The first segment of the 7am hour from Thursday, with Kirk, Gerry and Pete Sheppard getting a little Red Sox reaction in before heading back to the QB debate.

[0:09:21] ... with this stimulus. Fabrice says in this game that you're seven watching Tom Brady the last sixteen years. So Brady felker had the same injury that rappel and it pretty missiles into 2008. Swipe your blinders on don't break the same injury and so did the exact same injury people think he'd be playing tonight. I don't know on Thursday I after getting hurt on Sunday don't worry that oh if you know what you can't play I mean it's not like. It's and again it referred of the Jerod Mayo and Troy Brown ball. On Comcast. Talk about the stempel had this injury the bulls played with need norm had strokes at all to pick ...
[0:14:44] ... hall of fame quarterback he's ending his dad predicted cold business it. Tom Brady senior says it will and bad. He says priest on proposed state and I'm inclined to agree I think Alex can take two years on the breed droplet complete next year. What's up Tom Brady is just about done that's why agreement at shepherd does but I do that you can't have those two guys in the ...
[0:16:33] ... call up the call up the call about. Braves don't betrayed because Matt Cassel that was the that was stand and that was back I don't remember that you are fighting I would like it was ...
[0:21:02] ... observation conscious published a what do you but tell me this if Vince Wilfork spirit means and you and where of this province and hotel. If you would of boxed up in the student sit right ...

Pete the Meat Sheppard is back in for a second day of auditions, and the 6am hour from Thursday is a spirited Patriots QB debate prior the the Week 3 game against the Texans

[0:07:27] ... brought high school. It is ridiculous. And you're the bill O'Brien and Romeo Crennel Mike Vrabel sit around meeting rooms and public how to handle this do you know what they're trying to do you do have AJ ...
[0:13:47] ... want that you're gonna find a way to get JJ watt. And Vince Wilfork and and coaching involved because they have (%expletive) done squat against the patriots last out but now I doubt he's out but the but they have a lot of different weapons equity JJ watt who's done big cool. Against the patriots over the years into after you run right out of which is what they've done in the past it totally neutralized that. Great Houston Texans defense so that's good for me that's what broken out. And up bill O'Brien have to focus on that's more the issue ...
[0:24:39] ... and Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. Allied is going to be a Houston Texans your focus now one thing you got to find a way to get JJ watt. Invincible war. And and pushing involved because ...

Pete Sheppard was back for round two as the guest host on Thursday and proved himself worthy of being a permanent host. He can run a Sporty McKenzian show with the energy of a ticking time bomb. He’s even friends with Lou Sorgi and Sorgi’s a great guy. And Pete is not afraid to say diddly poo.  I never thought I’d say this, but he made me not miss Tanguay. 

The big question of the day was who will back up Jacoby Brissett at quarterback tonight? Sheppard thinks it should be Edelman, Gerry thinks that’s insane and Kirk thinks it would be arrogant of Bill Belichick to do that.   

Are Brady’s days numbered? The guys discussed John Tomase’s column in which he suggests Brady’s age will catch up with him and Garoppolo will take over as the starting quarterback sooner rather than later.

Sounds familiar.

And the Red Sox are hot:

Finally and at last, Bart Hubbuch has limped back to Twitter after what seemed like his demise 24 hours ago.

This latest twist might be the last. Kirk ceremoniously and emotionally apologized to Bart on behalf of himself and the city of Boston for making Bart’s life miserable and subjecting him to abuse no human being should have to endure. Twitter “should be a buffet of comfort.” If you didn’t tear up a little listening to that, you’re a monster.

Here is Hubbuch’s pinned tweet after showing up on Twitter again:

Seriously, what a loser.

Gerry Callahan once donated his old jock strap to Goodwill.

Line of the day: Kirk: “Do you think Dave O’Brien could make riots boring if he was doing the play-by-play for it?” Tied with Pete: “My nipples are now hard.”

