Gerry, Kirk and Mut discussed the Sox being swept out of the playoffs and the future of John Farrell.
The guys discussed David Price's brutal performance last Friday and Tim Hasselbeck called in with his thoughts on week 5 in the NFL.
Tom Brady discussed the Pats win in Cleveland and Gerry, Mut and Kirk talked about the debate
The guys discussed last night's debate and Gerry and Kirk disagree on Trump.
Tom Brady joined Gerry, Kirk and Mut and discussed his return to the field and the big win over the Browns.

[0:00:11] ... England Cadillac he was the quarterback other and having the patriots as Tom Brady Tom good morning how are you. Did you feel with people talked about after the game and the dress to briefly did ...
[0:01:45] ... like the best group you've ever had a round I said earlier Randy Moss is probably the best skilled position guys reverend played with but as a group I don't think you've had. Even when there ...
[0:09:12] ... can't talk to the coaches in the united. Would normally talk to Josh Smith five times today. So you know cannot talk to them for months as well as you know was pretty different also. Do ...
[0:16:41] ... that the you have never got flustered didn't have a gone all Alec Baldwin on the paparazzi even though they fall you everywhere. Did you know the guy was a player and did you know this ...

The guys discussed the brutal performance by TBS last night and Rich from Hartford gave us his unique way of breaking down the contestants on Dino's Casting Couch.
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Kirk, Meter and Gerry discussed the Sox loss in Cleveland and the return of Tom Brady with Mike Lombardi.
We hear from Amani Toomer on Francona's decision to bring Andrew Miller in into the game in the 5th inning and Meter is a professor at BC.
Gerry, Kirk and Meter discussed the Sox game one loss and the return of Meter.