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Jerry Thornton (right) and Adam “Uncle Buck” Cormack pose with the Red SoxWorld Series trophies.

Today’s podcast features my friend and retired Barstool Sports legend Adam Cormack, aka “Uncle Buck.”  And I credit him with the premise, which is simply:

What subjects would you like to see covered on ESPN’s “30 for 30″?

If you’ve never seen “30 for 30,” welcome to the world. We have these things called “sports” and “television” and we humans enjoy watching the first be talked about on the second.  Often in documentary form. And while other networks like HBO and Showtime do great sports docs as well, “30 for 30″ is among the best things that ESPN produces.  It’s just that there’s a world of great topics they’ve yet to examine, and Adam and I listed our top five.

Interestingly, we each came up with the same No. 1 topic. Interesting, but not surprising since our choice just happens to be the greatest collision of Hall of Fame talent, sex, scandal, nationwide controversy and nudity in the history of Boston sports. Enjoy.


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Jerry Thornton
Rex Ryan has lost his swagger this season. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

Rex Ryan has lost his swagger this season, as his Jets are struggling along at 2-10. (Al Bello/Getty Images)

New York Daily NewsIn the immediate aftermath of the Jets’€™ 10th loss of the season on Monday night, Rex Ryan was somber, depressed and defeated. With some additional time to reflect, he added a new feeling to the ensemble: he was ashamed. “I’€™m embarrassed for myself, absolutely,” he said Tuesday. You could see it in Ryan’€™s welling eyes after Monday’€™s 16-13 loss to the Dolphins: this year hurts him as much, if not more, than any other. But he relayed that he felt bad for the pain it has caused others, too. “I feel like I’ve let my owner down,” he said. “I’ve let our fan base down. There’€™s no doubt.” … That Ryan has so disappointed his owner — the same owner who said earlier this year that patience isn’t in his vernacular — is the precise reason that his firing is basically just a formality at this stage. It’€™s a reality that Ryan is certainly aware of, even if tries to avoid the subject. “I get it, the year hasn’€™t gone anywhere close to what we were thinking,” Ryan said.

C’mon, Rex Ryan. Where’s the Delta that I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh?

We’ve had such a great run together, you and I. From your first press conference when you said you didn’t come to New York to kiss Bill Belichick‘s rings to the time you beat the Pats in September and called it your Super Bowl to the foot-fetish stuff to the butt-fumble and beyond.

You’ve been the Patriots blogger gift that’s kept on giving. As Rick put it to Elsa in “Casablanca,”You were a part of my work; the thing that kept me going.” Or as Joker put it to Batman, “You complete me.”

Don’t spoil it now by going quietly into that light. Nobody wants you humbled, especially not me. If they sold Rex Ryan action figures, everyone would snatch up “Brash, Cocky Rex” and leave “Somber, Depressed, Defeated, Ashamed Rex” collecting dust on the shelves.

So buck up there, Shrex. You’ve got four weeks (maybe) until you get fired. Three weeks before you play New England. Get your game face on. Get your (one of your favorite words) swagger back! Give us a little of that old “Let’s go eat a g****** snack!” fire in your once considerable belly. Let’s hear you guarantee you’ll beat the Pats. Or how you think you’re the best coach in the business and have the best defense in the game and all that.

If you’re going to walk the Green Mile, do it like one of those guys who says, “See you in hell” as they put the needle in, not someone full of remorse and apologies. “Disappointment” isn’t in your boss’ vocabulary. I don’t want “embarrassed Rex Ryan” to ever be in mine.


Blog Author: 
Jerry Thornton
Former Patriots Donte Stallworth joined the show to discuss the Ferguson protests and his time with the Patriots.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Dino.