Call of the day: Albert from R.I.: “If the Patriots lose tonight, I will never call the station again.” I don’t even want to think about that.

Producer contribution of the day: Ken Laird: “One guy tweeted at me that I do a great job with the trending.”

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Lucy Burdge
The final two segments of Wednesday's show, with Mike Giardi co-hosting, as Kirk Minihane says farewell to his Twitterless friend Bart Hubbuch

[0:04:25] ... bill to him now he's going to run right run left from Ronnie Brown running offense yeah that was the best use of German run right course not that under in. Oh this seems like a ...
[0:05:40] ... games dot once in his career while we're too good talent under south America's TJ basically thinks and embellished. There or like to be fair Ryan Lindley state attorneys are becoming an error would you stack ...
[0:06:18] ... it may actually happen. You know that there is a part of Bill Belichick it would love the idea. Of trotting out Julian animate just like you love the idea of using. Not ineligible. I agree ...
[0:16:14] ... padding in Napoli you know forty yard run right in the women's touchdown pass easily Anderson after the game Belichick will be miserable and snapped and jump an all of Virginia argue that rubio just killed on he will he will win again. He Obama wins more the curtain and and this Bill Belichick and in June and afterwards advancements view but it majority joined us we get tomorrow. Peach jeopardy I think is best when ...

Former Red Sox ace Curt Schilling makes his weekly appearance with Kirk, Callahan and Wednesday's co-host Mike Giardi to talk Sox and politics.
The incredible season of David Ortiz continued with his 36th homerun on Tuesday night, which gets Kirk, Gerry and auditioning Mike Giardi talking Sox and Ortiz legacy.
Kirk Minihane heads to the Brangelina split for his top story on Wednesday's 'Headlines'
The first segment of the 7am hour Wednesday as Minihane is getting frustrated with the early parts of the show, which sends him off ranting about the Red Sox and what a lack of passion the topic brings.
The 6am hour upload from Wednesday's show as Mike Giardi is back on the Dino Casting Couch for a full four hours. The first hour features lots of Patriots QB talk as it appears Jimmy G is being pushed by Belichick to play through pain in Week 3.

“The only person who wins more than Bill Belichick is Kirk Minihane” –Gerry Callahan

The show today began with Kirk’s victory lap for single-handedly destroying Bart Hubbuch and causing Bart to delete his Twitter account and disconnect his cell phone. The show closed with a Hubbuch eulogy fit for the Queen of England.

After Hubbuch tweeted this yesterday:


Twitter attacked him, he deleted his account and became the latest addition to Kirk’s Testicle Alley.

Just imagine the sheer terror that guy must have felt when he heard, “This is Kirk Minihane.”

If you haven’t listened to Kirk’s podcast with Hubbuch, do that and you’ll understand better what a complete dumpster fire of a human being Bart is.

Mike Giardi was on the Dino Casting Couch and the guys discussed Garoppolo’s chances of playing in the near future.

All three guys agree we should pump the brakes on thinking the Patriots will rush him back.

And Giardi was a little pissy because he feels threatened by all the other guest hosts who are way better at this than he is.

Fueled by the incompetence of the producers, Kirk danced for Gerry and threw a solid tantrum about how no one cares about the Red Sox and “baseball is dead as disco” because it’s a Patriots world. This started a discussion about whether or not Ortiz is on steroids. And if John Henry lures Ortiz back and he doesn’t retire next year he does not have to return his retirement tour gifts.

Curt Schilling made his weekly appearance and doesn’t think Ortiz will return next season because the pain in his feet is a huge problem and the winter gets more challenging as you get older.

Schilling will be Periscoping the Trump-Clinton presidential debate on Monday, so watch that if you dare.

Gerry Callahan has never eaten a mango.

Line of the day: Kirk: “Roberto Clemente, did he have a good year before he retired?”

Call of the day: Mike in the car, began his call with “What?”

Producer contribution of the day: Ken Laird, “A mango is sweet. Papayas not so much.”

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