Dennis &amp; Callahan en Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Justin Bieber roast 3-31-15 <!--paging_filter-->The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. <br/><br/><b>[0:03:48]</b> ... tribute to whoever's on the cover you know it's always sort like <b>the</b> <b>Rolling</b> <b>Stone</b> would joke our yeah definitely will not that that mean that's that's a whole thing you know we talk about how fit the guy is whoever's on the cover whether it's you know Mark Wahlberg. <b>Kevin</b> <b>Hart</b> was on recently. He's on the cover shown most tattoos and obviously he's in good shape but they make a month seem ... <br/><b>[0:04:50]</b> ... like. I hate to music man I hate his music more than <b>Bill</b> <b>Cosby</b> he's my comedy. That was burst last thing in the evening wraps its all these jokes you know Martha Stewart did was up there. <b>Kevin</b> <b>Hart</b> whose friends of Bieber. Beeper goes up at the end gives a pretty straight laced speech shoes bear at this I heard ... <br/><b>[0:06:39]</b> ... is I'm beta and he global. With ties to the former Thai <b>prime</b> <b>minister</b> Pope which was molested by a movie mogul Harvey Weinstein during the auditions TriBeCa office sources told your post. Yesterday users cat walker for a beauty queen opera. But to beyond issues there picture. Oh it's a bad that's bad out here while. Supplement industry sources she's user. Tournament Somalis who witnessed one of the <b>prime</b> <b>minister's</b> that's studio album and she resisted his overtures and Harvey she claims that Arby's and with her primary data five. Put his ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:21:00 +0000 1073516 at Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Final Four 3-31-15 <!--paging_filter-->The guys discussed the controversial Indiana law. <br/><br/><b>[0:00:09]</b> ... of the same city. And the further record meant that the National <b>Football</b> <b>League</b> approach all future business in the state of India <b>Super</b> <b>Bowls</b> rookie combines indeed the continued presence of a franchise in Indianapolis. As it approached such business in Arizona. Roughly one year ago. ... <br/><b>[0:15:51]</b> ... I am told that I have to make it wedding cake very <b>same</b> <b>sex</b> <b>marriage</b>. I feel that I'm violating my believes. I don't think I should have to do that. That is the husband of the ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:02:00 +0000 1073571 at President Obama visits Boston 3-31-15 <!--paging_filter-->The guys opened the show by discussing the Presidents visit yesterday. <br/><br/><b>[0:06:29]</b> ... the falcons. He says if the latest Ted Wells investigation. Determines the <b>New</b> <b>England</b> <b>Patriots</b> deliberately under inflated footballs during the AFC championship. The <b>Super</b> <b>Bowl</b> champions better brace themselves. Or a big. Big yet you know I read the headline said ooh this might be informative it's ... <br/><b>[0:08:03]</b> ... in the wild. A crowd in the world a lot of theories. <b>Super</b> <b>Bowl</b> week. Above the number of footballs and and I forget the more I think it was right more fact or it's an ... <br/><b>[0:10:14]</b> ... eleven. Were under in and it ended up being under inflated and <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> scientific Saturday proved to be true and the twelfth one. One the colts had was even more under inflated and they end ... <br/><b>[0:12:28]</b> ... 2013 and fourteen seasons the finger with pointed at a guy named <b>Roddy</b> <b>White</b>. With since been fired as the director of about marketing odd twist that the public big play receiver at the same name <b>Roddy</b> <b>White</b> is that as it may. More odd. That this monkey business occurred with the team that McKay so respected and NFL circles ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Tue, 31 Mar 2015 13:01:00 +0000 1073501 at Shaughnessy vs. Ortiz 3-30-15 <!--paging_filter-->The latest feud between Shank and Papi was discussed. <br/><br/><b>[0:04:54]</b> ... most watched dual clutch diet critic yeah I cried Dan Shaughnessy dear <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> since you brought it up is that headlight against honesty dateline Fort Myers, Florida and into sentences redundant as beginning. I think it's a great column by David Fincher brought a sense says hired right open letter to <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> and writes dear David. Don't need bowl picture personally. You could just wears his edit it just like dear date yourself than ... <br/><b>[0:09:33]</b> ... that is someone who has failed another test. Speaking of incorrect facts <b>David</b> <b>Wright</b> you that you asked me for my address when I asked about possible PED used in the soft couples may 2013. You ... <br/><b>[0:15:40]</b> ... oil says failed a test Lance Armstrong Barry Bonds Roger Clemens and <b>Alex</b> <b>Rodriguez</b>. These guys did not fail tests. Most of the guys who have busted. It didn't they'll pass to get busted in other ... <br/><b>[0:20:54]</b> ... let me finish this up here so shelty finish as the peace. <b>Alex</b> <b>Rodriguez</b> and Manny Ramirez were the other names leaked from the 2003 testing they turned out to be dirty we can go back to bonds McGuire Marion Jones Lance Armstrong. Everyone is all about denials until it turns out to be true. Are we supposed to believe that you are the one and only positive tester who was truly wrong that's offered now David you are one of the <b>great</b> <b>performers</b> in the history of Boston. And you have done tons for our community. Boston sports fans love you on a par with ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:26:00 +0000 1070976 at Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bill Cosby heckled 3-30-15 <!