The guys discussed the latest news regarding Tom Brady's appeal.
The guys opened the show by discussing David Ortiz's struggles.
Shirley Leung joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk to look at Boston's Olympic hopes.
Stephen A. joined us to discuss Tom Brady's suspension.
The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.
The Sox cant hit in May.
The guys opened the show with the latest Olympic news.
The Sox can't hit in May.

[0:00:22] ... it does go against us. John Ferrell and one of his predecessors Jimmy Williams will tell you it's buzzer like time he's referring to the bizarre play. Was in the fifth inning that was not lock ...
[0:01:21] ... pitches as he did that sickening yet when the group it's the Boston Red Sox these are frightening statistics. Runners in scoring position where. Do you think they ranked numerically I'd say they're first in baseball with ...
[0:04:22] ... you scored two or fewer runs about. 1920s what do you think David Ortiz is slugging percentages against left handed pitchers. Dick from 330. To 332. Slugging percentage. Almost 11. Sluggish like he has six has ...
[0:05:12] ... in this high school. Or college or whenever legion. You don't say David Ortiz who's hitting one whatever five point five testing at third when you face a lefty to you. I also rank dead last in baseball against possibly one that he. And you figure that opened a sense of siege synagogue had won 25 a quarter win of the season. Against lefties right. Last night. They've faced a lefty right in the usual spot we've David Ortiz hit one and that's Pedroia Ortiz. Your third hitter in the lineup missing 125 against lefties and he's not either look at ...

Manish Mehta on Darrelle Revis's comments about the Patriots cheating.
The Sox GM joined the show to give his thoughts on the team being 2 games under 500 at the 40 game mark.