Kirk, Gerry, and Trenni discuss the potential return of Gary Tanguay and the hazing of Joe Thuney. Headlines with Kirk.
Schefter discusses his report that that Patriots will receive at least a first round pick for Garoppolo and denies Trent Dilfer's take that Schefter was given information by the Patriots.

[0:02:40] ... least they need quarter projection. That. I I expect he'll listen I Chuck Schumer worked carefully OK and when I initially say that I think the starting point that that's that's what I think. I do not know that. I know. You'll be more than once you interest rates I. Firmly believe he will be minimum a first round trip that I want you to one of four. I users of ...
[0:06:40] ... possible so the gonna hire always openings will be filled with a Super Bowl so if mcdaniels takes a job. Or Patricia. They're gonna have to take that job and then stay with new England and then until the Super Bowl correct. Yeah a little work to do more than adequate situation television Seattle. And there's an agreement tailor it to job and ...
[0:07:22] ... I had a few orders but he. An actual quote immediate date Super Bowl you know I'd like commercial separate judgment in a tent and a net attrition and in the hysteria and to keep a ...
[0:08:25] ... I let you go will will play though you know. In fact Trent Dilfer the information got I want you from Trent Dilfer the football expert here is after that. Can't see doing the game a couple of years ago that Monday night game and ...

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