When the Somerville-based Eternals released the Steely Dandy single “Raised by Wolves” earlier this year, I went from loving the song to champing at the bit (it is CHAMPING, NOT CHOMPING) for their upcoming LP.

Well, good news. It’€™s no longer upcoming and I am no longer champing. “Isn’€™t That Anyone” is here and it is terrific. The album is sonically more polished than their outstanding 2014 self-titled release, and the songwriting is every bit as good. Personal favorites include “Raised By Wolves,” “Out of Context,” “Bar Room Dancing,” “Affirmation I,” “Affirmation II” and the three songs I didn’€™t just name. Can’€™t recommend enough.

Once you’ve become fully obsessed, you’ll be able to catch them live this weekend. They’re playing an album release show Saturday night at Great Scott.

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DJ Bean
Kirk and Gerry get into HEATED debate about the senate nixing four proposed gun control bills as well as government oversight.
Kirk and Gerry get into HEATED debate about gun control...John does his best to play referee
John, Gerry, and Kirk open the show talking about what they say may have been the Red Sox worst loss of the season so far

[0:12:22] ... do that's who shall we all. Outside the box ideas that's mine David Wright every third David Wright. Even write every third day that's a stupid. You don't I don't practical pocket right wise enough to practical. And David Weathers. The comedian. Steven Wright every third day. And yet correct there's a fair and it is presently it is enough and if ...
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[0:18:51] ... a pigeon in lieu means little very pleased (%expletive) to purchase slow. Manny Mota remote yes Garcia gates brown C available I think he checked out by the year two was it already I mean Judas ...

The guys continue to break down last nights red sox loss, and somewhere along the way Lindsay Buccholz and flatulence begin to dominate the conversation

[0:00:03] ... not be I guarantee you this there will not be a worse. Red Sox old loss this year. Then what happened last night and might I know you're not gonna believe I'm actually going to say ...
[0:00:55] ... I can always gonna win tonight authority on jury toward the other Red Sox way be Christmas colts went into. Or sale yes sparkled in the twin sale is eleven in two Republican and his season. ...
[0:02:21] ... You can until they've a graduate school sure they do whatever communication school graduate school you have to have a graduate school because the university of truth to go point yet does that really university. So ...
[0:05:14] ... Attic is it just look at the meager like active with Ewing Buck Showalter and I think we can do the rest not giving up more and it comes to pitch. While tapper out front of ...

Portions of the 8am and 9am hour with the guys discussing all angles of Sunday night's NBA Game 7 with LeBron besting Curry.
With Cuban outfielder Rusney Castillo on waivers, the guys discuss where his seven year, $73 million deal ranks in terms of most wasted money in Sox history
The penultimate episode of Season 3 wasn't its finest hour, but it laid groundwork for a strong finale. (John P. Johnson/HBO)

The penultimate episode of Season 3 wasn’t its finest hour, but it laid groundwork for a strong finale. (John P. Johnson/HBO)

Welcome to the first installment of “€œTres Notas,”€ which will be our weekly reaction to new episodes of HBO’€™s “Silicon Valley.”€ For “Game of Thrones”€ writeups, check out Scott McLaughlin’€™s “7 Points.

In the penultimate episode of Season 3, Silicon Valley got creative in finding a new problem for a company that seemingly can’€™t go find minutes without encountering a new obstacle. This time, three years of the show telling everyone what a genius Richard is has finally harmed his perfect platform, as the average person can’€™t understand it because it’€™s too good.

All in all, this might have been the most boring episode of what has been a nearly flawless season. That said, “€œDaily Active Users”€ teamed two of the show’€™s villain’€™s together and introduced some deception within the Pied Piper group to set up what should be an interesting season finale next week. It also featured an elephant.

Here are three notes (tres notas, for the billionaires out there) on season 3, episode 9:

– Big thumbs up to the show for keeping Gavin around despite him no longer being an active threat to Pied Piper. His dealings with the ‘€œgentlemen of who Hooli board, and lady’€ and his ‘€œconsider the [insert physically present animal here]’€ speeches will never get old.

With that said, I don’€™t know if he makes Jack much funnier or if anyone really can. If anything, Jack teaming up with Gavin might water down a lot of what Gavin does.

– A great part of the show is who interacts with whom. Gilfoyle, for example, has maybe spoken one line to Monica in the entire series (“I’€™m sure you can find your way out with one of your two faces”). Jian Yang pretty much has no interaction with anyone but Erlich. Dinesh speaking to anyone outside of the incubator usually results in Dinesh embarrassing the hell out of himself.

One duo that is a guaranteed laugh every time they interact is Erlich and Laurie. The latter can be hit-or-miss in her regular dealings with Monica or Richard, but Erlich’€™s nonsense bouncing off Laurie in the beginning of “Daily Active Users” was priceless. It almost makes it a shame that the show didn’€™t spend time actually showing how Raviga’€™s purchase of Erlich’€™s shares went down.

– As jokes went, the best part of this episode was that they brought back the focus group moderator. He could seriously just say people’€™s names for an entire episode and it would be the height of television.

Also, it was perfectly fitting that on the night that the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA championship in franchise history, Comic Sans was used to make the Pied Piper version of Microsoft’€™s Clippy seem extra lame.

Unsung hero of the episode: Bernice

Best line: “You and I have never had much of a rapport, have we?”

Jian Yang watch: No Jian Yang in this episode. Undoubtedly off cooking up some killer prank calls.

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DJ Bean
The guys briefly discuss the now complete ESPN 30-for-30 OJ Simpson documentary, including jurors reaction to acquitting OJ years later. The now-freed Gerald Amirault calls in to the show to compare the jury on his high-profile New England trial.
PGA pro Bubba Watson joins the guys from Traveler's Championship media day to discuss Dustin Johnson's US Open win and other tour issues, plus a preview of August's tour even in Connecticut.