Hour 1. Kirk and Gerry discuss the latest article bashing Tom Brady, this one from Berry Petchesky of Deadspin.
Hour 4. Jason Whitlock joins the show to discuss politics, racism, and ESPN. Tanguay is done.
Hour 3. "Experts" say Brady's dad is a distraction. Mad Dog Russo joins the show.
Chris "Mad Dog" Russo joins the show and says people are tired of the Patriots.
Hour 2. Kirk is making friends across the street. Headlines with Kirk.
Hour 1. Live from radio row in Houston. Media night was a disappointment. Tanguay freaked out on Curtis.
Hour 4. Kirk battles Gerry, who supports Trump's ban. Trump supported Kraft. BIGLY.
Hour 3. Tim Hasselbeck joins the show. Kirk is getting upset with the callers.
Hour 2. No one is picking the Falcons (unless they hate the Patriots). Headlines with Kirk.
Tom Brady joins the show and reveals that he has banned his dad from talking to the media. He also discusses his media day obligation and what he has seen from the Falcons' defense.

[0:00:03] ... distributors my. You see you abide pavlik was we are used to. Tom Brady is not the year to date on the morning are you hear more and it was what's going on. Good morning you ...
[0:02:58] ... really gonna let me get. Does it does the league specify which Tom Brady to speak to that because of Tom Brady senior or whether if the government I would assume that ever happened after the weekend. Not a bad bad bad debt from ...
[0:10:12] ... on the other side record crowd or are and I hated to Dallas Cowboys because. They've ruined my return and they beat forty matters and those playoff games and I just just the way it is. ...
[0:11:05] ... network reviews have file reviews of receivables. If you're Carolina and you Jake DelHomme with your Philly fan appeared Donovan McNabb. That pain never goes away you know that you inflicted permanent damage on them rams. The rental they won one yet she's ...