Bradford discusses Tomase and Pete Abe.During the interview, Bradford is repeatedly interrupted by Joe and Tim and isn't happy about it.

[0:00:08] ... getting overrun which true but it's out of play. And I heard Jimmy Johnson mossy talking about what it means you also while rated game basically treaty guide for yet. Body in baseball we always look back at. Betrayed like that being the Dodgers Red Sox deal. You well. That did it Crawford. Thank him Dodgers and it moved to outrage yes they don't. The shredder that your ...
[0:02:07] ... anything like that. Oh respondent is one thing the calling it critic David Price. Any racist. Does an excellent price. God come in and that's slanderous. Is selling this stuff at dawn and slipped says visible. Well dumb as one thing slanderous and mean it is to me. As violent charge to make against the guy who we just talked again rub. And not solid races at all he just doesn't like David Price and live. I hope that you hope could you. Our American defend PTA here because how could you it's over the tweets ...
[0:03:06] ... sports on tweets on the story whatever. Some guys is that what David Price I don't like David Price at TP Abraham called hologram was of the Klan and call them racists to mean. I'd ask you this you run W ...
[0:06:09] ... do about it because if if I happen alike you know whoever Isiah Thomas. I'm racist if I don't like Isiah Thomas and ready to go out there are obviously we're all races. No. Sir all our law did you try to get out ...

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