Before getting injured, Chris Hogan had a great game. (Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

Before getting injured, Chris Hogan had a great game. (Greg M. Cooper/USA Today Sports)

The Patriots were already down one receiver entering Saturday’s game with Malcolm Mitchell being inactive due to a knee injury, and then during the game they lost another.

Midway through the third quarter, Chris Hogan was seen getting his leg stretched out on the sideline before heading inside to the locker room. The team announced it as a thigh injury and his return as questionable.

Hogan appeared back on the sidelines midway through the fourth quarter, even running in place on the sideline appearing ready to re-enter the game, but never did.

On Sunday, Bill Belichick had no update on Hogan’s status.

“Yeah, no, I don’t have any update,” he said. “We’ll update you on Wednesday when we do the practice reports. All of that stuff now, it’s a bunch of hot air.”

Although Belichick didn’t offer any update, things appear to be OK for Hogan given he returned to the sideline and likely would have returned if the game was closer. Also, he was seen in the locker room after the game without showing any sign of a limp.

Prior to getting injured, Hogan was having a great game. He caught all four of his targets for 94 yards.

If Hogan and Mitchell can play in next week’s AFC title game, there’s a chance Michael Floyd could be inactive.

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Ryan Hannable
Tom Brady averaged 2.61 seconds from snap-to-throw against Houston. (James Lang/USA Today Sports)

Tom Brady averaged 2.61 seconds from snap-to-throw against Houston. (James Lang/USA Today Sports)

There is some truth to what Jadeveon Clowney said after the game on Saturday night: The Texans defense clearly got to and frustrated Tom Brady.

Although the Patriots and Brady won the game in convincing fashion, 34-16, the quarterback was taken off his game, especially when it came to his quick release. This factored into Brady completing just 47 percent of his passes, the lowest mark of his career in the postseason.

Overall, by our count Brady averaged 2.61 seconds from snap-to-throw, which was his highest mark all season. It was his second-highest mark over the last two seasons with last year’s Eagles game (2.63 seconds) being the only game higher.

Brady gave the Texans defense a lot of credit.

“It was a lot of things I think between what they were doing and what we were doing that were causing us problems,” he said. “It was just very inconsistent for us all the way around. We just didn’t do enough in any area, but they’ve got a good defense. They’re ranked the first-ranked defense and I thought they did a good job. They had a good scheme and they were prepared. They played well.”

Prior to Saturday, Brady was completing 84 percent of his passes when taking two seconds or fewer this season. The Texans completely took that away, as Brady was just 7-for-14. They also forced him into 17 plays taking three seconds or more, the most he’s had since that same Eagles game. (He was 4-for-13 on those plays Saturday.)

The Texans did a good job of putting pressure on Brady, but their secondary struggled staying in coverage. This was evident in the long completions the Patriots were able to connect on, including two 40-yard plays to Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman.

Houston put together a very good gameplan against Brady and the Patriots, but it will be hard for another team to duplicate it given how talented the Texans are.

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Ryan Hannable

When cameras caught Bill Belichick berating Eric Rowe for committing a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty for pulling Houston’s Ryan Griffin off a pile in the first quarter Saturday, it was pretty obvious that the Patriots coach was not pleased with his defensive back.

Jan 14, 2017; Foxborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick before the AFC Divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Belichick before the AFC Divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans at Gillette Stadium. (Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports)

When cameras caught Bill Belichick berating Eric Rowe for committing a 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty for pulling Houston’s Ryan Griffin off a pile in the first quarter Saturday, it was pretty obvious that the Patriots coach was not pleased with his defensive back.

That penalty extended the Texans drive and allowed Houston to chew up over eight minutes of the first half clock and helped to keep Tom Brady on the sideline and out of rhythm. The Texans were only able to muster three points but the point was clear: You can’t pull players off a pile in a scrum.

It was a mistake with big consequences Saturday, and Belichick had not completely let the matter go when asked Sunday if there was any gray area because Rowe’s intentions might have been good.

“What’s the right thing? What are you talking about? What’s the right thing?” Belichick said, completely flabbergasted. “You can’t do that. There’s no… you can’t do that. You can’t pull players off a pile. That’s not the right thing. That rule is clear-cut. There’s no question about it. You can’t do that.

“You can’t do things that are defined by the rules as illegal. You can’t do them, period. There’s no right thing to do [by getting involved]. The rule is the rule. You have to play the game by the rules. Obviously, we’ve got to do a better job of coaching it, do a better job of coaching all the rules.”

After the game, Belichick noted several times that he was disappointed in the coaching effort.

“We can’t hold,” Belichick added. “We can’t get personal fouls. We can’t do things that are against the rules, or we get penalized for them. There’s no ‘doing the right thing.’ The right thing is playing within in the rules. Now, football’s football. Sometimes, you’re trying to do the right thing, and you get called for something. Sometimes, stuff happens.

“Vincent got his hands up a little high and pushed the face mask back of the lineman and (was penalized for illegal hands to the face). It was a good call. I don’t think it was intentional but he did it and didn’t get it down quick enough and they called him for it. That’s football. But as a team, we’ve got to make good decisions and play penalty-free. That’s our goal every week. So, the right thing is to play within in the rules – period. It’s black and white.”

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Mike Petraglia
The guys get into Cowboys/Packers and Chiefs/Steelers and what they expect to go down later today.

