“I think this gig is a little overrated” –Gary Tanguay, 6:09 am

(Just to be completely clear: Gary Tanguay is not now, nor has he ever been, a pedophile. And to say otherwise is not funny.)

Before quitting in an absolute outrage (we’ll get to that), former Casting Couch front-runner, Gary “Bumbelina” Tanguay, showed up ready to talk about the debate, which he couldn’t stay awake for so he “taped it” and watched it Tuesday night instead of the Red Sox game.

His analysis? “It was the same as all the others.”

Gary also still doesn’t listen to the show unless he’s on it and even then it’s questionable. To be fair, he’s been busy watching “Broadchurch” and driving to different bus stops. He can’t be expected to sit around for four hours and listen to the whole show like some people who write blogs about it…

Gary’s sources tell him Brady is well-endowed and describe his penis as a “baby arm,” “hose reel” and “driftwood.” Who else is going to give you that information?

And he figured out the secret to why Gerry and Kirk are great talk show hosts: everything bothers them.

One of the things that bothers Gary is being called a pedophile (which is not funny). After Kirk and Gerry called him that AS A JOKE he SMASHED HIS HEADPHONES, stormed out of the studio and QUIT. This is a man who once punted a ukulele into a ceiling so you can be sure this is not an act.

Is this the last we’ll see of Gary Tanguay? Only time will tell. Randi Tanguay has nothing to worry about now because he’s way too sensitive for me to go out with him.

This happened:

As the world’s biggest fan of “The Office,” this was in the top two days of Curtis’ life. The first was likely when he got Pudge, not his wedding day.

Listen to Kirk and Curtis’ podcast with John Krasinski, which comes out on Thursday.

Here are the latest Casting Couch ratings:

Gary got skewered.

Line of the day: Not a line, but when a caller compared Gary to Joe Paterno, Kirk was laughing so hard you could hear him crying.

Caller of the day: John in Eastie, who pissed Gary off saying Gary doesn’t love his kids because he doesn’t coach their teams. This is when Gary started going berserk and ended up walking out of the studio.

Producer contribution of the day: Ken played Sandusky sound during the Tanguay/pedophile fiasco and sent Gary over the edge.

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Lucy Burdge
Gary stormed out of the studio for the second time in three months after he was labeled a bad father and a pedophile. His future at the station remains highly in doubt.

[0:01:42] ... are lol what we did in Sudbury is four at the town lacrosse team. We brought back a player who had been on a championship team just got out of college you know he was working ...
[0:02:39] ... lousy parent knowing regular guys are lousy parent you don't understand. What's summer camp can do for a Q and unlike curl who can't take his eyes confiscated a light emitted is always looking over shoulder ...
[0:03:46] ... believe I'm actually calling to support that language position I'd played. I played hockey I played baseball growing up as a kid my father actively coast but he would not coach a team on which I ...
[0:10:56] ... trying to stars I don't and sinners I don't know for seniors. Matt Miller he is I've seen Tampa Tampa is gonna is legit. Did you think that that was an overreaction. Yes but did you ...

Kirk flipped out at Curtis and Fred Couples cried.
In hour three Tomase, Callahan and Minihane discuss Trump's comments this morning on Fox and Friends as well as Big Papi's farewell weekend at Fenway.
The guys continued to pick through Trump's performance in the debate and Kirk discussed a new Hollywood divorce in Headlines.
Gerry, John and Kirk discuss the debate and Gerry has a hard time defending Trump.

Thoughts and prayers to Gerry today.  About three minutes in, he went berserk in a struggle to defend Donald Trump’s abyssal debate performance and it took until 6:08 for Tomase to call something Gerry said absurd.

They went through the debate chapter and verse. Gerry ranted about Lester Holt and Sharia Law, Tomase doesn’t like either candidate and the callers didn’t like Tomase. Kirk is still supporting his guy, Gary Johnson, whose idea to move all of this to another planet doesn’t seem like a bad idea right now.  They all agreed the debate was worse than a lot of things, but not Mike Salk.   We finally found out Trump hasn’t been saying “bigly,” but is saying “big league,” which makes just as little sense.  

You can’t even really see anything. Call me when there are full frontal naked pictures of Jimmy Garoppolo.

As Kirk pointed out, these pictures aren’t sexist because “we’ve seen Gisele’s upper nudist world.”

They revisited the Anthony Fisher David Ortiz piece and Tomase didn’t rule out the possibility Ortiz might be taking something to enhance his performance (on the field).

Kirk will sleep with any man for a billion dollars. Your move, Rich in Hartford.

Both Dino and Mikey have new gigs, so stick tap to a great guy.

Buy this book today.

Line of the day: Kirk: “I am a gay American.” Finally.

Caller of the day: Brandon, he’s not voting because all the presidents are related to a king and the whole thing is as fake as professional wrestling.

Producer contribution of the day: Curtis is “so pumped” to meet John Krasinski today, has no questions for him.

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Lucy Burdge
The 6am hour upload from Monday with Mike Mutnansky in with Kirk and Gerry, with first thoughts from the guys on several of the big weekend stories in sports
Who is more important, Brady or Belichick? Tim Hasselbeck is pissed at Kirk and Gerry and Dan Le Batard cried.
Mut, Gerry and Kirk discussed a column ripping Ortiz and Kirk is pissed at Curtis.