On Tuesday’s Three for All segment on Middays with MFB, Tim BenzLou Merloni and Christian Fauria discussed the annual Anthrocon event, Rob Gronkowski‘s alleged method for scoring first-class plane tickets and the dangers of drinking swimming pool water. To hear the segment, go to the MFB audio on demand page.

– Having spent time in Pittsburgh, Benz is well aware of the annual Anthrocon event that takes place in the area during Independence Day weekend.

“These are people who enjoy their own lifestyle being about dressing up as animals,” Benz said. “Dressing up almost like mascots or wearing a fox head or walking around with a wolf tail or something like that.

“They meet together every year and it’s a big deal in Pittsburgh.”

Apparently, Pittsburgh isn’t the only place where these so-called furries convene.

“Lo and behold I’m driving home the other day and I see three people walking around with furry heads on, like a panda head and a teddy bear head,” Benz said. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘It’s too much of a coincidence.’ ”

Benz denied ever dressing up as a furry. Merloni and Fauria weren’t buying it.

“He’s lying,” Merloni said. “Look at his face.”

Fauria added: ”Were you Crash Bandicoot? I could see you as Crash Bandicoot.”

– Merloni found a post on Barstool Sports in which a female reader submitted an email claiming she gave Gronkowski her first-class plane ticket in exchange for an autograph on her boarding pass, a pair of his boxer shorts and a chance to touch his private area.

“That’s the beauty of being Gronk,” Fauria said. “Who’s got it better than him?”

Merloni said: ”I’ll let you grab me. Give me your seat.”

– Fauria recently was made aware of the danger of drinking water straight out of a hose in an HGTV Magazine article, but what he didn’t realize was just how filthy swimming pool water is.

“Swallowing pool water — it happens, guys, and it happens a lot,” said Fauria, who admitted to closing down a public pool by allowing his young daughter in without a swim diaper, and she proceeded to defecate. “Even some of the most well-maintained pools can have small bits of fecal matter that carry bacteria floating in them.”

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Nick Canelas

The Redskins’ pro-nickname campaign continues to get more difficult.

Less than two weeks after the team hired leftward-leaning political blogger Ben Tribbett to help preserve its highly scrutinized name, Tribbett announced his plans to resign from the team via Twitter on Monday.

Tribbett, apparently in favor of conserving the Redskins nickname, did not specify what led to his decision.

Tribbett has found himself at the center of derogatory marks against Native Americans in the past, and reportedly played a role in the takedown of former Virginia Governor and Senator George Allen, brother of Redskins general manager Bruce Allen, which may have affected his choice.

Tribbett probably isn’t the only person second-guessing his decision to associate himself in the controversy regarding the team’s name.

Bloomsburg University student Jacob Close commented on the situation to the Bloomsburg (Pa.) Press Enterprise on June 30, saying, “I think they should keep the name, but change the mascot to a potato.”

The 25-year-old was wanted by Ithaca police for jumping bail on a years-old drug-related case. Close, who agreed to have his head shot featured in the paper, was detected by an Ithaca police officer who saw his picture in last Monday’s paper. The officer found him Sunday afternoon.

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Nick Canelas

Jim Brown‘s 1964 NFL championship ring is not for sale — at least by Brown himself.

The Browns Hall of Fame running back’s ring is listed for sale in an online auction, but Brown told TwinCities.com Monday that he isn’t selling it. In fact, he said the ring was stolen from his home in Cleveland more than four decades ago.

‘€œIt was stolen from me many years ago, in the late 1960s,’€™’€™ Brown said. ‘€œI’€™m surprised to hear that it’€™s publicly for sale because whoever got it should know that I didn’t give it up.’€™’€™

The ring is up for sale on Lelands.com, with the highest of four bids listed at $33,275.

According to site, “The ring was obtained directly from a Brown immediate family member and sold by Lelands.com in 1998. During that original auction preview, Jim Brown himself inspected the ring and acknowledged its authenticity.’€

Brown said he believes there was a police report filed after the theft. Lelands.com says the bidding ends July 25.

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Nick Canelas

A federal judge gave preliminary approval Monday on a deal that would compensate thousands of former NFL players for concussion-related claims.

U.S. District Judge Anita Brody ruled in favor of a settlement designed to last at least 65 years and give $1 million or more to retirees who develop Lou Gehrig‘s disease and other major neurological problems.

“A class action settlement that offers prompt relief is superior to the likely alternative — years of expensive, difficult, and uncertain litigation, with no assurance of recovery, while retired players’ physical and mental conditions continue to deteriorate,” Brody wrote.

More than 4,500 former players have filed suit with some accusing the NFL of fraud for its handling of concussions. Brody’s ruling in Philadelphia came about two weeks after the league agreed to remove a $675 million cap on damages.

A revised settlement eliminates the cap on damage claims but continues to take into consideration age and illness.

