Hour 4. Kirk wants to keep his kids safe.

[0:07:07] ... Literally and they were guys there who knows he he signed up Chad Brown while we were. Just while we're on the air toward the left or show he's just got Chad brownies at the next ...
[0:08:06] ... don't know about it because that is the typical way you know. Mike Adams came out shredded as it has dementia was why check. Frank why should whose whole not old am I guess he's in ...
[0:16:35] ... then when you want a 100% period Alec Bruschi a guy like Ryan Clark Ryan Clark was a vicious shorter now beat like he's he Ryan Clark twenty years. Lynch on lynch so far so good has a lot of deductions you said he's an audition was so you ...
[0:17:50] ... all again what is honest is by what it does Monday. You Bart Scott says some things that you wonder what you're Dan Marino grand Marshal says something what you take away for Tony Gonzales what's ...

Hour 3. Chuck Modiano, from the Daily News, called out Chris Long and Long responded. Kirk and Gerry want to do play-by-play during spring training.
Hour 2. Howard Cloth joins the show. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Kirk, Gerry, and Mut discuss the numerous Patriots' players that are not going to the White House.
Gerry thinks Tom Brady is untouchable and Kirk has a verbal crutch.
LaMelo Ball scored 92 points and Trenni, Kirk and Gerry think it is absurd.
LaMelo Ball scored 92 points and Trenni, Kirk and Gerry think it is absurd.
Curtis had another boring story and Trenni can out run KIrk.
Gerry, Kirk and Trenni talked about NFL Films mic'd up of Super Bowl LI and SC at 6.
Hour 4. Alex battles Kirk and Gerry over drug dealers.