The guys opened the show discussing the protests in Boston.
Divisional Playoffs - San Diego Chargers v Denver Broncos

We don’t have perfect, but just be glad you’re not a San Diego Chargers fan. (Christian Peterson/Getty Images)

San Diego Union TribuneIn a city usually satisfied with sold-enough to avoid a blackout, this monstrous game is going to have a crowd that befits it. Sold out. Moreover, it has been so for months. The Chargers announced on Sept. 24 that Sunday night’€™s game against the New England Patriots was sold out. It was the team’€™s earliest sellout in seven years. … Congratulations, Chargers. Congratulations, Chargers fans. Now, you all need to make it worthwhile. … You get Sunday Night Football. You get the powder blue uniforms. You shelled out the money. Now lose your mind. … Last season was pretty embarrassing. The offense had to go to silent counts at home numerous times in multiple games. And once quick boos became commonplace in the Norv Turner era, it was a tough habit to break. Of late, there has been more energy, less hostility… Let’€™s concentrate on taking advantage of this opportunity against a Patriots team that is 3-3 on the road this year. Philip Rivers is 0-5 against Tom Brady-led Patriots teams. But the last time New England was here Rivers threw for 336 yards, the Chargers almost doubled the Patriots’€™ total yardage and lost by three points, mostly because they turned the ball over on four straight possessions in the first half. This Chargers team is better than that. But it needs help.

New England, welcome to the San Diego Chargers‘ world.

Oftentimes when the Patriots are visiting a city they haven’t been to in a while, I find it helpful to do a little opposition research. Not just on the opposing team or their coaches or whatever; I do that every week. No, I’m talking about going on the other city’s news sites, its fan message boards, follow its beat reporters on Twitter, that sort of thing. Just to throw the sphygmomanometer of social media around the bicep of the city to get the blood pressure of their fan base.

And it’s amazing what you can learn. I mean, I knew in general that the Chargers are one of the softest franchises in the NFL. This, after all, is the team that in 2010 was second in the NFL in offense and second in defense and didn’t even make the playoffs. The club that celebrated a ‘roided-up fraud like Shawn Merriman for his stupid “Lights Out” sack dance, then got so severely butt-hurt when a few Patriots players threw it back in their faces after winning a playoff game on the Chargers’ own field that they needed grief counselors. This is the franchise whose best player ever is LaDainian Tomlinson, who broke down in tears at the end of that very game about how little class Bill Belichick has while reminding us how “classy” he is. You know, the way classy people always do. And then the following season, LT exacted his revenge in the AFC championship game with a very classy two carries for five extremely classy yards before classily taking himself out of the game. THAT’s the kind of team San Diego has been.

But I had no idea that softness permeated the whole football culture out there. A newspaper column congratulating fans on selling out a game? Then begging them to come out and cheer? Is this an NFL city or your town paper asking you to support the high school team? This would be embarrassing if it was something out of a campus paper. Here, in 2014, it’s a disgrace. This isn’t just soft, it’s memory foam.  And people think I’m a homer.

Still, this is an important exercise. With all the success we’ve had around here during the duck boat era, it’s easy to take things for granted. Looking into the soul of another city’s sports media and fan base is like watching one of those international relief ads. You’re sitting there considering yourself poor because you’re two iPhones behind and one of your two cars is a piece of junk, and then you see 200 people hanging off the side of bus fleeing some famine someplace and your realize how good you have it. Granted the Pats are 10 years from their last Super Bowl win. And yes our media leave a lot to be desired. And sure, San Diego’s quality of life is a thousand times better than ours. But just imagine for one second this being what your sports fan experience is like. How this article put it? “Congratulations, Patriots fans.”


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Jerry Thornton

I don’t know who this anonymous retail hero is, but he’s my idol. Allow me to explain.

I simply do not get Black Friday, I honestly don’t. I’m a simple man with pretty mainstream tastes. Most of what is widely popular is the stuff I typically go for — with one major exception, and that’s Black Friday. The most confounding and puzzling part of the American social fabric. Think about it. Here we’ve been given the perfect holiday in Thanksgiving. A gift given to us by Lincoln and God. A day where your only requirement is to eat the best comfort food in the world, stuff yourself to excess, day drink, watch football, nap, go back and eat and drink and watch football some more. No gift buying. No decorating. Just pure self-indulgence. Plus, it’s in the middle of the week, so you get a four-day weekend to sleep it all off and gorge on leftovers. Literally, if you gave me a month to try to brainstorm a better holiday I couldn’t come up with anything better. So for the life of me I could never comprehend why anyone would cut it short to do anything. Least of all shopping, one of the most miserable and soul-crushing experience any man can have.

