The 9am hour of Thursday's D&C show with the phone-lines flooded to talk to in-studio guest Curt Schilling about our Second Amendment rights in America and the fight against terrorism.

[0:03:56] ... something they just sick and by the way right like the thing Curt Schilling. Right or for call it doesn't doesn't this guy down the street he knows he's assembling an arsenal and I am not ...
[0:04:34] ... helped cased the joint but that's by the EMI right up to Disney world with equipment but you know you start talking about domestic violence at the whole different conversation. Aki back that is this the ...
[0:16:36] ... even noticed Jerry. Who is the better fill in host on WEEI. Curt Schilling. Gary tag way or anybody else. What do you think you mean give me a my guess she L one the day ...
[0:26:07] ... the white house on the anniversary of well I don't know the Denver Broncos were visiting. I don't care what he did debate Denver begins with the heat but it does and they had a great ...

Quick segment of Thursday's D&C show with Curt Schilling in studio for Kirk, but Schil weighs in on the sniping between John Skipper and Bill Simmons

[0:01:09] ... ESPN. Voluntarily and it's a credit I mean it how her in skip Bayless and Curt Schilling I must Simmons be viewed as the martyr maybe he's taking maybe skipper taking a lot of heat for several departure nobody ...
[0:03:51] ... against that. And what what happens then that that might well against gay marriage always there they kill you miss the comedian the guided to be offended what nothing happens when you get offended. You just ...
[0:04:28] ... for homosexuality. That'll changed dramatically that's in our lifetime now this on TV show without not you can get elected nice to be on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And anti gay I'd say there's quite ...

The Red Sox are tied with Baltimore for first place on this June 16th, and former Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is in studio to discuss all aspects of the team
Kirk Minihane is off for the day, but Headlines must go on. Curt Schilling sits in as Dino and Gerry discuss some odd headlines of the day

[0:05:56] ... dollars sailboat area in the midst says. To raise. List of the New Zealand built friendship sloop re mere four billion dollars. With luxury tax brokered Northrop and Johnson in Newport, Rhode Island. So they're taking ...
[0:11:06] ... why there was always screens around all the pool yeah on the golf course but that was for the mosquitoes. It's not. It's fruit because they're coming out of those want to jump into people. So ...

Will the NRA and Republicans come over to adding a no-fly list ban for gun buyers? The proposal failed in December, but Gerry Dino and Schil discuss the change in the atmosphere after Orlando.

[0:02:18] ... We will get to the Red Sox I guess. We'll get to Disney World well yes we'll get to feature role will be headlines in. Some some big news from John Kerry has struck the wrong Ron in Medford between now and then on what's. There you go I. Kurt are up where you ...
[0:22:08] ... Was. I got a better idea how about on a nice right Saudi Arabia already has. This villages tent cities and sounds like hundreds of thousands like like a million people can live that it bathrooms ...

Former Red Sox hurler Curt Schilling is in studio with Dino and Gerry to discuss Democrats pushing for tougher gun laws in the wake of the Orlando tragedy.

Today Ice Cube turns 47. O’€™Shea Jackson is one of my favorite celebrities, so much so that I actually didn’€™t pursue an opportunity to have him on BRUNCH as much as I should have because I honestly thought it would have turned into The Chris Farley Show.

My favorite musicians are the ones who can adapt over and over and over again. It’€™s why Paul McCartney, Billy Joel and Sara Bareilles can do no wrong in my mind, as all three of them can do pretty much any subgenre of pop and make it sound convincing. (Billy Joel’€™s “Sting”€ voice isn’€™t that great, but that’€™s another story for another time.)

Ice Cube has adapted both on and off wax, going from a scary lyricist to a still-pretty-scary actor. Everyone knows the main staples of his career (“It Was a Good Day,” Barbershop, etc.), but here’€™s a stroll through some of the other various Ice Cubes, with it to be assumed that every video here is explicit and/or extremely inappropriate for work or pretty much any setting:

Horrifically insensitive to women Ice Cube (1988)

Horrifically insensitive to every person on the planet Ice Cube (1991)

Screenwriter/protagonist Ice Cube (1995)

Playing roles that you would assume Steve Martin or Eddie Murphy might play Ice Cube (2005) 

Actually working with Insane Clown Posse Ice Cube (2012)

Presenting a Grammy and then bouncing Ice Cube (2016)

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DJ Bean

Run the Jewels are on a Chance the Rapper-esque streak where they can do absolutely wrong right now. Need RTJ3 and I needed it yesterday.

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DJ Bean

Due to scheduling issues, I picked my spots for this spring’€™s Boston Calling. My priorities were Sia, Janelle Monae and, of course, Haim.

(Shouts to male musicians. Some of you are good, too.)

I saw other acts; Disclosure was underwhelming and Elle King’€™s talent (which is good) far outweighs her songs (which mostly aren’€™t).

Yet I finally started listening to Miike Snow recently (whom I missed at Boston Calling) and yowzers am I kicking myself for it.

Now on their third album, Miike Snow is automatically good because they’€™re Swedish and Swedish people are practically incapable of making bad music. Max Martin, ABBA, Yngwie Malmsteen, Robyn, Ace of Base, The Cardigans? Sweden is awesome. Suck it, Ted Cruz.

Like CHVRCHES, Miike Snow’€™s strength is that they consist of two great producers and a great singer. That’€™s a recipe for hits and only hits, which is exactly what “Genghis Khan” is.

So in diving into Miike Snow’€™s work, I realized that the two producers in the group are none other than Bloodshy & Avant, who happened to write and produce one of the single best pop records of the last 20 years.

In addition to “œToxic,€” Bloodshy & Avant have also written and/or produced a number of other Britney Spears songs (“Piece of Me,” “My Prerogative’€ and “Do Something’€™” among them) and have also done stuff for the likes of Madonna and Rob Thomas.

So yeah, these are giants of pop making great gigantic pop music. Don’€™t be an idiot like me. Listen to them immediately and proceed to get down.

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DJ Bean
Kirk Minihane's Wednesday headlines includes discussion of the most overplayed classic rock song on American radio of all time.