Aaron Hernandez will be moved from the Bristol County House of Correction in Dartmouth to a jail closer to Boston, a judge ruled Monday.

The former Patriots tight end attended the hearing and gestured to his mother and brother in the courtroom.

Prosecutors revealed last week that they would not object to the request to move Hernandez so that he could be closer to his lawyers. However, they dismissed accusations that Hernandez’s privacy and due process rights were violated by the jail administrator — claims that were not addressed in court Monday.

Bristol County Judge Susan Garsh also said that she was concerned that the tentative trial date of Oct. 6 for the murder of Odin Lloyd is not realistic due to the amount of evidence as well as motions she expects to be filed. She set the next hearing for Aug. 11.

Hernandez also is charged with double-murder for a 2012 shooting in Boston. He has pleaded not guilty.

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Jerry Spar

Giants linebacker and former Boston College star Mark Herzlich joined Middays with MFB on Monday morning at his charity golf tournament at the Pinehills Golf Club in Plymouth to discuss his battle with cancer, his road to the NFL and the criticism that Eli Manning deals with on an almost daily basis.

Giants linebacker and former Boston College star Mark Herzlich joined Middays with MFB on Monday morning at his charity golf tournament at the Pinehills Golf Club in Plymouth to discuss his battle with cancer, his road to the NFL and the criticism that Eli Manning deals with on an almost daily basis. To listen to the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

Herzlich, who missed the entire 2009 college football season after being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer known as Ewing’€™s sarcoma, is in his fifth year of hosting the Liberty Mutual Invitational celebrity golf tournament. Proceeds from the event go to Uplifting Athletes, a non-profit that funds sarcoma research.

“€œIt was all kind of a whirlwind,”€ Herzlich said. “€œThe first year I was back, I said, ‘€˜OK, we want to do something to give back,’€™ so Jayme Parker at NESN was very helpful throughout the process and so Jayme said, ‘€˜Let’€™s do a golf tournament.’€™ … Liberty Mutual jumped in and said, ‘€˜OK, we’€™ll be your sponsor,’€™ and since then it’€™s just been rolling and this is our fifth one.”

After his playing days at Chestnut Hill, Herzlich signed with the Giants as an undrafted free agent on July 26, 2011. Herzlich has recorded 84 combined tackles during his three seasons in New York. While the former ACC Defensive Player of the Year has carved out a solid career for himself in the NFL, he admitted that returning to the gridiron after missing a whole year battling cancer was a long and trying process.

“The first year I was back, it was night and day,” Herzlich said. “My brain was saying, ‘€˜You can do this,’€™ and my body was saying, ‘€˜You can’€™t do this.’€™ I was going in drops and breaking and missing tackles and luckily I had Luke Kuechly behind me to make all the rest of the tackles that I was missing. … Now I feel like I’€™m as good or better than I was then.

Tom Brady‘s supposed decline has been a hot topic across New England this season. While Herzlich said he still believes Brady is an elite-level signal caller, he also noted that Giants fans would not come to Eli Manning‘€™s defense the same way Patriots fans have for Brady.

“€œI think that there are Eli lovers and Eli haters. There’€™s no one who’€™s like, ‘€˜Yeah, Eli is pretty good, or whatever.’€™ … He does know when he has a bad game, and the problem is that every single person in New York and across the country knows he has a bad game, too, because they let him know. It’€™s tough, and he’€™s very strong-minded to get over that stuff, but I couldn’€™t imagine.

“Some of the stuff that’€™s on Twitter — he doesn’€™t have Twitter, and I’€™m glad he’€™s not on Twitter. As far as Brady not being an elite quarterback, that’€™s kind of ridiculous to me.”

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It’s no surprise New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski enjoyed himself at the Beyonce-Jay Z concert Tuesday night, but it was somewhat surprising who joined Gronkowski dancing in the crowd at Gillette Stadium — Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

If it wasn’t clear in that video, Gronkowski was in the blue shirt dancing alongside Kraft.

