Steve in CT called in and exposed his idiotic thoughts.

[0:01:02] ... So you think it's offensive and two homers and offensive when you compare prices to the Nazis. I'm going to come. Just a quick 68. And I. My turn. Out our own thing and you. They ...
[0:01:39] ... we've mama Steve. Quick question. To whom is it offensive when you compare prices to the Nazis. It's a threat that the main. Life. Because I a lot of relatives who were already diet. If stop Nazis. Right and you do you know anyone in the who's died trying to stop. No Muslim extremists. Try to pull my yard. They're not. No not now did you do we I guess where you're at Connecticut you you didn't notice that marathon bombing did you notice that. Did you pick up on upn 9/11 we around the 9/11 and Connecticut. Did you did you did you do too pathetic kids. That you they weren't. Muslim extremists. I don't know to a Muslim or not. Like he could pick up the paper and you can get online you can ...
[0:02:58] ... saying well you're right. Steve's mindset is that statistical for a country. Muslim extremists and radicals or not. Technically taking over the country running to government that's so we need attempting to say we need to ...

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