Here are the highlights from Wednesday’€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with John Dennis and guest hosts Rob Bradford and Jon Meterparel. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still’€™s young daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare type of cancer, in June. According to the girl’€™s mother, Channing Smythe, Still has not paid his daughter’€™s child support for the last four months. Still and Smythe split four years ago after their daughter was born.

The hosts had a tough time believing that Stills was having that much trouble paying for his daughter, especially after he recently made public appearances with her.

Said Bradford: “Here’€™s a weird thing about that is that you have this guy who is constantly seen with his daughter. And bringing her to places, doing things, and we see it all of the time. How is that possible, the whole time, without giving any child support? That seems bizarre.”

“It seems antithetical,” replied Dennis. “If he’€™s willing to go from Cincinnati to Delaware every week and spend quality time with her, wouldn’t the easy part be writing a check every month?”

“What, he shows up and she says, ‘Hey, where’€™s my money?’ ” asked Bradford.

Said Meterparel: “That’€™s what I’€™m waiting for, where’€™s the next layer of this story, he’€™s broke. He’€™s making $507,000 a year, which isn’t much by NFL standards. So clearly there might be a disconnect there.”

— While there have been many protests following the decision to not indict the police officer in the controversial Ferguson case over the shooting of Michael Brown, one African-American man took his voice to YouTube. Charles Patrick Furguson spoke his mind about general race relations, the legal system and police relationships with other African-Americans.

Most of his thoughts go against the grain about how most people feel about the situation at hand, saying a lot of the issues do not lie with the police but with individual people who give the police a reason to arrest them.

The hosts ran a large chunk of the clip and all but applauded the man’€™s opinions.

“You know what’€™s amazing about that?” asked Bradford. “Everything. If you watch it, it’€™s clearly not being read off a script.”

Said Dennis: “There’€™s no notes, he doesn’t look down once. That is off the top of his head.”

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Andrew Battifarano
BC football sideline reporter Scott Mutryn with the worst impersonation of all time.

[0:00:35] ... of times and I was so pretty you know we're about to college football team that I'd be able to. Maybe talk about how bought in college played a couple ballgame forget the court orders to university. Well they certainly do that Lou and I think they dominated throughout the game were you surprised to see that up for from the Eagles. Yet the well as you know but I made a bit mid Burrell. Where and Boston College kid throughout the South Bend, Indiana. In and acted under greed we have eight. If there's a couple ballgame and we prepared artists. Repair our hearts out and ...
[0:02:19] ... your radio partner Scott yes this satellite jets sideline guy from previous Boston college and also without the need to pro produced net sales and greet did and this does he sound a lot more like ...

Ben Cherington joined us to discuss the Sox off-season moves.
Dino picked the Pack.

[0:01:42] ... of Gillette Stadium. Andrew Luck while he is a sending is not Aaron Rodgers for the guys they've beaten and to all due respect Peyton Manning. This is their biggest test and it's on the road and this is a team that is as a lot. As the ...
[0:03:50] ... Kansas City three turnovers nearly 500 total yards they gave up. The Kansas City Chiefs. Implied was if this is as good as the patriots can't beat. Out what we're gonna get better able to exit this is the product watching. Obviously didn't approve and it there's some stuff and offensive line jailed you don't need Logan Mankins. I trust in their game plan expertise which is by the Oslo as do you let us deal but better about the ...

The top stories of the day.

[0:00:19] ... are really big fans of Alan. Would not see a Jimmy Fund. Cancer patient who paid his all the way. To go to her show and sit in the audience and all he wanted to shake ...
[0:00:54] ... is some are to be derive such as. Out blogging on the Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle DeVon still and his daughter Leah. Who by the way is such suffering from neural blast Obama rare pediatric cancer ...
[0:01:49] ... there's another part of the story this from the daily news a Cincinnati Bengals tackle DeVon still bubbling just preface this by saying. They're probably two sides to every story but the side we're hearing today about DeVon still Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle. Isn't so great. Still has not pay child support or Leah. According to Channing Smith that would be Leo's mother. ...
[0:02:55] ... expected to earn about 575000. Dollars. In the 2014 season with the Cincinnati Bengals apparently according to the mom hasn't paid child support before months Smith was stills longtime girlfriend. The couple split after Lee was ...

Ashley Byrne of PETA joined the show on the proper way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

[0:13:54] ... and elegant and haven't fished and Harvard degree. The tree along the Florida State that he has the attitude. Speed I want to I want in the middle that owns the middle of that we all ...
[0:15:36] ... back. You're going to hear from. DeVon still hear about DeVon still Cincinnati Bengals as you. Probably aren't a lot about his daughter Leah has cancer and that's been sort of the only feel good story in the National Football League this year. We're going to hear from officer Darren Wilson. From. I'll Ferguson Anderson Missouri and then we're going to play for ...

The guys opened the show discussing the official acquisitions of Sandoval and Hanley by the Red Sox
The guys discussed the Riots in Ferguson.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

Here are the highlights from Tuesday’€™€™s Headlines on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, John Dennis and Gerry Callahan. To hear the segment, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

— Foxwoods has cancelled a future Bill Cosby show in wake of the sexual assault allegations against him, but there are shows still scheduled to go on in Boston and Worcester in February.

“If I already had my tickets, and I don’t care if I paid $200 for them, I wouldn’t go see this pig,” Dennis said.

“Doesn’t he have a right to perform, though?” Callahan asked.

“Yeah, he does, and I have a right not to go watch him,” Dennis replied.

“Exactly. Shouldn’t the market place determine who goes to see him,” Callahan responded.

— On a Fox News live broadcast from Ferguson, MO, shots were fired while Steve Harrigan was reporting on Monday night, following the ruling of there being no indictment for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson. Harrigan kept yelling at his crew to move back.

“So the commissioner, or the chief said no shots were fired by his guys, not one. Who is shooting, and what are they shooting at?” Callahan asked.

“They are just shooting into the air. It’s a Palestinian thing. Haven’t you seen that in Palestine,” Dennis replied.

There were a number of buildings set on fire in the town following the ruling, some still burning into the morning.

“I guarantee you there would not have been 25 fires lighted during the daylight hours,” said Dennis. “They are much more effective at night, right? That’s like bon-fires at pep rallies.”

“You’d never light a fire at 9 a.m.,” Callahan replied.

— Jennifer Gable, 32, a transgender women of Twin Halls, Idaho, died unexpectedly last week. Friends of Gable were horrified to see her dressed as a man with short hair and a suit at the open-casket funeral. Jennifer was born a boy named Geoffrey

The online obituary made no mention of Jennifer, and the photo that was used appears to be of Geoffrey when he was a teenager.

“Do you blame the parents?” Callahan asked. “It must be a tough time anyway.”

“It’s not their choice,” Dennis replied.

“Yes, I do,” countered Minihane. “It’s someone who chose to live her life that way.”

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