Hour 3. Mut's history as a radio host is revisited. Kirk's latest podcast features some in depth talk about radio in Boston with Glenn Ordway.
Hour 2. The guys discuss whether the Patriots should consider trading Jimmy Garoppolo. President Trump held an interesting press conference.
Hour 1. Kirk and Mut talk about the controversial foul that cost the Celtics the game last night.
Hour 4. The guys really don't like car racing. There was a great call from the Whiner Line last week about Boston's own Mark Wahlberg.
In a battle for the ages, Albert from Rhode Island takes on Pete Sheppard over the possibility of Tom Brady using steroids.

[0:00:01] ... let's get that Albert admiral I'll let you know next update on Tom Brady high Albert. Let's out stupid. Notice how he's he shepherded the job April the did you hear it on the stupid white ...
[0:01:18] ... if what's the but it seems a little bit right now. Because Tom Brady may not be as. Question at all. Why don't you people have a little and walk out and Rick this may be coming and he's a quarterback Albert the great. Out of we just give you a minute Albert Albert show offered for thirty seconds. I agree with you I decided I just laid out you have to have your eyes open in 2017. I'll ask you other than being on the caller I view someone what actual I believe that proof that's not proof what proof do you have. Tom Brady he's AJ just steroids proof. I didn't come on this call and say I crew is always on all right hold on let me at a picnic what is certain it's. Like. Connect the dots like you. Actually got to play well out of pocket equally. Alex Guerrero doctor it is not a knock them is Tom Brady is not eating sugar is sweeping turn out. Or outgrow the flying. It'll oil would want it. He's all these are all ...
[0:05:06] ... way he played football doesn't suggest that he's using Eric sakic Alex TERRELL OWENS. Would more suggests he's using steroid breaking never. Have a rocket arm doesn't have one now is running around like Michael Vick. ...
[0:06:58] ... help you recover they help you feel better. Dave off the age Rodney Harrison in late in his career got sent to his house to use them he's not at play you guys have gone down that itself. That's six steroids how did that that's why used HEH Elliott and we've zero proof. None. Ratings ever it's not like Brady was sacked a league leading times it's not like he's running around lake. The recovery from an NFL quarterback standpoint compared to like Rodney Harrison and other positions. It's just not the. Well Tony on the argument that it was dad's been the story yesterday thanks for the call to the based on. The this story where he is Vince sack what seven less time than Cam Newton although cam Newton's played 32 fewer games some crazy no more Brady went doesn't it's bridges gets sacked as much as some of the big ...

Hour 3. Kirk tells a story from the time he played on a softball team with some pretty famous people. Jim Brady fires back at his critics on Twitter.
Hour 2. The guys wonder if Isaiah Thomas really sits among the NBA's best, and whether or not his season stacks up to Larry Bird.
Hour 1. Ken has some strict rules for his new baby. Kirk, Mut and Meter talk about Tom Brady's very pricey TB12 merchandise.
Ken Laird and Chris Curtis plug back in for a thorough audio review of Wednesday’s K&C Show featuring Kirk, Mut and Alex Reimer
Hour 4. Jim Brady misrepresents ESPN on social media. No one cares about Claude Julien.