Hour 4: Kirk and Gerry talk about the Boston Marathon and the respect Gerry has for people that are able to run and finish a marathon. Kirk also said if Gerry ran a marathon he would be willing to carry Gerry across the finish line if he could not make it. They are also very upset that they have to fly into Baltimore, rent a car, and then drive to Washington DC for White House visit, just to save some money.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry talk about how surprised they were with Isaiah's performance and wonder where Horford disappeared to in the 4th quarter. They are also joined by Michele McPhee author of Maximum Harm to talk about the Boston Marathon bombing and what caused the attacks.
Ronald Sullivan part of Aaron Hernandez legal team joins the show to talk about the not guilty verdict. He talks about what questions they would have asked Belichick and why they didn't subpoena Belichick.
Hour 2. Kirk and Gerry are joined by Ronald Sullivan a member of Aaron Hernandez's legal team which helped him be found not guilty in his double murder case. In headlines, Suspect has been arrested in the killing of Princeton jogger Vanessa Marcotte. Kirk and Gerry also talk about attending the Red Sox game over the weekend and how Kirk was trapped with people that are not his biggest fans.
Hour 1. Krik and Gerry talk about the Celtics game and the officiating of the game. They also talk about Isaiah Thomas and if he should have played last night after the death of his sister.
Hour 4. People think K&C don’t do enough hockey talk. Jet and Reimer squash their beef in arm wrestling.
Hour 3. In the first segment, the guys touch on Callahan’s beliefs, religious presidents, and abortion. Sandoval is terrible, Hanley is motivated. Gerry reached for chips at lunch.
Hour 2. Figuring out Jet’s life with K&C. In headlines, David Dao’s lawyer and daughter held a press conference. Students are against a Chick-fil-A coming to their school.
Hour 1. Alex Reimer, Kirk, and Gerry discuss Trump’s obsession with the military and how he loves playing with his new toys. An interesting call from a man named Kevin. The guys set the stage for a battle between Jet and Reimer.
Hour 4. Gerry, Mut, and Kirk decide who has actually kept their Lenten promise. Gerry doesn’t think pretzels qualify as chips. The guys also think war with North Korea is almost a certainty.