Peyton Manning (Getty Images)

Peyton Manning (Getty Images)

Appearing with Middays with MFB from Radio Row in Phoenix, former NFL quarterback, and father of Peyton Manning, Archie Manning explained how his son is approaching making a decision regarding the Denver QB’s future.

“He’€™s trying to figure it out,” the elder Manning said. “I think he’€™s pretty good after the season of evaluating things, but he’€™s kind of a grinder and wants to get going again. He knows, 17 years ‘€¦ He’€™s not the same as he was before he had the four neck surgeries. He kind of had to change his game when he went to Denver, but it’€™s worked OK. And then this year he played hurt at the end of the year and didn’€™t have a good finish. He’€™s smart enough to sit down and try and evaluate things, but he’€™s pretty good at that. I think he knows how to take his time and really think about [things] and try and comprehend all the things that go into a football season, which is a lot of a quarterback.

“I don’€™t know what he’€™s going to do, but he’€™s always made pretty good decisions.”

Archie explained that the Broncos‘ coaching turnover — with Gary Kubiak taking over for John Fox — weighs into his son’s decision.

“Obviously that’€™s part of it, but I know he likes Gary,” Manning said. “He knows Gary a little bit. Gary was on the Texas A&M staff when they were recruiting him. He’€™s enjoyed his stay in Denver. I don’€™t think anybody really thought Coach Fox was going to be leaving and all of a sudden that’€™s pretty sudden stuff and it comes at the same time Peyton’€™s trying to make his decision. That’€™s all part of it. I don’€™t think he’€™ll go a long time and take this thing to March or anything like that. He’€™s got it on his mind and I think he’€™ll make a decision.

“He’€™s in a good frame of mind. He’€™s going to figure it out.”

Another huge factor for Peyton remains his physical status, which was in doubt at season’s end thanks to a torn quadriceps muscle.

“I think that’€™s important. He’€™s got to do that. I told him he has to be truthful about that,” said Archie regarding Peyton’s self-evaluation when it comes to the quarterback’s overall health. “If he has to watch film, or call up the defensive coordinator of the Raiders and see what somebody is saying about you, where you are and make a decision. And he’€™ll make a good one.

“His neck is fine. He had a problem with his leg, and that will heal so that’€™s not a factor.”

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CHANDLER, Ariz. — In his final media availability before the Super Bowl, Tom Brady Thursday said that he is confident his owner will still be proud of his quarterback.

Robert Kraft gave a four-minute passionate statement of support on Monday night, upon first arriving in Arizona, expressing his confidence that Bill Belichick, Brady and the organization will be cleared, and when that happens, an apology will be coming from the league.

Kraft said he has never known Brady to ever lie to him about anything, and doesn’t expect this to be the first time. Brady, on Thursday, returned the compliment.

“We have a great relationship,” Brady said. “We always have. There is a lot of trust between the two of us. It’€™s been built up over 15 years of ups and downs. We’€™ve been through a lot together. Like I said, we’€™ll handle all of those things after the season. Whenever those things, the investigation concludes, I certainly hope he’€™s proud of me.”

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Mike Petraglia
Steven Belichick

Steven Belichick

CHANDLER, Ariz. — There is another Belichick on the Patriots coaching staff that some people may be unaware of — Steven Belichick, Bill’s son. Steven is in his third year as a coaching assistant with the team.

Bill says it is great to be able to be around his son after being away from him for so long between him coaching and Steven being in school.

“It’€™s great. It’€™s great,” said Bill. “Steven was pretty much away for six years with prep school and college lacrosse and then a year of football with Rutgers. So it’€™s great to have him back, see him on a daily basis and be able to work with him, but also have our father-son relationship kind of not as part of the working environment, but the fact that we work together gives us a little more opportunity to do kind of things like that. So it’€™s great. It’€™s great.”

Steven played lacrosse at Rutgers, before walking on the football team for his senior year playing long snapper for coach Greg Schiano.

The two always stand at midfield talking while the team is warming up for the game, often looking at the opposing team’s warmups.

Coaching runs in the family as Bill’s dad, also Steve, got Bill into coaching. The older Belichick coached at Hiram College, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Navy before his coaching career ended in 1989.

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Ryan Hannable

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Tom Brady insists he is feeling better and better by the day.

CHANDLER, Ariz. — Tom Brady insists he is feeling better and better by the day.

Despite hoarseness in his voice at his final media availability Thursday morning at the team’s Super Bowl hotel headquarters, Brady says he still expects to be “100 percent” on Super Sunday.

“Good. Good. I feel pretty good,” Brady repeated, this time from a podium as opposed to the close quarters of risers inside the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass ballroom on Wednesday. “It felt good to run around [Wednesday] at practice. Just good to be out on the field.”

Brady said this bout with the sniffles is no different that any other cold he’s dealt with before a game, and it shouldn’t play a factor in his performance.