For more Patriots news, check out weei.com/patriots.

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Jeremy Gallon is looking to be the latest steal for the Patriots in the seventh-round. (AP)

Jeremy Gallon is looking to be the latest steal for the Patriots in the seventh-round. (AP)

Seventh-round picks by the New England Patriots have actually panned out fairly well with Patrick Pass (2000), David Givens (2002), Tully Banta-Cain (2003) Matt Cassel (2005), Julian Edelman (2009), Brandon Deaderick (2010) and Alfonzo Dennard (2012).

This season, the Patriots selected Michigan wide receiver Jeremy Gallon in the seventh-round, No. 244 overall. Being versatile, athletic and having a tremendous work ethic, Gallon could be the latest Patriots success story coming from their final pick in the draft.

“He was our rock,”€ said Jeff Hecklinski, the Michigan wide receivers coach in a phone interview. “He was the guy that you were shocked when Jeremy didn’€™t make a play or didn’€™t make a block. He was a guy that wouldn’€™t come off the field. I gave the guy his rotation and he said, ‘€˜Coach, I’€™ll handle my rotation.’€™ I said, ‘€˜When you’€™re tired, you let me know,’€™ and he would never let me know. He is a coaches dream.”

Working primarily as an outside receiver at Michigan, Gallon improved each year during his four years as a Wolverine and finished his senior season totaling 1,373 yards receiving, which broke the school record for receiving yards in a season, previously held by Braylon Edwards.

“I think at first he had a lot of skill and didn’€™t really understand the game of football, he just played the game on a lot of instinct,”€ Hecklinski said. “I think as he grew at understanding the game — the techniques and fundamental’€™s of being able to see coverages, understand coverages and really understanding the total concept of the game — how people are trying to defend, what they are trying to defend and how do I get open within that coverage. I think by the time he became a senior, he could work within the system and the coverage€™s to find openings and get open.”

Going from 450 yards receiving his sophomore season to 1,373 yards receiving didn’€™t come easy — he put in the work. Often spending extra time with his coaches in the meeting room and extra sessions in the weight room, the 24-year-old turned into one of the better players on the entire Michigan roster.

“The one thing about Jeremy, is Jeremy is going to work,”€ Hecklinski said. “He doesn’€™t know anything different. To him this is his job now and he will be there from 7:30 in the morning to whenever, as late at night as he needs to be. He is a gym-rat in those regards and I think that’€™s one of the things I loved most about him. He is one of those guys. He loves being in the office and the weight room, he loves being on the field.”

Coming to the Patriots as a wide receiver means competing with a number of veterans as the team already has Edelman, Aaron Dobson, Danny Amendola, Josh Boyce, Brandon LaFell and Kenbrell Thompkins all seemingly ahead of him on the depth chart.

The thing Gallon has going for him is his ability to play special teams, which head coach Bill Belichick has shown the more positions you can play, the better chance you have of making the team. The 5-foot-8, Apopka, Florida native returned both kicks and punts in his four years at Michigan.

With the Patriots losing their main kick returner in LeGarrette Blount to free agency, they will be looking for someone to fill the role.

“He was a punt and kickoff returner,”€ Hecklinski said. “He can do anything. He’€™s a very skilled kid — very natural punt returner. Not a go all the way guy, but a guy you can put back there and feel comfortable that the ball is going to get caught and he is going to get you positive yardage. He’€™s a tough kid too. He can hit, he can tackle. We could’€™ve played Jeremy at corner or safety and he would’€™ve been one of our best DB’€™s.”

The natural connection for Gallon and the Patriots is with Michigan-grad, quarterback Tom Brady, who was also a late-round draft pick, but according to Hecklinski, Gallon already has some of Patriots characteristics with both how he views and plays the game — a team-first, work hard attitude.

