Other http://www.weei.com/taxonomy/term/49/sports/boston/basketball/celtics/paul-flannery/2011/11/01/requiem-opening-night en Pete Carroll, Bill Belichick rave about Robert Kraft http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/pete-carroll-bill-belichick-rave-about-robert-kraft <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_88188" style="width: 410px" class="wp-caption alignright"><img class="wp-image-88188" src="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/462522130.jpg" alt="Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll raved about Robert Kraft on Friday at their joint press conference. (Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)" width="400" height="255" /><p class="wp-caption-text"><a href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm" class="r_lapi">Bill Belichick</a> and <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm" class="r_lapi">Pete Carroll</a> raved about Robert Kraft Friday at their joint press conference. (Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)</p></div> <p>PHOENIX &#8212; Although Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick are very much different coaches in terms of style, they are both very successful.</p> <p>Carroll is going for his second straight <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm" class="r_lapi">Super Bowl</a> win on Sunday, while Belichick will attempt to earn his fourth.</p> <p>They are also connected by current Patriots owner Robert Kraft, as Kraft hired both coaches to coach the Patriots with Carroll coaching in New England from 1997-99.</p> <p>&#8220;I would say, about Robert [Kraft], I had a wonderful experience with Robert,&#8221; Carroll said Friday. &#8220;He was one that showed great interest in his people and I&#8217;€™m sure he and Bill, as Bill said, have a great relationship and communicate on a regular basis. I think that was the reason that I was hired in New England. I&#8217;€™ll forever be grateful for that.</p> <p>&#8220;The character that he&#8217;€™s demonstrated, the class that he&#8217;€™s demonstrated in the years that followed to support me and my career as I went on &#8216;€“ the best thing that has ever happened is that he sent me to USC. He didn&#8217;€™t realize that at the time, but I&#8217;€™ll always be grateful for the time we spent together and will always take pride in watching the great success that these guys have had together in historic fashion for the New England franchise.&#8221;</p> <p>Carroll went on to coach at USC after being fired by Kraft and was there from 2001-09, winning two national championships during his time there.</p> <p>Belichick too has a lot of his success in the league because of Kraft and he taking the chance to give up a first round pick in 2000 to take him away from the Jets and bring him to New England.</p> <p>&#8220;Obviously, I wouldn&#8217;€™t be here without his support,&#8221; Belichick said. &#8220;He gave up a number one draft choice, actually a little bit more, in order to bring me to the Patriots in 2000. I&#8217;€™ll be forever grateful for that. Without him, I wouldn&#8217;€™t be sitting here today. I would say that&#8217;€™s really a no-brainer. It&#8217;€™s meant everything.&#8221;</p> <p><span id="more-88187"></span>Kraft has been at least a part owner of the team since 1985 after being a season ticket holder since 1971. Belichick discussed how much passion he has for the Patriots at length and how much he values the community.</p> <p><b>&#8220;</b>I think the intangible that Robert brings to the <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm" class="r_lapi">New England Patriots</a> is his passion,&#8221; said Belichick. &#8220;The passion that he has for the football team, the football team&#8217;€™s relationship with the community as it extends to the entire New England area. It&#8217;€™s a local team, it&#8217;€™s a regional team, and we have great support from all the New England states as well as great national support.</p> <p>&#8220;But the passion that he brings, he&#8217;€™s there on a pretty regular basis with the team, with the players, with the coaches, with the staff. He&#8217;€™s an integral part of everything that we do.&#8221;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:53:41 +0000 925131 at http://www.weei.com Bill Belichick pays tribute to mom and dad on verge of sixth Super Bowl http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/bill-belichick-pays-tribute-mom-and-dad-verge-sixth-super-bowl <!--paging_filter--><p>PHOENIX &#8212; <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm" class="r_lapi">Bill Belichick</a>&#8216;s respect, love and admiration for his father is well documented. And while he paid respect to his late father Steve again on Friday, the Patriots coach didn&#8217;t want to forget about his dad&#8217;s better half. </p> <p>Answering a question of both coaches about how many family members would be on site, Belichick initially said all of his family will be at <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/university-of-phoenix-stadium.htm" class="r_lapi">University of Phoenix Stadium</a>, adding &#8220;my personal family, too.&#8221;</p> <p><a href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm" class="r_lapi">Pete Carroll</a> offered his answer before Belichick piped up, &#8220;I have one correction on that. My 94-year-old mom won&#8217;€™t be here. She&#8217;€™s in Annapolis. I know she&#8217;€™ll be yelling at the TV set all game. But I do miss that she won&#8217;€™t be here.&#8221;</p> <p>Jeannette (Munn) Belichick gave birth to Belichick on April 16, 1952 in Nashville, Tenn. She was the supportive mom featured in the 2009 Bill Belichick documentary &#8220;A Football Life&#8221; on NFL Network. Jeannette traveled with husband Steve and son Bill to Annapolis, where young Bill was raised and Steve took up shop for 45 years as an assistant coach at Navy. </p> <p>Later, Belichick and Carroll were asked who was the one person that taught them the most about coaching. Belichick&#8217;s answered was a no-brainer. </p> <p>&#8220;For me, I&#8217;€™d have to say my dad,&#8221; Belichick said. &#8220;I&#8217;€™ve had the opportunity to be around a lot of great coaches as an assistant coach, other assistants and, obviously, for a number of great head coaches, and interacted with many others. But, in the end, my dad had a big influence on me.&#8221;</p> <p>As for historical legacies on the line Sunday, neither coach was willing to go down that road Friday. </p> <p>&#8220;With all due respect, for us, whatever we have or haven&#8217;€™t done in the past, the Super Bowls we&#8217;€™ve won, the ones we didn&#8217;€™t win, championships and so forth, really, it&#8217;€™s not about that right now,&#8221; Belichick said. &#8220;This is about an opportunity for this team at this time to be special this year. Again, whatever did or didn&#8217;€™t happen, we don&#8217;€™t really care now at this point; we care about what happens on Sunday and what we&#8217;€™ll leave as the legacy and what the mark of this team is. That&#8217;€™s the passion that this group of players and coaches have for each other. So it&#8217;€™s really not about anything that has happened. It&#8217;€™s about what&#8217;€™s going to happen Sunday. That&#8217;€™s where we&#8217;€™re at.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;These are opportunities that come up that you guys kind of put together to see the storyline to it,&#8221; added Carroll. &#8220;This is really this game, and this opportunity is rare in itself and unique in itself. If there&#8217;€™s reason to look back and say, &#8216;€˜We did this,&#8217;€™ and, &#8216;€˜We did that,&#8217;€™ and make connections and storylines for all that, that&#8217;€™s really for you guys to do that. That has nothing to do with what&#8217;€™s going on and it&#8217;€™s not really our focus at all &#8216;€“ it&#8217;€™s this great matchup that we have. We have family in, it&#8217;€™s a great time to be together, it&#8217;€™s a great celebration for everyone, and it&#8217;€™s fun for it to be shared so I enjoy them here.&#8217;€</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:52:12 +0000 925136 at http://www.weei.com Source: Red Sox agree to terms with Alexi Ogando http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/source-red-sox-agree-terms-alexi-ogando <!--paging_filter--><p>According to a major league source, the <a href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/boston-red-sox.htm" class="r_lapi">Red Sox</a> have come to terms on a one-year deal for pitcher Alexi Ogando. The deal is contingent on the pitcher passing a physical. FoxSports.com, who was first to surface the agreement, reports the deal is worth $1.5 million. USA Today adds that incentives can push the deal up by another $1.5 million.</p> <p>Ogando battled physical issues in 2014, making 27 appearances (all out of the bullpen), and compiling a 6.84 ERA. His most recent issues have involved his right (pitching) elbow.</p> <p>Prior to &#8217;14, the 31-year-old had success both as a starter and reliever. In 2011, he made the All-Star team, finishing with a 13-8 mark and 3.51 ERA in 29 starts. The following season he pitched almost exclusively out of the bullpen, totaling a 3.27 ERA in 58 appearances (57 as a reliever).