Piggybacking Black Friday onto Thanksgiving is like someone gave you an entire day to do nothing but drive a Ferrari and have a threesome with Kate Beckinsale and Monica Bellucci and you decide to go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Not to mention Black Friday is the day when every greed-crazed, bloodthirsty sociopath alive is flocking to the stores. I hate to bring the Baby Jesus into a Christmas shopping discussion, but I missed the part in Luke 2:10 where the Wise Men bragged about the deal they got at the Gold Outlet or the fight they got into at Frankincense, Myrrh & Beyond. If it were up to me, stores would be forbidden to open until noon at the earliest, or closed altogether until my hangover wears off, which is generally by kickoff of the NFL games on Sunday.

That said, I want to use this time to thank the brave men and women like this guy who face the wretched, soulless, violent masses of the shopping season with a song in their hearts and an inspirational speech on their lips. Bless you, Target Guy. You can drink from my canteen any time.


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Jerry Thornton
ESPN's John Buccigross joined the show to discuss the Bruins.

[0:00:51] ... that Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium is the number one place. Four out college basketball what's what's the hallowed ground for College Hockey Arenas. Epic records and people love Yost. Our political and always hated it grew ...
[0:04:01] ... were chilly April position of strength to go they'd just won the Stanley Cup. And they listen to their better and they felt like. And subway is he just couldn't swallow something that he. Maybe you ...
[0:05:20] ... as long as the NASCAR season is it pails in comparison to Davis Cup tennis I think they're starting at academies finished last weekend. They never not playing Davis Cup tennis for God's sake. Bob Ehrlich you know become a big deal it will come I never know when to plant now we have a highlight of Roger Federer had by all this legal or not had no idea. Yeah well you are Dave Davis Cup is. If Deborah. If if you're working the night shift the late shift are you able to keep an eye on West ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:01:32] ... thing blows on this ridiculous. All over zealous. Governments and you didn't pay taxes on the cigarettes. Arrest again and the rest of eight times before. We're selling cigarettes without paying taxes and such right. Selling black Russians are Al Sharpton get a upping taxes. That's a good point in a big body that's a good arrest everybody shows up for the next ...
[0:03:04] ... are not allowed to do and results in the death and the guys sing I can't breathe I can't breed like eight times and I'm just watching it. You watch it that's all you're basing on ...
[0:10:44] ... that day I don't know what happened because he's worked up the Middle East are watching the video and Ottawa happened three minutes confronting him and tell them right here under arrest right and so he ...

John from Brockton with one of the best calls we have had on the lack of trust between African Americans and the police.

[0:03:46] ... frisk in New York. Yeah yeah yeah. And that they. Give away Republican president put itself on its way to talk to the different if you it's her. Moment. And about the future we hear what. The people but it didn't work so stop interest. The way to pick it up on the oval you know well a lot of corporate C and you know we thank the cop won't be an apology a car. Call it a black man and a white shirt and he are a lot a lot of them can return Cuomo. And apparently what we're in a white shirt and jeeps. I don't know what happened reminded. Because you don't treat one like that about and don't like to come and talk. Isn't that is that because the crime is in your neighborhood. So what are what are or know what I look for a guy would blow would it be said white shirt blue jeans. I don't think so there aren't. Cheap shot and then we'll treat. We're going to come out arched up at the white should put a white shirt people cheat and stop and let all of them and let it be better make sure. But John Euro you're you your Family Guy got a kid if someone prove due to you that that. Would help alleviate the crime problem eliminate crime he's talking about the methodology he's talking about the way they're treated the way they are taught to how they are pro tell they are demeaned when they are stopped and frisked I think a lot of people like John Finley people who live and capital and bad neighborhoods. Applaud the cops for stop light Regan Pete says that that's that's not your issue right you're issues tiger treated during the ...
[0:07:30] ... amateur endured so yes that ban to be built into the ground spread eagle o.s agree call. ...

The Globe's Dan Shaughnessy called in to defend himself.

[0:00:58] ... what is the rub. With dale what is the irritation point with Bill Haas I get that you actually used quotation marks around the word professional which to me add sarcasm to. Yeah and actually John ...
[0:04:00] ... may take gronkowski to lump. Task for block of Sergio Brown mate bill Belichick's post game demeanor. But on Sunday Tom Brady was the frown induce her after the Packers made it weakens sealing first down our franchise quarterback. Treated fans to we temper ...
[0:19:44] ... have a draft and I think as we point them many time Jeff Fisher. Less need were invested in this. Wanted to work picked the one in electric animal. Last second. Liar yes it was called ...

I think it’s pretty much a given by now that no human being is enjoying his time on this little spinning blue marble we call Earth more than Rob Gronkowski. He spends three days on a business trip to SoCal and no sooner after hitting the ground he’s grabassed with the world’s biggest pop superstar, made the 69,000 “69” joke (and laughed about it like it’s the first one he’s ever heard) and then he gets a blazing hot, world-class dime like Chloe Miranda swooning over him in a club.

