In the second of Sunday Skate, DJ and Joe discuss the approaching NHL trade deadline and what the B's will do. They get into the Boychuk move at the beginning of the season and Boychuk's brother venting on Twitter this morning about complaining B's fans. There is more discussion on the 3rd and 4th lines, their playoff chances and then they are joined by ESPN's Scott Burnside.

[0:01:09] ... are you doing that because you want to where Canadian callers with Phil Kessel is that what you're thinking. Absolutely not it's my it's my Bruins wish list that I'm wearing and as a share. Again this this all comes back to Michael Hawley we'd be talked about that Mike Babcock earlier now we're talking about the council. I think that this is the Michael Holley show now all of Michael Ali's boys beat Blackburn is running V you watch on W dot com you can jump in their. What's going on there from what I've seen tell me if I'm wrong. Since Joey Mac suggested the Bruins could possibly at some point go back to Gregory Campbell. Joey Mac has had to fight for his wife and dampening it is it's a bloodbath. And and Joey gets her everywhere in Atlanta. It's off. Joseph accident threatening people. Not that dropping gloves you know it's. Also if it's so if it's Gregory Campbell but you're dropping gloves and losing. Naw I I. Can choke against against whooping I mean I'll take a couple shots but you know via a day right no that's I mean I'm sad dog signature play the role of Gregory Campbell. But you're willing to fight it might not go solely on the steamy today at least the those of Utah I don't. I love the thing in Ireland talk about a score Sina spend way in his death fen way is whatever the heck it is and and like I'll be the first on to agree that I really need to. So Hitler bar bottle these new stats because you know I'm really not there is a place they're good there and but you know what. You you know what Gregory Campbell adds to this lineup. Even if he struggles there's a reason Michael Julian has some on the ice late in games you know from a defensive purpose him from taking a face off. But you know yes he struggle and he can't single him out everybody's ears. Oh yes two years ago yes Gregory Campbell is not. I don't know if you Don I don't know if if he's getting up there needs what it is this season Gregory Campbell that's a nodal. Don't. Don't just don't mess with this good fourth line we got a lot of fourth line talk today. ...
[0:07:47] ... up and make this decision when I'm help the complaint if if Gregory Campbell says that then it's. Sorry sorry buddy they're gonna figure out what they need to do but if your first lines that ...
[0:12:50] ... a couple you're a few years ago at the trade at lining Chris Kelly via a second round pick but that. If you wanna first round pick in a prospect okay. But we're also gonna give ...
[0:24:57] ... I love Carey Price the way that you think close Julian loves Gregory Campbell I think about accents I would I have all about Carey Price and he's the vezina winner this year. He it if ...

Another edition of Sunday Skate is upon us and DJ and Joe get into the B's big win over Arizona last night and the improvement of Ryan Spooner. They get into the Blackhawks giving up a 1st round pick for C Antoine Vermette - someone the B's could certainly use but weren't willing to give up the steep price of a 1st rounder. DJ and Joe also get into Claude's willingness to switch up lines as well as the performance of the 3rd and 4th lines. Finally, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman sits down with the boys.

[0:02:44] ... tough time a year for these guys mean really is and and Chris Kelly units of the same yeah there was went saudis have looked. You sit all Sunday you know these guys have to uproot everything that they've known for the last couple years after a broad if it was. And the one thing that I thought was interesting was Chris Kelly really. Went out and and really been a pretty good job of giving his. You know. Go ahead Peter go oh yeah ...
[0:03:33] ... But that really tells you. What other players thought of him for Chris Kelly to come out and really go on his way to say look. This is a guy that would really help was probably ...
[0:04:21] ... years ago. And it was for a second round pick they got Chris Kelly who was good in the room kills penalties. Good on face offs. That they've already made that type of acquisition before and ...
[0:21:27] ... the fourth line going up. The fourth line right now is awesome. Chris Kelly centering Brian Furlan he's been very good in whoever left wing of its carotid fine if it's Daniel hi fine. I don't touch that fourth line though they don't need help on the fourth line. I think that if you go get a for it to get away you get someone for the left wing of that third line. Median Erik Cole. Play him with Soderbergh in Ericsson. In coal is old a gaffe and he's he can only score could do nothing else ...

Scott Burnside joins the boys to discuss the Bruins and the NHL trade deadline.

