Gary Tanguay would like everyone to get off David Price's case despite suffering another loss on Sunday; the guys also discuss E-Rod, Hanley, and other Sox issues.

[0:08:08] ... hurt them. Jerry how would you define clutch hits US the question. Hanley Ramirez out differently this way you know when you see it that's got looking at close and lights numbers and say yes so what runners in scoring position would unnecessarily be down done clutched his a couple of personal interest I can do that too you know baseball reference look at closely with the Hanley Ramirez with runners in scoring position adding to 72. Hanley Ramirez with two outs and runners in scoring position is batting 239. Hadley late and close. It against 50130. While so late and ...
[0:10:06] ... back quoting Cedric Maxwell and bring the guys home right you know David Ortiz is done that for the first half Julius and so for. Commercial district is. Anybody have any chance of doing well I'm ...
[0:17:34] ... correct who was the last player to Wear 31 it was not Jon Lester it was someone last year that's correct. I was the considerate Maxwell Angel Cabrera quote Alejandro the Gaza I knew it was an Irish guy and then it was Jon Lester. Jon Lester who want and 31 and Chicago couldn't handle it because. Resentment is I don't know who Greg Greg Maddux were diplomatic matter right area. OK so before. Comrades. Piazza. And Lester who were 31 giving it 2000 war. Roberts every they're ...

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We are very sorry about all of this. (Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

We are very sorry about all of this. (Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney is playing at Fenway Park on Sunday and to celebrate the occasion, we did the worst thing possible: We ranked Paul McCartney’s songs.

This is a very stupid exercise because Paul McCartney is the best pop songwriter ever. He’s churned out so many hits that there is no right or wrong answer as to what his best song is.

(Note: There actually is a wrong answer. If you think “Hey Jude” is his best song, you’re wrong. DJ here, by the way.)

Either way, Scott McLaughlin and I each came up with our own top 20 lists, a hard enough task (which can be seen below), and then negotiated to make WEEI’s Top 20 Paul McCartney Songs, a List for Which We Are Sorry:

20. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

The mixing of the “Let It Be” recordings were infamous for Paul’s disagreements with Phil Spector as to how his music should sound. During the recording of “Abbey Road,” the other Beatles dreaded work on songs like “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer.” The best thing about McCartney’s solo stuff is that he was left to his own devices, for better or for “Temporary Secretary.” Less than a year after the Beatles’ breakup, McCartney got a lot of his silliness out uninterrupted on “Ram” and this song in particular. -DJ

19. For No One

McCartney might be the best sad song writer ever, and “For No One” is a classic breakup song set to beautiful music. Alan Civil’s French horn solo is brilliant. -Scott

18. Live and Let Die

This is one of the best songs from McCartney’s post-Beatles career, and it’s easily the best-ever James Bond theme. The orchestral arrangement is outstanding, which shouldn’t be surprising since McCartney reunited with George Martin. “Live and Let Die” is also one of the top highlights of a McCartney concert. -Scott

17. Paperback Writer

Debating who the Beatles’ best songwriter was is fun, but the truth is it isn’t close. It’s Paul by a mile. Many of John Lennon’s (and some of George Harrison’s) were better than many of Paul’s, but here’s one of the many examples of how much better Paul was than the others: When the Beatles needed to release a single while working on “Revolver,” John came up with “Rain.” Paul came up with this. -DJ

16. Blackbird

The fact that this is what came out after McCartney tried to learn Bach says all you need to know. -DJ

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.07.41 AM15. Helter Skelter

It will never cease to amaze me that McCartney just heard Pete Townshend talking about loud, dirty music, decided he wanted to make a song like that, and proceeded to make one as great — and as loud and dirty — as “Helter Skelter,” which can accurately be called one of the first heavy metal songs. -Scott

14. Eleanor Rigby

McCartney makes a song about loneliness and death without any of The Beatles playing an instrument on it, and it still becomes a hit. One of George Martin’s best string arrangements. -Scott

13. I’m Down

As this list progresses you’ll find that I’m a fan of the Paul screamers, and though his best screamers came in the late 60s, this helped pave the way. A pretty straightforward rock song that falls in line with their earlier stuff, it’s insane to think that they made “Rubber Soul” just four months after recording this. -DJ

