Hour 1. Tomase, Gerry, and Kirk discuss the identity of Aaron Hernandez’s gay lover. Tanguay thinks Brady held up Best Buddies and Kirk agrees. Tomase investigated where Ortiz sends his charity’s money.
Hour 4. The guys think the Globe was looking for more with Brady, possibly a Trump connection. Crazy Al joins the show multiple times.

[0:06:39] ... Jo green and won two games that are right that's a little Amir Johnson matters and I thought I saw the reaction yesterday's sell expands in where is this team been. This weekend was much more about Rondo not been and the Celtics insults play great now no account I don't and they kill them and in the play grain in the Blue Mosque on the road. You'll get through the series you know. I have my doubts about them reaching Clinton now reaching the the and yet we're playing next play Washington Atlanta winner right. Direct and actually knows unfortunately and look to see Cleveland's husband he can't win that it could Rondell White signal to Milwaukee and it smoked likely but there's no answer on the basis of size on the bench. I mean askew ...
[0:08:07] ... agree on that we projected disagreeing but before we do. You're predicting Tom Brady will appear in DC didn't. Last week and we there's only going to be in. In Connecticut Tuesday that the US funeral ...
[0:15:05] ... small donors the owners don't care about the charity. What charity. And Tom Brady what. Oh god I think it's. Plane he was just fighting Al nine shots and he believed in and it was just ...
[0:16:58] ... she when I was through with the story. And pretty high opinion Tom Brady as a man. I've higher than them he's raising a pond of money. He's raising a crap load of money for charity ...

Hour 3. Gerry and Mut defend Brady while Kirk thinks it’s a little suspicious. Callers weigh in on the Tome Brady piece. Climate marches are taking place across the country.
Hour 2. Gerry, Kirk, and Mut discuss the Celtics win against the Bulls and continue their conversation about Brady and Best Buddies. Headlines with Kirk features a new accusation against Sean Hannity.
Hour 1. Mut joins Kirk and Gerry. The guys can’t believe neither Boston newspaper covered the Hernandez sexuality story. Over the weekend, the Globe’s Bob Hohler wrote a slanted piece about Tom Brady’s work with charity.
Hour 4. While discussing what kind of music Aaron Hernandez may have liked, the guys realize they hate musicals. Robert Kennedy Jr. has voice spasms. The week ends with a tragedy.
Hour 3. A game by game breakdown of the Patriots schedule. Kirk has the Patriots losing 12 games. There is breaking news that Hernandez left a note for his gay jailhouse lover.
Hour 2. Mut, Gerry, and Kirk compare LeBron to Bird. Is he the second best player of all-time if he wins a fourth title? Headlines with Kirk features sound from “Hot Chocolate.” Rear Admiral broke down the B’s playoff series with Arcand.
Hour 1. Mut believes Hernandez may have killed himself because of a threat. Trump is “done” with Brady after the quarterback skipped the White House visit.
Hour 4. Alex, Gerry, and Kirk discuss Brady’s decision to skip the White House visit. Gerry and Kirk learn that there is an I and A after LGBTQ. The guys recap the White House visit.