FOXBORO —’s Mike Petraglia explains why the Patriots signed 14-year veteran receiver Reggie Wayne Monday after the loss of Brandon Gibson to season-ending injured reserve with a knee injury.

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Mike Petraglia
Head coach Bill Belichick sits down with Dale, Jerry and Tom E Curran on Patriots Monday and discusses the team's progression in this preseason, and the acquisition of WR Reggie Wayne.

[0:00:01] ... a coach is brought to you as always by SP allied with Tedy Bruschi did. Get affordable dependable life insurance from SP ally of the company that has protected over one million family since 1907. Is it SP allied dot com today patriots head coach Bill Belichick joins us as always patriots Monday coach. Great how are you there Tom Hawaii and it was just yet couldn't be more ...
[0:03:18] ... they're good learning experiences for all those. Don't they ask you vote Reggie Wayne and I notes that ultimately might have been and you guys have. Seen some hits to your depth at the wide receiver ...
[0:05:58] ... we were very competitive against the science. Also are very competitive against Green Day that we before either so. All of Ghana will though it worked it. You know we we all heard that down enough ...
[0:13:58] ... talking next week okay sounds good are a lot patriots head coach Bill Belichick with dale on college Sports Radio WEEI. ...

Dale, Jerry and Tom E Curran talk with Patriots DE Chandler Jones as he comes off the practice field on a Patriots Monday.

[0:00:20] ... And we're happy to be joined by yeah Chandler Jones of the New England Patriots but to say yeah. Thanks for having me how Lori from the last time I saw you you were wearing a Boston ...
[0:00:59] ... the stands so La. Yet a new player joining your team today Reggie Wayne signed with your team Bill Belichick told us bottle earlier on. Have you had a chance even greet him and say hello I have it on despite us ...
[0:03:39] ... look bigger. And down that's averages or happier races ago. Talking with New England Patriots defensive fellow player Chandler Jones you guys have an opportunity did have a couple of days of practice on the West Virginia ...
[0:04:35] ... getting along very well. It was very clear from the beginning. Both Bill Belichick with your organization Sean Payton with the saints organization. There wasn't a win any of that stuff allowed and you guys just went out worked hard and ...

Danny Amendola has had a good camp to this point in the summer. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

Danny Amendola has had a good camp to this point in the summer. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

FOXBORO — It was a day of highs and lows for Danny Amendola.

The first news of the day wasn’t good as he found out when he arrived at Gillette Stadium that good friend and teammate Brandon Gibson was done for the season with a left knee injury, sustained Saturday night in New Orleans.

Amendola and Gibson played together for four seasons in St. Louis, including in 2011 for offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Amendola was excited to hear the news in the offseason that the Patriots were signing Gibson to add to a receiving corps at the time that included himself, Julian Edelman, Brian Tyms and Brandon LaFell.

“It’s really unfortunate. He’s a great football player,” Amendola said. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll get his knee back and rehab it and get back out there as soon as he can. Brandon and I have formed a strong relationship over the past five, six years that we’ve been together. Obviously, my heart sank when I found out the news. He has a lot of support in our room. We’ve all got his back. His spirits are high.”

Gibson led the Patriots with eight catches on nine targets and 68 yards on Saturday night before injuring his left knee in the fourth quarter.

But injuries to Edelman, Tyms and LaFell shortened that depth and Saturday’s injury to Gibson was the final blow that led to Monday’s signing of Reggie Wayne.

“He’s a good player,” Edelman said of Wayne. “He’s played at a high level for a long time, playing on some really good football teams. We’re excited to have him.”

Amendola thinks Wayne, a superior route-runner who will get consideration for Canton, will pick things up quickly in Foxboro.

“These coaches do a good job of getting guys in position where they can make plays and I’m sure they’ll do the same thing with him, and having a veteran that everyone can learn from in our room is really nice,” Amendola said. “Just like anywhere else, you’ve got to learn the verbiage and learn the language and take it from the classroom and put it on the field. With experience here in the locker room and on the practice field here, he’ll gain that experience.

“He’s played at a very high level for a long time and he knows how to get open and catch the ball.”

As for the young guns like Chris Harper, Jonathan Krause, Zach D’Orazio and Josh Boyce, Amendola said all of them have made a clear jump.

“They’re learning,” Amendola said. “They’re getting experience, they’re getting out there and playing against good teams and getting some good work. I was excited to see how much they’ve improved from the minute they got here. It’s been good.”

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Mike Petraglia
Malcolm Butler

Malcolm Butler

FOXBORO — With the signing of Reggie Wayne, practices might get a little more difficult for Patriots’€™ cornerbacks. Or easier. It’€™s hard to tell. Wayne is 37.

