Hour 4: Pete Sheppard has taken over Fort Myers.
Hour 3: Gerry and Kirk talked about a big win for Cleveland and a rough night for LeBron.
Hour 2: Pete makes his debut on Shemon and Sheppard and Kirk talks about Pope Francis meeting Trump.
Kirk discussed the President's visit with Pope Francis in Headlines.
Hour 1: Kirk and Gerry discussed the Celtics loss and the media's fawning coverage of LeBron James.
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Reimer discussed the poisonous relationship between Mike & Mike.

[0:01:38] ... the power and what he said they want they want peace in Middle East now is that a Donald. Any evil losers we played as some of that sound earlier too we have anymore advertisers at the only count we have. We have more trumped by China did anyone ask the head of the Palestinian Authority if there we're gonna send money to the bomber's family as a reasonable question yours but I think. Victims have to be Israeli. Mel and the only cut from this I'll appoint yet it's on the cutter yes walking summit in Saudi Arabia wants peace in the Middle East that's very important in trump. Said oh yeah Dresser is I call it. Then mean heritage or. Well there it was icy in the run after he said that last Thursday but apparently it's been very icy. I know Mikey might studios and ESPN over the last year and this is from our friend Richard dye HSI dot com. Multiple ESPN staffers say that he once warm relationship between. Mike Greenberg and Mike goalie has turned icy over the last year prompting a number of ESP enters to predict that the show conclude ...
[0:03:39] ... to pretend the world how great would be. To hear the real Mike Greenberg in the real Michael talk about Haiti job. It's great what has clearly sent a plane and revert socks and completed six. Million dollars does is what I would blow my brains I think I make a very good living. Almost as much as I'd be very happy with my my deal. And I'm I'm good yeah me too when I think Mike and Mike and Mike Greenberg six billion. I wanna. Vomit that this experience has been by far the best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life I don't expect anything I ever do to be this much it's actually ascertain nobody's days he'd skip Bayless I get it only says stuff she has some I can understand why he makes money I imagine that one myself ironies because I get it. So Mike Greenberg has never gotten a rating anywhere for anything. Now he's getting his own TV shows can be the star of the morning's gonna replay it's going to be a regularly as PM the good morning I'm in ...

Hour 1: Reimer, Gerry and Kirk discussed the terrorist attack in Manchester