Dave Portnoy from Barstool joins Kirk and Gerry to talk about his relationship with the NFL, his show on Comedy Central, and his feelings on traveling into the city so early.
Hour 3. Sean Salisbury joins Kirk and Gerry about the Patriots and how Tom Brady has not played with very many hall of famers.
Hour 2. Kirk is not a fan of people who smoke next to him, and probably wouldn't date a supermodel who smokes either.
Hour 1. Kirk and Gerry discuss the latest article bashing Tom Brady, this one from Berry Petchesky of Deadspin.
Hour 4. Jason Whitlock joins the show to discuss politics, racism, and ESPN. Tanguay is done.
Hour 3. "Experts" say Brady's dad is a distraction. Mad Dog Russo joins the show.
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo joins the show and says people are tired of the Patriots.
Hour 2. Kirk is making friends across the street. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Live from radio row in Houston. Media night was a disappointment. Tanguay freaked out on Curtis.
Hour 4. Kirk battles Gerry, who supports Trump's ban. Trump supported Kraft. BIGLY.