</p> <p>Ogando was effective in &#8217;13, making 17 starts and 23 appearances on the way to a 7-4 mark with a 3.11 ERA. But he was sidelined with right shoulder inflammation, an issue that plagued him the rest of the season.</p> <p>The righty was beset with arm problems throughout &#8217;14, leading the Rangers to non-tender him. Ogando recently performed a showcase for interested teams in Tampa, with the <a href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/boston-red-sox.htm" class="r_lapi">Red Sox</a> one of the dozen or so teams attending.</p> <p>If healthy, Ogando could factor into the Red Sox&#8217; late-inning relief plans. During his best season as a reliever in &#8217;12, the right-hander held righty hitters to just a .179 batting average. Without the bite on his slider last season, that number jumped to .327.</p> <p>According to major league talent evaluators, Ogando could still be an effective option out of the bullpen, but only if his workload is managed.</p> Blog red sox Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:12:18 +0000 925076 at http://www.weei.com Bill Belichick wants to be more like Pete Carroll: ‘His teams play for 60 minutes’ http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/bill-belichick-wants-be-more-pete-carroll-%E2%80%98his-teams-play-60-minutes%E2%80%99 <!--paging_filter--><p>PHOENIX &#8212; One of the first observations <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm" class="r_lapi">Bill Belichick</a> made about his <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm" class="r_lapi">Super Bowl</a> opponent after they beat <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/green-bay-packers.htm" class="r_lapi">the Packers</a> in the NFC championship was their tenacity. </p> <p>On Friday, during a joint press conference with counterpart <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm" class="r_lapi">Pete Carroll</a>, Belichick went even further. </p> <p>Each coach was asked if there was a quality about the other he wish he or his team had. Belichick admitted that there have been many times this season where his team has played very well in stretches but not consistently for an entire game, something that Belichick believes is crucial to a Patriots win on Sunday. </p> <p>&#8220;I think when I&#8217;€™ve watched Pete&#8217;€™s teams play through the years &#8216;€“ most particularly with Seattle &#8216;€“ the thing that impresses me the most and the thing that I guess I would like to do a better job of is just the way that his teams play for 60 minutes,&#8221; Belichick said. &#8220;They play from the opening kickoff to the final whistle or the final gun. They play from the snap of the ball until the whistle blows at the end of the play. They play extremely hard down after down after down, week after week, year after year. They compete relentlessly as well as any team or any organization I&#8217;€™ve ever observed. </p> <p>&#8220;They just compete relentlessly on, not even 60 minutes &#8216;€“ it&#8217;€™s even longer, like last week against <a href="http://media.weei.com/ncaa/green-bay-phoenix.htm" class="r_lapi">Green Bay</a>. But it&#8217;€™s from the opening kickoff to the final gun and they&#8217;€™re just never going to let up in any phase of the game: offense, defense, special teams, the receivers, the defensive backs, the linemen, the quarterback. Everybody just competes at such a high level for every single second that they&#8217;€™re out there, and I think that&#8217;€™s a great credit and attribute to Pete and his staff. </p> <p>The players they brought in there, they&#8217;€™re just relentless in the way that they play. And so I think that any coach wants his team to play that way and I think that Seattle and Pete really are the model for that. They do a better job than anybody. And I&#8217;€™m not saying that there aren&#8217;€™t other teams that are in that category or very close to them, but I put them at the top.&#8221;<span id="more-88179"></span></p> <p>Carroll had the chance to answer the question and paid respect to the consistency of Belichick. </p> <p>&#8220;What I&#8217;€™m always impressed by is the consistency the performer or team can have over a long period of time and sustain. The fact that these guys &#8216;€“ some of the numbers that you throw out, like having the first round bye 10 times in your time at one club, all the championship opportunities and all of the Super Bowls. </p> <p>&#8220;The ability to continue to show, regardless of the personnel and regardless of the coaching staff &#8216;€“ who some have gone on to do great things &#8216;€“ and players that have come and gone too, they&#8217;€™ve maintained the consistency of championship-level play, and that&#8217;€™s Bill; that&#8217;€™s Bill&#8217;€™s direction and the leadership and I think that that&#8217;€™s something that anybody in our world would like to be able to share and understand, and that&#8217;€™s winning over a long period of time, showing you got it, you got it together, and you&#8217;€™ve kind of done something really special with special areas. So I think he&#8217;€™s done a fantastic job in that regard and that&#8217;€™s something that I would like to be able to demonstrate someday.&#8221;</p> <p>With a win Sunday, Carroll would become the first coach since Belichick to win back-to-back Super Bowl titles, and just the seventh coach in history to accomplish the feat. Chuck Noll is the only coach ever to do it twice. </p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 21:05:04 +0000 925001 at http://www.weei.com Bill Belichick will leave substitution issues to SB officials: ‘That’s not my job’ http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/bill-belichick-will-leave-substitution-issues-sb-officials-%E2%80%98that%E2%80%99s-not-my <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_88176" style="width: 385px" class="wp-caption alignright"><img class="wp-image-88176 size-full" src="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/IMG_6735-e1422649676866.jpg" alt="Pete Carroll (left) and Bill Belichick hold court during Friday's joint news conference. (Mike Petraglia/WEEI.com)" width="375" height="500" /><p class="wp-caption-text"><a href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm" class="r_lapi">Pete Carroll</a> (left) and <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm" class="r_lapi">Bill Belichick</a> hold court during Friday&#8217;s joint news conference. (Mike Petraglia/WEEI.com)</p></div> <p>PHOENIX &#8212; <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm">Bill Belichick</a> isn&#8217;t worried about how his substitutions will be handled in light of his four-man offensive line and tackle-eligible formations in the playoffs so far.</p> <p>NFL director of officiating Dean Blandino corrected his <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> referee Bill Vinovich Thursday on <a title="Dean Blandino corrects Super Bowl ref Bill Vinovich on exactly how to handle Patriots substitutions" href="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2015/01/29/dean-blandino-corrects-super-bowl-ref-bill-vinovich-on-exactly-how-to-handle-patriots-substituions/" target="_blank">how to announce ineligible receivers</a> that enter a game.</p> <p>There will be a hand signal from Vinovich indicating which player is not eligible, as opposed to a verbal indication, as was the case against the Ravens. However it&#8217;s handled Sunday, Belichick isn&#8217;t worried.</p> <p>&#8220;€œWell, I&#8217;€™ll start and say that&#8217;€™s not my job,&#8221; Belichick said. &#8220;Whatever the officials do, that&#8217;€™s their protocol and their mechanics. Whatever that is, you should direct that, as far as I&#8217;€™m concerned, to the league.&#8221;</p> <p>Blandino was told by a reporter Thursday that <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> coach <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm">Pete Carroll</a> thought the hand signal was something new. Blandino said it was not. Carroll clarified his feelings Friday.</p> <p>&#8220;€œI don&#8217;€™t have any problem with the way we expect it to be handled,&#8221; Carroll said. &#8220;They&#8217;€™ll do a great job and we&#8217;€™re very tuned into it. Bill&#8217;€™s done a job of challenging me with some really unique and innovative ideas in how to move people around. They do have to be on their toes, but they&#8217;€™re ready to do that and they&#8217;€™ll do a great job. I don&#8217;€™t think there&#8217;€™s going to be any issue with that in terms of this game at all.&#8221;</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 20:22:58 +0000 924996 at http://www.weei.com Thinking Out Loud: Providence makes best of snowy situation http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/thinking-out-loud-providence-makes-best-snowy-situation <!--paging_filter--><p><a href="http://mashup.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Rooke_John.jpg"><img class="alignright size-full wp-image-35388" src="http://mashup.