“The unique thing about the Patriots, not only with Tom there and it being a Michigan connection, but the mindset of what the New England Patriots are and the mindset of Jeremy fit together very well,” he said. “When you look at tough, hard-nosed players that play the game because they love the game. Obviously when you get to the [NFL] that’€™s their job, but if you ask Jeremy would you do this for free, he’€™d say yes. He just loves the game. Those are the guys who have made their name with the New England Patriots, guys with that type of mentality. It’€™s a good fit for a number of different reasons.”

Although it’€™s far too early to say Gallon is the latest steal in the seventh-round for the Patriots, he certainly has the tools to become one.

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Despite turning 37 next month, Tom Brady hasn't lost any respect among top NFL insiders, finishing at the top in a recent ESPN anonymous league insider survey. (AP)

Despite turning 37 next month, Tom Brady hasn’t lost any respect among top NFL insiders, finishing at the top in a recent ESPN anonymous league insider poll. (AP)

Tom Brady will turn 37-years-old in a month, but that doesn’t mean the quarterback is losing any respect among top league insiders.

In an ESPN poll (insider only), NFL Insider Mike Sando anonymously polled 26 league insiders, including eight general managers, two former general managers, four pro personnel evaluators, seven coordinators, two head coaches, two position coaches and a top executive to get their ranking on each of the projected 32 starting NFL quarterbacks. The rankings were given on a 1-5 scale, with one being the best and five the worst. Sando then was able to separate the quarterbacks into tiers, 1-4.

Brady came out at the top with a 1.04 average rating, tying Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. Those four and Andrew Luck (1.5 average ranking) made up the first tier. Only one voter did not put Brady in the top tier as that pro personnel evaluator only had Manning in tier 1.

“Brady did a lot of good things with limited resources, but I saw holes when they put the onus on him to carry it all, as you saw when Denver beat him,” the personnel evaluator said. “Brady has to have more of a running game at this stage. He cannot line up with five wides and win it as consistently as before. I still think Brady is a top-five quarterback, but I would not say he is the best right now.”

Another veteran offensive assistant doesn’t see things the same way and said Brady, Manning and Brees were all pretty much interchangeable.

“Brady might be the best because he does it with the least every year, just about,” the offensive assistant said. “To me, there is no falloff with that guy. If he played with what Rodgers and Peyton and Brees have played with, it would not even be close. He has not had an outside guy since Randy Moss. These other guys have outside guys coming out of their ears, especially Peyton and Rodgers. It is such a difference when you have outside guys that can stretch, like Manning had in Indy. Then he’d kill you with the inside guys. Brady doesn’t have half the skill players that Manning has. The thing that is scary is that sneakily, the Patriots were pretty good last year anyway.”

The rest of the AFC East didn’t fair as well. Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill had an average rating of 3.32, finishing in tier 3.

“To me, he is a manager of the game, a guy where if everything is right, he is OK,” a defensive coordinator said. “We didn’t fear him. I don’t think he has the strongest arm, the best release. When you ask me about guys, I think about how I have to game plan against them. Am I afraid of them?”

Both in tier 4, Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel (4.24 average rating) was ranked 27th and Jets quarterback Geno Smith (4.48 average rating) was 32nd, last in the entire league.

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Fans of the Florida Gators turning their calendars to the month of July today may be in for a bit of a surprise when they see who is the featured picture — Aaron Hernandez.


The official Florida Gators football Twitter account responded to questions of the legitimacy of the photo, so it would seem to imply the calendar is in fact real. Also, a University of Florida spokesman told Fox News the school approved the calendar last spring and the calendar is just one of thousands of Gators-related merchandise the school reviews.

Hernandez was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd on June 26, 2013 was indicted on two counts of first-degree murder related to a 2012 double homicide on May 15, 2014.

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Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis

Although he’s only been a member of the New England Patriots for just over three months, it’s become quite apparent the organization has made a good first impression on their new cornerback Darrelle Revis.

Revis has already openly praised head coach Bill Belichick after once calling him a “jerk” and quarterback Tom Brady following being division rivals from his time with the Jets — now, following the Patriots’ mini camp he’s admiring the organization as a whole on how they operate.

