Schilling defends his character
WEEI at Night host Christian Arcand, Patriots Football Weekly's Andy Hart and former Red Sox starting pitcher Curt Schilling discuss Curt's complicated legacy
Durham discusses his choice for MVP and brings an inside perspective on candidate Matt Ryan

[0:00:00] ... full lives and John and good friend Wes Durham voice of the Atlanta Falcons Wes or. A great job and learn learn a new record of betrayal York. It lasts I'm I'm I'm happy to you ...
[0:02:13] ... fourteen touchdowns authority thirty yards or more at the large part of Matt Bryant's success. Well it also set an NFL record by a vote touchdowns the quirky guy. So the depth of football team particularly ...
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[0:08:42] ... did leading into the board picture. Wes Durham the voice of the Atlanta Falcons joining us on curtain Callahan a meter trying to. Western mass of the romance for the cowboys' other people around the ring ...

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