If you’re not familiar with Chloe’s curriculum vitae, she just happens to be a Playboy model. Her Model Mayhem profile says she’s, “featured in Playboy TV’s The Wild Life: Miami reality show, PlayboyTV Dream Dates, PlayboyTV Playmates, and other segments.” (She’d also like you to know, “I support myself fully, so please only contact for paid work,” so don’t be coming on to her with any of your Sugar Daddy offers, creeps.) Also, her Instagram is a must follow if you’re into super adorable women with gorgeous friends and a cute dog. I’ve included a few more samples of Chloe after the break.

What rocks a Playboy model’s world like nothing else can? Meeting Gronk. Seriously, if you could trade bodies with one other person alive ‘Freaky Friday’ style, would you hesitate for even one second before you chose to be him? This is what a Monday night on the road looks like for him. It’s Gronk’s world, we’re just living in it.


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Jerry Thornton
The guys opened the show by discussing another bizarre Globe editorial.

[0:10:37] ... meant by. Yes Jerry I'm sure they keep the would be the first night I well that we need some background you can do if you want them but and edit and edit Tora unsigned editorial. ...
[0:11:37] ... that I remember in recent that true you know. One blown a Mike McCarthy's easier and alien coming back on the field that should isolate our urologist. After a week of justice effusive praise from both ...
[0:13:10] ... was the grinch illusion yeah I would say. It's like out of Matt Chatham this time the trachsel I mean you're watching a game. And bring swears we also that. And you're smile turns upside down to retrofit around now you have a frown when like this hasn't. Is we're. Root. So. From her sad that Tom Brady's wore. The Heisman. I. I. Someday Tom Brady was the frowned in reducer after the Packers Betty Nguyen secretly first down. Our franchise quarterback treated fans to week temper tantrum. ...
[0:20:18] ... lot next path get a next aren't home. How would look if Tom Brady was a good sport according the Boston Globe I would look. The sport like he's with a jump up and it's a ...

Tom Brady's potty mouth on the Green Bay sidelines offended some. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Tom Brady‘s potty mouth offended some. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Boston Globe editorialThe New England Patriots are great football players, but it would be hard to assert that they are great sports. At least not without what Winston Churchill once called “some risk of terminological inexactitude.” Patriots fans who also value sportsmanship are regularly left with things to frown about. On the field, it’s sometimes overt enough that flags fall, as they did a couple of Sundays back when Rob Gronkowski drove the Colts’ Sergio Brown, with whom he has some history, not just well out of bounds but to the ground and into the camera cart. Gronkowski seemed to think that his move, which earned him a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty, was just part of intense play. The NFL, however, disagreed — and slapped him with an $8,268 fine. Other times, it’s Coach Bill Belichick‘s sullen moods or nano-second postgame handshakes or disdain for TV niceties like a quick on-the-field interview after losing a playoff game. But on Sunday, Tom Brady was the frown-inducer. After the Packers made a win-sealing first down, our franchise quarterback treated fans to a temper tantrum, pacing the sidelines and repeatedly yelling what was almost unmistakably the F-word. For that display, Brady is the New England Patriots poor sport of the week.

At the risk of saying this with terminological inexactitude, I have to confess I’ve been feeling really good about the Patriots these last oh, 14 years or so; but this Globe op-ed piece has really turned me around. What I’ve been mistaking for toughness and a burning desire to win has really just been poor etiquette all along. After all, what good is all that success when it comes at the price of poor sportsmanship? The three Super Bowl championships, five AFC titles, a .729 winning percentage in the Belichick era, the most postseason wins ever by a quarterback, the best record in football right now … all lose their luster when you see how it affects the people who work in the Globe editorial department. I mean, how can anyone be happy about the No. 1 seed in the playoffs or huge wins over Denver and Indy when it comes at the cost of $8,268 to Gronk?

And to me, success rings pretty hollow when your coach gives a quick handshake or doesn’t do an interview after the game. I’d feel much better if Belichick would go across the field, take the opposing coach in his loving embrace and spoon with him for an hour, then race over to Pam Oliver and give her the “nicety”of a complete breakdown of his game plan, like Vince Lombardi and George Halas used to do.

And I’m clutching my pearls and having one of my fainting spells at the very thought of Tom Brady using that sailor talk on the sidelines, even if he wasn’t mic’d up. I’d much prefer that he somnambulate off the field after a tough loss like Jay Cutler instead of showing all that messy, raw emotion. Because before you know it, other people will start using those cuss words, and then where will society be? It’ll descend into madness and chaos, and it’ll all be the Patriots’ fault.

And while it goes without saying … what about the children?

So thank you, Globe editorial department, for opening my eyes at last to the horrible problem of this team’s reprehensible behavior. I’ll never enjoy them again until they start behaving with impeccable manners, the way professional football players should. And while we’re paraphrasing Winston Churchill (a man who always displayed good sportsmanship, even as he was ordering the firebombing of Dresden) let me end with this for whomever wrote this drivel. Tomorrow the Patriots will wake up and be a driven, ultra-competitive, tough football team obsessed with crushing anyone standing between them and the Super Bowl, and you’ll still be an elitist twit.


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Jerry Thornton