Hour 2. Today's A-hole match-up features Kirk vs. Dale. Headlines with Kirk features crappy Amy Schumer. How much of an A-hole is Kirk?
Hour 1. Meter joins Kirk and Gerry. Pete Abraham called someone a "Grand Wizard" on Twitter in defense of David Price. John Tomase tried to defend Pete on Mut's show and said the dumbest thing of 2017.
Reverend Jones tries to help Alex out.
Kirk's impression of Fauria.
Hour 4. Rachel Maddow did a horrible job with Trump's taxes. Alex wants to go to conversion therapy and a reverend calls in to give him some info.
Hour 3. Kirk, Gerry, and Alex try and finalize the 16 participants in the A-hole challenge. The guys establish that Dale Arnold is an A-hole.
Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry, and Alex provide insight on Snoop Dogg's new video. Headlines with Kirk features a transgender father and daughter. The Patriots signed RB Rex Burkhead.
Hour 1. Rachel Maddow shared Trump's 2005 tax returns and found out some disappointing news. If Malcolm Butler goes to New Orleans, the Patriots essentially traded Butler for Cooks.
Gerry, Trenni and Kirk discuss the Pats offseason.
Gerry wants the Celtics to bring Lonzo Ball to Boston. Gerry and Kirk argue on who is the better parent.