[0:00:01] ... Up Arco skis he played plus game is Boston Bruins that's a question every single time network with game but also. You know for that so I can be. Sunday skate WEEI ...
[0:01:45] ... market I think penal when you look at the price said. The Chicago Blackhawks for instance paid for and a want for Matt and for freak him out timid you know and I love Kim it's ...
[0:03:08] ... couple of teams like that. Geoff Petrie has to go for the Edmonton Oilers seed doesn't look like he's gonna sit there long term. As a manic Michaela. From Arizona has to go. You know another ...
[0:04:39] ... it's probably important for Detroit. Alms certainly was really important for the Chicago Blackhawks to make a move arm and deal with all due respect and Antoine from that can much imminent or you are zany. ...

The commish Gary Bettman sat down with DJ and Joe to discuss the Winter Classic coming to Gillette Stadium, the salary cap in the NHL, and more.

[0:00:00] ... Sunday skate we're here with NHL commissioner Gary Bettman Gary thank you very much for joining us out we'll start off winter classic it's going to be in Boston again. Next ...
[0:00:34] ... biggest rival. We needed a bigger place to play it. And the New England Patriots. I've been gracious enough to offer us their home. And we're looking forward to a wonderful wonderful exciting New Year's Day. You ...
[0:02:24] ... Boston. Sports scene it wouldn't be happening so thank you to the New England Patriots and crafts. The NN HL trade deadline obviously coming on Monday this past week the Bruins. Lost David creature to an injury ...
[0:03:11] ... a loophole the rules of the rules that are competitive and collective bargaining agreement. Tends to be fairly clear and we try to enforce it consistently across the board though is so so for example creek ...

Where should the Bruins turn now that Antoine Vermette is a Blackhawk? How much should Peter Chiarelli be willing to give up at the trade deadline? Is one of the hosts best friends with a Parks and Recreation star now? Discuss that and more in this week’s Sunday Skate Live Chat with Pete Blackburn, DJ Bean and Joe McDonald.

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The Blackhawks acquired Antoine Vermette Saturday night, sending a 2015 first-round pick and defenseman Klas Dahlbeck to Arizona for the 32-year-old center.

The move crosses off another trade deadline option for the Bruins, as Boston was believed to be interested in Vermette’€™s services. Vermette will be a free agent at season’€™s end.

The Blackhawks acquired Antoine Vermette Saturday night, sending a 2015 first-round pick and defenseman Klas Dahlbeck to Arizona for the 32-year-old center.

The move crosses off another trade deadline option for the Bruins, as Boston was believed to be interested in Vermette’€™s services. Vermette will be a free agent at season’€™s end.

Arizona had long held out for a first-round pick before trading Vermette. The Bruins have no plans to trade their first-rounder, according to a source.

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DJ Bean
The Bruins like Antoine Vermette, but the price for him is high. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Bruins like Antoine Vermette, but the price for him is high. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

Antoine Vermette knows he just played his last game as an Arizona Coyote. It can’€™t be to not know what, or rather where, is next.

“I don’€™t know what I’€™m thinking,” he said after the Bruins beat the Coyotes Saturday. “It’€™s obviously a strange position, and it’€™s not a fun one. It’€™s not the way you see it. As a group here, it’€™s not the position you want to be in. It’€™s a little strange, to say the least.

“You’€™ve got to take it as a man, and it’€™s part of the game, unfortunately. It’€™s not easy.”

The veteran center is expected to be moved before Monday’€™s trade deadline, and though the asking price is high (reportedly a first-round pick), the Bruins are among the teams believed to be in on the 32-year-old free agent to be.

Vermette had no shots on goal and was a minus-1 on the day Saturday. He was matched up early against Patrice Bergeron‘€™s line and struggled.

Among the reasons as to why the B’€™s might be interested in Vermette is the Ottawa connection with Peter Chiarelli. Vermette played for the Senators from 2003-2009 and was a linemate of Chris Kelly‘€™s for three seasons.

Having been traded before, Kelly could understand Vermette’€™s postgame mood.

“Obviously it’€™s a difficult time. You guys love it, but it’€™s tough, especially for guys with families, to uproot midseason and things like that, but I played with Vermy for a few years in Ottawa and we’€™re still good friends,” Kelly said.

“He’€™s a great player. He plays every key position, he plays power play, kills penalties, last minute [whether] you’€™re up or down, he’€™s out there. Just a quality guy. He’€™s been around a long time, and any team that gets him, they’€™re going to be extremely happy with what they get.”

Asked whether he would like the Bruins to be that team, Kelly voiced his support for a potential Vermette acquisition.

“Yeah. Yeah, why not?” Kelly said. “€œI think if we have that opportunity and he comes, it would be great to see him and play with him again. We had a lot of great memories. We played together quite often in Ottawa and it was fun.”

