to — if you watched the entire thing — compared to all the details they got correct. The headline on the New York tabloid that said Bag Dad that was wrong. John King’s saying ‘We have a suspect.’ They got all that stuff right. They had the hospitals right. Boylston Street right. They showed the four hospitals in the middle. All of that stuff, no, every single detail with the exception of calling Watertown, Water-ton, they got right.

— A man in a California movie theater was maced for allegedly asking a women to turn down her cell phone. The report said when the man tapped her on the shoulder, she ‘€œflipped out’€ accused the man of hitting her and threatened to call the police. She then uncapped a bottle of mace and sprayed the man.

“There’s a lot of this lately,” Callahan said. “There’s the guy who got a beating because he asked the women to shut her kid up in the grocery store, walking to his  car and just pummeled him. There was the fight over a slice of pizza where a guy just got beaten. A lot of this going on.”

Minihane then recalled a similar experience at the movies.

“One time, a couple years ago, a guy was talking on his freaking phone,” he said. “It was during the previews, but still. Just hang up. Is it really that important? Can you just leave?”

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Here are the highlights from Monday’s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— An ex-Navy SEAL is claiming to have killed Osama bin Laden during a 2011 raid in Pakistan. Other SEALs are not pleased with Robert O’Neill’s public statements, but he continues to take credit for the high-profile kill.

O’Neill talked with Anderson Cooper on CNN this past weekend, saying bin Laden “died like a [expletive].”

“A lot of the ex-SEALs have a big problem with anybody doing an interview, writing a book, any of it. It’s like unwritten code that you don’t go public,” said Callahan.

Replied Minihane: “I’d do it if I were a SEAL.”

“That’s the problem, these guys retire, even after 20 years, they don’t have a lot of money coming in,” Callahan said. “They make more money than you think because they get the special pay for explosive duty, front combat, all kinds of hazards. But when it’s over, it’s over.”

The hosts ran a clip of O’Neill on CNN with the ex-SEAL describing how bin Laden cowered in fear as he died.

Asked Dennis: “Did he give any details? Like, was he cowering on the floor saying, ‘No, no, no, no’ ?”

“Did he mention the human shield, hiding behind one of his wives?” asked Callahan.

— A New York couple is in trouble with the state government for refusing to host a same-sex marriage on their farm. In 2012, Robert and Cynthia Gifford refused to perform a same-sex marriage on the farm where they perform wedding ceremonies and hold receptions.

The gay couple complained to the state officials, who said the Giffords broke New York law. For their punishment, the Giffords owe the state $10,000 and another $3,000 to the couple for “mental anguish.”

“That is frightening,” Callahan said. “That is a chill wind blowing there.”

Asked Dennis: “Why does George Orwell’s name come to mind?”

Replied Callahan: “Prediction: in 10 years, it will be a hate crime to be against gay marriage. They will be able to arrest you.”

“It’s approaching that now,” said Dennis.

“I don’t care if you’re for, you’re against or whatever,” said Minihane. “But if some couple owns the private property, I don’t understand it.”

— This week at the box office, Disney’s animated “Big Hero 6″ took the top spot at $56 million. “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s space thriller with Matthew McConaughey, finished in second with $50 million.

Despite the hype, the hosts didn’t seem to be excited for “Interstellar.”

Said Callahan: “I’ll see it on a plane like I did ‘Gravity.’ That’s how that movie is meant to be seen — on an 8-inch screen.”

“I have zero interest, none,” said Minihane.

Callahan had a prediction for what he believes will top the box office this week.

“This week, No. 1 in the box office is going to be ‘Dumb and Dumber To,’ said Callahan. “I have a good feeling.”

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Andrew Battifarano
Tim Hasselbeck on week 10 in the NFL.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:03:29] ... to get married on their farm they refused because they are against same sex marriage. 1532 lesbian couple to compensate them for mental anguish younger. They on the farm may on the farm today sign a contract it's that you can't get married here than ring necked they did not. The difference about Christians refuse to hold the same sex wedding ceremony on the property which they live work and never raised a daughter seventeen and he sent 21. This is scary suited for the white said it's scary for all Americans fifteen years ago the couple opened to the public their farm and upstate New York but at the for 25 years they host an annual fee in the from the fall festival into all of us. The couple went there should be like especially to get married there they said no we're against same sex marriage now the state is actually finding. That is frightening mind our Friday she'll win while their men. Does George Orwell's and come ...
[0:10:56] ... of money right it's like the baker who wouldn't it make the wedding cake yet. And they got find two or sued they'd cost him a lot more than 15100 dollars at the baker yeah that's ...
[0:13:16] ... will be some great cameos as that is this huge stars. And Jennifer Aniston she's half as good she was in the first one. Will be spectacular older. The trail she's out spots okay sanction hasn't ...