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Rooke_John.jpg" alt="Rooke_John" width="300" height="376" /></a>Thinking out loud &#8230; while wondering whatever happened to the super-villain Mr. Freeze &#8230;</p> <p>&#8212; So &#8230; what&#8217;s a little snow between friends? The fourth-largest snowfall on record? This week, beautiful, fluffy white snowflakes became hated, heavy drifts of pure, cold, white misery. Honestly, I thought I had seen/been through it all in 27 years as a New England resident. That is, until this past week. My backyard, a cranberry bog in the Massachusetts town of Berkley, was buried under 30-plus inches of snow after all was said and done with Winter Storm Juno. And what is it with naming winter storms, like naming hurricanes? Does this help keep track of them through the years? And why would we <em>want</em> to remember this? Stupid is as stupid does.</p> <p>&#8212; We all seem to remember the great storms in history, like the Blizzard of&#8221;78, so let&#8217;s compromise here. Snowmageddon 2015. Has a great ring to it, with the proper amount of alarm and hype just like our TV reporters would want, don&#8217;cha think?</p> <p>&#8212; The week&#8217;s confinement to quarters gave me time to recall a few of my favorite one-liners on the weather, like this one: It was so cold this week, lawyers put their hands in their own pockets. The same can be said for politicians, too.</p> <p>&#8212; One of the casualties of the snowfall was Providence&#8217;s Tuesday night game with DePaul &#8212; delayed to Thursday at the Dunkin&#8217; Donuts Center. One possibility had the Friars and Blue Demons playing at Alumni Hall on campus, if the Fleetwood Mac concert Wednesday had to be postponed. That would have made for an interesting scenario &#8212; with only 3,000 or so tickets/seats available &#8212; and the first regular-season game on campus in more than 40 years. Alas, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine McVie, Mick Fleetwood and crew decided the show would go on as scheduled. The postponement still became the first in almost 22 years for the Friars, since Georgetown and John Thompson pulled out of a scheduled game at the Dunk in 1993 due to a snowstorm.</p> <p>&#8212; Not for nuthin&#8217; &#8230; but a stroke of genius by the PC athletic department in selling tickets to the Thursday afternoon game with DePaul for just $1. Who could make a 2 p.m. tip-off on a work day, or during a work week already messed up by the snowstorm? As it turned out, 3,568 fans did show for the matinee. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to local charities, and fans who pre-purchased tickets will get two tickets to a future game next season. That&#8217;s certainly making chicken salad out of chicken feathers.</p> <p>&#8212; The rantings and ravings here over Kris Dunn the past couple of weeks? I could say I told you so &#8230; so I will. His triple-double performance against DePaul Thursday (career high 27 points, career high 13 rebounds, 11 assists) was rare, of course. First ever for PC in a Big East game, ninth in school history. I hope it means nothing, but perhaps Friars fans need to enjoy these last few weeks of games with Dunn in Friar duds, &#8216;cuz he is rapidly gaining attention, and ascending the NBA draft ladder.</p> <p>&#8212; For my money, Dunn has perhaps the best pure ability of any individual Friar I&#8217;ve had the privilege to cover in more than 20 years &#8212; and there have been some very good ones. There is fluidity to his game I haven&#8217;t seen since Eric Murdock dominated on both ends of the floor in 1990-91. And Murdock went on to play in the NBA for nine seasons.</p> <p><span id="more-35525"></span></p> <p>&#8212; LaDontae Henton won his second Big East Player of the Week award this past week. He leads the league in scoring and was sixth nationally at 21.2 points per game at the start of the week. But he won&#8217;t win Big East Player of the Year. Why? That&#8217;s just who he is &#8212; he&#8217;s unassuming. And what he does isn&#8217;t spectacular, really. It&#8217;s just effective. Buckets can score the quietest 20 points I&#8217;ve ever seen &#8212; on anyone. And the bet is here that opposing coaches won&#8217;t notice it, either. That&#8217;s a shame.</p> <p>&#8212; How big are home wins? Forget winning on the road, which is hard to do. Defending the home floor is an absolute must. After the Friars were taken into OT by Xavier, the Musketeers took to the road and popped a sluggish Georgetown team &#8212; nationally ranked, no less &#8212; 66-53. The Hoyas were never really in it. There have been, and continue to be, some results in this league that make you go &#8220;hmmmm.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8212; Marquette has been more than merely competitive in the Big East, with an average margin of victory (or defeat) of just four points per game. But when the Golden Eagles can&#8217;t get help for Matt Carlino and can&#8217;t score, they&#8217;re tough to watch. Seton Hall snapped a three-game losing streak by pounding on them this week, taking out their frustrations after getting beaten up themselves at Butler.</p> <p>&#8212; People this week were like, &#8220;When I was younger, I remember it was so cold that &#8212; nah, to hell with it. This is colder.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8212; If URI&#8217;s E.C. Matthews is day to day for the rest of this season with a bum left foot, that can&#8217;t be good news for the Rams, can it? He&#8217;s been fighting plantar fasciitis since a win over Brown, and his numbers are down as he fights through the pain and discomfort. Keeping him away from the practice floor and saving him for game day is one way to keep him active, but that won&#8217;t mean much come A-10 tournament time. The Rams need him to stay in the hunt for the postseason.</p> <p>&#8212; Former Rhody Ram Keith Cothran has moved on from the Providence Sky Chiefs to the National Basketball League of Canada, and the St. John&#8217;s Mill Rats. Before you laugh it off, that&#8217;s precisely what the Sky Chiefs and the ABA are here for &#8212; as a developmental league for players to potentially move onto more lucrative professional opportunities. Cothran averaged 13 points per game for the Sky Chiefs, and after an MVP season in the Greater Hartford Pro-Am last summer it was good enough to land him another deal.</p> <p>&#8212; The Sky Chiefs&#8217; DeRonn Scott also has moved on, signing a pro contract with a team in New Zealand. That&#8217;s the true measure of success for a first-year franchise that&#8217;s been ranked in the top 15 (out of 76 teams) all season long in the ABA &#8212; just like measuring real success for the Pawtucket <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/boston-red-sox.htm">Red Sox</a> in call-ups to Boston.</p> <p>&#8212; Speaking of the Pawsox and the alleged impending sale of the franchise &#8230; crickets &#8230;</p> <p>&#8212; One of the best local events on the sports calendar is this weekend &#8212; Saturday at the West Valley Inn (4 Bloom Street) in West Warwick, Rhode Island. It&#8217;s the 39th annual Cranston Sports Collectors Show, ably sponsored by the St. Joseph Men&#8217;s Guild of the Immaculate Conception Church. This is the oldest memorabilia and collectibles show of its kind in New England, as more than 1,800 dealers, collectors and sports fans attend the show each year. The one-and-only &#8220;Mr. Mint,&#8221; Alan Rosen, will have his briefcase and cash in hand, ready to buy your prized possessions &#8212; if you can bear parting with them. For the right price, you might. Rosen annually spends more than $1 million on sports collectibles.</p> <p>&#8212; The show begins Saturday at 8:30 a.m. and runs until 4 p.m. The Rhode Island Reds Heritage Society will have a display, and sports cartoonist Frankie Galasso also will be in attendance. Admission is $3 per person.</p> <p>&#8212; With a tip o&#8217; the cap to so many Rhode Island front yards, it was so cold this week that my lawn jockey asked to borrow a blanket.</p> <p>&#8212; Is there anything more useless, really, than <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> media day? If you can find any entertainment value in that, other than pure nitwittyness, let me know what you find.</p> <p>&#8212; Know what could have been a big story but was squashed by the Deflategate fiasco? LeGarrette Blount&#8217;s departure from Pittsburgh to join New England. Did he orchestrate his release in order to better his personal standing? Sure looked that way &#8212; walking out on the Steelers, getting his release and joining the Patriots just in time to make an impression. And possibly win a ring. Could it be someone from New England pulled the strings on this to make it happen? Nah, we were too busy deflating footballs.</p> <p>&#8212; If <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/marshawn-lynch.htm">Marshawn Lynch</a> showed up for a scheduled interview and actually said something intelligent, <em>that</em> would be news. &#8220;I&#8217;m just here so I won&#8217;t get fined&#8221; is nothing more than flipping a middle finger to the NFL, to his fellow players and to the fans who have helped him become who he is today. And who is he, really? An edgy, powerful athlete who marches to a different beat or a self-centered jerk who cares not one bit what you or I think of him?