FOXBORO — The Patriots got some good news out on the practice field Tuesday afternoon as Tom Brady, Patrick Chung and Jabaal Sheard all returned.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

FOXBORO — The Patriots got some good news out on the practice field Tuesday afternoon as Tom Brady, Patrick Chung and Jabaal Sheard all returned.

Brady missed the last two days with an “excused” absence not related to his thumb. Sheard hasn’t been seen since the first preseason game well over a week ago and Chung missed Monday’s session.

There were six players missing from the practice all together: Dion Lewis (PUP), Jonathan Cooper (foot), Shaq Mason (hand), Sebastian Vollmer (PUP), Rob Gronkowski (unknown injury) and Alan Branch (reported team suspension).

After stretching the following players went down to the lower fields to work on their conditioning: Sheard, Rob Ninkovich, Shea McClellin, Malcolm Mitchell, Tre’ Jackson and Danny Amendola. It would appear these players will not be ready to play in Friday’s preseason game in Carolina.

As it relates to Brady, he didn’t appear to be impacted by his thumb at all as he was throwing like usual to open the practice.

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Ryan Hannable

FOXBORO — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reappeared Tuesday while rookie running back D.J. Foster talked it up in the locker room. Bill Belichick talked roster projections, or at least the complex thinking that goes into it. WEEI’s Mike Petraglia and Ryan Hannable have the details from Foxboro.

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Tom Brady re-appeared at Gillette Stadium on Tuesday. (Mike Petraglia/

FOXBORO — Maybe Tom Brady is trying to plant a seed with Bill Belichick. Maybe he is just playing nice guy. But the Patriots quarterback said Tuesday that he really does want to play Thursday against Carolina in the third preseason game against the Panthers.

Brady, who called Thursday’s scissors episode a “silly accident,” said he would’ve played if the game were a regular season or playoff game instead of preseason game No. 2 against the Bears.

“Yeah, I think so. Yeah. There’s only one time I’ve ever missed for injury, and I wanted to go back and play that year, too,” Brady said, referring to his ACL tear in the 2008 opener against the Chiefs. “I think that’s just, I’ve always felt like the team is counting on me to be out there, and I’m going to do everything I can to be out there playing. I wanted to go the other night, but I think Coach made a great decision.”

Why would Brady insist on playing?

“I think you’re getting hit so just the space awareness, guys around you and ball security and things like that,” Brady said. “For whatever, the last 30 practices, quarterbacks aren’t touched. Just standing there in the pocket, holding the ball knowing that they’re coming to get the ball and knock it out of your hands, hitting the ground, those types of things and so forth are important. You just have to feel things out and the game is really the only place to get it because it’s regular speed. You don’t know what’s coming. We prepare, but we don’t obviously get to walk through the looks that we’re going to get. When you get out there you just have to make good decisions and go play quarterback the way that I’ve always tried to do.”

Brady, who hasn’t missed an entire preseason since that fateful year, said he absolutely wants to play Friday night against the Panthers.

“Yeah, absolutely. I’d like to be out there every time I get a chance to play, so you only get so many opportunities a year,” Brady said. “I’m getting so many opportunities left in my life, so I’d like to take advantage of any opportunity, any and all of them if possible. When you see your teammates out there in their uniforms and ready to go, you want to be out there with them.

Yeah, I think it’s just putting in effort, as much effort as you can each day to try to be prepared. I try to treat it no different because I always try to do the best that I can to prepare and be ready to go. That’s the kind of mode that I’ve got to get into and that’s what I’ve been trying to do. We try to do that in the spring and try to do that during training camp and deal with the situation as it comes. That’s just where the focus has been. We’ve had a lot of good practices and it’s been a lot of work. Hopefully, we can get out there and play on Friday night but it’s a good week and preparation. I’ve obviously got work to do and that’s where my focus is.”

Has Brady gotten any indication he might play Friday?

“I’m always prepared to go, so whenever my number is called I’ll be ready,” Brady said.

Always the humorist, Brady said he did indeed get mad at himself when he cut his thumb.