“I know him well from playing with the Colts and Peyton Manning,” Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler said Monday. “[He’€™s] just a guy that’€™s been around for a long time and has always been productive. I’€™m just looking forward to it.”

The spectrum of possibilities for Wayne’€™s impact is pretty clear. He can either be the latest in a line of big-name receivers the Pats have gotten at the end of their careers who didn’€™t work out (Torry Holt, Chad Ochocinco among them) or a pleasant surprise that wraps up a prolific career with one more productive season.

Butler considers himself fortunate to have the six-time Pro Bowl selection as his teammate. Though Wayne is no spring chicken, Butler said the veteran receiver’€™s smarts were apparent in film preparation last season.

“Just his knowledge of the game: knowing where to be, knowing where to line up, knowing how to release on the cornerbacks,” Butler said when asked what stood out. “Just all of the savvy things that veteran receivers know.”

Wayne’€™s production has been up and down since the Colts made the switch from Manning to Andrew Luck. He had one of the best seasons of his career when Luck was a rookie, as his 106 receptions and 1,355 receiving yards made for the second-highest totals of his career in each category. A torn ACL derailed the next season, while he was mediocre last season in his final campaign with the Colts (64 receptions, 779 yards, two touchdowns).

The Patriots hope that Wayne’€™s experience and knowledge will allow him to be an impact player as they deal with injuries at the receiver position (in addition to the injuries to Julian Edelman, Brandon LaFell and Aaron Dobson, the Pats placed Brandon Gibson on injured reserve Monday). Butler doesn’€™t see why Wayne wouldn’t be able to help the Pats where they might need it.

Even if Wayne doesn’€™t become a go-to guy for whoever’€™s at quarterback early on, Butler said that his presence will improve him as a player via practice reps.

“Most definitely,” he said. “I’€™m looking forward to everyone making me a better cornerback. Working hard if it’€™s anybody: Reggie Wayne, Danny Amendola, anybody. Just looking to get better.”

There’s no guarantee that the Wayne signing will be any sort of game-changer for the Pats, but they’re clearly optimistic.

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DJ Bean

FOXBORO — A big piece of the wide receive puzzle settled into place Monday with Brandon Gibson being placed on season-ending injured reserve.

Brandon Gibson

Brandon Gibson

FOXBORO — A big piece of the wide receive puzzle settled into place Monday with Brandon Gibson being placed on season-ending injured reserve.

Gibson injured his left knee on Saturday night in the fourth quarter of the Patriots’ 26-24 win over the Saints at the Superdome. He limped off under his own power and did not return. The move opens up the spot for 36-year-old Reggie Wayne, who reportedly took a physical with the Patriots on Sunday and agreed to terms on a one-year deal on Monday.

The team is significantly short-handed at the wide receiver position, with Brandon LaFell (PUP), Julian Edelman and Aaron Dobson all nursing injuries.

Gibson, 28, is a veteran of six NFL seasons with Philadelphia (2009), St. Louis (2009-12) and Miami (2013-14). The 6-foot, 210-pounder, was signed by the Patriots as a free agent on March 11, 2015. He originally entered the NFL as a sixth-round draft pick (194th overall) by Philadelphia in 2009 out of Washington State. He has played in 76 NFL games with 46 starts and has registered 233 receptions for 2,711 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Last season, Gibson played in 14 games with five starts for Miami and caught 29 passes for 295 yards and one touchdown. He was released by Miami on Feb. 27, 2015.

The Patriots also announced that they have re-signed rookie linebacker D.J. Lynch.

Lynch, 22, was signed by the Patriots as a rookie free agent out of Bowling Green on June 11, 2015 and released on Aug. 1, 2015. The 6-foot, 252-pounder, played in 48 games with 26 starts at Bowling Green and finished with 230 total tackles. He had his best season as a junior in 2013 when he started all 14 games and was named All-MAC after finishing with a team-high of 83 total tackles.

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Mike Petraglia

Patriots coach Bill Belichick joined Dale & Holley with Thornton on Monday with Tom E.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick joined Dale & Holley with Thornton on Monday with Tom E. Curran in for Michael Holley to discuss where the team is at getting prepared for the regular season and also the reported signing of Reggie Wayne. To hear the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

The biggest story of the offseason has carried over into training camp with Tom Brady appealing his four-game suspension for his role in Deflategate. As it stands now, with the case in the hands of Judge Richard Berman, it’s unclear whether or not Brady will be starting Sept. 10 in the season-opener against the Steelers.

Belichick said he and the team will wait for more information to become available before adjusting things when it comes to practices or preseason games.

