Glenn, Lou, and Christian open up the show talking about David Ortiz's final game against the Yankees. They weren't too impressed with the Yankees way of saying goodbye.
Pete, Gerry and Kirk talked with Mike Lombardi and Kirk loves John Krasinski more than Curtis.

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Chris Russo on Tom Brady's suspension and Tony Mazz wrote a love letter to David Ortiz.
Pete "randomly" takes callers who think he is doing a great job and Headlines with Kirk.
Mike discussed Rex Ryan's coaching style and the Pats match up against the Bills.
Gerry, Kirk and Pete spent most of the first hour of the show discussing NESN's coverage of Ortiz's retirement party in the Bronx.
The great Chris Russo joined the show to discuss Tom Brady's suspension as well David Ortiz's retirement.

It begins. 

The Yankees put together a tasteful, understated ceremony for Ortiz before last night’s game and the NESN pregame roundtable trashed it because it was “so quick” and “not enough.”  

Not enough?  

Get out of here.

A leather-bound book, an oil painting and Mariano Rivera are three of the classiest things in the world so I don’t know what else you want.

The Yankees did less for Ortiz than the Red Sox did for Jeter because what the Red Sox did for Jeter was outrageously embarrassing.

And Boston plans to name the Brookline Ave Bridge the David Ortiz (Big Papi) Bridge. So you will soon be able to take “The Papi” from Comm Ave to Landsdowne Street.

Ortiz himself said back in August he feels “kind of tired of it, a little worn out.”

If you look at this list, he is understandably worn out:

The man who has everything no longer needs more. 

Buckle your freaking seat belts for this weekend because it’s going to be an Ortiz pomp and circumstance explosion.

Gerry and Kirk think Garoppolo will start on Sunday, but Pete is not convinced.

Mad Dog Russo joined the show to talk about his appearance on Stern in which he went ballistic because Brady went to Rome. Mad Dog told K&C he would have preferred Brady remain “in the area” even though he’s suspended.

“Maybe I made a big deal about that,” Mad Dog said.

And Mike Lombardi made his weekly appearance to talk about the Patriots and said it is important “to establish the lead, not establish the run.”

Welcome to Boston, Kacie McDonnell.

Listen to the first edition of “Coffee from Cumberland Farms with Callahan” here.

Shout out to Dave Mellor. Does a great job.

Line of the day: Kirk: “Have you ever weighed 400 pounds, Pete?” Pete: “Oh God no, my highest was 345.”

Caller of the day: Joey in Plymouth, “I love listening to the show, especially Dennis and Kirk.”

Tied with Lou, “Kirk, I don’t care about you or your miserable life or what anybody’s butt looks like there!” Thinks Gerry should do the show with Matt Chatham instead.

Producer contribution of the day: Curtis made a joke about allegedly having weight loss surgery and nobody laughed and he had to explain he was making a joke.

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Lucy Burdge


Ryder Cup USA has released this video of the clubhouse at Hazeltine Golf Club. And as you can see, they have lockers reserved some of the great legends of the sport. Jack Nicklaus. Paul Azinger. Bill Murray. Paulina Gretzky. It’s a fitting tribute to some of the giants who have helped make the sport such an integral part of our lives.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2016 without somebody criticizing such a grand and noble gesture. There are women all over Twitter asking what Paulina has ever done to earn such a high honor.

Child, please.

Team USA knows what all golf fans know. That Paulina has served the great sport of golf and her country with distinction for years. From her landmark cover of Golf Digest to her and Dustin Johnson’s social media sex talk to her legendary “White Dress Walk to the Scorer’s Cabin” that put Fox’s golf coverage on the map …

… Paulina has done more for the sport than the invention of the lawn mower.

Thank the golf gods our Ryder Cup team gets it. That the players understand what having Paulina in the locker room can do for morale and team spirit. The message her presence sends to the 11 players not named Dustin Johnson. That she is the kind of good thing that happens to winners. And the very embodiment of what it means to be an American. So go out there and win that cup back, lads. Do it for all of us. And do it for Paulina Gretzky.

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Jerry Thornton

Can there be any doubt that if the NFL mic’d up Bill Belichick every week the result would be the highest rated reality show in the history of TV?

I mean, what’s not to love about this? From the beginning with the bromance for Vince Wilfork and Romeo Crennel to the end with handshake/shoulder bump combos all around. It’s laughable to think people really believe His Hoodedness is the dour, emotionless drone they see at press conferences. He is a man in his element, patrolling the sidelines and controlling the game. The right man in exactly the right place at precisely the right time in history.

How many times in this one clip does he say something only to have the next play unfold exactly as he said it would? Keep the kickoff in play and make them run it, followed by a fumble. “Hey LeGarrette, stay behind the double team,” and boom! A long touchdown run. Everything he wants to hit he hits.

And is if that wasn’t good enough, here’s an added bonus for you all. When the video ended, in the discussion that followed after this clip gets cut off, Brandon Marshall of the Jets apologized to his fans and admitted Belichick is the best coach of all time.

That’s a double shot of top quality Patriots Porn right there. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to put on a robe, light some scented candles and start a new bottle of lotion. Because I’m watching these all day.

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Jerry Thornton