--paging_filter-->The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. <br/><br/><b>[0:01:23]</b> ... I've package where's Michael and cook. A clerk rather sadness of the <b>Bill</b> <b>Cosby</b> type because I believe the thirty women. We've come for so for accused of rape and I can't speak to a woman ... <br/><b>[0:04:00]</b> ... dished try to do what win. No I don't see so Luke <b>misses</b>. <b>Child</b> asleep on of Satan democracy and he threw the world vision blurred as well. And they should have been in and it ... <br/><b>[0:05:46]</b> ... Easter morning you know I've been a phone together the parties was <b>Arnold</b> <b>Schwarzenegger</b>. It but they're pretty good friends parties. No he was inspired their shirt around the world. Arnold wasn't there go now is ... <br/><b>[0:13:01]</b> ... just a little bit at some point also. Dan Shaughnessy buyers at <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> and a friend Susan who brought some good question. If you're Obama and you come in confident that you have to. His ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:25:00 +0000 1070966 at Boston Police officer shot, people protest cops.......3-30-15 <!--paging_filter-->The guys discussed the disgusting protests at the scene of Officer Moynihan's shooting. <br/><br/><b>[0:03:36]</b> ... be an. Attorney right hand the met him blasting it out so <b>John</b> <b>Brown</b>. I just decimal it is. He came up albeit cool so my faith in me put it at all officers attacked as ... <br/><b>[0:04:30]</b> ... so I. Don't know if that's what diplomacy when he's ally north <b>Paul</b> <b>McCartney</b> talks. Won't right now I don't want to know nobody. I know what it. Bad about that and just let the bank ... <br/><b>[0:06:33]</b> ... of what. Only Gerri what does Eric Holder sent today what is <b>Al</b> <b>Sharpton</b> saying today we gonna launch an what does that eighty that Hulk from Harvard law saying today it more and it didn't ... <br/><b>[0:15:31]</b> ... know about BK. And their client off the end wire where is <b>Jesse</b> <b>Jackson</b> the bad jammed. Any cops had to. Just tell walking on eggshells just to do that job guys. People look at cryptic ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:23:00 +0000 1070971 at Minihane does another road race 3-30-15 <!--paging_filter-->The guys opened the show by discussing the Final Four and Kirk's latest road race. <br/><br/><b>[0:01:18]</b> ... Should do the Johnny Damon headband can do that's not a bad <b>John</b> <b>Daly</b> the head of our Mark Sanchez Sanchez early in a brilliant that's right the good work ethic so we can pull off. ... <br/><b>[0:14:34]</b> ... I saw this things O gala big money epic and the officials <b>Alec</b> <b>Baldwin</b>. Richie Goodyear's. <b>Matt</b> <b>Damon</b> right the usual left when a ball trolls yes now right. They did they want these people there epic synthetic can be trademark to get run doubles a minister at some reasonable famous people actor. But this not a single real Hollywood. Star. Eight let's keep it better than its next to <b>Joseph</b> <b>Biden</b> at a gala and probably not probably not odd now but but. I did they want that the they want. You know <b>Alec</b> <b>Baldwin's</b> there and John and then Trent Lott will be there. Kennedy's sons former US rep Patrick Kennedy. At Kennedy if you get ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Mon, 30 Mar 2015 13:21:00 +0000 1070981 at Answer the question Kirk 3-27-15 <!--paging_filter-->The latest edition of the highly rated segment. <br/><br/><b>[0:05:01]</b> ... like X where you know anything. Kirk does Jerry's beard irritate your <b>inner</b> <b>thighs</b> 'cause that's. Kraft I find out what a pretty. Absurd. And me personally there's enough here for now it's night. Expert a ... <br/><b>[0:09:04]</b> ... real moment I make something up what talked about my. Crap hole <b>North</b> <b>Hollywood</b> value department tools disgust. It was a Morton Owen and look it was one of the movie. Looked at myself licenses its. ... <br/><b>[0:10:26]</b> ... scream it. I'll remember that bartenders there was electric co op that <b>Google</b> <b>Earth</b> I was actually blackouts yet all the time. I was a cook outs or alcohol draw or metric. That I would. I ... <br/><b>[0:11:08]</b> ... for a conflict of Florida to see if our. You know what <b>Bobby</b> <b>Orr</b> but. The heart to talk about Bobby war. I once purchased think. And it which option. Even your beard. If that's when ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:53:00 +0000 1063791 at Lisa Scherber on the Jimmy Fund trip to spring training 3-27-15 <!