Jeremy Deputat/New York Times

Jeremy Deputat/New York Times

It’s been rumored for a few years that Eminem will release a new album in 2016. Now we’re halfway through 2016 and he has yet to deliver, so fans are speculating as to why.

The most recent rumors suggest we’re still waiting because Eminem is bankrupt. This is highly unlikely and I’m here to quash that rumor right now.

First of all, Marshall Mathers has too many business ventures going to be out of money. The Detroit native recently partnered with StockX, an online marketplace based in his hometown. He is using this site to sell sneakers because, besides rapping, sneakers are his biggest passion. He also released a mobile game last year called “Shady Wars,” which even I will admit is stupid, but it’s making him money and helping to keep his net worth at an estimated $190 million.

Second, knowing Marshall as I do, I doubt he would let himself go bankrupt like his protégé 50 Cent.

50 Cent/Instagram

50 Cent/Instagram

Eminem is way too responsible for that. Since he almost died of a pill overdose in 2007, he stopped doing drugs, has a new outlook on life and started running and taking care of himself. Unwise investments and lavish spending don’t seem to fit into his level-headed lifestyle in recovery. So he’s not bankrupt, he’s just busy.

And it doesn’t really matter whether or not he releases a new album anyway because nothing he does will ever be better than The Marshall Mathers LP. But if someone tries to tell you Eminem has no money and is struggling to keep his career afloat, don’t believe it. Plus, the year isn’t over yet so he still has plenty of time. So everybody relax and listen to this. It’s life-changing.

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Lucy Burdge
Gerry, Kirk and Tanguay wind down the show bouncing around some various topics including Tim Tebow turning down the RNC Convention and Kirk liking the new HBO show 'The Night Of'

[0:05:15] ... for all these girls it's Gennifer Flowers and what to bring a Clint Eastwood back and he conducted a cherry did you talk to the chair concern that was my MO network so I guess I ...
[0:08:27] ... up also on the static. It leaves Shriver has been nominated for best actor for the motive whatever that started up again gala convince one I'll at this time gonna break. Oh I would Def recently ...
[0:11:42] ... that don't please org at behind enemy lines. Hell it's secular the Cleveland Browns will be right right we don't need no don't. Let's let's go to Vick route sheet. I know you guys are only ...
[0:14:08] ... to. Get a cup of coffee yeah and like every few world Super Bowl you know with a PT jerseys it was walk around being jerseys if you have a shirt with a 36 points. Wolf ...

After a few callers argue with Kirk and Gerry about racial profiling in America, the guys get to WEEI's Michael Holley disagreeing with Callahan on the inclusion of Michael Brown into recent examples of tragic deaths of blacks in America.
Gary Tanguay clashes with Kirk and Gerry as he defends the POTUS and the topics broached in his speech in Dallas after the death of five police officers.
Gary Tanguay reads the Friday 'Headlines' with an update on the massacre in France as well as Donald Trump's VP selection.

[0:04:10] ... if the police extensive background critics for you've got to guides them Detroit Lions got a record as many have pointed this guy had a record our domestic abuse but so what. It is telling me ...
[0:04:47] ... there that's my point he can declare war. It would ever accused Lee Westwood to read it. I guess what color ribbon like France ribbon but it's a plaque is the color and I'm gonna. Hash ...
[0:08:22] ... that's the same things concentrations say. This is an attack is the best man picking a fight that actually it does that Sunday I can you respect. Because you want to. He's doing it because he's ...
[0:14:01] ... Ellis and Matt Laporte that's it that's the rumor she ran the Boston Marathon in the years that matter. She's so it is boom she's. Holding up well she's way better looking now yes she's getting ...

Kirk, Gerry and Gary Tanguay discuss yet another horrible terrorist attack, this one in Nice, France on Bastille Day.

[0:00:55] ... is a morning and what color are we gonna make the the White House the color of the French flag world gonna band together and say. Let's you know this is real now and do nothing. I'm the stores just placed before me by can push for Uga as to I think this is from the Daily Mail and you flip the page one you know you see the store their 54 children hospitalized ten children killed. Among the eighty. Did so far and and there's the picture we saw last night of the child with ...
[0:02:53] ... to say. Thoughts and prayers get used to it soccer change and Hillary Clinton's presence is not have silly not to Chandler redolent Schuettler riddle Lynch's whatever she wants the. You're doing the job whatever job ...
[0:12:24] ... were to Francisco on we've moved on one open saving. About receiving United States that's a good point I just frankly I think it's too late for that have been have given up hope I told ...

