By way of full disclosure, I’m not a regular viewer to HBO’s “Real Sports,” but I made it a point to tune in this week because the show was doing a report about a scourge of the modern world I’m passionate about: the menace of urban bicycle riders. But what moved the needle for me much more was a report about a scourge that is far, far more damaging to our quality of life.

The participation trophy.

The proliferation of participation trophies might sound harmless enough in theory. Kids sports are supposed to be funtivities that often get taken over by crazed, uber-competitive adults with delusions of grandeur who make it miserable for everyone. Childhood is supposed to a happy time. Give everyone a trophy to make them feel good about themselves. No harm. No foul.

Except it’s one of the worst things you can do for your kids. Reward them for being terrible and you tell them that being terrible is something that should be rewarded. It teaches them that there’s no need to strive for anything. No reason to push yourself to do better. Zero incentive to do anything but sit there and wait for life to hand you everything you want because it’s your birthright. It goes against the laws of nature and every animal instinct.

Existence is about competition. Since the first day apes climbed down out of trees into the tall grass and learned to walk upright in search of food, right up through biblical times, to Genghis Khan and the World Wars, it’s been deep in the human race to try to outdo each other, compete for resources and take what others have. For better or worse, that’s what’s driven the ascent of humankind. If your tribe sat around expecting the Great Coach in the Sky to hand you water, fire, grains and animal hides, you quickly became food for buzzards.

But that’s what, for the first time in human history, we are telling this generation of kids. Fail miserably, don’t try, don’t work to improve and we’ll give you a prize. And if you think these billion tiny gestures of kindness aren’t going to turn them into self-entitled, incorrigible, spoiled little monsters, you’re living in a fantasy world. There’s a whole globe full of kids getting stronger every day by learning how to cope in a world of limited resources while our kids get used to being told that their worst is plenty good enough.

Catch the segment where the woman talks about giving participation trophies to athletes all the way up to 19 years old. Or the trophy company that began as literally a mom and pop store that now does $50 million a year in sales, the vast majority of which is now prizes for achieving nothing. They’re “Big Trophy” now, and we gave them a monopoly on our children’s psyches.

Roll those around in your mind and weep for your nation as I do. Because simply put, when everyone is special, then nobody is.


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Jerry Thornton

John Dennis, on Friday’s Dennis & Callahan show“The alpha dog, the lead dog, and this will come as no surprise, with motive, opportunity and means, was none other than Mike Kensil. Mike Kensil is the guy who famously said to the Patriot equipment manager — this is at halftime, to Dave Schoenfeld at halftime [of the AFC championship game] — ‘We weighed the footballs. You are in big f—ing trouble.’

Now, this is a guy who has a history with the New York Jets, 20 years, ’til 2006. He was a driving force behind the investigation. So it should come as no surprise that Mike Kensil, the man who lit the fuse, is the man who set the trap, is the man who organized the sting, and is the man who went to [ESPN’s Chris Mortensen] and said 11 out of 12.”

And so the web of lies spun by Mike Kensil, Ryan Grigson, Dave Gardi and Ted Wells begins to further unravel. Sean Sullivan was their patsy. The Manchurian Candidate they put up to set their scheme in motion because they knew that if the original email had Kensil’s fingerprints on it, it would have been recognized immediately for the deceit that it was. And now, at last, the people inside the operation are starting to flip.

Of course I’d love to hear from Kensil himself on this. But we’ve got a better chance of hearing Whitey Bulger sitting down for a one-on-one with Diane Sawyer. As long as the NFL feels like it’s winning the public relations wars, Kensil will stay on the Dark Web. But no matter. As in any criminal conspiracy, eventually leaks appear. Co-conspirators start to rat each other out. Those who weren’t involved decide they’ve got nothing to hide. The cover comes off the cover-up. It’s semi-ironic that the anti-Patriots world has been waiting for one of Brady’s ball-deflating minions to go public, but Kensil’s confidants are squealing first.

Of course this is still just at the anonymous source stage. Someone has told John Dennis (and someone has told Tom E. Curran). But we still don’t know for certain and can be sure the parties will deny it. So just to get to the bottom of things, I say the NFL should launch an investigation. League investigators need to demand the emails, texts and phone records of Kensil, Sullivan, Grigson and Gardi. Including their personal ones. And if they don’t immediately hand them over, Tom Brady gets his suspension lifted and the Patriots get their money and draft picks back, plus some extra cash and picks, just for all their aggravation.

