The afternoon guys were not happy with the morning show.
Matt Patricia got a little pissy with Tom E. Curran.
Callers and tweeters weigh in on this age old debate.
Kirk got ready for his big Godcast with L.J.
Gerry and Kirk praise HBO's documentary and Headlines with Reimer.
Bill Belichick refused to answer simple questions.
Liz Norden gave her feelings on the upcoming release of Patriots Day.

[0:00:53] ... yet you're happy with the final product over time he saw less energy agency before. I'm I heard a couple of the old are actually get green I. Do. Our job. I mean you did you ...
[0:05:07] ... Liz we've been talking a lot about the patriots stay movie with Mark Wahlberg in Bostick we hot and mark hookah real who said that the producers of that down. Did not contact him were you ...
[0:06:15] ... some people are comfortable that some people are are you OK with Mark Wahlberg making maybe tens of millions of dollars potentially off of what happened that day. I shall not go there and I I ...
[0:06:59] ... last night. I don't know why why I. I actually took great epic game oh sure all the mail I get trapped in. Or I'll get an error you know. Yeah I don't I don't OIRI. ...

The guys talked about Saturday Skate with Ken Laird.
The guys talk about Trump's wild weekend on Twitter and a caller wants to waterboard Gerry.
Kirk and Gerry gave Mut a hard time on his question to Tom Brady.