[0:00:49] ... year old woman who claims the comedian sexually assaulted her. At the Playboy Mansion in 1974. When she was wait for. Fifth teen years of age. Judy who. Claimed she and a friend met caused be ...
[0:01:23] ... the suit. Who claims caused beat then took the girls of the Playboy Mansion and told them to say they were nineteen years of age for anybody inquired. Who claims she eventually went to a bedroom because he and that's where she says cause we began to quote sexually molest her by attempting to put its and downer. Well whoa whoa she went to a bedroom in the Playboy Mansion with Cosby what did she think was gonna happen and Craig I don't not I'm not one to defend cause now. Especially isn't like he's the nation's moral conscience what to do and at the Playboy Mansion Playboy image. Now. She's the Bill Cosby a star. Don't look at Playboy Mansion gold along to get along arch duke that she winner there I have to hold there's a mention of her wedding her ...
[0:02:30] ... forty Ers. Forty years to get a win in a monster just Janice Dickinson the second interview on CNN a couple CNN and you can watch it all the time I entered Tuesday. A little there on the ride checked apple is that right yet to. Front lines she was on. And I believe it was yesterday and it was much the same stuff that you heard we it was Matt Lauer the original one. Whoever much of the same stuff and then at the end the interviewer asked jury question that's sort of set her off. What do you want from Bill Cosby right now wouldn't need to hear from him what does he need to do. I'd like copied come at least acknowledge that ...
[0:08:06] ... the clock that we are. All calls next with Dennis and Callahan Donte' Stallworth Natal five. ...

John and Gerry opened the show by asking where Kirk is.
After a heartbreaking loss on Monday Night Football, Rex Ryan seems ready to throw in the towel.
Tom Brady joined the show to discuss the teams tough loss to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers.

[0:00:00] ... Our interview with Tom Brady is brought to you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors house number catered digital federal credit union what can DC UC view and ...
[0:08:22] ... Belichick saved his game plan for the Super Bowl rematch. With the Green Bay Packers he says is there any other reason why double checked and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels elected to run the ball only eighteen ...
[0:16:58] ... are all right Tom good luck will level talking next week. Record Tom Brady Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T lottery interview with pot has brought you by AT&T northeast electrical distributors house member catered digital federal credit union what can DC used they view and by the New England Cadillac the. Because like Ben Roethlisberger would be just. Holed up in the hotel studying tape up at 53530. And we was open right time itself but it ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The guys opened the show by discussing the Jets loss to the Dolphins.
The guys opened the show by discussing Kirk and Gerry's CSNNE show last night. They also got into the Rams and Ferguson protests.

[0:00:00] ... So discovered this TV show last night but I was not aware it was even in existence at 630 on Comcast. And I have a question for you is that program on a regular base every Monday and Friday at the two highest rated days of the week would you ever do Friday. It was a mistake it was a day it was but apparently some times if you were trying to stay sobered the you know you look for five idle on the fight it's not you know he asked for Saturday night and indebtedness and and on the edges that they do have a makeup artist there. Others availability if you if you mean. But the person you make it yes yes I thought so why would you look. Remarkably handsome. I thought so for Callahan. On TV last thank you I did that I didn't do and Emeka didn't know too much hair and makeup artist Eric XML Eric re going to face is. And tell you about it that's actually ten had makeup on and Jerry didn't ...
[0:04:28] ... Apple is that you do to drive for metro west Birtley didn't rush hour to be on with you for ten minutes in the cargo hole. Did you go what about he's dinner take you to ...
[0:08:29] ... over and over again right now I did you know this from Michael Smith and two mill hill. Have a show up you know where they are supposed to be that. Right now I guess cutting edge you know African American he's taken and no space and usually at a crucial sixty today doesn't. Always just fall in line like he could hear Michael Smith and you know we'll just fall in line analyst and I didn't hear Blackstone and these two. Screaming about saint loose items ...
[0:10:35] ... mean when. What would you choose that is the flashpoint if you're Michael Smith. And I gonna hammered black owner Michael selectively as much like this says it's but I by Blackstone Michael just as prolific a scream in lunatic I like Michael Smith says about the history it's about a history of whisper tell us. What does this have to do whisper terrible it's just ...