The guys talk about the charges surrounding one of the stars of 19 Kids and Counting and what TLC should do with the show.

[0:03:41] ... Enormous. With the right wing constituency a America their huge with the Mike Huckabee what was that they have the balls. Two. Take issue off the year which is a huge ratings like up on the ...
[0:04:20] ... Of the state of Arkansas as a man by the name of Mike Huckabee. Who happens to be running again. President that is from TO TLC. Well he's coming out swinging but Josh doctor he says ...
[0:06:24] ... dolphins. Good for Don Shula and the great man outstanding man relay title roles. Is the face of the NFL ABC just released this hundreds of former players are the lawsuit claiming all 32 teams they're ...
[0:07:43] ... and what I decide to get out of my contract with a Baltimore colts and illegally talk to the Miami Dolphins for a while now. That's a small thing that off my franchise to our front properties the little minor. All right final ...

Lou, Christian and Greg react to their interview with Bill Polian and take calls from listeners to get their take on the latest surrounding Deflategate.
Michael Sam

Michael Sam

Defensive end Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL, signed a contract Friday with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

According to Alouettes general manager Jim Popp, Sam’s sexuality was not considered an issue.

“Michael Sam is a very good football player, and that’s the reason we signed him,” Popp said. “He’s an outstanding pass rusher.”

Sam issued a statement professing his excitement to get back on the football field.

“I cannot wait to put on the pads, get back on the field and work hard each and every day with my teammates to bring a Grey Cup to the great fans here in Montreal,” Sam said in a statement.

Sam was drafted by the Rams in the seventh round of last year’s draft before being cut and joining the Cowboys’ practice squad. He was released by Dallas in October. Sam appeared at this year’s veteran combine but did not sign with a team.

In his last year at Missouri in 2013, Sam won SEC Defensive Player of the Year honors.

CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge congratulated both Sam and the Alouettes on the signing.

“Congratulations to the Montreal Alouettes on the signing of Michael Sam,” Orridge said in a statement. “Our players come to us from different places, different walks of life and ultimately they take different paths to get to our fields. Today is another indication of how open and progressive the CFL is — consistent with our rich and storied history of great football tradition.”

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Josh Slavin
With all the Deflategate news, Lou hasn't had a chance to complain about the Red Sox and their poor start. Christian and Greg give Lou a minute to get all his thoughts out as fast as he can.

[0:00:30] ... at 2.0 four ER rate which is good the problem is. The Red Sox score at thirteen in nineteen games or scored two runs the last thirteen of nineteen games up to eighteen month of may at the worst in baseball that one that keepers let these last the worst in baseball. One I now runs score position at the worst in the American League sec questioning their approach. Misty was looking dead redrawn try to three renal drug drive running and move the line that's what you gotta do pitch him away soft the way get about every single time which comes at a collected chili Davis was approached you teaching this team. It was the Red Sox are related gauntlet down under before starting rotation and you fired image abroad and Carl Willis. And performing lineup what do you do it chili Davis it's not me it's not fair to blame the players a lot ...
[0:01:35] ... All you'll hear more a lot of new ignorant people on the baseball field on contest for the event this Sunday night. Directive hopefully make you very much we'll go back to your deleted the flight ...

ESPN NFL Analyst and Former Colts President and GM BIll Polian comes on MFB to talk about Deflategate and argue about the validity of the Wells Report
Lou, Christian and Greg start off talking about the Red Sox and their offensive woes, but as usual, Deflategate hijacks the conversation again.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak said Thursday that Kobe Bryant has told him next season will be Bryant’s last with the Lakers.

“He has indicated to me that this is it,” Kupchak said in an interview on SiriusXM, via

Bryant’s contract runs through the 2015-16 season, during which he is scheduled to make a league-high $25 million. He will be 37 at the start of next season, and missed much of this season with a shoulder injury that allowed him to play only 35 games.

“I think it is clear,” Kupchak said. “He’s on the last year of his deal. There have been no discussions [about playing beyond next season]. He hasn’t indicated that he wants to continue to play.”

Kupchak said he expects a full recovery from Bryant, but does not expect there to be any discussions with Bryant about playing for the Lakers beyond next season. Whether Bryant receives a farewell tour from the Lakers and league is up to Bryant, Kupchak said.

“It’s kind of up to the player, if they want to do something like that,” Kupchak said. “And it also may take away some options a year from now and put a player in an awkward position, but he will be recognized appropriately with great gratitude when it is time.”

Bryant is a five-time NBA champion and the league’s third all-time leading scorer with 32,428 points.

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Josh Slavin
Shirley Leung joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk to look at Boston's Olympic hopes.