“I think I’€™ve been through it plenty of times,” Brady said. “You know, the winter months, like I said [Wednesday], it kind of ran through my house. I’€™m glad it happened early in the week. I feel a lot better. It was good to run around yesterday. I expect to be 100 percent on Sunday. I’€™ll be ready to go.”

Brady confirmed he had a cold on Wednesday when he suffered through a 45-minute session with reporters, telling them that he was ‘not worried about it at all.

“I’ve had it for four to five days, my kids got sick and my wife’s pretty sick right now. I brought it, unfortunately, to Phoenix, but I’ll be fine. I’ll be good.”

Brady said earlier in the week that Gisele is expected to head to Phoenix for the game on the weekend.

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Mike Petraglia

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan Show Thursday morning from Radio Row in Phoenix, Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel went to the extreme of comparing the Patriots’ alleged transgression in regards to Deflategate to the White Sox fixing the 1919

Gregg Doyel

Gregg Doyel

Appearing on the Dennis & Callahan Show Thursday morning from Radio Row in Phoenix, Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel went to the extreme of comparing the Patriots’ alleged transgression in regards to Deflategate to the White Sox fixing the 1919 World Series.

“In 1919 the Black Sox rigged the World Series to lose it. In 2015 is what is being accused is the Patriots rigged the AFC Championship Game to win it,” Doyel said, adding, “You’€™re saying we had a team rigging a World Series in 1919 to lose it and we think that’€™s the worst crime ever. Having a championship game rigged to win it, it’€™s in the same sentence.”

When questioned about how he could compare the magnitude of potentially adjusting air pressure inside footballs to fixing a World Series, Doyel didn’t back down.

“It’€™s rigging a game,” he said. “Either you’€™re playing on an even playing field and giving the other team a chance to win it or lose it fairly, or you’€™re rigging the game. It’€™s rigging the game. I don’€™t know what else to say, it’€™s rigging the game.

“The football is the most basic thing you play with. That’€™s the actual ball and it’€™s every single play.”

Doyel went on to explain how he thinks the recent controversy has put a permanent scar on not only the perception of the Patriots, but also Tom Brady.

“This could be the greatest quarterback, coach combo ever, and that’€™s how it will go down in your neck of the worlds. In the other 49 ½ states they cheat and so how good are they? That’€™s the legacy and I’€™m going to tell you that’€™s true. This is not me saying they cheated the Colts, but this is me saying legacy is perception.

“Here’€™s the thing with Brady, with me specifically ‘€¦ He’€™s evolution. He’€™s bigger, taller, better looking, more talented, smarter, funnier. I think he’€™s fabulous and untouchable, until about a week ago. Now, you know what, he’€™s just like everybody else. I think the legacy is he’€™s a great, great, great quarterback, comma, just like everybody else.”

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Marshall Faulk talks to the guys about his past accusations of Patriots cheating and previews the Pats v Seahawks.

[0:00:02] ... Phoenix Arizona Gary for the pats and steals he ought to the Super Bowl on Sunday. Look at Florida have our next guest what is for a long time now Marshall Faulk was this for a ...
[0:00:37] ... and forth about spike it and how the patriots had won a Super Bowl since by game. Not deflate gators added on top it so what does that make you think today is the pages get ready for another Super Bowl. Make me think anything. I mean there's no there's no. There's no. We don't we don't know anything. There's an investigation going ...
[0:01:17] ... is should not the it should not be taken away from the Super Bowl. It's here's here's usually what happens right so for any network that covers sports especially the NFL. You see talk amount his ...
[0:02:02] ... it got milk commercial. When I had to do with him in Drew Bledsoe. In the you don't like Super Bowl could they would say who's gonna place we achieved commercial with both guys. We met talk known and loved him ever since. The re black quarterbacks is CNET is because. Quarterbacks know what balls they're going to throw and how they're gonna throw those balls. That's what I've heard every quarterbacks that. Mark Brunell Torre. They all talk about. I don't Obama throw there's no way I don't not know what all of them point to ...

Matt Light joins the show to talk about how to prepare during Super Bowl week and how the O-Line will be able to handle the Seattle defense.

[0:00:00] ... That's the AT&T hotline we go we are joined by Matt Light or patriots offensive lineman. Basket tells about the light foundation raffle for a trip to the super bully still got time to get in. You have until 4 o'clock today malice was to join us down here at radio row. During the Super Bowl but that I guess the weather in Boston made that impossible ha. Yeah you guys I don't know if you missed that ...
[0:01:01] ... for a little bit and obviously have a race expecting a great Super Bowl you know two great teams. It's got its having yearly just you wish you were still put it give it thought static ...
[0:05:12] ... a heads up about the light foundation in the raffle trip. The Super Bowl people's thoughts on it get it right. All they do what we do out here but he. I mean I I don't ...
[0:10:29] ... where we would be. What the big screen teams in the National Football League. And and I'll always be you orbit so make them a little bit everything because picked up the rules do I think ...

PHOENIX — The game is getting closer and closer, as Thursday will be the last day of player access for both teams this week. They will also practice in the afternoon.

Here is a complete media availability schedule for Thursday: