Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter

ESPN’s Adam Schefter made his weekly appearance on Middays with MFB on Friday to talk about the Patriots, the Jets and other NFL news. To hear the interview, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

It’s expected that Rex Ryan is in his final days coaching the Jets, who are in last place in the AFC East at 3-11 as they prepare to host the Patriots on Sunday. Schefter said he does not believe Ryan will latch on with another team for the 2015 season.

“I think the chances of Rex Ryan staying in the NFL are slightly better than Jim Harbaugh going to Michigan,” Schefter said after predicting Harbaugh will not leave the pro game to coach his alma mater. “I think Rex Ryan is going to wind up on TV next year. That’s what I’m expecting. I think he’ll be in a studio somewhere. I think he’ll be dishing out opinions. He’ll be about being Rex. To me, just like I’m expecting Jim Harbaugh to be in the NFL, I’m expecting Rex Ryan to be in TV.”

Schefter predicted both Ryan and general manager John Idzik will be fired at season’s end, but he isn’t sure what will happen with inconsistent young quarterback Geno Smith.

“I think that they’re both going to be gone. That’s my read into the situation. I think they’re going to clean house,” Schefter said. “And depending on who they bring in as a head coach and a GM, then they can decide what they’re going to do with the quarterback. But I think that’s the direction that organization is moving right now. When you speak to people around the league, that’s what they believe will happen in New York.”

If the Patriots win Sunday and the Broncos lose to the Bengals on Monday night, that would make New England’s final regular-season game against the Bills unimportant. While it might be good for the Pats to protect some players by having them sit out the final, Schefter isn’t sure that would be the best situation.

“I think Denver wins on Monday night. Would I be surprised if they went into Cincinnati and lost? No. And you know what, I’ve got news for you: I almost think the Patriots are better off that way, with Denver winning,” Schefter said, adding: “To me, the best thing that could happen for the Patriots is that Denver wins out and New England wins out. If Denver loses and New England wins this week and you wrap up the [No. 1 seed], and then essentially you’re not playing for anything next week, and then you get a bye week, that’s three weeks [without a meaningful game].”

Added Schefter: “It just doesn’t come and go. You just can’t turn it on. You’ve got to go play. And the teams usually that fare the best in the postseason are the teams that are just rolling along at the end of the regular season and they just keep rolling into the postseason. And even the teams that start out that first weekend with a wild card win, they get some momentum going and start moving.

“So if you’re the Patriots and you wrap up home-field advantage this weekend and now you’re got a meaningless game next weekend against the Buffalo Bills, that means essentially you’re not playing a meaningful game for the three weeks. I don’t like that. That’s me. Now, Rob Gronkowski, the Patriots, they may want to sit him out, rest him and not give him any opportunities to be hurt. But every game they play is an opportunity for anyone to be hurt. That’s the way it goes. That’s the sport they play.”

Looking to the postseason, Schefter said the Patriots should feel confident against any opponent if the game is in Foxboro.

“The fact of the matter is if you’ve got them in New England, the Patriots should win every playoff game they play in New England,” Schefter said.

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Jerry Spar
Christian shares what he believes will be the three keys to this Sunday's game against the New York Jets

[0:00:56] ... to have to do. Is to stop the run up of the New York Jets. This is going to be eight ball control offense but it features through last Sunday the bat split that the jets. The ...
[0:02:01] ... of this game they have to stop the running game of the New York Jets. Note agreed on it this year's is that they do this at the same thing left of the place. Right and obviously ...
[0:03:20] ... I refuse to support this show. Come on Donnie. Bush broke my Tom Brady posted my favorite wine for that job just right now. I never realized how similar that I in the conference. And the ...
[0:06:18] ... the same guy when her ego he still thinks he can beat Bill Belichick. He still thinks. That he's the man he can win a super public key words still he still thinks that he'll be ... Patriots writer Chris Price previews the Week 16 matchup between the Patriots and Jets. Find out the keys to the game as well as Chris’ prediction.

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Continuing a theme of wanting to play hard for their coach and showing they can compete (at least for a day) with the big, bad Patriots in the AFC East, Jeremy Kerley has thrown down the gauntlet.

Will Sunday mark the final time Rex Ryan leads the Jets against the Patriots? (Getty Images)

Will Sunday mark the final time Rex Ryan leads the Jets against the Patriots? (Getty Images)

Continuing a theme of wanting to play hard for their coach and showing they can compete (at least for a day) with the big, bad Patriots in the AFC East, Jeremy Kerley has thrown down the gauntlet.