“They work their butts off in New England,’’ Revis told the Tampa Tribune. “As soon as you get into the offseason program, it’s non-stop. They want to be winners. They know what I can bring to the table and at the same time, we want to win. As a Jet, we had a rivalry with (the Patriots) and from the outside looking in, I looked at them differently.

“We respected them, but you want to beat them. Inside looking out now, I’ve got way more respect because I’m there. I get to see everything, how it operates every day.’’

The 28-year-old said his torn ACL suffered in the opening month of the 2012 season is 100 percent healed after playing through the 2013 season not at full strength, but still earning Pro Bowl honors. Revis said the decision to join the Patriots was based on them giving him a good chance to win.

“I’m really excited,’’ said Revis. “I went down a list of teams where I thought I could win and New England kind of stuck out for me. It’s been great and I can’t wait for training camp.’’

Revis is entering his eighth season in the league and will return to the AFC East after spending just one season in Tampa Bay.

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Nate Solder and Matthew Slater joined Joe Andruzzi and his wife Jen to play in the sixth annual golf tournament benefiting the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. (WEEI.com)

Nate Solder and Matthew Slater joined Joe Andruzzi and his wife Jen to play in the sixth annual golf tournament benefiting the Joe Andruzzi Foundation. (WEEI.com)

PLYMOUTH, Mass. –  Being an NFL football player takes a tremendous toll on one’€™s body. The long, scorching hot days of training camp leading to the daily grind of a regular season is incredibly tough to handle, both physically and mentally.

The time between the end of mini camp and the start of training camp gives players one last month to catch their breath and rejuvenate their bodies one last time before the start of the new season, which for the Patriots begins with the first day of training camp on July 24.

Left tackle Nate Solder and special teams specialist Matthew Slater spent one of their last free Monday’s relaxing, joining number of former professional athletes and local celebrities for a round of golf at the Pinehills Golf Club supporting the Joe Andruzzi Foundation.

“Just continuing to train and get my body in shape,” Slater said of what the next month will be like for him. “You try and do the best you can for your body to prepare for an NFL season and that is a strenuous process, but one you enjoy at the same time. Just doing the best we can as individuals and as a team to get ourselves ready for what lies ahead.

“It’€™s definitely an exciting time of the year. You work all year to get to this point being the start of a new season. We put a lot of work in and there is still a lot of work to be put in. We’€™re just excited about the 2014 season and what is in store for us.”

Monday’€™s event will raise funds and awareness in support of the Joe Andruzzi Foundation, which helps cancer patients and their families make critical mortgage, rent and utility payments during financially-challenging times and to help fund pediatric brain cancer research. Last year’€™s tournament raised a record $278,000.

“It’€™s great support and seeing what we’€™re about –€“ that we are in the community, we’€™re apart of the community,” Andruzzi said of the support he gets from current Patriots players. “They are here playing for the Patriots, but they are also living in the community so we’€™re helping the people around them, people in this area and all throughout New England. For them to pay it forward and join forces with us is a great tribute to us.”

As for their golf games, there is a reason why they play football and not golf for a living.

“Not very good,” said Slater. “It’€™s a lot of fun just to get out here on a nice day like this and swing the clubs, but I’€™m definitely not a very good golfer. I’€™m just going to try and do my best to have fun today.”

Solder chimed in with much of the same.

“I’€™ll get out there and whack it around a little bit, but I have no skill at this game at all. It’€™s about being here and supporting the Joe Andruzzi Foundation,” he said.

Even the host himself doesn’€™t declare himself as a good golfer, but he does have a unique way of determining how well he plays on a given day.

“I rate my game on how many balls I lose,” said Andruzzi. “So if I’€™m two over, I found two. If I’€™m two under, I lost two, but I usually lose more than that.”

Solder, Slater and the rest of the Patriots don’€™t have many of these calm days left as before long they will be in their weekly season routines, getting ready for their next opponent and taking care of their battered bodies at the same time. But, even with that in the back of their minds, there is a lot to be eager about as the new season represents a new beginning and a chance to get rid of the bad taste left in their mouths after falling in the AFC Championship game last year.

