The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:50] ... might have been Billy -- is an hour ago yeah. Because oldest college basketball with a metric and animals 6 Beers 1 morning and then did some animals. Well as the cleaning lady has her work ...
[0:05:26] ... -- -- do this as a this is a movie about how James Franco Seth -- attempt to assassinate him John who is over the trailer. You are entering into the most dangerous country on earth ...
[0:06:45] ... America -- archer had a a great -- British agree global reach North Korea. -- oh million did James Franco opting to act with a have a large military for a -- they just -- yielding give any sympathizers on the sure you don't know they don't to James Franco -- -- about the there was of it was very good and that 127 hours. A -- with -- movie couldn't watch ...
[0:10:34] ... Point 7937 about an hour from now. Sam Kennedy chief operating officer Boston Red Sox will join us -- Lincecum. No hitter last night ESPN has not gotten around -- -- gather all the locker talk you ...

The guys opened the show discussing the Avicii concert gone bad at The Garden.

[0:12:38] ... to. And sure our bench and an in depth guys would would Ray Allen go with them. You know if you went somewhere else. Official brought -- Other other yeah I mean maybe those good shooters ...
[0:14:38] ... know -- powered in -- games that's pretty cassettes or -- or Chris Paul Blake Griffin. And LeBron James and maybe kept brings out -- with them. But they will seem better Obama if he goes there and takes a tour and and Chris Paul meet him at the airport. Right that's gonna seem much more. Promise I remember I am I remember obviously the decision but ...
[0:22:20] ... well well I am a bit underwhelming -- deal several Arnold envision Dirk Nowitzki some super idea that say that guys waiting in the wings that -- that I think two guys. Who are ranked where ...

The guys opened the show discussing the Avicii concert gone bad at The Garden.

Here are the highlights of Thursday’€™s edition of Headlines on Dennis & Callahan:

Norwood man cited in first up-skirt arrest

Twenty-three-year-old Josh Gonsalves was arrested Tuesday night for positioning an iPad under a woman’€™s dress on an MBTA bus. Gonsalves said that he had heard that is wasn’t illegal to do so.

‘€œThink about what he probably, in a best-case scenario, if we were as successful as he possibly could be, you’€™re probably just seeing underpants, right?’€ asked John Dennis. ‘€œIs that a turn-on?’€

Gonsalves initially denied the accusations, but said, ‘€œOK, you caught me,’€ when asked by police what the first photo was on his iPad.

Kim Jong Un swears ‘€˜merciless’€™ retaliation if new Seth Rogen film released

The North Korean government has promised a “merciless” retaliation against the United States if a movie starring Seth Rogen and James Franco about a plan to assassinate leader Kim Jong Un is released.

The movie, called “The Interview,” is about two people who attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un after being granted an interview with him. The statement released by the North Korean government referred to the movie as an “act of war.”

“Would they start by trying to assassinate Rogen and Franco?” Dennis asked.

Man walks into McDonald’€™s with knife sticking out of his back

A man entered a New York McDonald’€™s and held a phone conversation with a knife stuck in his back Tuesday.

Andrew Hardy, 53, had been stabbed minutes earlier while trying to break up a fight. He then walked two blocks to the McDonald’s and called his daughter, with witnesses stunned by how composed he was.

Restaurant patrons called medics and he was released from the hospital later that day.

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In Wednesday’s Three for All on Middays with MFB, Christian Fauria challenged Lou Merloni and Tim Benz to a game of guessing the Staples catchphrase, ‘€˜That was easy,”€™ in different languages.

(To listen to audio of the segment, click here.)

“€œI went to Staples, and you know that little red button that that says, ‘That was easy,’ Staples sells another one that has up to like 12 different countries on it and they say it in a different language, so I obviously got that one in honor of the World Cup,” Fauria said. “I was just kind of playing with it, trying to figure out if I could guess which translation of ‘€˜That was easy’€™ went with which country.”

Fauria had five ‘€˜That was easy’€™ challenges for Merloni and Benz, with Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Brazil and Italy being the five possible answers.

It did not take much time for Merloni to guess that the first ‘€˜That was easy’€™ was Italian.

“I did that one for you,” Fauria said. €œ”I was like, ‘€˜If he doesn’t know what this one is.’ … I made sure.”

Benz quickly picked up on the German version of the catchphrase€™ later on in the segment.

“€œIt sounds like it’€™s English,”€ Fauria said. “Maybe if you treat it like a Beatles album and slow it down.”

Benz also able to guess the Brazilian saying, impressing Merloni and Fauria.

“€œTim, you’€™re pretty good at this,” Merloni said.

It wasn’t a perfect showing for Merloni during the game, as he guessed that the Chinese saying was from the Netherlands.

“€œSee, I told you, I’€™m really good at geography,”€ Merloni said.

After the game, Fauria declared Benz the winner — something that Merloni did not necessarily agree with.

“He kept saying Germany for every single one,”€ Merloni said.

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Conor Ryan
Chris Mannix joined the show to discuss the NBA draft and the future of LeBron.
Chris Mannix joined the show to discuss the NBA draft and the future of LeBron.

[0:00:00] ... On the table for the NBA draft with. Every organization every general manager making multiple speed dial calls who would you rather talk to our basketball buddy from a ...
[0:09:41] ... you can put -- -- LeBron with with James Harden. And with Dwight Howard and -- that you you don't have anybody else in the debate about the trade all -- actually. It just relate to ...
[0:12:44] ... other one is and other major kid opera -- the kid from Louisiana Lafayette. Media week opposite set any limit at all from a mid major at Weaver state patent is 'cause they've Maltby just 64 ...

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

[0:00:50] ... like it -- -- that's true -- doing that I saw budget movie theaters showing the game that I should Worcester -- a show in the game on what do we only goes like three the ...
[0:02:51] ... we get that. AI hand written -- script manuscript they should say Bob Dylan's like a Rolling Stones song and you like -- idea was sold -- -- New York. At Sotheby's auction house for two ...
[0:03:36] ... Christ like a -- guy. I'd ask you during the break get Bob Dylan's like a road so the most famous on. Fair or unfair to him for most famous aren't American rock history I like ...
[0:08:30] ... -- to face Jon Stewart it's a something's bill markets say something's Alec Baldwin -- -- Gibson camp. Well of course he takes the heat from Nancy Pelosi takes the from the anti defamation league Simon Wiesenthal Center. All the -- is out yesterday he apologizes. Says he was says he's he's very sensitive to the the Jewish. Movement he says he's deeply remorseful for the comments he made Playboy did not offend. On readings come to print he sees I would sense that they may be -- -- -- he contribute to the furtherance of a false stereotype. Gary Oldman -- -- -- bad as active during the interview I've been asked to elaborate -- that with a point out that I just finished reading -- -- -- superb book. About the Jews in Hollywood Jews invented the fact that our business. Posing enormous debt to the contribution of the Jews. So they go Gary Oldman pitching back into the fairway drive into the rough it it by Hollywood standard estimates cuts at this. -- -- -- -- ...

The guys opened the show by discussing Suarez's insane desire to bite players.