Hour 3. Trenni, Gerry, and Kirk discuss the possibility of Spicer losing his job. Kirk and Trenni battle Gerry on Pence’s self-imposed policy regarding women.
Hour 2. The guys rip on the new CSNNE shows and WEEI hosts. Bill O’Reilly is going on “vacation." John Geils found dead in his home.
Hour 1. Trenni joins Kirk and Gerry. The hosts discuss Spicer’s comments, Bill O’Reilly’s vacation, and David Dao’s past. Buck Showalter ripped the Red Sox for using the flu as an excuse.
Hour 4. The United passenger is revealed to be David Dao, an actual doctor with a checkered past. Parents forced the Braintree coach out.
Hour 3. Gerry is sick of people saying “relax” and “pump the brakes”. It looks like some of Dombrowski’s deals are turning out to be definite busts. Marshawn Lynch is reportedly interested in the Patriots.
Hour 2. The guys continues their conversation about the United Airlines passenger who was removed from the plane. Gerry hates people who don’t read on flights and that includes Mut. In Headlines, Caitlyn Jenner has undergone a massive change.
Hour 1. Gerry, John Tomase, and Mut discuss the passenger that was removed from the United flight.
Hour 4. Crazy callers take over the show to start the hour. Jim Nantz thinks he’s the main attraction.
Hour 3. The Braintree basketball coach steps down because of parents. The New York Times covers a girl who has had puberty stopped with an implanted rod.
Headlines features the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Louis C.K. on SNL, and more on O’Reilly. Giardi ripped Gerry over the weekend.

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