“Absolutely, I’€™m tremendously excited,” said Solder. “There is a lot to look forward to. We’€™ve been working hard and we’€™re going to take it one step at a time.”

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Brandon Browner (right) will be out of the Patriots lineup for the first four games of the 2014 regular season. (AP)

Brandon Browner (right) will be out of the Patriots lineup for the first four games of the 2014 regular season. (AP)

1. On paper, the Patriots head into the 2014 season with one of their best secondaries in recent memory. At the same time, they’ll be lacking their No. 2 cornerback over the first four games, as Brandon Browner will be sidelined because of a violation of the league’s policy on PEDs last year when he was with the Seahawks. At this point, it’s questionable as to who will be New England’s No. 2 outside corner when Browner is out, but right now, it’s a good bet that either Logan Ryan or Alfonzo Dennard will get most of the work at that spot, with Kyle Arrington continuing to work in the slot as needed.

Regardless of who is out there, what will Browner’s absence mean for the first four games for New England, and what sort of challenge will that present for the rest of the defensive backs when they operate in man coverage?

a. Miami – The Dolphins don’t have a de facto No. 1 receiver, but receivers Mike Wallace (73 catches in 2013) and Brian Hartline (76 catches in 2013, best on the team) figure to get the most chances in the passing game. As a result, there figures to be some mixing and matching defensively in this one from the New England secondary. (For some perspective, last December in Miami, the Patriots utilized Aqib Talib — ostensibly their No. 1 corner in 2013 — mostly on tight end Charles Clay.) It’s worth mentioning that Revis and Wallace have some history together, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them go head-to-head again in the opener, while a Ryan/Dennard combo would be charged with trying to slow Hartline when the Patriots offer single coverage. For what it’s worth, Hartline has proven himself to be a tough cover when facing New England — in nine career games against the Patriots, he had 35 catches and 459 yards (both career-bests), to go along with two touchdowns.

b. Minnesota – The Vikings figure to have Greg Jennings, Jerome Simpson and Cordarrelle Patterson as the primary threats at wide receiver, and so the loss of Browner would force New England to utilize Revis on Jennings, while Patterson would be matched against either Ryan or Dennard. While the Patriots have to figure they like their chances with the Revis-Jennings matchup, the occasionally inconsistent Patterson could prove to be a challenge for the rest of New England’s corners if he’s on his game. (f Jennings is in the slot, that could mean he could face some Arrington as well. (Oh, and Revis and Jennings also have a history together — when Revis was with the Jets and Jennings was in Green Bay, Jennings said he was going to “trick or treat on Revis Island.”)

c. Oakland – At this point, the Raiders figure to go into 2014 with a wide receiver combo of James Jones and Rod Streater, with Jones likely opening as the No. 1. That would mean if/when the Patriots offer up a man look, Revis would be working against Jones, with Streater against a Ryan/Dennard combo. A winnable matchup for New England.

d. Kansas City – When you’re talking about operating without Browner, the Chiefs might present the biggest challenge, as they have a decent variety of skill position players available in the passing game. Kansas City has Dwayne Bowe (57 catches in 2013) and Donnie Avery (40 catches in 2013) as its two top receivers. In addition, running back Jamaal Charles (a team-leading 70 catches in 2013) is a threat out of the backfield. At this point, it figures to be Revis on Bowe, while the Ryan/Dennard combo will operate against Avery. The challenge here could be finding a way to slow down Charles out of the backfield, which could be a stern test for one of the New England linebackers.

Ultimately, it would appear the Patriots caught something of a break when it comes to the timing of Browner’s ban. They are not facing any of the league’s elite level offenses or truly deep passing games — the best and most well-rounded offense over the first month of the season they face might be the Chiefs, who were at or near the top of several offensive categories last year. (If they were faced with the prospect of defending a high-octane passing game like the Broncos, Saints, Lions or Chargers, it might be a different story.) In the end, they will miss him, but the overall impact of his suspension figures to be minimized, at least in the early going.