</p> <p>&#8212; Speaking of the non-story that won&#8217;t go away, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star joined Dennis &amp; Callahan on WEEI Thursday from Arizona and proceeded to tell the audience that a missing pound of air in a football was as bad &#8212; or worse &#8212; than the 1919 Black Sox <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/world-series.htm">World Series</a> scandal. Yup, he went there. I have thoroughly enjoyed Doyel&#8217;s work in the past, but his comments and suggestions that the Patriots &#8220;rigged&#8221; the AFC title game against the Colts may have been the single dumbest comments made by a reporter/columnist I&#8217;ve ever heard. I thought he was kidding, that his comments were meant for Boston ears as part of his on-air schtick. But if he was serious, then congrats, Mr. Doyel. If it&#8217;s immortality you wanted to achieve, you just earned it.</p> <p>&#8212; Here&#8217;s what concerns me the most about the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> against the Patriots in <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm" class="r_lapi">Super Bowl</a> XLIX: <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/russell-wilson-wisconsin.htm">Russell Wilson</a>&#8216;s legs. Not his arm, or his head, but his legs, which ran for more than 800 yards this season and consistently confounded defenses not used to his unique brand of athleticism. He does what all &#8220;mobile&#8221; quarterbacks try to do, and he does it well. If the Patriots don&#8217;t account for his ability to create out of the pocket, it won&#8217;t take them long to wish they had.</p> <p>&#8212; In reality, the Patriots actually match up pretty well with the defending SB champs. An improved NE defense should be able to hang with Seattle&#8217;s receivers, allowing the focus to remain on Wilson, Lynch and the running game. Offensively, the <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm" class="r_lapi">Seahawks</a> must account for the whereabouts of <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/rob-gronkowski.htm">Rob Gronkowski</a>, certainly &#8212; which to my way of thinking makes <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/julian-edelman.htm">Julian Edelman</a> primed for an MVP type of performance.</p> <p>&#8212; My buddy Statbeast sez it&#8217;s so cold outside, it&#8217;s like the entire region is in rehab.</p> <p>&#8212; Something that&#8217;s never happened in 48 previous Super Bowls: a punt return for a touchdown. Wouldn&#8217;t shock me in the least if &#8220;Minitron&#8221; managed to pull that off.</p> <p>&#8212; As in all big games, turnovers can decide it. The previous 48 Super Bowl winners have had a total of 52 turnovers combined. The losers? 151 boo-boos. Turnovers mean missed chances for an offense, and usually good field position for the opponent. He who protects it best should win. Just sayin&#8217;.</p> <p>&#8212; While fans of the Patriots and Seahawks whoop it up this week, reveling in the glory of a Super Bowl appearance, what should fans of the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/kansas-city-chiefs.htm">Kansas City Chiefs</a> be thinking this week? KC plastered <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">the Pats</a>, 41-14, back in Week 4, and the Chiefs clipped the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/ncaa/hartford-hawks.htm">Hawks</a>, 24-20, in November, coming from behind to win that one. Should they be thinking, &#8220;What the hell just happened here?&#8221;</p> <p>&#8212; The Chiefs game, at halftime, was the moment the Patriots&#8217; season turned around this year, according to <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm">Bill Belichick</a>. That was the start of the &#8220;We&#8217;re on to Cincinnati&#8221; campaign that became a rallying cry and a mantra for the entire season &#8212; and the team certainly followed up, with a pounding of the Bengals in Week 5. Since halftime of the KC beatdown, NE has outscored the opposition 482-285. Up to that point, <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm" class="r_lapi">the Pats</a> were all even with their opponents, 66-66.</p> <p>&#8212; It was made official last week, but I&#8217;m kinda non-plussed about the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/hockey/nhl.htm">NHL</a> Winter Classic coming to <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/gillette-stadium.htm">Gillette Stadium</a> next Jan. 1. I mean, it&#8217;s cool they&#8217;re playing at Gillette, and it&#8217;s fine that the Bruins and <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/hockey/montreal-canadiens.htm">Montreal Canadiens</a> continue their rivalry for hockey fans in a marquee moment on the big stage, but isn&#8217;t outdoors ice hockey &#8220;been there, done that&#8221; by now? Boston will become the first <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/hockey/nhl-hockey.htm">NHL</a> team to host the Winter Classic for a second time, after playing at Fenway in 2010 &#8212; proving, once again, New England and its teams are the Hub of the Universe.</p> <p>&#8212; Never let it be said the Kraft family misses out on an opportunity. <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/gillette-stadium.htm" class="r_lapi">Gillette Stadium</a>, in addition to serving as the home of the Patriots, Revolution, countless shows and concerts and other world-class sporting events, will play home to the Boston Cannons of Major League Lacrosse this year.</p> <p>&#8212; The funniest line I heard this week came from a weather-watching friend of mine. He told me a lesser meteorologist could have simply called this storm an &#8220;arctic coldnado,&#8221; but he preferred to call the storm an &#8220;Alaskan punch in the crotch.&#8221; Whoa.</p> <p>&#8212; Largely due to the frozen temperatures and surroundings of the past week here in the northeast, the word &#8220;freeze&#8221; often came to mind. As a super-hero fan, one of my all-time favorite villains came from the Batman TV series of the 1960s, &#8220;Mr. Freeze,&#8221; who was played by Otto Preminger, among others. A later version of the character &#8212; whose name was Dr. Victor Fries in the DC comic books and in the 1997 &#8220;Batman &amp; Robin&#8221; movie &#8212; was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Preminger&#8217;s character had a civilian name, prior to his becoming a criminal mastermind: Dr. Schivel. Batman accidentally spilled some &#8220;instant freeze&#8221; solution on Dr. Schivel and changed his molecular structure. Or so the story went. He became an archenemy of the caped crusader, seeking revenge (what else?) for his predicament. George Sanders handled the role prior to Preminger&#8217;s portrayal, and the late Eli Wallach handled it toward the end of the TV series. Twice nominated for an Academy Award as best director, Preminger passed away in 1986 at 80 years of age.</p> <p>&#8212; The overwhelming majority of mail this week came in on the Super Bowl, with predictions galore and comments on Deflategate. Jonathan in Washington, D.C., posted this on Facebook: &#8220;I believe this will be an emotional game. Patriots have a lot to prove. Seattle is susceptible to TE touchdowns in the red zone, and they&#8217;re unable to defend the short passes &#8212; two categories the Pats flourish in.&#8221; Jonathan, you&#8217;ve hit on two big keys to the game Sunday, sure. Tight ends have had success against the Seahawks secondary close in, and Seattle&#8217;s back seven has had difficulties with short- to medium-range passes from opposing offenses. I fully expect the Patriots to utilize <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/julian-edelman.htm" class="r_lapi">Julian Edelman</a> in regard to the latter, which is also why he&#8217;s my early favorite for MVP.</p> <p>&#8212; Interested in having your questions on local Rhode Island sports (and yes, that includes the Patriots, <a href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/boston-red-sox.htm" class="r_lapi">Red Sox</a>, Bruins and <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/boston-celtics.htm">Celtics</a>) answered in a somewhat timely fashion? Send &#8216;€˜em to me! It&#8217;s your chance to &#8220;think out loud,&#8221; so send your questions, comments and local stories to jrooke@weei.com. We&#8217;ll share mailbag comments/Facebook posts/tweets right here! Follow me on Twitter, @JRbroadcaster, and on Facebook, www.facebook.com/john.rooke.</p> <p>&#8212; Don&#8217;t forget to join Scott Cordischi and me on Providence&#8217;s 103.7 FM, every Saturday from 7-9 a.m. for Southern New England Sports Saturday! Call in 401-737-1287 or text us at 37937.