Here are the highlights from Wednesday’s Headlines segment on Dennis & Callahan with Kirk Minihane, Rob Bradford and Jon Meterparel.

Four injured as roller coaster derails at Six Flags Magic Mountain

A roller coaster hit a tree branch at the Six Flags Magic Mountain outside Los Angeles on Monday, dislodging the front car and leaving four injured. Nearly two dozen people were left hanging in the air for about three hours.

“I’d be like Larry David when he gets caught in a chair lift,” Minihane said.

Meterparel said: ”I think I would snap. I’d just lose my mind.”

Man chokes to death at South Dakota hot dog eating contest

A 47-year-old South Dakota man choked to death at a Fourth of July hot dog eating contest last Thursday after attempts to save him failed at the scene.

“He goes out doing what he loves, though,” Minihane said. “He was a serious competitive eater.”

Bradford said: ”Is there a line in the story that says he died doing what he loved?”

“No but I believe that,” Minihane responded.

The Custer Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the event, canceled the pie-eating contest scheduled for the next day.

Fox 25 makes shake-up in leadership

Fox Television Stations recently announced a deal to send Fox 25 general manager Gregg Kelley from Boston to San Francisco. In exchange, KTVU’s Tom Raponi will head to the Hub.

KTVU is best known nationally for its infamous on-air gaffe when it fell victim to a racist prank following the fatal Asiana Flight 124 plane crash last year.

“That is an unbelievable clip,” Minihane said.

Bradford joked: ”I’m looking forward to the new Fox 25.”

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Nick Canelas
Kevin Paul Dupont joined the show to discuss today's Globe sports page.

[0:01:11] ... the lead you guys didn't like Brazil on top. You want more Red Sox instead. And that discussion that goes on all the time and sometimes quite aggressively. In the office in that was true at the New York Times and over there and -- do it. It might point to Chris was as long as newspapers exist. That discussion will exist ...
[0:02:18] ... was that they can go online -- and you'll find out about Red Sox and find out opera and find out about Celtics. Well Kevin -- say this is that I think it depends on how ...
[0:04:13] ... of the readers of your paper. -- why they care more the Red Sox think I get that so whatever that they care more about the Red Sox and the care more about Marcus mark I think that you more about Jon Lester. And they do about the story. I would agree with you the Red Sox were actually in it right but -- don't buy my -- Red Sox season ended about three weeks ago. And you you know so I would go the other way I'm not disagreeing with your point and again it's all about -- But I look at the back of The Herald tonight and I don't want again to work better than ever has because really that's that's that's -- a no win. You know that's that's really for the consumer to decide. But I I think. Going to the back and leading with the Red Sox now that were -- -- nine in the season it effectively overrule waiting for the next to connect straight but. You know ...
[0:09:00] ... was the case. And more whispers about what the heck happened to Serena Williams and did she in fact I start questions she effect does not wanna play the match up that was the strangest thing ...

Kevin Paul Dupont joined the show to discuss today's Globe sports page.
Mr. Skin joined the show on all things nudity.
What big move will the Sox make first?

On Tuesday’s Three for All segment on Middays with MFB, Tim BenzLou Merloni and Christian Fauria discussed the annual Anthrocon event, Rob Gronkowski‘s alleged method for scoring first-class plane tickets and the dangers of drinking swimming pool water. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– Having spent time in Pittsburgh, Benz is well aware of the annual Anthrocon event that takes place in the area during Independence Day weekend.

“These are people who enjoy their own lifestyle being about dressing up as animals,” Benz said. “Dressing up almost like mascots or wearing a fox head or walking around with a wolf tail or something like that.

“They meet together every year and it’s a big deal in Pittsburgh.”

Apparently, Pittsburgh isn’t the only place where these so-called furries convene.

“Lo and behold I’m driving home the other day and I see three people walking around with furry heads on, like a panda head and a teddy bear head,” Benz said. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘It’s too much of a coincidence.’ ”

Benz denied ever dressing up as a furry. Merloni and Fauria weren’t buying it.

“He’s lying,” Merloni said. “Look at his face.”

Fauria added: ”Were you Crash Bandicoot? I could see you as Crash Bandicoot.”

– Merloni found a post on Barstool Sports in which a female reader submitted an email claiming she gave Gronkowski her first-class plane ticket in exchange for an autograph on her boarding pass, a pair of his boxer shorts and a chance to touch his private area.

“That’s the beauty of being Gronk,” Fauria said. “Who’s got it better than him?”

Merloni said: ”I’ll let you grab me. Give me your seat.”

– Fauria recently was made aware of the danger of drinking water straight out of a hose in an HGTV Magazine article, but what he didn’t realize was just how filthy swimming pool water is.

“Swallowing pool water — it happens, guys, and it happens a lot,” said Fauria, who admitted to closing down a public pool by allowing his young daughter in without a swim diaper, and she proceeded to defecate. “Even some of the most well-maintained pools can have small bits of fecal matter that carry bacteria floating in them.”

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The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
Suffolk Construction CEO John Fish discussed his desire to bring the Olympics to Boston.
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