Andrew Luck missed nine games this past season with a shoulder injury according to the team’s injury report, but it was reported he had more than just a shoulder injury, including broken ribs, which was reported by multiple media outlets.

This was never listed on the injury report and the NFL said they were looking into the matter.

Well after an apparent investigation, the NFL didn’t find any wrongdoing as according to NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport no violation was found.

Luck played in seven games during the year and threw for 1,881 yards, 15 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. The Colts as a team failed to make the playoffs after some picked them to win the Super Bowl.

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Ryan Hannable

As long as Donald Trump is in the presidential race, and Tom Brady professes his friendship with the Republican candidate, there will be news to be had.

Sunday, the link between the pair surfaced once again.

As long as Donald Trump is in the presidential race, and Tom Brady professes his friendship with the Republican candidate, there will be news to be had.

Sunday, the link between the pair surfaced once again.

Speaking on Herald Radio, Trump expressed confidence that Brady would indeed endorse him for president, relaying that he just talked to the Patriots quarterback Saturday.

While Brady has made it clear he is friendly with Trump, displaying a hat promoting the candidate in the QB’s locker during the 2015 season, he previously stopped short of flat-out handing out an endorsement.

“Can I just stay out of this debate?’€ Brady said when appearing on Dennis, Callahan & Minihane during one of his weekly appearances on WEEI, in mid-December. “Donald is a good friend of mine. I have known him for a long time. I support all my friends. That is what I have to say. He’€™s a good friend of mine. He’€™s always been so supportive of me. For the last 15 years, since I judged a beauty pageant for him, which was one of the very first things that I did that I thought was really cool that came along with winning the Super Bowl. He’€™s always invited me to play golf and I’€™ve always enjoyed his company. I support all my friends in everything they do. I think it’€™s pretty remarkable what he’€™s achieved in his life. You’€™re going from business, kind of an incredible businessman and then a TV star, and then getting into politics. It’€™s three different career paths. I think that is pretty remarkable.”

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Picard and Price give their predictions for SB50 later today.

[0:01:33] ... think don't respond well and optional that they have the MVP. And Cam Newton has got to got all season long that when they need the big point when they need the big touchdown at the big run at the big pass the big first. Have touched down celebration. That ball is alive is gonna affect tabloids and he's got only 31. One injury Carolina Panthers went. I think Keller an entity I agree that having Carolina's gonna to put this thing having Carolina. This this is gonna be a first time since 1989 where the NFL MVP is going to be one of the guys holding the Lombardi trophy and I think early that. It is just too overwhelming. On on both sides of the ball Josh Norman boo weekly. You know what they've been able to do with the running game Cam Newton I just am really like. What they've been able to put together and look I I haven't been on that bandwagon for ...
[0:02:47] ... miserable. The report I read before we jump off his final segment. Peyton Manning was very emotional in the team meeting. Last night very emotional the last rodeo hey as long as he doesn't cry on ...
[0:03:26] ... it is a real honor. And globally back to work with dale Christian Fauria fall Troy all those guys. I think of that my seventh year doing in a fall Sunday saw three year to an ...

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Danny and Price react to the HOF class that was announced last night. They get into the names and legacies, especially a questionable one in Tony Dungy.

[0:00:58] ... class that has no mention of the trending now. Headlines Brett Bob Marvin Harrison Tony Dungy caddie this snake stabler. Anything that that jumps off it to you with this one I don't want what are last night yeah a lot of people at least. Aaron New England were pretty upset that Tony Dungy. Was how it into politics yet and I think the you can go back and forth under and first ball I think stable when there's community devotion Burnham before. Favre I guess the discussion only took less than ten seconds. Before these it yet season it's not a prominent Marvin Harrison what is really interesting. For the simple fact that it's his induction speech is going to be a lot of fun to listen to because people are heard talk before he wasn't a bailout yet he went around last night. That the Tony Dungy thing it is is. Fascinating and a couple of the first the ball. If you're gonna put Tony Dungy and all formatting to only put on for personal for him before the former raiders coach first up first Latin American coach ...
[0:02:48] ... look up a book that the win totals here for coaches. So. Tony Dungy in Jimmie Johnson is. Let me Jimmie Johnson should be let me also preface this by saying out of all the hall ...
[0:03:32] ... at these numbers whereas upwards of them conferred. That Jeter's career wins. Tony Dungy. Let's a couple of plays to Orlando Pace linebacker Kevin Green. I believe Fulham a wc W tag team champion of the world expect lets anyone. Now I love you know adult as he's answered all called top liquidity aback he called it. Is Tony Dungy 139 wins at the coach 22 all time. He is. Behind the likes of Mike Holmgren. Nodded and the memories. Tom Coughlin. Marty Schottenheimer went to redeem the coach on the whole thing. The wanna Super Bowl. Maybe that narrative around him changes are beyond what ...
[0:04:40] ... don't act I don't sooner or get fired up he's not edit Tony Dungy. Whether he got in but it didn't I I still it's not subnet. I wasn't jacked up last night when I called ...

Danny and Price chat about Cam Newton and the Panthers' offense this season leading into the Super Bowl. Both think he was deserving of the MVP award, but they differ a little on Cam's 2015-16 season compared to the history of other QB's in the league.

[0:01:28] ... much out. Other than a couple things that mention again the MVP Cam Newton but I mean it was not a surprise that several rich on that comment. I did the MVP in my week aged. ...
[0:03:21] ... talk specifically about the numbers specific about the individual quarterbacking numbers. Bats cam Newton's season while we really good is still not im. Good of the pantheon of. Top five top ten quarterback performances Baltimore records ...
[0:06:54] ... percentage of teams total yards. I think is really really interest and Drew Brees in 2012. 5182. Yards between passing or running count for Sydney point 8% of his team RTM Newton was second. This past ...
[0:07:55] ... Also it because I think back of what. I had expected from cam Newton's 34 years ago. I just and that's I don't think that and misses getting to the eye test what I see from ...

PIcard and Price discuss the insanely strange presser from Roger Goodell on Friday at the site of the Super Bowl and his "state of the league" address. The guys can't get over some of his responses to the PSI questions and his answers about the data that was retrieved this season. Goodell talks and talk and talks ... in circles.

According to Sarah Wroblewski of Fox 25, it sounds like weather isn’t going to be an issue for Sunday’s Super Bowl contest between the Broncos and Panthers in the Bay Area.

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Christopher Price

Carolina quarterback Cam Newton was named the NFL MVP, it was announced Saturday.