This isn’€™t really a space for vulgar language, so we’€™ll just have to paraphrase El-P’€™s Twitter account and say that the hip hop artist/producer showed his age (41) and made fun of Pokemon Go this weekend.

As someone who had the Pokemon Game Boy game (Red all the way) but got out of there before the trading cards became a thing, I can safely say I never understood Pokemon and 100 percent did it because other people were. This is interesting because as an elementary school kid I had the guts to tell my friends I wasn’€™t interested in wrestling, yet when it came to silly little animals/monsters(?) in middle school, I kept my mouth shut and went along with it.

I’€™ve got no problem with people making fun of Pokemon. It’€™s really, really silly stuff, but I’€™m happy for the people who are having a blast with this new game, which may or may not end up getting a lot of people my age (28) killed.

Anyway, El-P made some jokes about it and because probably 75 percent of Run The Jewels fans are in their 20s and 30s, a lot of Pokemon apologists freaked out on him.

To calm things down, El-P dropped a freestyle in which he pronounced “Pokemon” the way my dad did every time he told me to stop playing the game when I was a kid.

Pokemon rappin

A video posted by thereallyrealelp (@thereallyrealelp) on

The lyrics, which have yet to make an appearance on Genius:

Pokie man rap, Pokie man rappin’€™
This is the Pokie man rap
I like Pokie man; you like the Pokie man
Rap about Pokeman ‘€˜cause we like it
We all are a community
We are a community that likes the Pokeman and I’€™m just glad that I’€™m one of you

Because El-P is super interactive on social media, he started a contest for his followers to send in remixes. Perhaps not surprisingly given Run the Jewels’€™ obsessive fanbase, they came in heavily.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to care or pay attention to any of the Pokemon Go stuff. I still definitely won’t download the game, but I’m going to watch this remix contest like a hawk. I’ll also probably buy whatever shirt RTJ inevitably makes out of this.

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DJ Bean
"The Secret Life of Pets" had an excellent cast and was horrible. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

“The Secret Life of Pets” had an excellent cast and was horrible. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

This week I intentionally went to hate-watch “The Purge: Election Year” and I excitedly went to see “The Secret Life of Pets.”

“The Purge: Election Year” was the best movie I saw this week.

As a person who grew up with dogs and doesn’€™t really like “I love my dog more than I love my wife” jokes because I truly think that’€™s an acceptable way to feel, a movie about pets tickled my fancy. Add in that it was made by the people behind “Despicable Me” and “Minions” and had a cast that included Louis CK, Jenny Slate and Hannibal Buress and this figured to have the makings of a borderline perfect movie.

It wasn’€™t just that it fell short of those expectations. It’€™s that it legitimately wasn’€™t funny or enjoyable at all.

The previews (which many first saw when going to see “Minions”) painted a here’€™s-what-goes-down-at-home-when-the-owners-are-away picture, which is a hilarious premise. Yet all those bits are out of the way in the opening minutes and it’€™s downhill from there. Louis CK’€™s Max gets a housemate against his will when his owner brings in Duke — a gigantic rescue dog that could be something of a nod to Louis CK’€™s hilarious bit about how Clifford the Big Red Dog wouldn’€™t be a story if the author hadn’€™t made the dog so big — and, although the other pets in the neighborhood like Duke, the original pet is put off by the new guy’€™s presence.

(If you haven’€™t picked up on this by now, the movie is just a much worse version of “Toy Story”).

Soon, Max and Duke get separated from the rest of the pets because the local dog-walker neglects them at the park because he’€™s got really bad allergies and keeps sneezing. That’€™s the one funny part: The dog-walker is a guy with allergies. Of all the professions, right? At least there was that one funny thing.

Nope, that didn’€™t even happen. The dog-walker neglected the animals because he told a girl wearing a hat that he liked her hat. What a horrible movie.

Anyway, Max and Duke are separated from the pack and eventually get saved from animal control by another group of animals led by Snowball the bunny, who is voiced by Kevin Hart. It’€™s at this point that I must say that Kevin Hart’€™s character was perhaps the only redeeming part of this movie. There is way too much Kevin Hart in the world, but he absolutely killed this performance.

Yet while it seems like the pets are in good hands, it actually turns out the leader of these other animals (Snowball) is crazy and won’€™t let them escape.

(If you haven’€™t picked up on this by now, the movie just a much worse version of “€œToy Story 2.”)

Led by a dog voiced by Slate, Max and Duke are rescued from Snowball’€™s gang, but Duke and some of Snowball’€™s crew are soon seized once again by animal control. Together, Max and Snowball hijack a bus and race at furious speeds over the Brooklyn Bridge.

(If you haven’€™t picked up on this by now, the movie just a much worse version of “€œSpeed” and “Monsters vs. Aliens.”€ Yes, both of those movies take place in Los Angeles, but this is still worse than both of these movies. “Monsters vs. Aliens,” by the way, is excellent.)

Normally, aspects like these aren’€™t worth picking apart because it’€™s a kid movie. Surely there are funny jokes filling in all these gaps, or at least there are more interesting story lines happening simultaneously. Not the case here. Aside from the occasional outburst from Hart’€™s Snowball, there really weren’€™t any funny jokes. There was also a lack of adult jokes sneakily inserted, which are known to be staples in these types of movies.

In the end, Max rescues Duke, everyone goes home and the owner (Ellie Kemper) returns home and gives both of her dogs a big hug. Man, even Ellie Kemper was in this movie. Lake Bell, too. Such a good cast. Ugh.

