Making sure the football was properly inflated in the AFC championship game evidently was the most important thing for Indy media Monday morning.</p>
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Patriots coach Bill Belichick joined Dale & Holley on Monday for his weekly appearance to look back on the season, and ahead to the Super Bowl against the Seaha

Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork joined Dale & Holley on Monday to discuss his actions following the game on Sunday when he pulled a woman from a flipped over car, and to look ahead to the Super Bowl against the

FOXBORO — The Patriots will cooperate with the NFL investigation to the use of game footballs used in the AFC championship game Sunday night.

Bill Belichick said during a conference call Monday that he wasn’t aware of the investigation by the league until Monday morning.

Not even a few hours after the Patriots won the AFC championship, Vince Wilfork helped free a woman from her vehicle after she had flipped her Jeep Wrangler on Route 1 in Foxboro.

Multiple reports now indicate the NFL is looking into the report of deflated footballs being used in Sunday’s AFC title game.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady checked in with Dennis & Callahan on Monday morning, following Sunday night’s rout of the Colts in the AFC championship game.

Tom Brady, during his Monday morning appearance with Dennis & Callahan, termed an suggestion that the Patriots were tampering with game balls “ridiculous.”

FOXBORO — Even Robert Kraft admitted Sunday night following the Patriots’ 45-7 win in the AFC championship game things didn’t look good for the Patriots when they lost to the Chiefs, 41-14 in Week 4, dropping their record to 2-2 in the process.