Buck tells Gerry that gay men love him and headlines with Reimer.
Buck made his long awaited debut on K&C.
Gerry, Kirk and Meter read from some of the fanboys on twitter reacting to the World Series.

[0:00:02] ... world who keeps there then in the sun come up tomorrow without Tom Brady is just about done it could have been anybody not only that Tom Brady lose two Super Bowls to the New York Giants season a lost either of them ever. Everyone knew Peyton Manning was better than Rachel ray was playing for a greater coach that Seattle's available that you won DeVon it beat Kelly give moss some lets the ball with Gerry Callahan out retriever for board film Lewis there's nobody well I'm getting. And I am are you must be ahead welcome Lieberman that now or you could do at 6 o'clock Kurt didn't ask I said we'll save it for slowed the other you look for the children. Obviously they're when four seconds on the World Series they are hurting years ago freaking out about Carson Presley had where Eric jocks on his hat we'll look at what I did. Al Gore's shots on attack would politically stupid but since he's gay you can't and Krugman ahead. This way to slow chopper toward third cubs Bryant. Still some kind of game are fans deserve this our players deserve this Bill Murray is reporting tonight as a first of liken Jose senior reporter drinking on the job. I'll drove out of the library on ...
[0:02:03] ... to join Cusick who you'd have to agree that it be better Bill Murray a real fans. Percent among all ethics that'll get you Google is just wrong class they put the sort of I ask ...
[0:03:30] ... biggest heart go to Sweden tonight. And when the cubs when the World Series in seven games it's hard operate there is some real step and initiative the policy the leader in the club boasts. Is ...
[0:04:18] ... million followers is his other one and this is up there too. David Ross Kama. America's team and that really my favorite part of what I have done helping with this America's. Team in the is that he is RET yes he's the ultimate team right so there's somebody today it like that of America's guest is American so but she's by Peter king's rational somebody this morning Alec coal mine going to work and if he needed David Ross David Ross to come and do the right except the five ship this but I had no workable applied to or taken down twelve ...

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