12. I’ve Just Seen a Face

“Help!” was an album mostly filled with sad (but still great) songs, but “I’ve Just Seen a Face” stands out as one of the happiest, most upbeat songs in The Beatles’ catalogue. Also, fun fact: “I’ve Just Seen a Face,” “Yesterday” and “I’m Down” were all recorded in the same session, which is about as good a recording session as anyone’s ever had. -Scott

11. Maybe I’m Amazed

The Beatles were guilty of committing some cliche key changes (looking at you, “Penny Lane”), but McCartney knew how to modulate the cool way: from one section to another and back. In perhaps his best post-Beatles love song, McCartney changes keys from the intro to the verse to the chorus throughout the song. Also, he screams. -DJ

10. Too Many People

Perhaps lost in the ex-bandmates using their solo work to snipe at each other: Some of those songs were truly great. Though the best Beatle-on-Beatle crimes were actually committed by Harrison (“Wah-Wah,” “Isn’t It A Pity” to a degree), this shot at John and Yoko was easily one of McCartney’s best post-Beatles songs, from the wonderfully sticky acoustic guitar to the pointed lyrics. -DJ

Paul McCartney is playing at Fenway Park on Sunday. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Paul McCartney is playing at Fenway Park on Sunday. (Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

9. All My Loving

There are certain songs I like to describe as “perfect pop songs” and this is one of them. Lennon’s guitar is excellent and the moment when the harmony kicks in on the third verse (Paul sang it himself) is one of my favorite moments in any Beatles song. -Scott

8. I’ve Got a Feeling

Tragically left off this list is “Let Me Roll It,” but this is another one with a simple-yet-outstanding riff. Recorded the same year as “Oh! Darling,” this was peak Screaming Paul. -DJ

7. Let It Be

“Let It Be” is one of The Beatles’ most peaceful, soothing songs, which is ironic since it was recorded during the tumultuous time when they were well on their way to breaking up. I go back and forth between which version I like more — the single version with the smooth guitar or the album version with the crunchier guitar. -Scott

6. I’m Looking Through You

From one year to the next, the Beatles found that acoustic guitar and lap percussion — the same combination that logically served a ballad in “I’ll Follow the Sun” — could also deliver an outstanding rock song. The hero of this one isn’t Ringo’s organ in the chorus, but the tambourine that accompanies it. -DJ

5. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End

We debated whether it was cheating to combine these three into one entry, but they obviously fit together and they’re often played together, whether on radio or in McCartney’s live performances. These three make for an amazing finish to the Abbey Road medley, highlighted by McCartney’s vocals on “Golden Slumbers,” the “You Never Give Me Your Money” reprise on “Carry That Weight,” and the drum and guitar solos on “The End.” -Scott

4. Hey Jude

Everything about how “Hey Jude” builds is perfect. It goes from just McCartney and his piano to start, to more instruments joining throughout the first half of the song, to the climactic transition from the verses to the “Na-na-na-na” coda. Then during the coda itself, you get a 36-piece orchestra and McCartney going crazy with his descant. Also, shouts to everyone responsible for leaving in the “Oh, [expletive] hell” you hear just before the three-minute mark. -Scott

3. Band on the Run

McCartney owned pop, but he only played by its rules when he wanted to. Though he could be nostalgic and/or stick to basic structure (particularly when dipping into other genres, such as in “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”), McCartney often threw out the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus playbook. As he aged into his late 20s, McCartney unapologetically mashed bits and pieces of songs together, resulting in sharp turns and melodic abandonment not commonly found in pop. This is perhaps the best (though not greatest; see No. 1) example, and each of the three sections are outstanding in their own right.

