Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo joined Middays with MFB on Thursday to discuss his rehab, Deflategate and also to look ahead to the Super Bowl. To hear the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

This entire week has been all about Deflategate in the media and there hasn’t been much discussion at all about the actual Super Bowl game. Mayo said it it’s been highly unusual.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Mayo. “At the same time I know the guys are focused on Seattle and you know the whole ‘ignore the noise.’ That is what the guys are doing. When you get in between the walls, we’re studying film and trying to move forward.”

The linebacker was asked how he feels about the team being under scrutiny a lot of the time. He acknowledged it happens, but it isn’t something the team thinks about.

“I really don’t know. I don’t what know it is,” he said. “I feel like sometimes the team sometimes gets attacked unfairly, but at the same time really it doesn’t matter, we’re trying to put a good performance on each and every week. I know the guys are really focused on the game and it’s a huge game. We’re not really bothered with all that going on.”

Mayo suffered a torn patellar tendon in Week 6 against against the Bills. It’s the second straight year Mayo has suffered a season-ending injury early in the year. He said rehab is going well.

“I’m doing good. Rehab is going well,” Mayo said. “I’m doing good. We’ll keep taking it one day at a time, no setbacks here.”

Despite being placed on injured reserve, Mayo has still remained part of the team, showing up at the facility everyday, watching film and helping out the linebackers. He has even been on the sidelines during the playoffs, something unusual for a Bill Belichick coached team, to have a player on injured reserve on the sidelines.

“I just tried to keep the guys calm. I know it’s a long game and sometimes things don’t go your way,” said Mayo of what he did in the Baltimore game. “I try and keep everybody calm and obviously I can see things from the sideline that you can’t really see on the field. It’s difficult to see the entire field when you’re out there looking at certain keys. I can see a lot of things on the sideline and I just try to rely some of the things that I see to the guys.”

Mayo is proud of what Dont’a Hightower and Jamie Collins have done in his absence on the field.

“I feel like every week those guys are getting better,” he said. “[Hightower] is doing a great job as far as lining everyone up and going out there and controlling the defensive line and the coverage. Jamie [Collins] is a great athlete that can make a lot of plays. The interception last week and the play the week before with the forced fumble even though that got called back. Talented individuals, I am so proud and happy for them. Hopefully it continues to this week.”

As for his future in New England, Mayo has a contract through the end of the 2017 season, but has a cap hit of $10.6 million next season. With that as the case, there’s a chance the team will look to restructure his deal.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Mayo said of his future. “I am taking it one day at a time just like anything else. Right now my focus is on the Seahawks. I am just trying to help the guys and when we reach that point we’ll deal with it then.”

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Friend of the show Jerod Mayo joins the guys to talk about Christian's past drops, the growth of Collins and Hightower, and the rest of the Patriots defense.

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Mike Florio joins the guys to break down the Bill Belichick press conference and the rest of the Deflate-Gate controversy.

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[0:03:24] ... said my number one job is protecting the integrity of the game Troy Vincent the executive VP of football operations on my radio show PF do you live earlier this week saying this is about the ...

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been fined $20,000 for an obscene gesture in the NFC championship game after scoring a touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Schefter also adds the NFL is considering fining him “significantly more” than the $50,000 they fined him the last two seasons for not speaking to the media — something the running back didn’t do Sunday.

On Wednesday, Richard Sherman joked he would give Lynch lessons on how to handle media day.

“We’€™re going to have a course later on this week. Going into media day, we’€™re going to have a good discussion about do’€™s and don’€™ts of media day — me and Marshawn,” he said.

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FOXBORO — Bill Belichick said Thursday morning that he had “no knowledge” of the news regarding the under-inflated footballs, and was “shocked” to hear that news that there was an issue with air pressure regarding the footballs in the AFC title game.

Belichick spoke for almost 10 minutes with the media on Thursday morning, making a statement about what he knew regarding the situation before taking a handful of questions, and adding that he has “no explanation” for what happened.

“I really can’t think of anything I would have done differently,” said the coach.

Belichick deferred most questions, adding that when it came to the matter of the league investigation, he said, “I can’t comment on what [the league] is doing. That’s something you should talk to them about.”

When it came to the level of Tom Brady‘s involvement in the situation, Belichick indicated that the quarterback could better address those issues.

“Tom’s personal preferences on his footballs are something he can talk about in much better detail,” Belichick added.

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Was Bill Belichick sending a message by having Tom Brady throw the ball late in Sunday's blowout?</p>
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Darrell Bevell

Darrell Bevell

Darrell Bevell knows he has a sizable challenge ahead. The Seattle offensive coordinator will play a major role in the game plans for Super Bowl XLIX, and he’ll help guide quarterback Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense against a New England defense that appears to be peaking at the right time.

According to Mike Clay of Pro Football Focus, including Sunday’s AFC title game, the Patriots have now allowed 14 touchdowns in nine games (an average of 1.55 per game) since their Week 10 bye. That included four against Baltimore last week in the AFC divisional playoffs. Maybe more importantly, the defense has been best when the game has been on the line — New England has yielded just two second-half touchdowns since its Week 11 win over the Colts in the regular season.

