Hour 3. Alex says Pete was a better flash guy than Mut. Pete was a great diver in high school.
Hour 2. Gerry, Sheppard, and Reimer discuss if the Patriots should use the tag on Hightower. Trump grades his performance so far.
Hour 1. Gerry is joined by Alex Reimer and Pete Sheppard. Pete and Alex battle it out. Alex doesn't think Gronk's act is genuine. The Celtics lost and Isaiah is being shut down by opposing teams.
Hour 4. Mack Beggs should have been wrestling men. Gerry wants to put an end to women's wrestling.
Hour 3. Moonlight wins after a big mistake. Curtis's dad paid for his dog's plane ticket.
Hour 1. Reimer joins Kirk and Gerry on the Monday after the Oscars. A mistake leads to the best moment in Oscars' history.
Hour 2. Mack Beggs, a transgender boy, won the girls' wrestling title. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 4. Red Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins the show.
Hour 4. Red Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins the show.

[0:22:09] ... training game. Who cares I mean the one game people remember most Wesley Clark and his lyrics pretty and the boot taunting. Although you compelling Youkilis taunting Mel Gibson tried. That's right and you know it ...
[0:28:58] ... just on the music constantly truck doesn't bother me. When Manson like Carl Crawford was like god takes me forty minutes to get to batting practice what she's doing right Pedroia is always in the cage ...

Hour 3. The guys take more calls on transgender bathrooms. Evan Drellich joins the show...again.