Gerry and Kirk give Gary Tanguay the news that his walk-out audio went viral, leading to Tanguay's head swelling up like a watermelon.
Kirk Minihane joins Gerry and Gary Tanguay (in for Dino) as the guys start the show discussing how the show has gone over the past few days and the overnight trade made by the Red Sox for Drew Pomeranz

It's back. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon)

It’s back. (Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for CinemaCon)

I don’t know if you guys have heard, but there is a new “Ghostbusters” movie coming out. There’s only one problem, though. It has GIRLS IN IT. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!? GIRLS… WEARING PROTON PACKS! SO GROSS!

This has been the general sentiment surrounding the new “Ghostbusters” movie since the cast was announced in January of 2015. Two-Thousand-FIFTEEN!  Think of everything the internet has flipped out over in the last 18 months.

It feels like a near civil war that broke out in February 2015 over #TheDress was a million internet years ago and the Ghostbuster Truther movement predates that. What a time to be alive.

In early March of 2016, the Ghostbusters trailer was released on the internet in the same way that goat was “released” into the T-Rex cage in Jurassic Park.  Perhaps in your casual browsing of the internet, you stumbled across someone taking personal offense to it because apparently, everyone did.

Since its debut, the trailer has become the most disliked video in the history of YouTube, racking up nearly 1,000,000 thumbs down — that is a substantial digital chorus of boos. Even by 2016 standards, where there is a different pop-cultural occurrence to rage against every twelve minutes, the sustained hatred surrounding the existence new “Ghostbusters” is staggering.   

That being said, the trailer missed the mark big time. Even the director of the original “Ghostbusters” movies — you know, THE GOOD ONES — Ivan Reitman agreed with that when he spoke with Mashable about the backlash.  

“I think we got off to a bad start,” Reitman said. “It wasn’t so much that the trailer was bad or terrible. In its minute and a half, it couldn’t represent what the movie actually is.”

As much as the trailer wasn’t good, it wasn’t all that bad either… it just was. It happened. It confirmed the rumors that a new “Ghostbusters” movie was coming out. It looked surprisingly like the parts of “Ghostbusters” that we love, smushed with elements of what we hate about “Ghostbusters II,” combined with the “audacity” of having women star as the titular Ghostbusters instead of Dan Aykroyd’s old self.

As it turns out, the new version of “Ghostbusters” isn’t a sequel or even a continuation of the original “Ghostbusters” movies; it’s a full on reboot.  It takes place in a fictional New York completely separate from the NYC that was saved in the original films. So if it is a completely different movie, why aren’t we blaming Sony Pictures Entertainment for cutting a bad trailer and calling it a day? Plenty of movies have bad trailers and wind up being great, and vice versa. What makes “Ghostbusters” the exception?  

Therein lies the problem with nostalgia-fueled projects: It’s not exactly how we remember it or how we imagined it could be, so therefore it sucks.  

Based on the track records of every single person involved, this movie should be as anticipated as “Avengers III.” This movie includes the stars of “Bridesmaids” in Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, the two standouts of “Saturday Night Live” in Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, and Thor. If Chris “God of Thunder” Hemsworth takes fifth billing in this movie and he is fine with it, so should be the rest of us mere mortals. “Ghostbusters” is directed by Paul Feig, who is has given us “Freaks & Geeks,” “The Office,” “Arrested Development,” “Bridesmaids,” and “The Heat.” Wearing any other uniform than the adult beige onesie associated with this rebooted franchise, we’d be calling on this super team to represent the Eastern Conference against Durant and the Warriors.  

This kind of wagon-circling usually gets used when some the legacy of a beloved property is threatened, but what legacy is there to protect? “Ghostbusters II” is not good, even when viewed through the ever-forgiving lens of nostalgia. If we were really concerned about sullying the good name of “Ghostbusters” the hate would have started with the movie that brought us a river made of slime and bad attitude that was running beneath the streets of New York.  

Is it possible we wanted to reserve this specific busting ghosts for Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson so they could get their Sylvester Stallone-esque trot around the bases à la “Creed”? Probably not; name the most recent Dan Aykroyd movie you saw.  If we wanted to support these guys in 2016, we would be.  

I will be crossing the picket lines and seeing “Ghostbusters” this weekend and could go either way. Who knows, maybe it will be the suckiest suck that has ever sucked…

  … Or maybe it will be fun.

My only goal is to hate it for the right reasons if I wind up hating it at all — not because there are new people sporting nostalgic laundry.

And if you do see it and hate it, hold tight… pretty sure Channing Tatum has a Ghostbusters movie coming out in 2018.  

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Padraic O'Connor
Dino, Gerry and guest host Tom E. Curran welcome old friend of the show Larry Lucchino back on the program. The guys discuss the Pawtucket Red Sox current situation and also the legacy of David Ortiz given his suspected PED usage from the early 2000s.