Hour 1. Ken has some strict rules for his new baby. Kirk, Mut and Meter talk about Tom Brady's very pricey TB12 merchandise.
Ken Laird and Chris Curtis plug back in for a thorough audio review of Wednesday’s K&C Show featuring Kirk, Mut and Alex Reimer
Hour 4. Jim Brady misrepresents ESPN on social media. No one cares about Claude Julien.
A.J. Perez owns his mistake.

[0:00:17] ... aside and it never will look to political play. Okay that was Tom Brady yesterday. With might. For right openness it's yes yesterday morning Jeff. Guys our streak or count him out for Mike and has alongside. And AJ Perez of USA today. Saw heard that quote an innocuous quote it best and turned it into. Tom Brady says teenager put politics aside in the comes to White House visit which is just not true in let's say he made ...
[0:02:10] ... a bit unusual way in and the headlines the first headline was Tom Brady says he nature of politics aside when it comes to White House visit your lead was. Tom Brady said his teammate should be putting politics a sound that comes to visit the White House or not the headline restful. Go ...
[0:05:16] ... why you wrote about it because I don't public AJ you know Tom Brady trump is going to. Get you clicks to get your story Red Sea say he's that old they dealing with that. Okay ...
[0:07:57] ... never a political thing at least it never was to me to. Tom Brady said his team a should be putting politics aside when it comes to the White House how do you get from there ...

Hour 2. A.J. Perez made Tom Brady look bad with an awful misquote. Headlines with Kirk.
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