2. While it’s still early and there’s time for first-year quarterbacks to emerge, at this point, there’s a very good chance the Patriots won’t face a single rookie signal-caller the entire season. Two rookies who have impressed early on are Minnesota’s Teddy Bridgewater and Oakland’s Derek Carr, but because both are behind veterans on the depth chart and New England meets Vikings and Raiders relatively early in the year, there’s a good chance they won’t have to worry themselves with the Patriots. (If New England goes the entire year without facing a rookie quarterback, it would be the first time since 2011 that the Patriots have faced nothing but veteran QBs over the course of the season.)

Of course, there’s the very real likelihood that this year’s group of rookie quarterbacks will be slow starters at best and maybe not start at all over the course of the 2014 season. This piece from Eric Edholm of Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner examines the entire class, and has a good breakdown of who might have the best chance to start early, as well as others who are going to have to sit and wait for a stretch before getting their shot.

3. If it wasn’t clear enough already, Revis has Tampa Bay squarely in the rearview mirror. The cornerback said this week that he wasn’t bitter about how things ended with the Bucs, who cut him this spring before he signed on with the Patriots.

“It’€™s business. I know what it is,”€ Revis told TampaBay.com. “They acquired three three other people for me, and that’€™s fine. You’€™ve got to move on. I’€™ve moved on. I’€™m in a great place right now. I’€™m just getting prepared for the season.”

Revis — who said the thing he’s missed the most about Tampa was the “weather” — was asked if he’s been impressed by Tampa Bay’s busy offseason.

“I haven’t really paid attention [to the Bucs],” he said. “I’ve been focusing on things I have to do up in New England. My hands are full right now.”

4. We went down the Pro Football Reference rabbit hole last week when we tried to examine whether or not anyone had a shot at breaking Emmitt Smith‘s all-time rushing record. (While it’s debatable, it appears Adrian Peterson has the best shot at knocking off Smith, at least as it stands right now.) And so this week — in that same vein — we try and figure out if anyone has a shot at knocking off Jerry Rice‘s all-time record for receiving yards, which stands at an absolutely ridiculous 22,895.

No one is remotely close to catching him for the next few years (Rice is 6,961 receiving yards ahead of the second name on the list, Terrell Owens and his 15,934 receiving yards). However, there are a handful of intriguing names in the Top 30. Tony Gonzalez — who is apparently done — is fifth overall at 15,127. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Reggie Wayne is 11th overall at 13,566, while 33-year-old Andre Johnson is at 12,661 yards (17th overall) and 35-year-old Steve Smith is at 12,197 (19th overall).

At this point, the receiver with the best shot could be Larry Fitzgerald — the 31-year-old is 28th overall on the list with 11,367, an average of 1,137 yards a season over his 10-year career. If he can hit that mark for the next six years, that would give him 18,187 at the age of 37, which would put him 4,708 receiving yards shy of Rice at that point. Consider that Rice had 4,882 receiving yards after turning 38, and it becomes entirely possible that Fitzgerald could at least threaten Rice before he’s done. It would take a massive effort on the part of Fitzgerald (including showing the same sort of durability he has displayed that allowed him to miss just five games in his first 10 seasons in the league) and some more consistency and stability at quarterback for Arizona, but it isn’t a ridiculous concept.

The one other guy who might have a shot before it’s all done is Calvin Johnson. The only pass catcher in the top 100 all time who is under the age of 30, “Megatron” is at 9.328 career receiving yards (48th overall). He’s averaged 1,333 receiving yards a season in his seven years in the NFL — if he could stretch that average out over 15 years in the league, that would give him 19,995 yards, and also put him in the vicinity of Rice.

5. The battle currently being fought over whether New Orleans’ Jimmy Graham is a tight end or a receiver — and how he deserves to be compensated — is an interesting debate, one that will have far-reaching implications for the rest of the league. Graham’s reps and the NFLPA are pushing for him to be rewarded like a receiver (a $12.3 million tender), while the team and the league believe he should be tendered at $7 million as a tight end.

