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Minihane is back from his vacation, with Callahan alongside but John Dennis is missing. The guys discuss the lost chance at a Friday reunion.

On Wednesday evening, word emerged that WGBH was not happy that long-running kids show “Arthur” had essentially turned into a Cards Against Humanity expansion pack for the internet. For about a week now, “Arthur,” its characters and scenes have become the hottest memes going, and most of them carry above a Y7 rating.

Of course, WGBH has reason to be upset with the phenomenon. How would you feel if you spent 20 years making a show aimed to teach kids morals and those kids repaid you by growing up and using your show to re-enact Birdman’s “Breakfast Club” blowout?

The amazingness of that tweet aside, WGBH should feel as silly as the rest of us for not seeing this coming. Memes are comically unpredictable — Harambe is currently on his second wave of being one of the biggest rock stars on the planet — but there are enough reasons that Arthur’s ascent in pop culture shouldn’t come as a shock.

The most obvious one is that, as mentioned earlier, kids who watched “Arthur” are growing up. The show debuted in 1996, so between kids who watched the show and adults with kids who watched the show, essentially anybody between ages five and 50-plus get the show. Even if these jokes weren’t percolating in everyone’s subconsciouses, they were certainly ready to be received.

The other part is that, at least until WGBH voiced its disapproval, these memes aren’t mocking “Arthur.” They’re more being used as a medium for making jokes about other stuff, because millennials likely wouldn’t classify “Arthur” as uncool. The reason is because one of the most internet-approved cool people gave the show his blessing back in 2014 when Chance the Rapper covered the show’s theme.

So between the nostalgia and the recent seal of approval from a popular artist, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened:

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.21.12 PM

While the “fist” picture has been the most popular Arthur meme — it follows a pretty basic formula of “When (something you don’t like) (Arthur fist picture)” — people have gotten creative. Scenes have been overdubbed, screengrabs have been reinterpreted, etc. The creme de la creme remains Binky as Birdman.

The meme started late last month and had potential to die down, but WGBH lamenting the tweets “outside of good taste” guaranteed to give it more staying power. It’s basically like when everyone wrote all those “retire the crying Jordan” pieces and promptly got sent crying Jordan pictures of themselves by everyone who read them.

Much like crying Jordan hasn’t gone away and Harambe went is now celebrating his second round of fame, the Arthur meme will last however long the internet decides. Something else will come along, but there’s no point in guessing what it will be. If the internet couldn’t piece together the clues with “Arthur,” there’s no way they will with anything else.

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