Jon Bon Jovi's new DirecTV commercial led to a conversation about how much Kirk hates Bon Jovi.
The guys kick off the show with Gary lying about listening to Kirk's podcast.
The show goes completely off the rails in the final hour as Gerry tells stories of dogs that were killed when he was a child, and Kirk says he's probably going to own a dog very soon.
Producer candidate, Lucy, defends herself regarding attacks on her abilities to do the job, from Paul and Ken.
Oscar de la Hoya says that Donald Trump is a notorious cheater on the links.
Lenny Clarke was pissed at Kirk yesterday. WBZ's Scott Eck is transgendering to become Kristen Eck. Caitlyn Jenner will pose nude in Sports Illustrated.
John, Gerry and Kirk re-visit some of the Tom Brady conversation from last year regarding his diet, as the TB12 company has released a cookbook for 200 bucks.

[0:05:39] ... first day it's available. How many of those hundred byte because it's Tom Brady's and there are fan of Tom Britt 100 at and how it is quiet because they want the recipes and they wanna eat like Tom Brady motion and I need I -- why yes yes yes and how many people who by the spoke with say 100 again ...
[0:08:27] ... or somebody on what makes it better. I had very brief note Senator. Obama Colorado coconut milk and you're on the air like a ground right there are. So if you may that same eyes grew ...
[0:12:40] ... Reid meant Steve what's up. I don't wanna put out there when Tom Brady first met Bob Kraft you receive large sheet says they have that on films are human history and sometimes you do a ...
[0:14:18] ... think that he would look at a guy like I don't know Drew Bledsoe and say he should have taken better care and so maybe you'd be Johnny immense self. One amok but streams which is Catholic. Roethlisberger. And that's extreme. But just any quarterback we've done at 3536. And been in July Donovan McNabb chair and on them them I'm thinking and Kofi. Pizza avocado ice creating this that there are people in the world affair ...

Clay Buchholz finally got a win and the guys discuss his inconsistencies over his career.
Kirk still can't fathom why Paul or Ken would want to produce the morning show. Some shade is thrown at another potential candidate.
Ted Cruz lost Indiana and gave up his bid for the GOP nomination. Donald Trump didn't exactly bring the heat in his victory speech.