In New England, the Patriots have utilized several players in a wide variety of roles over the years, with the closest coming when Aaron Hernandez was deployed as an extremely versatile offensive option in his three seasons in the NFL, lining up in the slot, split wide and even in the backfield on occasion. (If the Patriots had reached a similar crossroads with Hernandez that the Saints have hit with Graham, it would have been interesting to see how it all would have gone down.)

Graham is listed as a tight end on the New Orleans depth chart, but he took 67 percent of his snaps as a wide receiver last year (in the slot or split wide, as opposed to lined up flush against a tackle). So what to do with him? The bottom line is that the game continues to change, and the traditional positional labels will continue to be challenged. Rookie tight end Eric Ebron had the most forward-thinking idea, saying that there should be a “joker” or “hybrid” designation for pass-catching tight ends. Meanwhile, Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe scoffed at the idea.

“Eric Ebron can dress it up, he can say he’s a joker, he can say hybrid or whatever he wants to call it, but at the end of the day you go to the Pro Bowl as a tight end and if you are fortunate enough, if you play long enough and if your teams win enough games you’ll go to the Hall of Fame as a tight end,” Sharpe told the NFL Network. “You’re not going to go as a joke or hybrid or quote-unquote wide receiver. That’s not going to happen.”

Ultimately, the Graham case is merely the first step in what should be a long and eventful evolutionary process, one that every NFL team — including the Patriots — is watching closely. A final ruling is expected next week.

6. Say what you will about Brandon Lloyd, but the wide receiver — who spent a single season with the Patriots in 2012 — was certainly never boring. Whenever we would write an in-depth piece on him back when he played in New England, it sparked the most interesting cross-section of responses, including emails from owners of health food stores and people he met at independent film festivals. Needless to say, he has a different fan base than, say, Rob Gronkowski.

And so, after a year away from the game, it’s good to see him back in football, this time with the Niners, who signed him to a one-year deal on April 15. In this interview, he expounded on the reasons he sat out for a year, and what he was doing when he was sidelined for a year. First, he said he wasn’t too bummed about not getting picked up after the Patriots cut him loose following the 2012 season.

“€œActually, it was kind of a relief,”€ said Lloyd, speaking during his annual football camp. “€œI mean, 10 years straight. I was really enjoying the anonymity. But at the same time, this is still the career path that I love. I love playing football.”

In his year away from the game, he tried a little of everything: He had a bit part in a movie, and he embraced a a full-time gig at a metal service center in composite tooling. He also played in a men’€™s tennis league in the fall, and cross country skied and snowshoed in the wintertime.

Lloyd, who will turn 33 on July 5, enters a crowded picture at receiver in San Francisco. But the Illinois product, who has 385 receptions for 5,695 yards and 35 touchdowns over the course of his career, said he’s ready to give it another shot.

“€œI was flattered that I was off a full year from football and that there was a team that still expressed an interest in bringing me back,”€ he said. “€œI feel I’€™m ready to compete, though. I still have a little ways to go as far as conditioning, but I’€™m very committed to this.”

7. However, the update on Lloyd wasn’t even our favorite ex-Patriots’ update of the week. That honor goes to Quinn Ojinnaka, an offensive lineman who spent eight games with the Patriots in 2010, and a total of seven years in the league. Turns out, the Syracuse product parlayed a middle-of-the-road NFL career into work as a pro wrestler — he signed a contract with Ring of Honor Wrestling this week. According to this press release, the 6-foot-5, 295-pound “Moose” Ojinnaka completed “his childhood dream of playing in the NFL” and “now hopes to realize another lifelong dream: winning the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship.” We’ll keep you updated.

8. And finally, I’ll be stepping away for the next couple of weeks or so in hopes of trying to get some rest between now and the start of training camp. Here’s hoping you have a happy and safe time before the fun starts at the end of July.

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