Tom joined the show to discuss the weekends action and his bye week.

[0:00:00] ... I guess Tom Brady being on time means relate these three minutes early Tom Brady joins us on the AT&T like our conversation with Thomas brought to you by AT&T. Northeast electrical distributors house lubricate her. And digital federal credit union what can DC use a view and by. Your New England Cadillac dealers good morning Tom Brady LR yeah. And yet worn out cliche question what did you do to relax on the bye week and the second part ...
[0:02:13] ... at halftime. When I was. It's reported tuneup and Tom and and Aaron Rodgers has six touchdown passes we attempted to stay up to see if he broke like all the records. Or at what you ...
[0:03:54] ... differently to get ready and completely agree Kenexa and it. They yanked Aaron Rodgers in the third quarter is. Are you disgusted by that I mean that's that's not that wouldn't be the patriots stylist Belichick's ...
[0:07:08] ... one C I say that to ask this. To what extent does Bill Belichick and the coaching staff make the team aware of that kind of I political minutia but import of the particular game or ...

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Rodney joined Dino, Gerry and Kirk to talk about the state of the Patriots at the bye. He talks about Tom Brady's legendary work ethic and where Gronk ranks historically as a tight end.

[0:00:00] ... up with Cumberland farms farm house blend coffee and with football legend Rodney Harrison Cumberland farms farm out one coffee is so delicious it's too good to put down. Just 99 cents any size and only at Cumberland farms. Good morning Rodney Harrison. Are you cut what worked better than Andy doll just talking about this stealth at the it up but you know what ...
[0:01:41] ... Carolina until last night is just pathetic. You know you look at Marvin Lewis and I've beat that team last week he was acknowledged he was enjoy the victory. But they've they've been so inconsistent and ...
[0:06:46] ... your body recover so that something right now for the allied radio Vince Wilfork. I think it happened at. I think it's really does them a lot of justice is physically resting innocent what they apparently ...
[0:07:53] ... the level of humility on the weight work each and every day. Tom Brady as a special special individual and I think people really I mean you guys look at Brady it pales great view of this is that. But I'm telling you man he is really really special I've been around couple special people like that junior say out Tom Brady. I mean they just don't make them like that anymore I mean god they're really love and care about the game and and this would do anything force teammates NAFTA type player type of person that Tom Britt is. Tell us how that works and Julian elements said the these Tom Brady is in bed by 830 and watches what he eats every day. There's only talking a butters or something else that makes him special. Well I think I think it's all of that I think is just ultimate sacrifice for me you saw. You know Tom Brady you know it early before he had a family just does a commitment to come into offseason work out so I think ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:02:57] ... up with something. I did like him up with this next what Tom Brady bean and head to head up let's start that I think Tom Brady's going to be it. A store and and entourage with crock. As I've I can't rudeness. But not a crook a break and our dynamic awesome temperature Brady's fitting it in any movie handling it you know without a hitch or should. But glory to play like Lincoln yes rock. I'm curious to see that in a movie. Until they act like themselves have a play himself. You'll need if you takes attitude when we Brady's day of the Louis Tom Brady can do that already knew that. Mean Ed Norton is in wars that we've seen on high profile world class athletes just take movies. Anna Kournikova in arm right here X it was only like 74 takes you know club in the animate Vonage she's like sixteen and ...
[0:04:21] ... other things. So you don't think. He doesn't quit like to Marius Thomas Tapeh these so you think Julian Adams better than the mayor I want to marry is Thomas is a better wide receiver I ...
[0:11:59] ... report today do you know and it's I'd never do that the Brett Favre Roland something about Mary was originally offered it to blow all play cricket I hate to break into a hell that mark ...