“This game is personal,” Kerley told New York’s Newsday on Thursday. “It’s as big as people want it to be, or it’s as small as people want it to be. But for us, it’s personal.”

The reason, according to Kerley, is that there is a sense in the Jets locker room and in the building in Florham Park, New Jersey that no one up in Foxboro respects the Jets.

“You can’t give respect to someone who doesn’t respect you,” Kerley told Kimberly Martin of Newsday. “If you don’t give me any respect, I don’t care what you’ve got. I’m coming for you.”

All of this despite Bill Belichick insisting on Wednesday and again on Friday that this will be a very difficult challenge for the 11-3 Patriots, who desperately need the win to stay out in front of the Broncos for top seed in the AFC.

The 3-11 Jets are battling for position atop the NFL draft order in the spring.

Whether it’s this season’s records or the fact the Patriots have utterly dominated the series in the Bill Belichick era in Foxboro (21-8), the Jets are playing the disrespect card to the hilt.

“They don’t honestly respect us as a franchise,” Willie Colon said. “It just doesn’t seem like we get any respect. And maybe it needs to be earned. Respect is earned, it’s not given.”

Except for a shocking playoff loss in Jan. 2011, the Patriots have made life miserable for Rex Ryan, winning eight of the 12 meetings between the two since Ryan’s tenure with the Jets began in 2009. There has been plenty of speculation that the 13th meeting will be the final episode in the drama, as Ryan could be given his walking papers after the season.

“Is it special to beat the Patriots? They’re the ones that you try to beat,” Ryan said. “Even though the year hasn’t gone the way we wanted it to, sure you want to beat them, without question.”

As for Colon, he acknowledged that the Patriots are “the top dog every year,” but added, “I don’t like ‘em and it is what it is. Listen, I don’t take anything from New England. They win with whatever they have. So you’ve got to be able to respect them.”

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Mike Petraglia

FOXBORO — On a day when Boston, New England and the basketball world is talking about Rajon Rondo heading to Dallas, Bill Belichick heaped a huge amount of praise upon Rondo’s new rival in the Western Conference.

NBC Sports NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joined Dennis & Callahan to discuss the Patriots’ upcoming game against the Jets. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Bill Belichick. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Bill Belichick. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

FOXBORO — On a day when Boston, New England and the basketball world is talking about Rajon Rondo heading to Dallas, Bill Belichick heaped a huge amount of praise upon Rondo’s new rival in the Western Conference.

Recently, San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich praised Bill Belichick and the Patriots as a “fantastic organization.”

On Friday, Belichick accepted the praise and returned the favor.

“It’s flattering he would say that,” Belichick said of the five-time champion Spurs coach. “It means a lot coming from his stature and given the amount of respect I have for him and our organization has for that organization because I think it extends well beyond me. That’s a very flattering comment.

“Tremendous respect for Gregg. I think the consistency they’ve had there, the level that they’ve played at. I love the way he coaches that team. I love to watch that team. He’s really good, really good. It’s not like I watch a hundred basketball games a year or anything like that but I think he handles himself and his team, I admire it. I really do.”

Belichick has often interacted with other coaches in Boston, like former Red Sox manager Terry Francona, ex-Celtics coach Doc Rivers, Bruins coach Claude Julien and Boston College hockey coach Jerry York. In some cases, he’s even invited them into Gillette to speak to his team.

It’s not quite at that level with Popovich, at least not yet.

“We’ve had a lot of indirect conversation. Put it that way,” Belichick said.

Reminded that Popovich’s job just got a lot tougher with Dallas acquiring Rondo in a trade with the Celtics Thursday night, Belichick showed that single-minded focus he shares with Popovich.

“Right now, I’m really worried about the Jets. I can’t worry about everybody else’s team and what their challenges are and all that,” Belichick said. “I’m sure every team has a lot of challenges. We have a big one and that’s really my job to deal with that one.”

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Mike Petraglia

NBC Sports NFL analyst Rodney Harrison joined Dennis & Callahan to discuss the Patriots’ upcoming game against the Jets. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

The Jets are in the midst of one of their worst seasons in recent memory, going 3-11 through 14 games. The possibility at a high pick in the upcoming draft has some thinking the Jets might not be motivated for Sunday’s game against the Patriots. Harrison said coach Rex Ryan and his staff will get his team to play its hardest.