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Nick Canelas
Christian discusses his brief foray into the underground world of HGH and the guys explore David Ortiz recent comments about his alleged use of PEDs

[0:05:09] ... was cycle how far do you wanna get involved right I mean. Curt Schilling went as far as talking about steroids sixteen we found open courtroom. Miami used to talk I don't guys that played I ...
[0:07:13] ... details of Christians extensive drug use is because we were talking about David Ortiz and his alleged free pass smokers were not suggesting that you got -- I never free pass to Matt. Every every free pass for an -- but David Ortiz taking issue with being brought into the John Lackey Nelson Cruz. Viewed. That started a couple days ago as the Orioles are in town against the Red Sox. And rob Bradford played a number of the clips that he had with. David Ortiz and if you missed him I think we've got a -- operating go again this is what David Ortiz had to say it. About being brought into the debate and why his name was mentioned in the first place by the ...
[0:09:03] ... away. -- -- rob Bradford. Yesterday in particular game because the freaky. Rick Aponte free pass but it was just so play early -- was the Brad -- you know he loves the got to go ...
[0:11:45] ... will let him hide behind that now the bottom line is that David Ortiz failed a test -- 2003. He took something that was a legal. Was it steroids probably a good chance it was steroids ...

The guys discuss the possibility of bringing the Olympics to Boston with Jeff Price, a former member of exploratory committee to bring Olympics to Boston.

Senators general manager and president of hockey operations Bryan Murray has been diagnosed with cancer, the team announced in a statement Monday.

The team said Murray will begin treatment immediately, while assistant general managers Pierre Dorion and Randy Lee will manage the hockey operations department while he’s out.

Murray, 71, joined the Senators as head coach in 2004 before being promoted to GM two seasons later, leading Ottawa to the Stanley Cup finals in 2007.

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Nick Canelas

Diamondbacks pitcher Bronson Arroyo will have Tommy John surgery within the next week or so, ending his 2014 season.

Arroyo, the former Red Sox and Reds hurler who had never been on the disabled list prior to this season, suffered a severe elbow injury in May, but continued to pitch through the pain. He made six starts after suffering the injury.

An MRI revealed a ligament in the 37-year-old’s elbow had torn away from the bone, which ultimately caused too much pain for him to keep going despite his efforts.

“I wanted to see if I could pitch on it without the ligament, because a few guys have done it,” Arroyo said on Monday. “Most of the guys were bullpen guys, so it was going to be tough to do. I fired it up the last three days, and I could throw 120 feet and I could probably go out there and pitch, but it just won’t come back fast enough. So I’d have to pitch every 10 days and take nine days to get it healthy. It just wasn’t going to work.”

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Nick Canelas

Suffolk Construction Company CEO and Boston Olympic Committee chairman John Fish checked in with the Dennis & Callahan show on Tuesday morning to make his case to consider Boston as a potential host of the 2024 Summer Olympics. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

John Fish

John Fish

Suffolk Construction Company CEO and Boston Olympic Committee chairman John Fish checked in with the Dennis & Callahan show on Tuesday morning to make his case to consider Boston as a potential host of the 2024 Summer Olympics. To hear the interview, go to the Dennis & Callahan audio on demand page.

Last month Boston made the U.S. Olympic Committee’s short list of candidates to host the 2024 Games.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us to have an interesting conversation and a conversation that has not happened in the city of Boston and the Commonwealth in quite some time,” Fish said. “It really is talking about the vision of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston.

“Where do we want to be in 2030? Where do we want to be in 2040? The Olympics allows us as a community to have that conversation. And to me, it isn’t about the Olympics, it’s about what Boston’s future is. So I’m focusing on, along with other business people and people in the educational field, to discuss that, and we’re working with the mayor’s office and governor’s office to have a robust conversation.”

Winning the bid for 2024 would result in a multibillion-dollar investment for the city to build stadiums and other athletic facilities, construct an Olympic village and revamp the city’s transportation system.

“One of the guiding principles we have is nothing that would be constructed would not have a legacy value subsequent to the Olympics themselves,” Fish said. “That’s a principle that we’d absolutely enforce.

“Secondly, I think we are fortunate to have over 100 colleges and universities in our backyard currently today, that some of them have uses for some of these particular facilities. And the sense is we are working with them not on their current plans today, but what is the long-term strategic plans for these institutions and what are these requirements and how do these requirements sort of fit together with the Olympics?”

Fish added: ”Let me be clear, it’s not about the Olympics, it’s about where the future of our city and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts wants to be, and should be, in 20, 25-30 years from now.”

The proposal by Fish and the rest of the Boston committee has received an overwhelming amount of scrutiny since the announcement was made, citing potential financial peril and the chaos as negative side effects to hosting the Games. Fish, however, said he believes the most recent Olympics in the United States have been largely successful.

“My sense is, when we take back in history and look at some of the impacts that these Olympics have had in the United States of America, they have been transformative in those particular areas,” Fish said. “Have they been 100 percent? No. But have they been strong legacy economic drivers? Absolutely.

“Using 2014 technology, we can do a tremendous amount of work on the planning side of this to ensure a successful outcome.”

Fish also said the Olympics is taking steps of its own to make it easier for cities to host the Games.

“People understand that the Olympics in a historic period of time have been challenging in some respects,” he said. “They’re doing everything they possibly can to make these more attractive, more appealing, more of an economic driver for cities like Boston.

“To me, this is a wonderful opportunity to have this conversation, not force the conversation, to see if Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the right environment to host the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Fish said his company works on privately funded projects. The Olympics and the venues required, Fish said, would be privately funded, which means his construction firm could be in line for a significant payday.

However, Fish said he is more concerned about the positive impact he believes it could have on Boston rather than his own personal gain. He said he’d be willing to consider recusing his company from the project if it was an issue.

“This is not about Suffolk Construction, this is about the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the future of the next generation,” Fish said.

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Nick Canelas