--paging_filter-->The great Lisa Scherber joined us to discuss today's trip to Fort Myers with 46 Jimmy Fund patients. <br/><br/><b>[0:00:01]</b> ... It is quite a project to pack up 46 teenagers from the <b>Jimmy</b> <b>Fund</b> clinic. And policy and 24 shop girls who take care of them for a traveling party of seventy. Lol the modern airplane Logan Airport flight a spring training at Fort Myers, Florida and spend a tremendous. Weekend in the sun where these kids are no longer just kids with cancer their kids having a great time that's. What's on Lisa short burst late this morning she joins us on the AT&T outline accordingly sour you. And that I guy this is the thirteenth spring training trip you've taken the young people from the <b>Jimmy</b> <b>Fund</b> clinic ought. Are you used to what are you nervous are you excited are you overwhelmed what are you this morning as you get rid of Portland. You know I don't think ever get nervous and think IIA. Really excited I think it's one of those things you never get used to it because every year it's. We know that it's going to be these new memories of these kids and a carrot. I can't wait to can't wake all 46 of them come into the lobby of <b>Dana</b> <b>Farber</b> and and they divided their moms and dads and they all look a little nervous and we know what's gonna happen the minute they board that bus and head to look at airport is just the connection. I. Store your phrase a long time ago and it's been very effective and that is this weekend in the sun where there at a nice hotel with a <b>water</b> <b>park</b>. Negotiate a Red Sox gamer too they actually play on that ways self field they meet and greet the players they get ... <br/><b>[0:04:49]</b> ... last year and he'd be the last fund their. But of course <b>Tim</b> <b>Wakefield</b> mean you know I think that's so we've had a happy and say that anymore. But I think I it will be ... <br/><b>[0:05:45]</b> ... into this long weekend with these kids for these kids. There's a <b>water</b> <b>park</b> a penalty into the heck out of there's a mini golf tournament they watch a game thanks to the Red Sox actually ... <br/><b>[0:09:28]</b> ... main presenting sponsor stepped up brought a big check they love the <b>Jimmy</b> <b>Fund</b> they love this idea they are in whip. With both feet bowl fans all the way. I would implore anybody what you ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:25:00 +0000 1063666 at Harlan Coben on his new book The Stranger 3-27-15 <!--paging_filter-->D&C's favorite author joined the show to discuss his new book. <br/><br/><b>[0:01:50]</b> ... it doesn't really capture what the strangers trying to yeah. Yeah Harlem's <b>new</b> <b>book</b> is now all in bookstores it is called simply the stranger. It is a massive cast of characters I mean that in ... <br/><b>[0:07:01]</b> ... and I let him get in the same common by the best <b>reviewed</b> <b>book</b> described it never had to get the same kind of comment. The from you do think it was one of those really ... <br/><b>[0:12:09]</b> ... that but most people don't moan was my first New York Times <b>best</b> <b>seller</b>. You see the movie on on that what we're watching subtitles but it's on Amazon prime. Most people Blanchard Tomo I always ... <br/><b>[0:12:42]</b> ... put in on the question we used to ask. Who gives a <b>Michael</b> <b>Jackson</b> the creeps yeah who keeps Harlan co open up all night. A pilot Michael Conley elect which are open. I looked very ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:24:00 +0000 1063671 at Headlines, Headlines, Headlines:Bacon rage 3-27-15 <!--paging_filter-->The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. <br/><br/><b>[0:02:03]</b> ... that won't fly Elizabeth Warren Genesis part Cherokee but Chile Jamaica. Lies <b>Jamaica</b> <b>Plain</b> woman who claims to be a <b>Boston</b> <b>Marathon</b> bombing victims accused of stealing from the one point two elite. Was indicted after fraudulently getting almost 40000 dollars and now it's ... <br/><b>[0:10:55]</b> ... French Fries three or four double cheeseburgers so that's six or eight <b>beef</b> <b>patties</b> yeah. It's a price so it's my son came on this. And the bad day traffic school. When he won that some ... <br/><b>[0:16:52]</b> ... a long weekend to Red Sox spring training. Where they're gonna be <b>water</b> <b>park</b> the mistakenly gave to us yet. Autographs in the player's gonna have the I'm of their life as we like to say ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:23:00 +0000 1063676 at David Ortiz fights back 3-27-15 <!