</p> Blog general Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 19:48:59 +0000 924886 at http://www.weei.com Roger Goodell: ‘We have made no judgments’ on Deflategate http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/roger-goodell-%E2%80%98we-have-made-no-judgments%E2%80%99-deflategate <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_80876" style="width: 410px" class="wp-caption alignright"><img class="wp-image-80876" src="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/455732660-commissioner-roger-goodell-talks-during-a-gettyimages.jpg" alt="Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed Deflategate during his state of the league address Friday. (Elsa/Getty Images)" width="400" height="298" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed Deflategate during his state of the league address Friday. (Elsa/Getty Images)</p></div> <p>PHOENIX &#8212; As a part of his state of the league address on Friday, commissioner Roger Goodell addressed Deflategate and the ongoing investigation by Ted Wells.</p> <p>Goodell said the investigation is centered around underinflated footballs used in the AFC championship game and if it was done deliberately. He said Wells and his team are hard at work on investigating the matter and release the findings when it is complete. He said they will do it &#8220;thorough&#8221; and &#8220;fair.&#8221;</p> <p>&#8220;We take seriously anything that impacts the integrity of the game,&#8221; Goodell said.</p> <p>&#8220;We have made no judgments on these points and will not compromise the investigation by engaging in speculation,&#8221; he added.</p> <p>He added later in the press conference: &#8220;We don&#8217;t know enough in this investigation to know who is responsible, or even if there is an infraction&#8221;</p> <p>Goodell said it didn&#8217;t matter how much of an advantage was gained by the possible use of underinflated footballs. He said rules are rules, also mentioning penalties, fines, suspensions and draft picks as possible measures of discipline.</p> <p>The commissioner was asked if footballs have ever been tested in the middle of a game before for PSI, like they were at halftime of the AFC title game. He said he didn&#8217;t know the answer to that question.</p> <p>Goodell was also asked <a href="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2015/01/26/robert-kraft-defends-patriots-says-nfl-should-apologize-if-league-finds-them-not-guilty-of-any-wrongdoing/">about the comments made</a> by Patriots owner Robert Kraft of he and the league owing him an apology if the investigation finds the Patriots did no wrong.</p> <p>Goodell didn&#8217;t directly address the comments, but said the league needed to address the matter.</p> <p>&#8220;This is my job, this is the job of the league,&#8221; said Goodell.</p> <p>He was later asked about him being in a photo with Kraft the night before the AFC championship game and said he was there with sponsors, saying it was not unusual to do such a thing.</p> <p>He added: &#8220;Professionally I have a relationship with [Kraft], and I also admire, respect and think very highly of him.&#8221;</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 19:16:01 +0000 924881 at http://www.weei.com Predictions, poll: Who wins Super Bowl? http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/predictions-poll-who-wins-super-bowl <!--paging_filter--><p>With <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/tom-brady.htm">Tom Brady</a> and the high-powered <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/patriots-offense.htm">Patriots offense</a> facing off against <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/richard-sherman.htm">Richard Sherman</a> and the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a>&#8216; Legion of Boom defense in just two days, NFL insiders and analysts across the nation are offering their predictions. And to no surprise, they&#8217;re almost split on their opinions.</p> <p>At <a href="http://espn.go.com/nfl/picks" target="_blank">ESPN</a>, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">the Pats</a> are a heavy favorite, with nine of 13 experts choosing New England. Merril Hoge, Ron Jawowrski, KC Joyner, Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter, Mark Schlereth, Seth Wickersham, Keyshawn Johnson, and Mike Ditka are all leaning toward a Patriots victory. Meanwhile, Eric Allen, Mike Golic, Tom Jackson, and Cris Carter are predicting a Seattle win.</p> Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post's poll. <p>At <a href="//www.cbssports.com/nfl/features/writers/expert/picks/straight-up/22" target="_blank">CBS</a>, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">the Pats</a> are also favored, but only by a 5-3 majority. Pete Prisco, Jason La Canfora, Will Brinson, Ryan Wilson, and Jamey Eisenberg are predicting the trophy will return to New England, while. Jared Dublin, John Breech and Dave Richard are looking for a repeat victory by Seattle.</p> <p><a href="//www.sbnation.com/nfl/2015/1/27/7863189/nfl-playoff-picks-experts-split-on-super-bowl-champion" target="_blank">SB Nation</a>&#8216;s experts, meanwhile, are leaning toward the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a>. Joel Thorman and Matt Ufford are the only two analysts picking <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">the Pats</a>. Ryan Van Bibber, Stephen White, David Fucillo, and Danny Kelly are predicting a Seattle win.</p> <p><a href="//www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000465257/article/super-bowl-xlix-picks-seahawks-have-edge-over-patriots" target="_blank">NFL.com</a>&#8216;s experts are also giving an edge to Seattle at an 8-6 margin. Adam Schein, Marc Sessler, Chris Weaseling, Dave Dameshek, Gregg Rosenthal, and Elliot Harrison are predicting a Patriots victory. Meanwhile, Bucky Brooks, Aditi Kinkhabwala, Charley Casserly, Gil Brandt, Kevin Patra, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/charles-davis.htm">Charles Davis</a>, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/brian-billick.htm">Brian Billick</a>, and Conor Orr are looking for another Seattle win.</p> <p>Following are more <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> XLIX predictions from around the country:</p> <p><strong>Adam Schein</strong>, <a href="http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000465257/article/super-bowl-xlix-picks-seahawks-have-edge-over-patriots" target="_blank">NFL.com</a>: Patriots 31, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 27. &#8220;New England is angry, talented and motivated to change the conversation. You never go against <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm">Bill Belichick</a> in a big spot.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Neil Greenberg</strong>, <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fancy-stats/wp/2015/01/27/super-bowl-xlix-preview-and-predictions-new-england-patriots-vs-seattle-seahawks/" target="_blank">Washington Post</a>: Patriots 23, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 20. &#8220;The key for New England will be to keep the pressure off Brady and for him to complete the short passes while getting the ball to their best playmaker, tight end <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/rob-gronkowski.htm">Rob Gronkowski</a>.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Sean O&#8217;Donnell</strong>, <a href="http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2346856-super-bowl-2015-patriots-vs-seahawks-game-time-predictions-and-tv-schedule" target="_blank">Bleacher Report</a>: <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 27, Patriots 24. &#8220;Both of these teams are extremely well put together, and we should expect a highly intense game that will most likely be decided in the final minute. The nod here goes to the squad that is more likely to force its opponent to play into its strengths, and that team is Seattle.&#8221;</p> <p><span id="more-88152"></span></p> <p>Several analysts and experts were asked for their predictions by Middays with MFB. Their predictions are below:</p> <p><strong>Alfred Williams</strong>, former <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/denver-broncos.htm">Broncos</a> lineman: &#8220;I am picking the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seattle Seahawks</a> to wax the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">New England Patriots</a> by a minimum of 13 points, because attitude counts in this game, and they have more.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>A.J. Feeley</strong>, former NFL quarterback: Patriots 24, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 20. &#8220;My boy Brady is going to get his fourth <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> and go down as the best quarterback of all time.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Anthony Munoz</strong>, former Bengals offensive lineman: Patriots 27, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 21.</p> <p><strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/barry-sanders.htm">Barry Sanders</a></strong>, former Lions RB: Patriots 35, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> 34.</p> <p><strong>Bill Romanowski</strong>, former <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/ncaa/boston-college-eagles.htm">Boston College</a> and NFL linebacker: &#8220;I think the team that scores the most points is going to win. I know that&#8217;s a little hard for some people to understand. And I think the Patriots will score more points.