The 6am hour upload from Wednesday's show as Mike Giardi is back on the Dino Casting Couch for a full four hours. The first hour features lots of Patriots QB talk as it appears Jimmy G is being pushed by Belichick to play through pain in Week 3.

“The only person who wins more than Bill Belichick is Kirk Minihane” –Gerry Callahan

The show today began with Kirk’s victory lap for single-handedly destroying Bart Hubbuch and causing Bart to delete his Twitter account and disconnect his cell phone. The show closed with a Hubbuch eulogy fit for the Queen of England.

After Hubbuch tweeted this yesterday:


Twitter attacked him, he deleted his account and became the latest addition to Kirk’s Testicle Alley.

Just imagine the sheer terror that guy must have felt when he heard, “This is Kirk Minihane.”

If you haven’t listened to Kirk’s podcast with Hubbuch, do that and you’ll understand better what a complete dumpster fire of a human being Bart is.

Mike Giardi was on the Dino Casting Couch and the guys discussed Garoppolo’s chances of playing in the near future.

All three guys agree we should pump the brakes on thinking the Patriots will rush him back.

And Giardi was a little pissy because he feels threatened by all the other guest hosts who are way better at this than he is.

Fueled by the incompetence of the producers, Kirk danced for Gerry and threw a solid tantrum about how no one cares about the Red Sox and “baseball is dead as disco” because it’s a Patriots world. This started a discussion about whether or not Ortiz is on steroids. And if John Henry lures Ortiz back and he doesn’t retire next year he does not have to return his retirement tour gifts.

Curt Schilling made his weekly appearance and doesn’t think Ortiz will return next season because the pain in his feet is a huge problem and the winter gets more challenging as you get older.

Schilling will be Periscoping the Trump-Clinton presidential debate on Monday, so watch that if you dare.

Gerry Callahan has never eaten a mango.

Line of the day: Kirk: “Roberto Clemente, did he have a good year before he retired?”

Call of the day: Mike in the car, began his call with “What?”

Producer contribution of the day: Ken Laird, “A mango is sweet. Papayas not so much.”

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Lucy Burdge
The 9am hour upload from Friday with just Kirk & Callahan in to take phone calls on the Patriots QB situation, including some who are ready to trade Tom Brady.

[0:00:04] ... head and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. You do realize that Bill Belichick has drafted eight quarterbacks in New England not main parade. One Jimmy go rob what was really good. This is the night ...
[0:13:44] ... I can't argue that anymore. When your callers. Say it's time pitcher Tom Brady did the work I'm stunned what he thinks living fabulous market guys that does that sound sane view what should be justly to bad teams would mean. Keeping Matt Cassel but you signed up a drop of which you know I mean you think you're pretty good at these so far is ...
[0:24:22] ... conversation because he'll live he'd rather him go like Jerod Mayo said Mike Vrabel. But Petraeus is their greatest men is a clear fiddle every single time best and he's not even until he has done ...
[0:26:11] ... way in the sale that we got to switch that you AG Tom Brady is over. David is saying nobody sales tax these so which is growing over the basics of where Iraq's Al now. In ...

The 8am hour upload from Tuesday's show with Kirk, Gerry and Richard Deitsch refusing to 'pump the brakes' on Pats QB talk.

[0:05:37] ... through and he wants to Drew Brees. And look. Yeah Andy Dalton. Philip Rivers Romo. Moral. Home Eli Manning bloody war Matt Stafford Joseph Flacco I mean I have. The rock police saw. Formats that formats ...
[0:19:26] ... feelings of middle right animal Alex Smith and hill Alex that it Philip Rivers now he won a lot of guys but that would be good that a Pro Bowl level basis trapped six quarters as ...
[0:20:46] ... the Guinness EU every time we talk most of these guys in Willie McGinest and Ty Law they're different. It's not like any of the greatest the greatest player and pitcher for interest. Arguably the greatest athlete in the ...

Kirk Minihane has the political headlines for Tuesday, with SI's Richard Deitsch & Callahan alongside.
The first segment of the 7am hour Tuesday as the guys welcome SI's media critic Richard Deitsch to co-host the program. The guys discuss several sports media personalities and outlets over the first segment.
The 6am hour Tuesday with Kirk and Gerry as the guys compare bigger surprises in Boston sports right now, with the Patriots apparently passing on signing a veteran QB and the Red Sox touting Cy Young and MVP candidates
The 9am hour Monday upload with Gary Tanguay in on the Dino Casting Couch yet again. Lots of Pats talk continues, with also some Gary resistance to wanting the hosting job.
This 8am hour upload from Monday's show features analyst Tim Hasselbeck joining Kirk, Gerry and Gary Tanguay for the 8:30 segment and with Patriots talk dominating the hour
Kirk, Gerry and Gary take a break from Patriots to talk about the weekend sweep of NY by Boston.

[0:00:23] ... at the call right there about me youngster. And Don and swept. Red Sox in control of their own destiny does. The crew just. This all on the yankees' heads out of their misery but they should have right. What went all four yankees were well I Yankee. Like alien but the race it but the Red Sox are better team. And yankees who wrote you know riding high off the emotion of dumping all their big name stars and manager got a good job getting these young guys to believe put on it got a faith in four days ago the greater New York area the Yankees. Go play a lot just four days ago with a 51 in the first game that right good point 51 we were sitting here thinking geez they lose tonight. He also gets tighter or Christmas carols and more turn around Christmas curled swept them. If the routes that don't make the World Series now. This season is this expertise is a higher we have a chance to expect actually stream of people don't do with you know I picked when he 88 games. But I think right now if you look at it they have to make the Walters or it is not in the years split right. Especially with the way Ramirez I suppose I mean obviously I don't know if they go to in the division and audio CS it was a great teachers that ripe. Ms. talk yesterday cautioned Red Sox fans and say goodbye. By the way to the days of being over 500 you'll be over 500 again that was me ...
[0:03:31] ... Texas but there's certainly. Wouldn't be surprised to see them in the World Series and of the taken of Chicago that will be some be tremendously radio series CO should get a ring out a way ...
[0:04:21] ... teams might be doing with the bikers. In a bid to the Red Sox might have done this is in NATO so what all this while at that we got because you're right why would you fight harder to okay. We'll keep Robert publicly sucks but what it was very bad trade who what where it was Espinoza ranked among the prospects. Up for it to you know three or four so why would the Red Sox then say okay we're will keep our currency and the Sox will give me give you prospect left and right if prosper ...
[0:05:26] ... same reason why certain managers student. And have a problem with the Super Bowl or which you know. For a substance on the economy all because everybody does it any other conclusion of an act that should replace him Tom I would like to know more public to know more I mean I realize that it's not their call you know MLB would say. No you can't have gotten back. And maybe just dismiss the case right. But don't have to make a big public deal out of it really good we get to the Red Sox adding one or two things concern me those price to puke on issues again the semi big spot in the sense Saturday. ...