Hour 4. Tom Brady announces he will not be attending the White House ceremony. More calls on Hernandez.
Hour 3. Kirk and Gerry continue to take calls on the Aaron Hernandez suicide.
Hour 2. Michelle McPhee’s claim that Hernandez is gay may have been a factor in his suicide. Kirk and Gerry continue to take calls about the Hernandez death.
Hour 1. Gerry and Kirk are live from Washington D.C. The guys react to the Celtics game 2 loss. During the segment, news breaks that Aaron Hernandez has killed himself.
Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson joins Kirk and Gerry to give insight into the suicide of Aaron Hernandez.
Friend of Aaron Hernandez and frequent caller to the K&C show told Kirk and Gerry that the rumors of Aaron Hernandez' homosexuality led to him committing suicide in his jail cell.
Patrice Jones joins Kirk, Gerry and Trenni to talk about the video shared by Devin McCourty and Chris Long.

[0:00:05] ... use them face. Strange choices yet. It's Chris Long recording of the patriots fans talking trump. They came out I think what you end of last week right Patrice Jones of VP of global creative pierce ...
[0:00:42] ... Long and and have McCord of being brave. Let's skip and a White House to really believe they're the brave Patrice. I think so. A big 81 standing up for what they believe they get people ...
[0:02:33] ... sec how did you get the common people who. A portrait of patriots fans how did you get them involved. I started. Sort of interesting we are initially had a bigger news the players are just wanted to try to five. Patriots fans who oppose front and because I figure there's got to be some guard division is if you think about the political bent of Massachusetts. Didn't have everything meridor on with the patriots have Richard Spencer and all that stuff there's been brilliant and craft boats. Plus started with it would in my social media and we had a crisis you know argue the patriots fans debacle distraught. Right we got responses back to their people weren't you know the term of curious about what we're doing and I had a focus group jemaah missile understated I have for Atlanta and under the New York. There was a time. Slower up until about halfway to third quarter where I talked about this riddle when I had this feeling of dread. The supplement have to go to the White House is right and get ethnic about. Thank you very much Tom Brady. And what it ended up happening at the start to see employers drop out and output while there's you know maybe as ...
[0:04:19] ... we do believe the guy who told you he stopped watching the Super Bowl in the middle of the game because he doesn't like trump. I know this guy and he didn't say he's stopped watching the militant comedian like totally stopped watching him Miller again could he couldn't take. The agony of what you thought was the pictures didn't beat down that's what that was about to have nothing to do which. So you believe everyone told you their patriots fans. Yes nuclear welcome Toby very rigid or some other metric by which you determine whether people a sense. No but I think ...

Hour 4. The man from Cleveland who posted a video on Facebook of him killing another man is on the run. Kirk was concerned when he tuned into Dale and Holley yesterday before the Bruins game. Patrice Jones, brother of Bomani Jones, joins the show.
Hour 3. Kirk Gerry and Trenni go over the controversy around Riley Nash’s penalty in overtime. Gerry makes some predictions for the Celtics game tonight against the Bulls. The Pats fan who told of ESPN on Twitter over his picture from the marathon joins the show.
Hour 2. Kirk, Gerry and Trenni talk about the trip to Washington the Celtics will take after game 2 for Isaiah’s sister’s services. Everyone weighs on some Patriots’ decision to not attend the White House with their teammates tomorrow. The Obamas were spotted last week on a luxury cruise with Oprah and Bruce Springsteen.