&#8221;</p> <p><strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/chris-cooley.htm">Chris Cooley</a></strong>, former NFL tight end: Patriots 24, <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm" class="r_lapi">Seahawks</a> 17.</p> <p><strong>Hugh Millen</strong>, Seattle radio and TV personality and former Patriots quarterback: Seahawks 27, Patriots 25 &#8212; &#8220;I think this defense is going to do enough against those relatively average receivers for the Patriots.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Jack Youngblood</strong>, former rams linebacker: Patriots 37, Seahawks 21 &#8212; &#8220;I&#8217;m going with Brady.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Joe Theismann</strong>, former NFL quarterback: &#8220;I think New England wins by seven.&#8221;</p> <p><strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/justin-tuck.htm">Justin Tuck</a></strong>, former <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/baseball/san-francisco-giants.htm">Giants</a> defensive end: Seahawks 27, Patriots 21.</p> <p><strong>Mike Haynes</strong>, former Patriots and Raiders defensive back: Patriots 28, Seahawks 20 &#8212; &#8220;I think they&#8217;re going to win in the fourth quarter. I think they&#8217;re going to win using the running game.&#8221;</p> <p><strong>Ickey Woods</strong>, former Bengals running back: Seahawks 28, Patriots 24.</p> <p><strong>Jim Miller</strong>, former NFL quarterback: Patriots 27, Seahawks 24.</p> <p><strong>Pat Kirwan</strong>, former NFL executive: Seahawks 24, Patriots 21.</p> <p><strong>Scott Hanson</strong>, NFL Network: I&#8217;m leaning toward the best defense in this game. I think Seahawks by a field goal.&#8221;</p> <p><strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/deion-branch.htm">Deion Branch</a></strong>, former Patriots and Seahawks receiver: Patriots 17, Seahawks 10.</p> <p>As for WEEI&#8217;s hosts, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/weei/gerry_callahan.htm">Gerry Callahan</a> (28-24), <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/weei/john_dennis.htm">John Dennis</a> (27-24), Christian Fauria and Lou Merloni predicted the Patriots to win. Kirk Minihane went with the Seahawks, 24-20.</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 19:04:17 +0000 924771 at http://www.weei.com Richard Sherman might skip the Super Bowl for his baby’s birth http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/richard-sherman-might-skip-super-bowl-his-baby%E2%80%99s-birth <!--paging_filter--><p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="http://t.co/rMO17h0j86">http://t.co/rMO17h0j86</a> <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/richard-sherman.htm" class="r_lapi">Richard Sherman</a> and the &#8216;Legion of Womb&#8217; is the weirdest <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm" class="r_lapi">Super Bowl</a> headline <a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/SportsTap?src=hash">#SportsTap</a> <a href="http://t.co/oDCsqSyRFF">pic.twitter.com/oDCsqSyRFF</a></p> <p>&#8216;€” Sports Tap (@SportsTapApp) <a href="https://twitter.com/SportsTapApp/status/561180730446057473">January 30, 2015</a></p></blockquote> <p><script src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" async="" charset="utf-8"></script></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/sports/newengland/football/patriots/2015/01/30/pete-carroll-will-support-any-decision-of-expectant-father-richard-sherman/" target="_blank">PHOENIX</a><em> &#8216;€” Earlier in the week, <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/vince-wilfork.htm" class="r_lapi">Vince Wilfork</a> said he would always choose family and faith over football.</em></p> <p><em>Turns out, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/richard-sherman.htm">Richard Sherman</a> might have exactly that decision to make hours before <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> XLIX on Sunday.</em></p> <p><em>The <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/seattle-seahawks.htm">Seahawks</a> star cornerback is set to become a father any day now and there&#8217;€™€™s a possibility that the baby could come before the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday.</em></p> <p><em>Sherman has been asked this week what he would do if his son arrived in the hours before or during the Super Bowl &#8230; [and] still would not commit on whether he&#8217;€™€™d miss the game. &#8230;</em></p> <p><em>&#8216;€œIt&#8217;€™€™s about family first and we will support his decision,&#8217;€ Carroll said.</em></p> <p>I can see where this might be a tough decision for some, but let me be helpful to Richard Sherman, <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/pete-carroll.htm" class="r_lapi">Pete Carroll</a> and the people who signed the &#8220;EMPLOYER&#8221; line on the bottom of his four year, $56 million contract extension. Here are two words of advice:</p> <p>Be there.</p> <p>Sherman, you do not want to miss the birth of your child. It&#8217;s a special, miraculous, never-to-be-equaled moment. A circle of life event you will never regret. Way better than trying to play outside shade on Brandon LaFell or jamming <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/rob-gronkowski.htm" class="r_lapi">Rob Gronkowski</a> split wide to your side. There will always be other trips to the Super Bowl, other Lombardi&#8217;s to hoist. But this might be the only time you&#8217;ll get to witness the glory of child birth. Don&#8217;t miss it.</p> <p>Now to be fair, Gisele Bundchen was on the nest a couple of seasons ago. And when she was getting close to pumping out the latest Heir to <a href="http://media.weei.com/football/tom-brady.htm" class="r_lapi">Tom Brady</a>&#8216;s Dominion, my advice to him differed somewhat. I didn&#8217;t say Tom shouldn&#8217;t be in the delivery room per se. I said <span style="text-decoration: underline;">no man</span> should be in there. Ever.</p> <p>Look, I&#8217;ve got two kids and was at the birth of both. Because somewhere in the last couple of generations, that little rite of passage went from being unheard of to mandatory. While my dad was where he should have been, home watching Walter Cronkite, smoking a Chesterfield and downing a GI quart of Carling&#8217;s Black Label as God intended, I was standing beside my Irish Rose&#8217;s bed saying &#8220;Don&#8217;t forget to breathe like they talked about&#8221; and otherwise just getting in the way. Being in the delivery room is like when the mechanic takes you into the garage to look at your engine, and you stand there while real men who understand how things work talk in car jargon you can&#8217;t understand, utterly useless.</p> <p>When it came to the Brady baby, my point was he&#8217;s a quarterback and on game days, he should be doing quarterback things. He&#8217;s not an obstetrician, fercryinoutloud. And when the game is on, the only thighs he should have his hands between belong to Ryan Wendell or Bryan Stork.</p> <p>Well I&#8217;m happy to say I&#8217;ve matured since then. I&#8217;ve evolved as a man to the point where now I firmly believe what Vince Wilfork and Pete Carroll are saying. Nothing is as important as family. Certainly not a trifling thing like helping stop the Patriots passing game and winning a Super Bowl.</p> <p>So be next to your girlfriend in her hour of need this Sunday, Sherman. Even if she&#8217;s not in labor, because you never know. Best to be on the side of caution just in case her water breaks at kickoff. It will be a blessed event for you and for Patriots fans.</p> <p><em>@JerryThornton1</em></p> <p>PS. I had no idea when I gave Richard Sherman the Richard Sherman treatment at that restaurant this week that his girlfriend was pregnant, much less this far along. I want to go on record as saying I&#8217;m glad I toned it down because I wouldn&#8217;t want to be responsible for inducing her. Sunday around 6:00 PM is a much better time.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Blog general Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:30:35 +0000 924766 at http://www.weei.com Adam Schefter on MFB: Deflategate leaves NFL in ‘no-win situation’ http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/adam-schefter-mfb-deflategate-leaves-nfl-%E2%80%98no-win-situation%E2%80%99 <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_80033" style="width: 160px" class="wp-caption alignright"><a href="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Schefter_Adam.jpg"><img class="size-full wp-image-80033" src="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Schefter_Adam.jpg" alt="Adam Schefter" width="150" height="217" /></a><p class="wp-caption-text">Adam Schefter</p></div> <p>ESPN&#8217;s Adam Schefter joined Middays with MFB to discuss Deflategate and preview the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a>. To hear the interview, go to the <a href="http://media.weei.com/merloni-fauria-and-benz.htm?" target="_blank">MFB audio on demand page</a>.</p> <p>Schefter discussed how the close relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will be affected by the Deflategate controversy.