The guys opened the show by discussing the Patriots busy weekend in free agency and addressed the future of Vince Wilfork.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the St. Patrick's Day breakfast, our senior senator was quite the star.
Lisa Scherber chatted with Dennis and Callahan before The Jimmy Fund's trip to Red Sox Spring Training.

[0:03:55] ... it's it's an amazing thing to that. You know tests are derided Jon Lester all these players come out and really just look at these kids that they are heroes and that's -- -- it should be. And I think that kids -- -- once -- -- lifetime opportunity and you know all of them that they never had this they never had her. But if they're gonna have to go through this cancer. And we wanna make sure they can look back on this time and treatment and really feel like there are people out there that supported and that was. A little bit of light that they can smile. You know we get I get some ideas for you Jonny Gomes seemed like a great -- we -- last year. We knew we had a fascinating conversation off there where he showed us. Not all the tattoos he has 200. He's got some new ones in this story behind all of them he's got Ted Williams in a fighter jet on his leg. I'm sure the tattoos to the kids and -- amid a Mike so Mike. One of our older teens that she has a lot of taxes not so we'll make sure again -- -- and hooked up a little Ben talks about the -- An -- ask Mike Napoli if you can Tug on his beard I think a let everyone in the militants took on a speaker. Right and I'm gonna ask coming for you could ask Manny Ramirez combined -- we know that'll turn out. You know what I really think that -- the kind of thing where -- -- ...

The guys discussed the top stories of the day. Today they gave the latest on Malaysian plane crash.

[0:01:52] ... west instead. Using airline like court is normally employed routes to the Middle East and Europe. -- -- sources familiar with the investigation. To sources said an unidentified and craft that investigators believe. Was flight MH ...
[0:06:33] ... a steel ring on me you know it's it's more like. The Tom Hanks in castaway memorable Ellen okay 2000 mile -- -- times pie it's and it's an area that's life in the wrong little ...
[0:10:44] ... which once ran photos. From a porn movie and present them. As American soldier's view of now Iraqi equipment and they its Treo -- economics and they show the photos -- American soldiers abusing Iraqi women. It was from a move. But the global wanted it to be true -- And you the one who recognized those photos ...

Gerry and Kirk opened the show by discussing Wilfork's request to be released from the Patriots.
Matt Light came in studio to discuss the Patriots off-season so far. He described what it was like to negotiate contracts with Bill Belichick.
One of our favorite comics, jay Mohr, joined the show to preview his March 29th at Foxwoods. As a Jets fan Jay was not pleased with Revis's arrival in Foxboro.
CBS NFL analyst Jason La Canfora joined the show to discuss the first couple days of NFL free agency. He broke the Darren Sproles story while on the air.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Rick Reilly's future at ESPN.
The guys opened the show by discussing the Patriots signing of Darrelle Revis late last night, Belichick wins again.