--paging_filter-->Ortiz writes a column defending his career. <br/><br/><b>[0:10:13]</b> ... could be wrong sources. Hold huge lines. Anyway it's in players Tribune <b>Derek</b> <b>Jeter</b> website it's. Very slick web site. The website. Packed Walter you folks. Pictures of Qatar the depiction ice Cold War photographer. But ... <br/><b>[0:11:33]</b> ... with some sort of heavy object and bludgeon you to death. Was <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> his version of bludgeoning Shaughnessy and others to set him off. I think that accumulation. Of one Patrick Odyssey of shops yeah ... <br/><b>[0:17:25]</b> ... don't bring this up alone. If this change this by line. From <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> to Roger Clemens you know we're doing right now were laughing and mocking him and what a joke. So he passed tests. ... <br/><b>[0:18:02]</b> ... about steroids and Sammy Sosa if that's in this is and by <b>David</b> <b>Ortiz</b> the story in the players' tribute if it's by Sammy Sosa when he says he bleached his skin he has no credibility. ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:21:00 +0000 1063686 at Headlines, Headlines, Headlines:The bearded lady 3-26-15 <!--paging_filter-->The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. <br/><br/><b>[0:00:24]</b> ... know I think you and I agree with trajectory that the folks <b>Mass</b> <b>Pike</b>. Them crawl to work agreeable. It <b>Jerry</b> <b>Kelly</b> and beards. Terrible it is it's the worst thing it is. In the world and you cared that much about my appearances ... <br/><b>[0:05:38]</b> ... this yesterday raised interest to question though it. Is it possible that <b>bill</b> <b>Cosby's</b> what was that your the most prolific. Serial serial rapists in US history I can't speak for China. And Mongolia but if ... <br/><b>[0:06:47]</b> ... of your did they seem to remember that we went up to. <b>Bill</b> <b>Cosby's</b> we freaked out commuters come out as it yet you said you could wanted its victims yes yes he's guilt. Josie him ... <br/><b>[0:09:45]</b> ... drug issues. And we want them to be was born at the <b>first</b> <b>night</b> to the hospital but it right after she was a match. Now ex spy stuff what I would use myself so now ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:46:00 +0000 1061201 at Darrelle Revis says the Patriots were not in the same ballpark as Jets. 3-26-15 <!--paging_filter-->The guys discussed Darrelle Revis' comments on his contract offer from the Patriots. <br/><br/><b>[0:04:43]</b> ... waved the white flag bill. I criticized him lower Malloy more recently <b>Logan</b> <b>Mankins</b> in between Richard Seymour <b>Tedy</b> <b>Bruschi</b> all Vinatieri. All over for Vinatieri authors is going to be Welker played it going to be a disaster. Bat like a ... <br/><b>[0:07:03]</b> ... quarterback Newfoundland -- that point fifteen. Toll road group Barry's ball to <b>Tony</b> <b>Romo</b> and Drew Brees two teams from contending teams that they get talent obviously. The room the cow was kept as Bryant the ... <br/><b>[0:09:57]</b> ... guys stepped mean wait ask you to you just mentioned to a <b>Tony</b> <b>Romo</b> Drew Brees wouldn't soup for the year now they're very good quarterback and they're much better than geno Smith. Brees 111 time ... <br/><b>[0:11:44]</b> ... sees him is he the star. I'm for the sick opens but <b>Matt</b> <b>Cassel</b>. Not they're not castle just when. Some books. Here quarterback to be Gina Smith <b>Matt</b> <b>Cassel</b> in front and it. I think it blows this division is locked up seated need Revis in the regular season as a ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:44:00 +0000 1061206 at Did Bill Belichick go on a tirade at the owners meetings? 3-26-15` <!--paging_filter-->The guys opened the show by discussing the rumored profanity laced tirade by Bill Belichick. <br/><br/><b>[0:02:16]</b> ... Europe's lead a little thing just deal. Questions how popular de Janeiro <b>Jeff</b> <b>Fisher</b> if <b>Tony</b> <b>Dungy</b> was the coach do you propose that suggest a better chance and I and I think. Is this and that big a ... <br/><b>[0:03:28]</b> ... A show after yesterday corporate Prius beyond. So that the patriots coach <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> engaged in April famed tirade. Regarding the league's resistance to using fixed cameras to enhance replay review the goal line and in the end zone. Quote they were in a meeting the other day would be bland you know at a B officials and <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> got up there and improve paint language told the NFL quote. We spend money to send the Pro Bowl Brazil. We spend ... <br/><b>[0:04:31]</b> ... should just sit just a couple laughing or would you Laffer yes <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> on the pro families and trump right and at least make it stupid wisecracks like. Send a Pro Bowl Brazil nine Utley ... <br/><b>[0:15:02]</b> ... Adam shipped are said to Jerry's best friend Keith Olbermann. About the <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> rant regarding the antebellum not spending money on I want recipients. Well here's a story there and a lot of people don't know about this but they aren't meeting get a daily dean blamed you know the head of the officials and <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> got out there. And it profane language took old NFL. We spend money to send a probe ultra Brazil we spent money ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio Dennis & Callahan general Thu, 26 Mar 2015 13:42:00 +0000 1061211 at