Were you wondering what Dick Van Dyke has been up to? Me too, so here’s an update:

The 90 year-old television legend visited a Santa Monica Denny’s a few days ago with three much younger men and suddenly all four of them broke into song.

It turns out these guys are Van Dyke’s a cappella group, the Vantastix, and they sang “Chiddy Chiddy Bang Bang,” the famous song from Van Dyke’s 1968 movie of the same name.

First of all, he is 90 YEARS OLD? That seems impossible. His hair is amazing and it’s good to see his teeth implants have stopped causing him neurological problems. He has said he attributes his youthfulness to going to the gym daily, but eats a pint of ice cream every night so longevity really is just a crapshoot.

And according to his Twitter, Van Dyke was at Denny’s for the grits:

Also, this group has been around for 16 years and they only have one album. It’s children’s songs. They also perform at benefits and charity events. And Denny’s.

I didn’t know the Vantastix existed before today and I haven’t heard any of their other work, but now I kind of want them to perform at my wedding.


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Lucy Burdge
Jon Meterparel, Rob Bradford and Gary Tanguay discuss another three-homer game from Mookie Betts and his current place in the AL pecking order
Gary Tanguay reads an abbreviated 'Headlines' as GT, Rob Bradford and Jon Meterparel discuss the latest shooting and protests in America.

[0:00:40] ... you multiple the rest of Russian and shooting victim. The hospital won't police officer as well in the second night of violence. Following a fatal police shooting a couple of nights ago. A 23 year old ...
[0:02:13] ... doing it in Boston and it to me it's gonna protect the police officer. You know that the police officer. If you're she's doing the right thing and it protects the Europe beta well correct or view that our analysts viewed the ...
[0:02:50] ... well. He's good man just trying to protect will be you know Curt Schilling is keeping the streets of course he is keeping his feet which is certainly one of these days ago put it will be a Zimmerman who will be one of those neighborhood watch guys that's it I mean she would be a neighborhood watch committee at midfield to use one was sure I can see Schilling who's around. The day with so if it matters in his own just taken matters in my eye and the question is so Wednesday and Thursday when you're filling in. I'm sorry no my ego well in your win at. With Curt Schilling Terry count billions of him of filling in a case there's been no official announcement. With that I just don't wanna meager existence. While I think where you feel safer. Or not as safe when Curt Schilling is all not a state of well I'd you know beat listen we've got virtually the gun that some people get shot ...
[0:04:16] ... the best we can. I doubt laser jet Obama singing at the Super Bowl we go from guns to it now. Joint she said she's turned down. Any chances and it does have the suitable show this last year saw. Cole play what's that Chris Martin not a terror group well ball and BS is like Bruno Mars but. If you were pleased that ever since like seventy Euro growth would ago is that it's pars and do at all if you at all he painted was that was it certificates that it Parker Nicolas Cage movie lot Vegas. The Las Vegas felt like that now he was not out today honeymoon in Vegas didn't like it is ...

Pats QB Jimmy G makes his first radio appearance with D&C. Jon Meterparel, Gary Tanguay and Rob Bradford are in for the guys

[0:00:14] ... Jimmy drop a load good morning. Glory Jimmie were you surprised that Tom Brady said nice things about yesterday. You all know we you know I'm I'm happy dip real good relationship mean MM now. Or ...
[0:07:11] ... thrown an action against. The jets in an effort smut and obviously Tom Brady's agrees quarterback that ever lived. We know that he went on to have an amazing career but we you are right now ...
[0:08:18] ... done to fine tune your release. It's gone back and really my high school bit I really used I used your pitcher are up a mountain out of a long extended release and not. But our ...
[0:10:40] ... have an adopted out of satellite and I'm still I'm going all Matt Light and it's disgusting and I've had I've tried it to be it is avocado is I don't know how Brady you drink ...

Fill-in hosts Jon Meterparel, Gary Tanguay and Rob Bradford open the show talking Red Sox after their weekend sweep of Arizona. Steven Wright and Mookie Betts are the main topics of conversation in this 6am hour upload.

The defense on the defensive. Credit Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

The defense on the defensive. Credit Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

With 75 percent of the show of Summer ‘16 in the books, “Samson and Delilah” delivered some of those sweet, sweet procedural goods that we’ve missed thus far in “The Night Of.”  With only two episodes left, both the audience of the show and the characters within the show are no closer to pinpointing exactly what happened on October 24th while red herrings continue to pop up all over the place.  

Heading into Episode 6:

  • Is Freddy actually helping or hurting Naz?
  • What happened after John chased Duane Reed down the alley?
  • Whose funeral did we see in the previews?
  • At what point will we see some holes poked into the murder scene evidence?
  • Does Det. Box actually believe Naz is guilty? How much is his retiring weighing on his approach to this case?

Even when removing the vastness of the Dick Wolf cannon, the courtroom procedural is the backbone of television. Lawyers defending and prosecuting good guys and bad guys in gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing, and well-lit courtrooms is right up there with “situational comedies” as a staple of television. What the creators of “The Night Of” did with this classic aspect of the procedural in “Samson and Delilah” was one of the most engaging aspects of this series.  It was the least sexy courtroom I have ever seen on TV. Drab, dreary, and dark with only a few streams of light coming through the windows to illuminate a courtroom that has seen better days was just as telling about what we’re dealing with in this case as actual plot developments.  

Ask any lawyer and they’ll tell you that legal work is not the sizzle you see on TV; it is a plodding stomp through the dirt to find a shred of evidence or doubt to lay at the feet of the judge and jury.  “The Night Of” is at its best when its characters are digging around in the dirt where only a few shards of light are allowed to poke through.