“I let out probably a pretty loud word I wouldn’t repeat in front of my kids,” Brady said. “I couldn’t believe it; I just went and got checked out. It was just a silly accident.

“I don’t think about that stuff too much, I’m a pretty positive person. I just focused on how I was trying to do everything I could to get ready to play, and then finally as the QBs [quarterbacks] ran out for warmups it was like, ‘Alright we’re not playing.’ I was just, like I said, bummed that I couldn’t be out there with my teammates and taking the practice field, I love practicing, so to have the chance to go out there, you like, as a guy who’s been here for a long time, to show your leadership through example and be out there whenever you can be out there because that’s what the team is counting on. It was a crappy way to not be out there because it was, like I said, a silly mistake. I’m glad it wasn’t the regular season and I learned from it, so hopefully won’t be operating any more scissors for a while.”

With a four-game suspension looming, Brady says he’s tried to keep his preparation the same in the preseason.

“I try to approach it the same way,” Brady said. “I think that has been successful for me. I don’t try to change a whole bunch of things up, I try to work hard every day and I try to do what I need to do on the practice field to prepare myself. That’s just kind of what the routine is, so we’ll deal with those four weeks when they come. In the meantime, I’m just trying to prepare this week like I would have last year and the year before, and try to just prepare the best I can so I can be the best quarterback that I can for this team.”

Brady finished up Tuesday by saying he hasn’t finalized plans during his four-week hiatus, which reportedly including throwing to the likes of Randy Moss and Troy Brown.

“I haven’t put much thought into it,” Brady said. “It’s been busy, obviously with the practices and so forth. We’ve still got a couple important weeks for this training and for this phase of the season. I want to put all my effort and thoughts into this week and next week, try to go out and play in a couple good preseason games, see if I can get some of that game action and then deal with that when it comes.”

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Mike Petraglia
Patriots rookie RB D.J. Foster hasn't played in either of the first two preseason games. (

Patriots rookie RB D.J. Foster hasn’t played in either of the first two preseason games. (

FOXBORO — D.J. Foster hasn’t played in any of the first two Patriots preseason games this season, but that’s because he wasn’t a full participant in practice in a couple of weeks.

That appeared to change Monday as he didn’t go down to the lower fields after stretching unlike past sessions, which indicated he likely was a full participant.

This could mean if all goes well in practice, he could see the field Friday night in Carolina.

“Yeah, I am excited,” Foster said. “Just come to work each day and continuously get better and make sure mentally I am there with the playbook as I am studying it as much as I can.”

Foster was signed as an undrafted rookie free agent right after the draft, but was slowed by an injury suffered in the spring, but said feels good now.

“It’s been something that has just been lingering,” Foster said. “I’ve been doing all the rehab I can and they’ve been doing a great job just continuously being involved mentally in the game and I am just learning as much as I can.”

Added Foster: “I feel good. I am still just continuing to work and that’s on the coaching staff, whatever they want me to do out there. I feel good. I am going to keep going and do whatever I can each day and continuously improve.”

Last year with Arizona State, he rushed for 1,081 yards and nine touchdowns, while also catching 62 passes for 688 yards and three touchdowns out of the backfield.

With Dion Lewis being out at least for the first part of the season and Donald Brown reportedly being released, there seems to be an opportunity for Foster to make his mark and potentially land on the 53-man roster.

He isn’t thinking about it though, as he says he’s taking things one day at at time.

“That’s kind of out of my control,” Foster said. “A lot of stuff, a lot of moving parts and stuff always going on. For me, it’s kind of just coming to work and just focus on what I can do, continuing to get healthier and keep in the playbook. Go out there and do what I can.”

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Ryan Hannable

FOXBORO — Tom Brady said what happened before Thursday’s preseason game was a “silly accident,” but praised coach Bill Belichick for making the right call when it came to sitting him down.

“I was ready to go and had everything on,” he said prior to Tuesday’s practice. “I was just trying to get something out of my shoe. The scissors slipped. Just a silly accident.”

FOXBORO — Tom Brady said what happened before Thursday’s preseason game was a “silly accident,” but praised coach Bill Belichick for making the right call when it came to sitting him down.