</p> <p>&#8220;The majority of fans outside of the New England area, they don&#8217;t like the Patriots, they don&#8217;t want to believe the Patriots, and they think the Patriots did wrong,&#8221; Schefter said. &#8220;And you have this public at large that wants to see New England hung for this. And then you&#8217;ve got Roger Goodell&#8217;s biggest supporter owning that football team. So it leaves Roger Goodell and the NFL in a real no-win situation. &#8230; The challenge here may be if there is any evidence to make sure that all sides are satisfied with the outcome of this particular case.&#8221;</p> <p>Last Saturday, coach <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm">Bill Belichick</a> held a press conference addressing the controversy and passionately defending his team and organization.</p> <p>&#8220;No. 1, <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/bill-belichick.htm">Bill Belichick</a> truly believes that his team did no wrong,&#8221; Schefter said. &#8220;There may have been something that went on, but I don&#8217;t believe that he had any idea that anything happened. I really believe that.&#8221;</p> <p>Added Schefter: &#8220;I think [Belichick] wanted to make it very clear that he didn&#8217;t know about it and I think No. 2, he wanted to put everything that he had out there defending his team in the strongest manner possible so that they could go to Scottsdale and then say, look, I did two press conferences last week, I answered all these questions, and before the week kicks into high gear, he&#8217;s got it out of the way.&#8221;</p> <p>With Deflategate still dominating the national media, Schefter discussed how <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/new-england-patriots.htm">the Pats</a> should approach the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> in the midst of the controversy.</p> <p>&#8220;You can&#8217;t go into a game thinking of the enormity of it,&#8221; Schefter said. &#8220;You can&#8217;t think that this game has more significance on our legacy and this season than anything else. &#8230; It has a ginormous feel. It feels different, but you can&#8217;t approach it that way, you just have approach it like it&#8217;s Week 1 or Week 8 or Week 12 or whatever it may be.&#8221;</p> <p>For more Patriots news, visit the team page at <a href="http://www.weei.com/teams/patriots/home" target="_blank">weei.com/patriots</a>.</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 18:12:10 +0000 924691 at http://www.weei.com Will any current Celtics make a future All-Star Game? http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/will-any-current-celtics-make-future-all-star-game <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_68688" style="width: 160px" class="wp-caption alignright"><a href="http://greenstreet.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Smart_Marcus-Celtics-head-14.jpg"><img class="size-full wp-image-68688" src="http://greenstreet.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Smart_Marcus-Celtics-head-14.jpg" alt="Marcus Smart" width="150" height="218" /></a><p class="wp-caption-text">Marcus Smart</p></div> <p>Is anybody on this <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/boston-celtics.htm">Celtics</a> team capable of playing in a future All-Star Game?</p> <p>The current 14-man roster shares one All-Star bid, as <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/gerald-wallace.htm">Gerald Wallace</a> appeared as a reserve in 2010, but the real question is whether or not any of the eight players currently under the age of 25 will ever receive an invitation. Needless to say, nobody on this year&#8217;s <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/boston-celtics.htm">Celtics</a> even cracked <a href="http://www.nba-allstar.com/ballot/">the top 50 vote-getters</a> for good reason.</p> <p>While we shouldn&#8217;t give up all hope on Kelly Olynyk or James Young just yet, it&#8217;s safe to assume Jared Sullinger and Marcus Smart offer the best hopes among these <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/boston-celtics.htm">Celtics</a> for a future All-Star nomination. So, let&#8217;s take a look at how the 2015 NBA All-Stars fared at the same stage of their careers as that C&#8217;s tandem.</p> <p><strong>BACKCOURT</strong></p> <p>Midway through his rookie season, Smart has averaged 6.7 points (54.3 true shooting percentage), 3.2 assists against 1.2 turnovers, 2.4 rebounds and 1.1 steals in 22.2 minutes over 30 games. How do those numbers rate against the pre-All-Star rookie averages for the 12 guards who made this year&#8217;s East and West rosters?</p> <p><span id="more-70824"></span></p> <p><strong>Stephen Curry </strong>(51 games): 34.5 min, 14.8 pts (56.3 TS%), 4.9 ast (2.7 to), 3.8 reb, 1.9 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/kobe-bryant.htm">Kobe Bryant</a></strong> (39 games): 14.5 min, 7.8 pts (55.4 TS%), 2.0 reb, 1.0 ast (1.6 to), 0.6 stl<br /> <strong>Jimmy Butler</strong> (20 games): 7.5 min, 2.5 pts (63.4 TS%), 1.2 reb, 0.4 stl, 0.3 ast (0.3 to)<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/james-harden.htm">James Harden</a></strong> (51 games): 22.7 min, 9.7 pts (53.0 TS%), 3.2 reb, 2.0 ast (1.3 to), 1.0 stl<br /> <strong>Kyrie Irving</strong> (28 games): 31.0 min, 18.1 pts (56.9 TS%), 5.1 ast (3.1 to), 3.5 reb, 0.8 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/kyle-lowry.htm">Kyle Lowry</a></strong> (10 games): 17.5 min, 5.6 pts (55.6 TS%), 3.2 ast (1.2 to), 3.1 reb, 1.4 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/chris-paul-new-orleans.htm">Chris Paul</a></strong> (48 games): 35.4 min, 15.9 pts (54.2 TS%), 7.7 ast (2.4 to), 5.6 reb, 2.2 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/jeff-teague.htm">Jeff Teague</a></strong> (45 games): 9.7 min, 2.9 pts (40.8 TS%), 1.7 ast (0.7 to), 0.9 reb, 0.5 stl<br /> <strong>Klay Thompson</strong> (30 games): 16.5 min, 7.2 pts (56.1 TS%), 1.6 reb, 1.3 ast (1.1 to), 0.5 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/dwyane-wade.htm">Dwyane Wade</a></strong> (36 games): 36.0 min, 16.3 pts (52.3 TS%), 4.4 ast (3.0 to), 4.3 reb, 1.3 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/john-wall.htm">John Wall</a></strong> (42 games): 36.9 min, 15.0 pts (49.1 TS%), 8.9 ast (3.7 to), 4.2 reb, 1.7 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/russell-westbrook.htm">Russell Westbrook</a> </strong>(53 games): 31.7 min, 15.0 pts (50.2 TS%), 4.9 ast (3.1 to), 1.4 stl</p> <p>While Smart hasn&#8217;t been handed the workload of Irving, Paul, Wade, Wall or Westbrook in Year 1, the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/boston-celtics.htm">Celtics</a> rookie&#8217;s 36-minute averages [10.8 pts (54.3 TS%), 5.1 ast (1.9 to), 3.9 reb, 1.8 stl] aren&#8217;t all that far off from almost everyone on this list through the first half of their rookie seasons. And that&#8217;s an encouraging sign.</p> <p><strong>FRONTCOURT</strong></p> <p>Despite back surgery that cost him the second half of his rookie campaign, Sullinger is averaging 14.3 points (53.4 true shooting percentage), 8.2 rebounds, 2.2 assists against 1.4 turnovers and 0.7 steals in 28.8 minutes over 44 games midway through his third season &#8212; by far the best year of his young career. So, what kind of numbers were the current All-Star frontcourt players posting halfway through their third NBA seasons?</p> <p><strong>LaMarcus Aldridge</strong> (51 games): 38.0 min, 20.9 pts (52.6 TS%), 8.8 reb, 2.5 ast (1.9 to), 0.8 stl<br /> <strong>Carmelo Anthony</strong> (53 games): 36.8 min, 26.0 pts (55.0 TS%), 5.3 reb, 2.7 ast (2.7 to), 1.3 stl<br /> <strong>Chris Bosh </strong>(53 games): 38.8 min, 22.5 pts (59.0 TS%), 9.2 reb, 2.5 ast (2.2 to), 0.6 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/anthony-davis.htm">Anthony Davis</a></strong> (42 games): 36.1 min, 24.5 pts (61.3 TS%), 10.4 reb, 1.7 ast (1.3 to), 1.6 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/tim-duncan.htm">Tim Duncan</a></strong> (49 games): 39.6 min, 24.6 pts (56.5 TS%), 13.1 reb, 3.0 ast (3.3 to), 1.0 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/kevin-durant.htm">Kevin Durant</a></strong> (51 games): 39.8 min, 29.7 pts (60.6 TS%), 7.4 reb, 2.9 ast (3.8 to), 1.4 stl<br /> <strong>Marc Gasol</strong> (56 games): 33.3 min, 11.8 pts (57.5 TS%), 7.0 reb, 2.7 ast (2.0 to), 0.8 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/pau-gasol.htm">Pau Gasol</a></strong> (52 games): 32.3 min, 17.6 pts (54.1 TS%), 7.9 reb, 2.4 ast (2.4 to), 0.6 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/blake-griffin.htm">Blake Griffin</a></strong> (54 games): 32.5 min, 18.5 pts (57.4 TS%), 8.7 reb, 3.6 ast (2.4 to), 1.5 stl<br /> <strong>Al Horford</strong> (51 games): 34.9 min, 13.4 pts (59.9 TS%), 9.4 reb, 2.1 ast (1.5 to), 0.7 stl<br /> <strong><a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/basketball/lebron-james.htm">LeBron James</a></strong>: (52 games): 42.2 min, 31.2 pts (57.2 TS%), 7.0 reb, 6.6 ast (3.2 to), 1.7 stl<br /> <strong>Paul Millsap</strong> (47 games): 32.1 min, 14.7 pts (58.6 TS%), 9.2 reb, 2.2 ast (2.1 to), 1.0 stl</p> <p>While many on this list were well ahead of Sullinger&#8217;s pace through two and a half seasons, there is hope for the Ohio State product, especially if he dedicates himself to getting in better physical shape. Just look to Millsap, the undersized Hawks forward whose work ethic has led to steady improvement and his current status as arguably the Eastern Conference&#8217;s best low-post player. Of course, he didn&#8217;t make his first All-Star roster until leaving the team that drafted him, so only time will tell if any current C&#8217;s make a similar leap.