Hour 1. Everyone is freaking out about the Canadiens' hire. Brady will sell his workout plan after football.
Hour 4. Kirk battles Mut and Pete on whether or not Trump will listen to players if they ask for a meeting.
Hour 3. K&C owes Amani a lot. The UConn women aren't that impressive.
John Ziegler joins the show.
Hour 2. Pete gets on the Bruins. Kirk and his cargo shorts.
Hour 1. Pete Sheppard and Mut join Kirk. Gasper thinks the Patriots should remove themselves from Trump.
Hour 4. Kirk thinks Belichick would bite on a great offer for Brady. Charlotte Wilder says she was offered drinks from the Kirk and Callahan show.

[0:01:52] ... He knows that today is not been great effort behind I watched super bowl of suvs prepare for that Saturday skate show it's my guess Chris wrote short yet that you've watched suitable but he's ready ...
[0:10:05] ... ought to meet you went through anti. You know final drive the Super Bowl winning drive of the skill players 2000 players involved with the teams have won. And part B two of her first and ...
[0:11:11] ... new deal maker of the same give or take her. The patriot Bill Belichick is can allocate forty million dollars to a position where one guy complaint makes no sense impossible no sense at all which means you either you either do one of two things we do one thing. Well either they're all of you there are two options. You can praise Jimmy grapple which is what I think they're going to do which we think they're going to do which everybody I think the Peter King which is thought I agree king is a budget and again I just talked to Tom Brady which I thought theories that Brady's ex set how goody things drop always and it can insinuated from Napa. I'm sure brown ...
[0:12:06] ... prospect of trading Barack. Plays that he made in there that are Tom Brady throws yes you have to watch these guys play football and in watching Jimmy your rappel I understand. That everybody skeptical. About ...

Hour 3. Kirk doesn't like the comparisons he is hearing about Isaiah Thomas.
Hour 2. Cafardo has John Farrell ranked eighth. Headlines with Kirk features coverage of the Paul/Fauria feud.
Hour 1. Mut joins Kirk in Gerry's absence. Ken has a new baby. Don't go in the office after the show.