The morning show gets a preview of what Kirk would sound like on "First Take" if he starred opposite Stephen A Smith.
The guys discuss some of the chemistry issues facing NESN's Dave O'Brien and Jerry Remy.
3 people are dead in Taunton, including the suspect, as a crazed man, stabbed random people at the mall, including a pregnant woman.
Our own Dale Arnold spent some time yesterday refuting claims that Jess Mendoza sucks at her job.
The Red Sox bats remain hot, and producer candidate, Lucy Burdge, is in studio for the day.
The guys take a few callers who critique the station's hosts and suggest changes, including hosts Jerry Thornton, Christian Fauria, and Gerry Callahan.

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Sean McDonough joins the guys to discuss his new gig at ESPN, that as play-by-play voice on Monday Night Football (replacing Mike Tirico). Also, Gerry starts to push Minihane as the Skip Bayless replacement on ESPN's First Take and gets McDonough's opinion.
John, Gerry and Kirk are joined by talk show host and author John Ziegler to discuss the latest allegations in the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky molestation scandal; Ziegler vehemently defends both Joe Paterno AND Jerry Sandusky due to what he deems lack of evidence
The guys open the show by discussing who's left at the four letter network, as Ray Rice and Cris Carter are reportedly out at ESPN. Sean McDonough is also the new voice of Monday Night Football
A student in New Hampshire can't bring his 22-year-old girlfriend to the prom, and the guys feel his pain. Also, Facebook is allegedly censoring conservative opinions, leading Gerry to call Mark Zuckerberg a "puke"