“I think one of the strengths of Rex Ryan is his ability to motivate his players and really give them perspective. And he’s been really good at that, getting the most out of his players,” Harrison said. “As bad or as crazy as that may sound, I do believe that Rex Ryan is a heck of a football coach. Sometimes the in-game management is off a little bit — he doesn’t have that as a strength of his coaching ability. But at the same time, he’s one of those guys, he can motivate you, he’s very emotional, he cares about his players. So, he can tell his players, ‘Look, we’ve had success against the guys. We feel like offensively they don’t have the weapons they had before. Yes, they have Rob Gronkowski and some other things, Tom Brady, but we can compete with guys and we can beat these guys.’ Just like you said before, ‘We’re not afraid of the Patriots.’ He’ll have those guys pumped up.

“The main thing for the Patriots is, as a player, you never want to get into a situation where you overlook a team. I’ve been on a team where I played on a 1-15 team, a 4-12 team, and you’re still playing for your livelihood. Guys are playing for contracts, guys are playing not to get injured. So you have a lot guys who have a lot of stuff on the line and also the coaches evaluate and the general managers and other teams evaluate this team and see if guys are quitting. And I guarantee the Jets won’t quit. But the one way you make a team like the Jets get discouraged is you come out and you take a 14- to 17-point lead and all of a sudden you’ll see those guys shutting down.”

Harrison said Belichick has a few methods to make sure the Patriots won’t take the Jets lightly.

“I think one aspect is he’ll go back and he’ll probably grab some plays of just what the Jets can do, what can they can do offensively, how good they are from a defensive line standpoint,” Harrison said. “And he’ll continue to push the guys. In meetings, he’ll call out different guys in practice and making sure the guys hustle. And he’ll be tough this week. He won’t be one of those guys walking around smiling, he’ll be tough on the guys.”

Darrelle Revis had some of the best years any corner in the NFL has ever had during his time with the Jets. This season with the Patriots, the defensive back is having another shutdown season. Tom Curran even went as far as to say Revis is the MVP of the entire league. Harrison said the corner is having a fantastic year, but he wouldn’t go as far as to say that Revis win the league’s most coveted individual award.

“I think he’s been great,” Harrison said. “And I think the one thing about it people don’t appreciate how good he is because he’s so quiet, he’s so humble. And he doesn’t get up and he celebrates and he’s one of those attention-driven guys — he’s not that. Obviously when you play for the Patriots, people never really realize how good you are because it’s always team-related, it’s always say the right thing, approach things the right way.

“J.J. Watt is the MVP of the league. I don’t care if he plays on a terrible team or not. He’s completely dominated every aspect of the game. He’s been one of the best defensive players I’ve seen since Lawrence Taylor, Reggie White. He’s the flat-out MVP.

“But Darrelle Revis, he’s great. The one thing that Darrelle Revis has to understand, too, is there’s a lot of desperate teams out there. And they’re going to vie for his services. They’re going to throw a lot of money out there. But he’s made a lot of money. I think he has to consider, even if he has take a little less money to stay with the Patriots, the situation that he’s in, he’s got stability at the quarterback position, he’s got the best head coach to ever play and he’s surrounded by a lot of great, young talent. So, if I’m Darrelle, I’m looking at all of those aspects of possibly signing long term with the Patriots.”

The reason Revis is so good, according to Harrison, is the way the defensive back approaches the game from a mental aspect.

“I think it’s not just physically, it’s more mental,” Harrison said. “I think he understands the game. Those are things you can’t teach. Just the natural instincts, the feel of the game. You saw it with Ty Law. You saw Ty Law‘s ability, even though Ty Law probably ran a 4.5 [40-yard dash time] or 4.6 in the latter part of his career. His ability to anticipate, run the routes for the guys. Darrelle, his study habits. Those types of things, just the natural feel of the game. And that’s something you can’t teach.”

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It’s bowl week for most fantasy footballers, and we’re back with a fresh batch of starts and sits for your perusal. I’ve posted three starts for the four major positions and a player to avoid for each as well. As always, for information on players not listed in this article, I encourage you to check out my full lineup rankings at Rotobahn.

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday morning for another episode of the Fantasy Football Hour with my co-host Jim Hackett. If you have last-minute lineup concerns, you should check out my Sunday chat. It takes place right here at and it runs from 11 a.m. to noon.