Peter Travers of Rolling Stone writes in his review that he “choked up a little.”€ Where? I cried my eyes out at “Toy Story 3″ and have been out of commission for like a year after every pet’€™s death in my life. I can honestly say there wasn’€™t one second of this movie that tugged at my heartstrings, and I’€™ve got heartstrings in spades.

All things considered, this movie would have been better-served as a short consisting only of the stuff in the beginning of the movie when the owners aren’€™t home. There’€™s a party scene in the middle of the movie that could be thrown in there for good measure, and it would make an entertaining five-ish minute watch. Ninety minutes was just way too long and way too boring, and that’€™s saying something. How in the world can you make something with a bunch of dogs so bad?

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DJ Bean
Dino, Kirk and Mut finally get to the anticipated discussion of the day, Gary Tanguay's Thursday walk-out and his future at WEEI
The 8am hour of D&C as Dino, Kirk and Mut take some emotional calls discussing the racial divide in America between cops and shootings; the Dallas police chief gives a live update on details of the deceased shooter.
The 7am hour of Friday's D&C with more callers and reaction to the tragic shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas
John Dennis, Kirk Minihane and Mike Mutnansky spend the first hour grabbing what facts exist in the shooting of 12 police officers in Dallas, Texas during the overnight.
Dino, Tanguay and Minihane spend the 8am hour discussing the big overnight news of another black man shot to death by a cop in Minnesota after a traffic stop.

[0:04:34] ... mean if you pulled out a gun and threatened to shoot the police officer in the ship its emphasis on self defense. She's not only at a camp if you were going to shoot the police officer would you tell that you had a gut no. I don't mean I think the police officer I was suffering he path we know that that that conversation occurred. These numbers but you know he told the officer I've ...
[0:07:10] ... love that mean yeah that's ridiculous that's ridiculous I believe. That this police officer in Minnesota panic the second half I believe he panicked and listen. I could not be a cop. No way all say ...
[0:08:04] ... carrying any went to pullout aside the and I think that the police officer I get sent I think that's told the poss well and I wouldn't cost and I also think that the police officers sent mixed messages. I think the police stopped operas are set I need to see your right feet but keep your hands where they are it when he went to the idea he said. Let me see your hands and the guy which again I gotta get out my I ate it all happened within a second. In the police sought police officer panicked Joes on the cape pay Joseph. I watched the video this morning and looks like the recent ice sheet is in ...
[0:09:41] ... for you keep your hands up. Okay I'm white and what a police officer saying that I don't know I don't really did well he didn't mean he reaches in for an applicant you say they say Yemeni. He was Reggie you registered guests she says he's Shia association and the like mr. Kerry Whoopi says I've gotten so I've gone and reached going to reach you what what what future. Hook it will you don't often happen. I think I know you don't want a second award for. Because I don't believe she had an opportunity. To lie that quickly Michael Vick you might or I do that but here's the thing we know for sure. Something happened to force that cop to make ...

Kirk Minihane had personal matters to attend to in the morning, and he has an honest evaluation of how Gary Tanguay and John Dennis fared without him for the first 90 minutes

[0:00:24] ... be very comfortable. Yes it's very comfortable niceties chatting about sports fanatic Chicago Bulls whose guys are sorry the way I mean I thought it was. Horrendous mired I mean that you've got to get an advocate what I'll pick ups macho rock. Show the hole yet read or think. Yes you guys you know. Parrot that young upcoming writer Joseph Fitzgerald's take rate on ray and Ray Bourque which is you know we will we will stand up thing he did or whose illness as you can do it. You ...
[0:05:47] ... that he can play short of saying any player now with with Chris Dunn to set. You know it was rubio rubio right there rubio and gone our our our bellowed Farrell friends are active. Not ...
[0:11:04] ... as oppose your topic it's what does that mean well that's for Jerry Lewis. Your mom's and his birth or yes her last thought was she feels like she used to she seems that I do ...

Gary Tanguay reads the Thursday Headlines, with a black man shot by a cop in Minnesota, and the Fox News CEO accused of sexual harassment

[0:02:12] ... yes I will see her out and they are. Okay now I'll police officer sounds much more concerned then the girlfriend go for it sounds very calm. To me amazing amazingly enough ups on like you ...
[0:02:56] ... started after the fact that you okay after the shooting so the police officer. He's he's cold by the victim can steal that unlicensed care. And then misty was told listen you get get out to ...
[0:04:36] ... do not I have the utmost respect. But it sounds like there's police officer might have been a bit of jumping. Think I told him that he was like this the carry god which would tell ...
[0:08:58] ... CBS news that letter code that she with the fox two's demoted Tim Hasselbeck what Elisabeth Hasselbeck yeah it's a job. Richard Koss and it seems to be Smart talented beautiful she's never battery but irrelevant to the case well a it is the story we will not really because Ailes is saying that the reason that she was a renewed was because of report ratings. He's right about that. She looks good on TV. She's Smart. But she's never Abby she's never bend. And it to Greece never bent Laurie Ingram this won't end it Albert no matter what what she's gone yet at any age of fifty she probably realizes she's not ...

Tanguay and Dino discuss the future of the Celtics with Dwayne Wade signing in Chicago and pieces starting to drop into place around the NBA

[0:01:43] ... I just it blows mine mine will there be a day that Rajon Rondo grows up. I've I've always fell in this is an opinion I'm not a doctor. Obviously. I've always felt the rise and ...
[0:02:31] ... eyes I think you self destructive I mean why would a guy. Doc Rivers are sitting there saying I don't know woman again. Look oh boy birds in a fight at the same thing at Chicago ...
[0:03:11] ... know what maybe this is my opportunity maybe with Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade and in the Chicago Bulls. I do notice and maybe I need to grow up and team first job I tell you what tremendous play if they ...