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DJ Bean

In the Bruins’€™ final game before Monday’€™s trade deadline, they delivered a message that they haven’€™t delivered enough this season: This group can be dominant.

In the Bruins’€™ final game before Monday’€™s trade deadline, they delivered a message that they haven’€™t delivered enough this season: This group can be dominant.

The team needs reinforcements to go far, with a top-four defenseman rivaling consistency for the biggest thing standing between this Bruins team and a deep run. Still, Boston turned in a thorough performance Saturday and took an easy 4-1 victory against a bad Coyotes team (box) in an effort that was more promising than

Patrice Bergeron‘€™s line scored a pair of goals against potential trade targets, while Ryan Spooner’€™s line continued to show it has the offensive chops to make up for its defensive shortcomings. The team chased Arizona starting goalie Mike Smith after putting four of their first 20 shots past him.

Tuukka Rask, after finally getting a night off Friday, came 9:39 away from his third shutout of the season, with Martin Erat breaking it up late in the game.

The Bruins’€™ play of late –€” wins in three of four games –€” and their current standing in the final Eastern Conference wild card spot leaves management with a difficult decision regarding whether the Bruins should be big buyers in a season that’€™s seen injuries and subpar play prevent the team from getting any traction.

Here are four more things we learned Saturday:


Antoine Vermette may be the biggest name remaining of the players expected to be dealt, which probably says more about this trade market than it does about Vermette.

Nevertheless, Vermette being in town Saturday meant the Bruins, who are believed to be interested in Vermette’€™s services, got a chance to watch him on Garden ice. The takeaway: He isn’€™t going to dominate top lines, and he’€™s now gone six straight games without a point.

Matched up against Bergeron’€™s line early, Vermette was exposed Saturday night for a first-period Brad Marchand goal. Vermette was passive in the offensive zone, as Marchand broke the puck out cleanly with a pass through Vermette to Bergeron. The Bruins took the puck the length of the ice before Marchand took a feed from Reilly Smith and fired it in from the left circle.

Patrice Bergeron is as difficult an opponent as there is in the NHL and Saturday was in all likelihood Vermette’€™s final game with the Coyotes, so the environment and circumstances may have factored into the veteran center’€™s performance. Either way, the guy isn’€™t worth a first-round pick.


The thought here has been that the Bruins shouldn’€™t give up much for Vermette unless defenseman Keith Yandle comes with him. Well, just in case the Bruins are interested in that, the Bergeron line did its best to lower his value, too.

Bergeron scored his 18th goal of the season thanks to Smith outbattling Yandle in front of the net. With the players fighting for position in front and Yandle’€™s stick elevated, Bergeron’€™s pass in front went off the Milton native’€™s skate and past Smith to make it 3-0.

Yandle has one more year remaining on his contract after this season at $5.25 million. He’€™s a terrific offensive player, but plays like Saturday’€™s will happen with him.


As we’€™ve written before Ryan Spooner’€™s line with Milan Lucic and David Pastrnak is going to make defensive mistakes, and the Bruins can live with that as long as the line scores.

Four games into the experiment, the Bruins (relatively, given what this season has been) are alive and well. Members of the Spooner line have totaled three goals over the last two games and four in the four games they’€™ve been together, as Spooner netted the game-winner Friday night in overtime and Pastrnak scored on the shift following a power play in the second period.

Lucic scored his 13th goal of the season Saturday after Pastrnak chipped the puck into the zone, with the bouncing puck causing Mike Smith to leave his net and quickly retreat. This allowed Lucic to throw the puck off the goalie’€™s skate from behind the net for the game’€™s first goal.

The line had to be bailed out a couple times ‘€” Dennis Seidenberg bailed out Pastrnak in the second and Rask bailed out Spooner after missing the puck in the neutral zzone on a third-period chance, but that’€™s to be expected. As long as the goals for outweigh the goals against, the Bruins can get away with playing the three together.


Part of the Bruins’€™ recent revamp of their power play included a position change for Zdeno Chara. It worked out for the Bruins Saturday night.

After playing forward as the net-front man on the first power play unit since the beginning of last season, Chara was moved to the point on the second unit. Boston’€™s second group had a very rough go of it during Boston’€™s first power play, struggling with a pair of entries, the first of which resulted in a clear and the second of which saw Pastrnak go offsides.

The group made up for it in the second period, as Chara took a pass from Reilly Smith and stepped into a one-time from the top of the right circle that went flying past a screening Carl Soderberg and Mike Smith.

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DJ Bean