If you want to keep track of all our fantasy football content, both here and at Rotobahn, follow me on Twitter. I send out links to all fresh articles and chats as well.



Mark Sanchez, Eagles at Washington

The top nine quarterbacks are pretty well locked in by my math. After that, I see Sanchez as a good option because he has a nice matchup and because of the weapons around him.

Russell Wilson, Seahawks at Cardinals

He’s a big-game player, and he’ll make enough plays to give you QB1 output. The Cardinals are not fully loaded on either side of the ball right now, so stick with Wilson unless you have a higher-ranked option.

Eli Manning, Giants at Rams

The emergence of Odell Beckham has changed Manning’s fortunes for the better. He’s a viable quarterback this week in all leagues if you are in need. The Rams are tough, but I expect low-end QB1 output, so start him if you have the need.


Colin Kaepernick, 49ers vs. Chargers

There’s just too much going wrong in San Francisco to try him this week. The Harbaugh situation has gone from bad to worse, and it’s showing up on the field. You can do better on the average waiver wire. Check the Week 16 rankings for options.



Fred Jackson, Bills at Raiders

The seemingly ageless Jackson will be energized in this game and he should get most of the red zone work. He’s a high-end RB2 in all formats and has enhanced value in PPR formats. It’s hard to envision a poor outing barring injury.

Andre Williams, Giants at Rams

He’s a viable option unless Rashad Jennings somehow makes a late-week comeback and plays. I doubt that will happen. Williams has a tough matchup, but he’ll get plenty of opportunity, and that gives him RB2 appeal in 12-team standard (non-PPR) scoring leagues.

Dan Herron, Colts at Cowboys

He’s been the best back in Indianapolis since Ahmad Bradshaw departed with a season-ending injury. I doubt that changes this week. Herron splits snaps and carries with Trent Richardson, so he’s a low-ceiling RB2 but a dependable one, and he has a little extra appeal in PPR formats.


Trent Richardson, Colts at Cowboys

He must score to get the job done for fantasy purposes and he’s been held out of the end zone with staggering frequency. So much so that I can’t recommend him outside of huge leagues. He’s a player to avoid this week.



Sammy Watkins, Bills at Raiders

He was a letdown last week, but this week provides a lot more opportunity because he gets a very beatable Raiders defense and some warm weather, too. Watkins has too much upside to bench unless you are pretty well loaded at receiver. I’d be happy to start him in any league this weekend.

Kenny Stills, Saints vs. Falcons

This game should feature plenty of offense, and Stills is a big-play weapon who is developing into a good mid-range receiver as well. He is a strong option this week as a WR3. It also helps to play with Drew Brees.

Jarvis Landry, Dolphins vs. Vikings

New England got a good look at Landry last week. Landry’s Week 16 matchup is a lot better, as the Vikings have no stud defensive backs. The rookie will continue to be consistently targeted out of the slot. WR3 numbers seem likely, and he’s worth even more in PPR.


Eric Decker, Jets vs. Patriots

I like Decker as a player, but he is in for a tough week against the Patriots corners and he has a quarterback who gives him no advantage whatsoever. The former Bronco is a good red zone weapon, so you never know for sure, but I am not risking my season on Decker this week with Revis and Browner lurking. No matter where the Jets line him up, he’s got problems.



Travis Kelce, Chiefs at Steelers

He’s now locked in and I seriously doubt that the Chiefs dial him back now — with their season on the line. Chelsea is the Chiefs’ best weapon after Jamaal Charles, and they seem to realize it now. Keep him active.

Dwayne Allen, Colts at Cowboys

He was banged up for a few weeks and he’s now getting back into top form. Allen scored last weekend, and that raises his season total to eight. Not bad for a guy who missed a lot of time. Allen is a good low-end TE1 option for finals week. Start him with confidence.

Owen Daniels, Ravens at Texans

He has a tough matchup, but he’s a very solid option who can be picked up on a lot of waiver wires. He’s also returning to play the team he spent most of his career with, so he will be pumped up and ready to go.


Jermaine Gresham, Bengals vs. Broncos

He’s nursing a sore toe, and he may end up getting bogged down in pass protection against Denver’s bookend rushers. I’d avoid him this week unless you are desperate. I’ve got 19 tight ends ranked higher than Gresham this week.

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Peter Davidson