PHOENIX — It wouldn’t be an interview with Tom Brady the week after the AFC championship game without a few Deflategate questions.

PHOENIX — The Seahawks wasted no time calling out the Patriots, as at their first availability in Arizona, Richard Sherman called out Robert Kraft when it comes to the Patriots’ possible discipline for Delfategate.

In their final Foxboro practice of the year and their last before departing for Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona, the Patriots had perfect attendance Sunday, according to multiple reports.

And so it continues.

FOXBORO — This was a Bill Belichick no one had ever seen before.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (left) poses with good friend and Patriots owner Robert Kraft. (Getty Images)Shame on the NFL, again.



Bill Belichick gave a surprise press conference on Saturday.</p>
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FOXBORO — Bill Belichick spoke Saturday afternoon for over 23 minutes on the Deflategate situation, maintaining the team didn’t do anything wrong and followed “every rule to the letter” after conducting an internal investigation.

Here is his partial opening statement:

FOXBORO — The Patriots held practice inside the Dana Farber Fieldhouse at Gillette Stadium two days before departing for Arizona and Super Bowl XLIX.

Tom Brady has gotten a lot of support from teammates like Vince Wilfork.</p>
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