Bevell said Wednesday he’s not shocked at all when it comes to the level of success the Patriots have enjoyed, and anticipates a terrific challenge from New England when the two teams square off in Glendale.

“[Bill Belichick is as] good as they come in terms of game planning for an opponent, and he’s going to have a specific game plan for us. You don’t even know what it could be, so you kind of have to really be ready for everything,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “Fronts, coverages, all different kind of things and you have to be able to anticipate some of the things that they might do and you have to be able to adjust. During the game. there’s definitely some unscouted looks that are probably going to come up. So we just have to be ready to make those adjustments on the sideline as they come.

“I think you really have to be on your toes and really be prepared,” he added. “Like I said. almost every single guy on their secondary, you’ve seen them on tape in the games. There’s all the D-linemen, all the linebackers, they use them really all over the place. They can use them as down linemen, they can use them as linebackers, they use their safeties as corners, they’re all over the place. There’s definitely going to be some unscouted looks to come up.”

Bevell knows that the Seahawks‘ greatest challenge will come when Wilson and the Seattle passing game goes against the Patriots’ secondary.

“They use all of their guys — just about all of the depth that they have on the back end, you see them on tape,” Bevell said of the New England defensive backs. “I think they’re all solid players, but when you start with [Darrelle] Revis and [Brandon Browner] — we know about BB and Revis is one of the best in the business. I think [Devin] McCourty is playing just about as well as you can play at safety, he’s very active. So it’s going to be fun. It’s going to be a good challenge — one that we’re looking forward to.”

Bevell also broke down what it means to specifically face Revis and Browner. Bevell acknowledged that Revis was “as good as they come” when it comes to the cornerback position.

“He does everything well,” he said. “I know that they feel confident that they can just put him on an island, but they can put him over there one on one and the other guys can help the other side of the field and he’d be able to take care of that, or at least he’s been able to in his past. So he’s a solid player — he can play bump and run, he understands concepts, he can jump routes if he needs to, he can play the deep ball. So he’s a solid player.”

As far as Browner, there is some familiarity there, as he spent the last three seasons with the Seahawks before signing with New England this past offseason.

“It’ll be fun — we used to compete hard against him in practice,” recalled Bevell. “So that will be fun to see him.”

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Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined Dale & Holley on Wednesday to discuss the Deflategate story and also to look ahead to the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl.

Drew Bledsoe says Deflategate is "silly." (Elsa/Getty Images).

Drew Bledsoe says Deflategate is “silly.” (Elsa/Getty Images).

Former Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined Dale & Holley on Wednesday to discuss the Deflategate story and also to look ahead to the Seahawks-Patriots Super Bowl. To hear the interview, go to the Dale & Holley audio on demand page.

As a former quarterback in the NFL, Bledsoe doesn’t think the story is a big deal, and really isn’t a serious issue that deserves harsh punishment.

“This story seems kind of silly to me,” said Bledsoe. “Did they actually deflate some footballs? I don’t know maybe. Does it really effect the game? I don’t think it does. It’s one of those stories that if they did it, they probably should’t have. Is it an offense that changes the outcome of a game, or dealt with in some serious matter? I don’t really think so.

“There was a time when I was playing that the referees would just show up with the balls and you kind of got what you got. That was rough because they didn’t get them broken in properly and all of that. Personally, I always wanted the balls more inflated than less inflated — I felt like I could control it better. If it is a story  that they broke the rules, if they did they should probably be punished. Is it something that is a super serious offense? I don’t think so.”

Bledsoe, who played in New England from 1993-2001, says some of the reason for this story becoming as big as it has is because of the success of the team and people don’t like the Patriots constantly winning.

“There have been some people [firing] at them for a long time. That is the nature of the beast when you’re successful, people are going to take shots at you,” he said. “They certainly aren’t going to get the benefit of the doubt, I don’t think. Certainly not from the media and the population in general outside of New England just because they have been so successful for so long. That is the nature of the beast. You watch it happen with college programs. You don’t see sanctions applied to schools that aren’t winning, they are only applied to schools that are winning. With the Patriots they certainly are a target because of their unprecedented run of success.”

As for the game itself, Bledsoe is from the Pacific Northwest, but played for the Patriots. He’s expecting a close game that will come down to the final quarter with as many playmakers for each team.

“This is one of those — I think Vegas has it as a pick ‘em game, and I am right with them. I can’t call this one, I really can’t,” Bledsoe said. “It’s strength on strength. Two teams that are remarkably well coached by two of the very best coaches in my opinion to every coach the game. You have a defense on the Seattle side that’s been the best defense in the league for two years running. You have an offense in New England that has been prolific and able to have success despite players coming and going. You have a handful of truly difference making players in the game.

Marshawn Lynch is a guy that can take a game over on his own sometimes, run through tackles and get those yards after the catch. You have Rob Gronkowski for the Patriots, who is from a different planet, I don’t even know where the guy is from, who can make plays on his own. You have some huge difference makers on the defensive side for the Seahawks. I think it is going to be a heck of a ballgame and the way I see it shaking out is it is going to be close in the fourth quarter and one of those game changing type of players on one side or the other will change the game.”

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