Everything about this week’s episode was designed to crank the audience’s anxiety level up to 11. The introduction of flashbacks to the first episode, the music, Chandra and John’s bedroom eyes at each other, etc. While no episode has yet to match the anxious feeling we got when watching Naz get first brought into the precinct, the sixth episode’s presentation of just how far each character has come is a very close second. The shock of the situation has completely worn off and reality is setting in as each character is dealing with accepting where exactly they are now. Life is not going back to normal, and most likely never will. While this trial will be wrapped up shortly, they’ll be living with the aftershocks of this case for the rest of their lives.  

Hanging on to the idea that Naz is innocent is getting harder and harder every week. He is changing before our eyes, and while all credit goes to Riz Ahmed’s star-making performance, it really shines a spotlight on the question, “what comes next for Naz?” At this point, the verdict doesn’t matter; the Naz that stole his father’s cab to go to a party in Manhattan is dead and buried even if he is found innocent. Naz may get out of Rikers, but he is never getting out of prison, and I think that is what the show is trying to tell us. It’s not about who killed Andrea Cornish; it’s about how a seemingly small series of events can dictate the rest of one’s life. There is no going back for this character no matter what the jury decides. The damage is real and has already been done. 

“The Night Of” has been big on drawing parallels between its characters and the steps they are taking in the aftermath of Andrea’s murder. Last week, we saw John go off on his own to chase down Duane Reed and tonight we saw Chandra track down Mr. Day, the driver of the hearse in episode one. In both instances, our characters wound up chasing ghosts.  This device — John and Chandra willing to explore every possible theory — does two things specifically:

  • It establishes that this is not a story about the solving of a murder, it’s a story of redemption.
  • It allows the audience to vicariously pursue every red herring swimming down the premium cable river.

As menacing, creepy and misogynistic as Mr. Day is, he’s not the guy that killed Andrea Cornish. As easy as it would have been to have the murderer be the most likely suspect from the first episode, it wasn’t Duane Reed either. That theory literally got up and ran off-screen before we could accuse it of a crime.  What “The Night Of” is doing with exploring these theories (in addition to giving the people what they want), is reinforcing that the answers we’ve been looking for the entire time are right in front of us, and we’re too busy chasing ghosts in order to see them.  

The only lead that came up in “Samson and Delilah” that looks like it might pan out is super creep step-dad Don Taylor may be the culprit after all, or at the very least be closely involved. In the preview for next week’s episode, we see Det. Box on the witness stand stating that he’ll take evidence over a confession any day. While the evidence is lacking as of right now, Don Taylor is the only character we’ve met with the motive to commit this crime. At this point in the series, motive counts for something. By next week I’m sure we’ll see evidence to back it up.  


  • Stone finally found something that cured his ailing feet. He found it by chasing down every possible remedy for the problem and found success with least conventional means. What does say about the case? What non-traditional tactic is going to prove to be their best defense?
  • Naz’s two tattoos – “Sin” and “Bad” or “SINBAD” across his knuckles and a howling wolf on his arm; one tattoo about a protagonist of Middle Eastern origin that survives a number of trials and tribulations, and another of an animal answering the call of the wild. Two very appropriate tattoos for someone who is coming to grips with possibly being in prison for life.   
  • Det. Box is so focused on the evidence of the case, but no one has mentioned how Naz left the crime scene with no blood on him save for the cut on his hand.  How can that possibly be and why hasn’t anyone brought it up?
  • Where was Stone’s independent forensic scientist this week?
  • Is Don Taylor another red herring or is he actually a suspect in this murder case?  
  • My theory after six episodes is this: Naz is innocent, but winds up being convicted, or is guilty and winds up being found innocent. Either way, the final scenes of the series will be the audience finding out what truly happened.
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Padraic O'Connor
Gary Tanguay raves about the feats of Michael Phelps winning his 22nd gold medal, and Minihane & Mut talk him back from calling Phelps the greatest ever.
Gary Tanguay raves about the feats of Michael Phelps winning his 22nd gold medal, and Minihane & Mut talk him back from calling Phelps the greatest ever.

[0:05:25] ... ultimately in the world look in a world love and foxholes starring Jerry Kelly and in Hillary Clinton could have done I could have done that. That's not a lot of talent knowledge of god gave ...
[0:11:09] ... in the MBA was not seven feet a better I completely disagree Isiah Thomas is a better though I disagree I cheering crowd now they better go to slow broad vision project is. The bright you ...

Gary Tanguay raves about the feats of Michael Phelps winning his 22nd gold medal, and Minihane & Mut talk him back from calling Phelps the greatest ever.

[0:05:25] ... ultimately in the world look in a world love and foxholes starring Jerry Kelly and in Hillary Clinton could have done I could have done that. That's not a lot of talent knowledge of god gave ...
[0:11:09] ... in the MBA was not seven feet a better I completely disagree Isiah Thomas is a better though I disagree I cheering crowd now they better go to slow broad vision project is. The bright you ...

Kirk Minihane moderates as the guys reflect on Ken the producer shoehorning a Tom E. Curran comedy bit into the Thursday show after Minihane had to leave early.

[0:01:26] ... 905 yes it before the show he suggests a reality a patriots beat writer on to preview. She's an in your Bible responded by text we don't need we don't follow I with mock so we. ...
[0:05:02] ... have to like. I think can tristar about yesterday was. Basie big middle finger to me saying these guys can't handle a conversation but not doing a good job I will shoe worn Tommy corps which. ...
[0:08:59] ... hope we here's what Gary had to say plus the pats and Red Sox and last night Intel and keep it. ...