“Once we start our preparation for the Pittsburgh game, based on whatever information we have — injuries and whatever else then we’ll prepare the game the best we can in the most competitive way we can,” Belichick said. “We’ll just see what kind of information we have. That can be from a variety of sources, whether it’s Tom’s situation or players that are managing some type of physical condition then we’ll just have to see where we are when we get to that preparation and play it out during the week. It’s no different than a player who is going to maybe play in the game or maybe isn’t due to injury. We just have to as we get closer to the game see how that unfolds.”

The coach was then asked if since Jimmy Garoppolo was the lesser-experienced of the two, would he benefit more from more reps? Belichick said the goal is to get everyone ready for Week 1, but added that could change once more information becomes available.

“Our goal is to get everyone ready,” he said. “We can’t just focus on one player. We have to get the entire team ready and everybody is part of the team. That’s what we’ve been doing. That’s what we’ll continue to do. At some point that will change, but I don’t think we’re there yet.”

It’s been reported the team has signed Wayne, the long-time Colts receiver and a player Belichick has had a lot of respect for over the years.

“I think we’ve agreed [to a contract],” Belichick said. “Yeah, absolutely [I’ve had conversations with him.] I’ve had several. We’ll find out. We’ll see how it goes. We’ve never had him in our system before. I mean I’ve coached him in the Pro Bowl and all that. We just have to see how it goes. He’s had a great career and has done a lot of things for the Colts organization, primarily playing on the left and in more recent years being moved around to playing on the right and also some slot in situations.

“I think he has a lot of versatility, obviously he has a lot of experience so we’ll have to see how it goes.”

Here are more highlights from the conversation. For more Patriots news, visit

On Devin McCourty playing cornerback against Saints: “Devin made a huge play on the double-move in the end zone that Coleman ran and knocked the ball out, saved us four points. I think our entire team, particularly guys who played in the first quarter, some of our so-called veteran experienced players, as a group we weren’t very competitive against the Saints. We also weren’t weren’t competitive against Green Bay the week before either. We all have a lot of work to do.”

On the team’s preparation for the third preseason game and how it differs from others: “I think a couple of points of emphasis for us this week will be: No. 1 to get into a more regular season preparation mode so our players and our coaches are watching a little bit more of Carolina and what they have done, who their players are, what the matchups are, things like that. That didn’t happen much in the first game. The second game we practiced against New Orleans. I don’t think it will happen in the fourth game against the Giants. This is kind of the team to do that for the guys that are new to the team, the rookies, some of the veterans from another team — just the way we do it. How the progression goes and it is important for players to get into a routine to kind of know where they are on Wednesday, where they should be on Thursday, where they should be on Friday, Saturday, leading into the game on Sunday in terms of preparation, their physical readiness for the game — what kind of practice we would have. What the demands would be and so forth. I think it’s a routine. One thing you don’t want to do, well sometimes you do, but for the most part you don’t want to surprise your team with a lot of stuff every day where they don’t know it’s coming, it’s had to prepare for it, it’s hard to get into a rhythm. Sometimes it’s good to change it up, I’m not saying that, but for the most part it’s getting into a routine. So this is a week we can start to establish that. It won’t be the same as the regular season, but it will be the closest week of the four that we will have.”

On if one player is more prepared than another based on experience: “We all have a lot of work to do whether a guy has been in the league one year, 15 years been to 10 Pro Bowl‘s or been to none. It doesn’t really matter. It’s where we are this year individually and collectively as a team. That has to do with timing and communication and execution with teammates — one guy could be in great shape and all that, but that is not the way the game is played. He has to be able to work with the other guys that are out there. That’s part of building a team. We’re all in that process.”

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Ryan Hannable
Danny Amendola joins the guys to talk about preseason, the wide receiver position and his outlook on the oncoming season.

[0:05:12] ... Leaving college so. I using his insane fan when I was in Saint Louis and we when he gets kitchen a couple of times years news. He's he's I've always been very impressed with him in mean even with flash reported but each other and and Saint Louis for three years four years I'd better and these guys for a long time. And he's going to get to each other ...
[0:07:25] ... a couple of our job so you would drive out there from high school. I mean he can't hit anything off course. Our talk about. Should. We don't know the name on your face guy. What ...
[0:08:03] ... guess security units to bunkers guard that's what you listen to some Cris Carter. Knows little about them. To brief him. Too much too soon. It's that's what advice would you active. You're able to speak ...
[0:10:01] ... you know eager to learn and eager to get better soon. Jamaica Rob Lowe impressed a lot of people with a performance on Saturday what specifically impressed you Saturday night. I thought he did well I ...