</p> Blog celtics Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:55:09 +0000 924631 at http://www.weei.com Conan O’Brien, Rob Gronkowski and Marshawn Lynch play ‘Mortal Kombat X’ http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/conan-o%E2%80%99brien-rob-gronkowski-and-marshawn-lynch-play-%E2%80%98mortal-kombat-x%E2%80%99 <!--paging_filter--><p><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/MNpkSyryQz4" width="600" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Is it just me, or does <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/marshawn-lynch.htm">Marshawn Lynch</a> seem like he&#8217;d be a fun guy to hang out with? I mean, he&#8217;s no <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/rob-gronkowski.htm">Rob Gronkowski</a>. But if TV did an &#8220;Odd Couple&#8221;-like reality show of these two guys sharing an apartment together, it would be appointment television.  Beastmode had me at the five minute mark when he&#8217;s yelling &#8220;Lick the gun! Lick the gun!&#8221; But Gronk steals the whole show when he just assumed Lipitor is a penis medicine. Even if their show was just a half hour of them talking &#8220;Mario Kart&#8221; strategy and Gronk making &#8220;69&#8221; jokes, it would be the best thing on cable. NFL Network, the ball is in your court.</p> <p><em>@JerryThornton1</em></p> Blog general Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:45:10 +0000 924616 at http://www.weei.com Willie McGinest on MFB: ‘The two right teams’ are in Super Bowl http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/willie-mcginest-mfb-%E2%80%98-two-right-teams%E2%80%99-are-super-bowl <!--paging_filter--><div id="attachment_88146" style="width: 160px" class="wp-caption alignright"><img class="size-full wp-image-88146" src="http://itiswhatitis.weei.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/McGinest_Willie-head-13.jpg" alt="Willie McGinest" width="150" height="228" /><p class="wp-caption-text"><a href="http://media.weei.com/football/willie-mcginest.htm" class="r_lapi">Willie McGinest</a></p></div> <p>NFL Network analyst and former Patriots linebacker <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/willie-mcginest.htm">Willie McGinest</a> checked in with Middays with MFB on Friday to preview the <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a>. To hear the interview, go to the <a href="http://media.weei.com/a/101439193/willie-mcginest-previews-super-bowl-xlix-1-30-15.htm" target="_blank">MFB audio on demand page</a>.</p> <p>Putting the controversy aside and looking forward to Sunday&#8217;s game, McGinest was not willing to predict a <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> winner.</p> <p>&#8220;Anything could happen, I mean, it&#8217;s tough to try to predict,&#8221; McGinest said. &#8220;Look at all the games that nobody could get right this year. What I&#8217;m saying is, this is a heavyweight matchup. I love the way these two teams match up. The two right teams are here.&#8221;</p> <p>Added McGinest: &#8220;There&#8217;s no excuses [for the Patriots]. The No. 1 thing going into this year from last year is health. They&#8217;ve got a lot of guys healthy outside of <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/jerod-mayo.htm">Jerod Mayo</a>. Pretty much the defense is together and they&#8217;re ready to play. Offensively, all hands on deck. When you look at the mentality and the way they&#8217;re playing right now, beating teams in a lot of different ways. Whether it&#8217;s the ground game against Indianapolis, whether it&#8217;s the pass attack, spread offense vs. Baltimore, the defense playing a lot of man &#8212; Browner, Revis &#8212; they&#8217;re taking guys away. &#8230; It&#8217;s exciting.&#8221;</p> <p>When asked for his response to Deflategate and the Patriots legacy, the three-time <a class="r_lapi" href="http://media.weei.com/football/super-bowl.htm">Super Bowl</a> champion said that nothing should take away from what the team has accomplished.</p> <p>&#8220;You talk about Deflategate, you break all those scenarios down,&#8221; McGinest said. &#8220;OK, they took the footballs at halftime, they went on a 28-0 run after that. I mean, I understand that this team knows the rules probably better than any organization in the league, and do they use it to their benefit? Yeah. Do they certain things that are cutting edge or pushing the line? Maybe. But is that the reason for all the Patriots&#8217; success as far as the players, what they put into it and coach Belichick&#8217;s success? No, it&#8217;s not.&#8221;</p> <p>For more Patriots news, visit the team page at <a href="http://www.weei.com/teams/patriots/homehttp://" target="_blank">weei.com/patriots</a>.</p> Blog patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:35:05 +0000 924621 at http://www.weei.com Adam Schefter, ESPN, with all the news surrounding Super Bowl XLIX 1-30-15 http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/audio/anonymous/adam-schefter-espn-all-news-surrounding-super-bowl-xlix-1-30-15 <!--paging_filter-->Adam Schefter, ESPN, joins Lou, Christian and Tim to talk about all the news surrounding Super Bowl XLIX<br/><br/><b>[0:00:12]</b> ... MS. But we're commissioners to this question. Their time and it appears <b>Tom</b> <b>Ridge</b> on during pregame warmups was in fact just that yard. It earlier reports that there was some sort of oxygen deprivation disorder ... <br/><b>[0:01:25]</b> ... chew on over the next 48 hours between now and when the <b>Super</b> <b>Bowl</b> kicks off about it. Oh look at it here yet to address the display skittish and I think. We're community about exit ... <br/><b>[0:03:52]</b> ... you can aren't as a great. I think number one. Number one. <b>Bill</b> <b>Belichick</b> truly believes it is team has done no wrong okay now. There may have been some guy that went on but I ... <br/><b>[0:05:40]</b> ... and immediately next to him build and it's the wreck for the <b>Super</b> <b>Bowl</b> saying wait we're we're not doing that. I know it's just bizarre to look at but Ellis at the press conference speak ... <br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/></br/> Audio patriots Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 17:32:00 +0000 924626 at http://www.weei.com Jimmy Kimmel presents ‘I am the locker room guy’ http://www.weei.com/sports/feed/blog/anonymous/jimmy-kimmel-presents-%E2%80%98i-am-locker-room-guy%E2%80%99 <!--paging_filter--><p><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/feuNeJewzDo" width="600" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>I have to admit, this is good. At first I thought it would be just every bad stereotype of Masshole Patriots fans until it started going and then I realized that every friend I&#8217;ve ever had is pretty much these these guys. And they&#8217;d probably say the same thing about me. My only question is why did it take so long for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to finally do a decent Boston accent? If they&#8217;d been this spot-on in &#8220;Good Will Hunting&#8221; they would&#8217;ve swept Best Actor and Supporting Actor Oscars instead of just Best Screenplay.</p> <p>So yes, this made me laugh. Though to be honest, I&#8217;m still partial to the original &#8220;Locker Room Guy&#8221; video. Way to be late to the party, Kimmel:</p> <p><object id="flashObj" width="600" height="360" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,47,0"><param name="movie" value="http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&amp;isUI=1" /><param name="bgcolor" value="#FFFFFF" /><param name="flashVars" value="videoId=4005766389001&amp;playerID=64491925001&amp;playerKey=AQ~~,AAAAAFqWQUE~,yUWCxg2gZmaxpjosVk8rGhlSo28h2aA-&amp;domain=embed&amp;dynamicStreaming=true" /><param name="base" value="http://admin.brightcove.com" /><param name="seamlesstabbing" value="false" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="swLiveConnect" value="true" /><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><embed src="http://c.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f9?isVid=1&amp;isUI=1" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" flashvars="videoId=4005766389001&amp;playerID=64491925001&amp;playerKey=AQ~~,AAAAAFqWQUE~,yUWCxg2gZmaxpjosVk8rGhlSo28h2aA-&amp;domain=embed&amp;dynamicStreaming=true" base="http://admin.brightcove.com" name="flashObj" width="600" height="360" seamlesstabbing="false" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" allowscriptaccess="always" swliveconnect="true" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash" /></embed></object></p> <p><em> @JerryThornton1</em></p> Blog general Other Fri, 30 Jan 2015 16:59:58 +0000 924491 at http://www.weei.com