Dave Dombrowski has now shipped off a bunch of the Red Sox top prospects. The guys address the big trade and look back at why the bigger risk would've been to ride with the prospects.
The guys talk Chris Sale and the chain reaction that it will cause in the tarting rotation. who will finish off the starting 5? Who will be the odd man out?
Glenn, Lou and Christian kick off the show talking about yesterday's blockbuster trade and address all the critics who say the Red Sox gave up too many top prospects.
Gerry, Kirk and Meter close out the final hour of the show discussing how Chris Sale will fit in Boston and Larry Bird's 60th birthday.
Gerry, Kirk and Meter started the 8 am hour discussing the latest velfie by Gary Tanguay.
Ken broke some news in the 7 am hour by telling New England that he would not trade Andrew Benintendi for Clayton Kershaw.
Gerry and Kirk got off to a rocky start when trying to discuss the Chris Sale trade. Kirk was feeling the Keefer Madness.
Gerry and Kirk got off to a rocky start when trying to discuss the Chris Sale trade. Kirk was feeling the Keefer Madness.

ProFootballTalkThe authorities in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana initially did not arrest Ronald Gasser, the 54-year-old man who shot and killed former NFL running back Joe McKnight last week. Gasser has since been arrested for manslaughter.

Sheriff Newell Normand, whose press conference from Friday seemed unreasonably defensive and unnecessarily combative, took it to the next level on Tuesday, complaining about the criticism his department has absorbed by pounding on the podium on multiple occasions and quoting from profanity-laden messages directed to elected officials who supported law enforcement’s desire to take a deliberate approach to the investigation of the shooting.

MSNBC quickly cut away from the press conference once Normand began reading the comments, which contained a variety of words not appropriate for broadcast.

This case was all over the place already with Gasser being arrested, released and arrested again and now the sheriff in charge seems to have lost his mind.

Normand read some of the worst words in the English language out loud during a press conference about something else. They just re-arrested they man accused of murdering McKnight and instead of focusing solely on that Normand gets super defensive and starts going rogue and dropping the n-word seemingly out of nowhere.

Here is MSNBC cutting away from the live broadcast.

Yes, it’s a shame if Normand and other officials are getting threats and being criticized, but maybe get the manslaughter issue settled first and then take on the haters.

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Lucy Burdge

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