The best part is that despite the sections not having much in common melodically, the is still able to use the vocal to build, going from the murmur of “stuck inside these four walls” to the double-tracked “If I ever get out of here” and finally the magnificently spacey “Well the rain exploded with a mighty crash.” -DJ

2. Yesterday

It’s the best breakup song ever made, and there have been lots of great breakup songs. “Yesterday” is essentially a McCartney solo song (he’s the only Beatle on it), but George Martin deserves major props for pushing the idea of using a string quartet, something The Beatles hadn’t done before. -Scott

1. You Never Give Me Your Money

This is the aforementioned melodic abandonment at its finest, easily surpassing Lennon’s “Happiness is a Warm Gun” as the best Beatles song to embrace such herky-jerky structure. Where Lennon often called for effects to alter his voice, McCartney loved deploying different characters and voices throughout songs, a move of which Billy Joel would eventually make a career. Screaming Paul makes an appearance at the end and the nursery rhyme bit is an “Abbey Road” highlight, but the combination of tack piano (which actually isn’t even tack piano) and Paul’s mock-baritone in the “Out of college” section is the true winner. That mock baritone can be found time and again in Paul’s work; it’s sneaky good on the harmonies during the second verse of “Too Many People.” -DJ

Blog Author: 
DJ Bean and Scott McLaughlin

Jeremy Deputat/New York Times

Jeremy Deputat/New York Times

It’s been rumored for a few years that Eminem will release a new album in 2016. Now we’re halfway through 2016 and he has yet to deliver, so fans are speculating as to why.

The most recent rumors suggest we’re still waiting because Eminem is bankrupt. This is highly unlikely and I’m here to quash that rumor right now.

First of all, Marshall Mathers has too many business ventures going to be out of money. The Detroit native recently partnered with StockX, an online marketplace based in his hometown. He is using this site to sell sneakers because, besides rapping, sneakers are his biggest passion. He also released a mobile game last year called “Shady Wars,” which even I will admit is stupid, but it’s making him money and helping to keep his net worth at an estimated $190 million.

Second, knowing Marshall as I do, I doubt he would let himself go bankrupt like his protégé 50 Cent.

50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent/Instagram

Eminem is way too responsible for that. Since he almost died of a pill overdose in 2007, he stopped doing drugs, has a new outlook on life and started running and taking care of himself. Unwise investments and lavish spending don’t seem to fit into his level-headed lifestyle in recovery. So he’s not bankrupt, he’s just busy.

And it doesn’t really matter whether or not he releases a new album anyway because nothing he does will ever be better than The Marshall Mathers LP. But if someone tries to tell you Eminem has no money and is struggling to keep his career afloat, don’t believe it. Plus, the year isn’t over yet so he still has plenty of time. So everybody relax and listen to this. It’s life-changing.

Blog Author: 
Lucy Burdge
Gerry, Kirk and Tanguay wind down the show bouncing around some various topics including Tim Tebow turning down the RNC Convention and Kirk liking the new HBO show 'The Night Of'

[0:05:15] ... for all these girls it's Gennifer Flowers and what to bring a Clint Eastwood back and he conducted a cherry did you talk to the chair concern that was my MO network so I guess I ...
[0:08:27] ... up also on the static. It leaves Shriver has been nominated for best actor for the motive whatever that started up again gala convince one I'll at this time gonna break. Oh I would Def recently ...
[0:11:42] ... that don't please org at behind enemy lines. Hell it's secular the Cleveland Browns will be right right we don't need no don't. Let's let's go to Vick route sheet. I know you guys are only ...
[0:14:08] ... to. Get a cup of coffee yeah and like every few world Super Bowl you know with a PT jerseys it was walk around being jerseys if you have a shirt with a 36 points. Wolf ...

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[0:04:10] ... if the police extensive background critics for you've got to guides them Detroit Lions got a record as many have pointed this guy had a record our domestic abuse but so what. It is telling me ...
[0:04:47] ... there that's my point he can declare war. It would ever accused Lee Westwood to read it. I guess what color ribbon like France ribbon but it's a plaque is the color and I'm gonna. Hash ...
[0:08:22] ... that's the same things concentrations say. This is an attack is the best man picking a fight that actually it does that Sunday I can you respect. Because you want to. He's doing it because he's ...
[0:14:01] ... Ellis and Matt Laporte that's it that's the rumor she ran the Boston Marathon in the years that matter. She's so it is boom she's. Holding up well she's way better looking now yes she's getting ...