Hour 4. Gerry and Kirk don't think using the character clause against Schilling makes sense. Tom Brady helps a family in California. Matt Ryan looks like the NFL MVP.
Kirk, Gerry, and Christian discuss the Celtics' need for another player. Bomani Jones thinks Boston likes Gordon Hayward because he's white. Randy Miller battles Curt Schilling over his claim that Schilling is a scumbag.
The guys discuss Tom Brady's new product: pajamas. Headlines covers the torturing of a special needs man from Chicago.
Christian Arcand is back on the casting couch. Randy Miller, from NJ.com, writes that Schilling is a scumbag. Around the Horn implies that racism played a part in fans cheering for Gordon Hayward.
Randy Miller from NJ.com calls in to discuss his article about why he is not voting for Schilling for the HOF. Schilling calls in to confront Miller.

[0:05:28] ... guys might be distant cousin. It's the man himself the scum like Curt Schilling a current. What's happening in. The outspoken and do you want to play tunes them. Once you guys what you guys trying ...
[0:07:27] ... wasting them back got. But it's the same guy who voted for Kirby Puckett we don't know the story about Kirby Puckett is invoking the can cluster here that the it's a personal thing and that's fine but pollutants like make it personal. But ...
[0:15:18] ... Randy can ask you this were you affected recently obviously guys like Dan Shaughnessy Jon Hamm and have bailed on Curt Schilling because. He got re tweeted a tweet about it T shirt. Or he's a World War II buff to these things affect ...
[0:20:29] ... plea missile or or. Well look here to our football guy thanks Randy Johnson City. ...

Alex describes a party he went to on vacation. Kirk and Gerry think that if Hillary had won, Schilling would be in the Hall.
Alex thinks Trenni is his biggest competition on the casting couch. Jae Crowder is mad at the fans for cheering Gordon Hayward. The Dilfer-Shefter feud continued on Dale and Holley.
Gerry says Schilling is a great and charitable guy. Alex disagrees with Kirk and Gerry on journalists. Megyn Kelly is leaving Fox.
The guys discuss the new studio isn't suitable for tall people. Alex explains what he did on vacation. The guys disagree with HOF voters on Schilling.
Brent made an ass of himself and Odell partied with Johnny Manziel.