CSNNEThe Deflategate controversy took an interesting turn on Tuesday when Robert Kraft threw in the towel instead of challenging the NFL like many thought he would. … That’s when Ron Borges threw out an interesting piece of information.

“Belichick never believed his story, from what I was told,” said Borges. “Because they all know. Why do you think all those retired quarterbacks, the Troy Aikmans of the world — Troy Aikman is about as nice a guy as I’ve ever met in football — nobody’s backed [Brady]. Nobody, not a single guy. Why do you think that is? Because they hate Brady? No. Because they’re not stupid. They know nothing’s done with those balls that the quarterback doesn’t want done.”

I’m going to try to recover from my initial shock that Ron Borges believes 1) the Patriots have been less than truthful and 2) behind the scenes in Foxboro there is dissension, division and mistrust.

Old Ctrl+C Borges has, since the day 21 years ago that Mr. Kraft saved the Patriots and spared the world from the abomination of the St. Louis Stallions, never once talked about an issue facing the club without making it sound like there’s more infighting and palace intrigue than the boxed set of “The Tudors.”

I mean, what is he saying here? He’s a reporter, correct? Granted he’s a grenade-tossing, agenda-driven, slant artist. But I imagine on his 1040 he puts “Reporter” in the box marked “Occupation.” So is he reporting that Bill Belichick thinks Tom Brady lied to him, to the team owner, to the public and the press?

Or is he simply saying he “was told” that? Because if I’m not being too nosy, I’m curious to ask, by whom? Sources within the organization? Someone close to Belichick or Brady? His barber? One of the skeezy guys who hang out at the corner of Mass. Ave and Melnea Cass selling flowers?

I’m no journalist (thank God), but I’d say there’s a huge distinction between “reporting” a thing and casually throwing it out there on TV because you’ve been “told” it. One is what a professional reporter does and puts his name on it. The other is wildly irresponsible, takes no balls and does nothing but make people look bad to fit your own agenda. I’ve been told by a lot of people that Belichick and Brady are emotionally linked like Elliot and E.T. Does that make me more right than Ron Borges? I’ve also heard that Ron Borges was the one who shot Archduke Ferdinand, so both World Wars are all his fault. If I go on television and repeat that and permanently damage his reputation, are we cool with that?

While we’re on the subject, that’s a cute trick, playing the “nothing’s done to the ball the quarterback doesn’t want done” card. Because none of us doubt it’s true. But it conveniently ignores the inconvenient truth that nowhere in the Wells Report do they show where anything was done to the footballs. Certainly not that they were illegally deflated below the legal amount. The proof just is not there. Troy Aikman can be canonized tomorrow, every living quarterback can sit on their hands and not speak up for Brady and Borges can draw whatever inferences he wants. But if they’re really “not stupid,” they have to admit that.

But I won’t hold my breath. There’s no sense in letting the facts get in the way of a good smear campaign.


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Boston HeraldAaron Hernandez should probably pace himself.

A little more than a month into his lifetime prison sentence without parole, the former New England Patriots tight end reportedly has already gotten himself into trouble.

Hernandez allegedly was the lookout during what is believed to be a gang-related fight that took place Monday at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, a law enforcement source told CNN on Tuesday.

According to CNN, Hernandez stood as lookout as one inmate entered another prisoner’s cell and those two men got into a fight. All three men were disciplined, CNN reports, with Hernandez being put in a special management section.

As much as I hate Aaron Hernandez and believe that every breath he draws is an affront to humankind, I have to give him credit where credit is due.

A lot of guys go to prison and just waste away, happy to suction their lips to the teat of the taxpayers, enjoy the three hots and a cot we provide them and live out their lives as unproductive parasites. But not our guy AHern. At least he’s doing something productive with all the time in the world we’ve given him.

I mean, they don’t make license plates or bust big rocks into little ones with sledgehammers in jail any more the way we wish they would. But at least he’s learning skills. Prison tattooing is an art form. It takes skill, creativity and an aesthetic eye, and he’s shown all three with that “LIFETIME” masterpiece of his. Now obviously I’m sure he didn’t do it himself in the mirror or anything. One, because it wouldn’t have come out nearly as good and probably would read “EMITEFIL.” But at least he’s seeing how it’s done so he can apprentice for now and maybe help others with their prison ink.

Second, it’s rewarding to know he’s learning the time-honored and noble profession of Jail Fight Lookout. It shows he’s got an active social life going in the Stoney Lonesome. He’s gaining valuable “No Snitching” experience. And it’s heartwarming to see him interacting with his peers without putting bullets in them.

Does this mean he’s rehabilitated? Not yet. I’d still argue he’s got a ways to go yet. But at least he’s making the effort to turn himself into a better, more well-rounded convicted murderer serving a life sentence. And with any luck it’ll help him with those parole hearings in 40 years.


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