“I was ready to go and had everything on,” he said prior to Tuesday’s practice. “I was just trying to get something out of my shoe. The scissors slipped. Just a silly accident.”

Speaking with the media for the first time since he missed Thursday’s game with a cut as a result of a scissors accident, Brady said Belichick made the “smart” decision when it came to choosing Jimmy Garoppolo to start against the Bears.

Brady also added that he would have played if it was a regular season or postseason contest, and added that his thumb — which wasn’t wrapped — was “good.”

“I wanted to go and coach said it was probably best … for what I was about to do, just take it easy. I wish I could have played. I’ve been missing playing. I want to be out there with my teammates. I feel like that’s what my job is and my responsibility is, to go out there and be with my team. That was tough not to be out there.”

Brady was also asked about his absence the last two days, and replied that he had “to take care of something.”

He added: “It’s good to be back with the team. I missed everybody. Just getting caught up on everything. It’s a big week for us, going to Carolina. Just kind of cramming a lot of things into today.”

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Christopher Price

FOXBORO — The Patriots are making their way slowly but surely to the Aug. 30 deadline of 75 players.

Tuesday’s reported cuts of Donald Brown, E.J. Biggers and Frank Kearse take the Patriots roster down to 83 active players. The Patriots and all other NFL teams must get to 75 by Tuesday, Aug. 30 at 4 p.m.

The Patriots will take that roster into the final preseason game Sept. 1 against the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

The Patriots also announced cuts on Monday of defensive back V’Angelo Bentley, safety Cedric Thompson and tight end Bear Pascoe.

The final roster of 53 must be achieved by Saturday, Sept. 3 at 4 p.m.

The Patriots open the season Sept. 11 in Arizona against the Cardinals.

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Mike Petraglia

Jimmy Garoppolo has completed 20 passes in the regular season over the course of his two years in the NFL. Here’s a look at his favorite pass catchers:

Danny Amendola — 6 catches
James White — 5 catches
Brandon LaFell — 3 catches
Tim Wright — 2 catches
Rob Gronkowski — 1 catch (TD)
Brian Tyms — 1 catch
Julian Edelman — 1 catch
Chris Harper — 1 catch

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Christopher Price
Despite the fact that Reggie Wayne has moved on to New England, his old teammate Andrew Luck still has nice things to say about him. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Reggie Wayne is one of several ex-Peyton Manning Era Colts who failed to find success with the Patriots. (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

With Tuesday’s release of running back Donald Brown, it brings down the curtain on one of the longest traditions in Foxboro, “Peyton Manning Era Colt Who Attempts To Revive His Career With The Patriots.” It’s featured several notable names over the years.

Brown: The former UConn standout, who was with Indy from 2009 through 2013, was signed this past March 18 and released with an injury settlement on Aug. 23.

Wide receiver Reggie Wayne: Wayne spent 14 seasons with the Colts and had 14,345 receiving yards before he was cut loose by Indy following the 2014 season. The Patriots signed him on Aug. 25 last summer, but asked for and was granted his release on Sept. 6 after reportedly saying it was “too tough” and “not fun” in Foxboro.

Running back Joseph Addai: The shifty LSU product, who rushed for 4,453 yards in six seasons with the Colts, was signed by New England on May 10, 2012, but reportedly walked out in late July … midway through a conditioning test.

Wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez: The pass catcher was a member of the Colts from 2007 through 2011 and compiled 1,307 receiving yards through that stretch. He was inked by the Patriots on March 17, 2012, but he didn’t even make it to training camp — he was cut on May 29 of the same year.

Wide receiver Austin Collie: Collie probably had he best career in New England of any ex-Colt on this list. After four seasons in Indy, he played seven games for the 2013 Patriots, and finished with six catches for 63 yards. He did not return for the 2014 campaign.

Tight end Dallas Clark: Clark, who had a serious run of success over the course of his career against New England, had a tryout in 2012 with the Patriots, but nothing ever came of it and he ended up signing with the Bucs.

Tight end Marcus Pollard: The rangy tight end signed with the Patriots in the spring of 2008, but was released on Aug. 19.

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Christopher Price