[0:00:24] ... o'clock or four points or Washington then join I felt coverage. But Dallas Cowboys Green Bay packer game let's start their voice. Dallas Green Bay today no Jordy Nelson obviously by. Still have cob it still have Adams I still have Aaron Rodgers. I'm sticking with the Packers are flip flop on the top I picked Seattle the patriots when the playoffs started but I ...
[0:01:18] ... gentleman and I are in a mall in and on and on Aaron Rodgers I am at the point where I'm given week when I look at him and you know when they did get a good look at him he is he's he's the guy right now from values I doubt that week all in Mexico elements love to get with regard. Aaron Rodgers is this right look I actually I went about a ball in and Aaron Rodgers at this point so I'm picking the Packers I think Green Day. Again has the best shot at knocking off Dallas because Roger's plane level right now the reminds me an awful lot of Tom pre 2006 or use taking. A team that is maybe not as good as he is when you look at the surrounding talent around him in lifting them up to a place where the. To give you are not so Lee Corso not so fast though regarding that and last week giants game it. A fine job lot of drop pass the giants played stupid. Let's be honest and they drop balls but if you look when when Aaron Rodgers seminar for six itself would run the table. Did to people go back and look at that schedule when they ran the table. Not exactly. Criminal problems are always right and you still gotta run like right let's I agree gonna put the editorial today I want you talk the talk and I want to get assistance I. I hate the patriots didn't beat anybody argue i.'s raid on a make it a I I don't know I'm saying it's begun apply that logic about kids that abouts San Fran in Seattle and just not you guys but others. Gold gold pew Aaron Rodgers suck ups go go look at who they play the last six games in the regular season but look my director Aaron Rodgers especially the way. He took a punch in that first quarter against the giants. Which was given me PT EST from. Has ...
[0:03:10] ... the press might cliche generator app you know the best defense against Aaron Rodgers is the people on the sidelines I think that's what's been quiet. The thing though in the Florida argument is this that ...
[0:04:26] ... team I am with my boy Tommy car and I like the Kansas City Chiefs today to get it done by is field goal. Ominously nineteen to eighteen how about that first score. 1918 some kooky crazy ...

The guys talk about the time change for the other AFC divisional playoff game in Kansas City due to weather conditions. Jerry doesn't agree with the decision and thinks it may have to do with dollar signs - the guys discuss.

[0:00:12] ... the Green Bay Packers will be followed by the Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Only see we've got NFL lockout Donna back to us the other shows and in the end it. Owens in. Self cut ...
[0:02:36] ... Gillette. The 2003 playoff at Tennessee against yeah it would of the Steve McNair at the titans and it sounds apocryphal but it it happened and Dale Arnold had the same thing happen MI cousin bought ...
[0:07:14] ... stories and that separate for a statement earlier. About. Very quietly the Jacksonville Jaguars and if you're former 49ers head coach Chip Kelly. For their head code our job before ultimately hiring dogma wrong pro league sources nobody. I can see that anywhere christened. I I have no problem with with the Jacksonville Jaguars did when it comes to hiring Maroney and morality in. Put and call from the Baikonur in giving him some sort of ...
[0:11:54] ... apology rideau here and NFL Sunday 21 peach ever Christopher price. And Jerry Porter in the house here's our Trevor court jester of next Trevor. Hey we're let's did you pay. Love this show. I called ...

Tom Brady and the Patriots need to huddle up and figure out why they were so off against Houston Saturday.</p>
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The boys chat about Michael Bennett absolutely going off and ripping a reporter yesterday after Seattle's loss in Atlanta. They also get into Earl Thomas and Ray Lewis making waves on Twitter by going after Tom Brady during the game last night.

[0:01:15] ... memory here about some we haven't talked about today and that's that's. Rob Ninkovich who played edit a terrific team ex last port yelled rushing the passer get his hand on up on a aspect and ...
[0:05:20] ... lovers in the. Apparently not tape that the look I I like Michael Bennett at. Obvious I like the connection was brother I like the fact that. He's not shy about rip and Roger Goodell anyone ...
[0:06:57] ... the season I'm not gonna talk to you guys the riskier the Michael Bennett stuff. New York Earl Thomas seemed when he said about Brady I YouTube you can have opinions and you can be very vocal. But. There is a danger in pushing that too far and allowing that to become a distraction in a think that's a really difficult line to cross. It in Seattle has kind of lead would that over the course the 2016 and. He had about where's the white Su Wei Greg Lewis Chiming in. About about the patriots also lecturer and again at what at what an absolute twelve years. There's a bigger tool ...

After his team lost to the Pats, Vince Wilfork told the media he may have played his last NFL game. The guys talk about his amazing career and what a great character he was throughout his career. In fact, Price makes the case that he should be a future hall of famer.
Tom calls the boys after a long, fun night at Gillette Stadium that saw the Pats defeat the Texans to get to the AFC Championship yet again. He talks about what went well , what went wrong, what surprised him and who the Pats match up better against between the Chiefs and Steelers.

[0:07:50] ... been here in those of my favorite cliche. The blueprint. To beat Tom Brady is is this the blueprint did did Romeo Crennel come up with something that other teams are going to be able to. To mimic in the next two games. That's kinda ...
[0:14:04] ... kind of fun exercise rank in the top fifty players of the Bill Belichick here last summer I. Put Vince very the atom. Perhaps too. And the reason for that if you raised the period of ...
[0:16:24] ... quick break welcome back 6177797937. Also. We can't find any audio from Michael Bennett song gonna have I have the whole story here and have all the quote but I will look paraphrase but character be everything in a Sunday morning Ali well sure I'll leave myself out. Many chances of snow gods so I don't know what the temperature of form and I don't I don't file odd odd I believed in Jesus that's my own personal preference that'll mess with them. But but still it's a story that Michael Bennett Martellus brother in Seattle was not happy. With particular reporter yesterday will let you know what he says plus more patrons at ...