And since the league will need a fair and impartial third party to handle the investigation, I volunteer my services. I can conduct a witch hunt at least as well as they can.


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Jerry Thornton
Josh Beckett is in the news but not for a baseball reason, the guys discuss his possible romantic run-in with country star, Miranda Lambert.

[0:03:04] ... the divorce was announced Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert to people. Big country singers divorces numerous cheating noticed actually on both sides for a couple of birth the last. Hi men five events that's their thought. Was Star Magazine first reported that she she you know I was there with his best friend Jamie Johnson back in 2007. But it gets interesting. Now I was only two years at that together. The magazine further claims that Miranda that are most intense affair with Major League Baseball player Josh Beckett. Relationship allegedly lasted for many years. And Josh did not want to be your site peace. I'm where I don't know when ...
[0:04:00] ... her management urged her not to. No there are not a member. Josh Beckett Josh is a Johnson and taxes little boy loves this country music the picture under all that stuff like you see the a connection here yeah. That was notably the show feels about this big fear its just practice but. Usually it is yep five and that apparently after. That relationship with all wish you purely an affair with Chris Young also she's she's going after all sorts of ballplayers and the nobody noticing your culture for Chris Young if there's one Tikrit that there we have currently advocate. To have Josh Beckett or other threw me back together now. So little. Foreign backed up that is I eat last I heard it actually choose ...
[0:05:14] ... jotted it. So he. Did that make more sense I mean knowing Josh Beckett like we do that Miranda Lambert seemed to be more Hughes. At all levels I old and a rocket scientist at NASA Amaechi is literally like a Iraq as he works for NASA yes number in delivered yes if you are just a fairly for those two apparently a lot birds. The light color eyes it blood barely made it through high school but I I can only imagine that the conversations with Josh Beckett wife. Has with Josh yeah on a regular basis. You think that Josh understands a lot of things that keep talking about it out here they have tents of but still lower and always been with your daylight. The split into Joseph. 617779793. Several of talk about Tom Brady and what it would pay. For some of you up there to get off the wall to get off the jury Thornton wall. And actually. Criticize. Or go away from Tom Brady. Will do guy more your phone calls on not what happened or didn't happen this morning. In regards Jude Chris importance Judith ...

Greg and Lou discuss Chris Mortensen bailing on his interview with Dennis & Callahan.
Buster Olney, of ESPN, gives the guys the latest scoop on any potential deals regarding the Red Sox on MLB Trade Deadline Day.
In case you missed it yesterday, Tyson Rauch of @JetsFanMedia, the group that flew the "Cheaters Look Up" banner over Patriots training camp, came on the show and Lou couldn't help but laugh at him.

[0:00:01] ... hour of the children days with him at feet overloaded to advance Christian Fauria my last hour before it all Pittsburgh and we leave but it it was quite newsworthy here. Angel Stadium Foxborough as the ...
[0:00:48] ... stands does start to boo it's pretty obvious that there were some patriots fans you notice that we now are joined on AT&T hotline Mike Tyson rugs from a had jet fans media and Tyson thanks a lot for calling in along if you had this plan. War. ...
[0:02:00] ... that just took him in a there you know they've won a Super Bowl last year perfectly obviously you no cheating involved balls are perfectly expected that Brady's just. So damn good that you hysteria quarterback ...



You guys made a mistake by drumming up business for the show and how I would address my reporting for the first time (which is not true).
I won’t allow WEEI, Kraft or anybody to make me the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported far beyond anything I did in first 48 hours.
Maybe when the lawsuit is settled – in Brady’s favor, I hope — we can revisit.
Don’t call.

— Email from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen to Dennis & Callahan

So Mortensen doesn’t want to be the centerpiece of a story that has been misreported, even though his own misreporting is the centerpiece of the story.

Does he make himself clear? Crystal.

This latest little plot twist in this whole sordid saga proves what I said immediately after Mortensen’s tweet back on Jan. 21: That from the very beginning this was a plot cooked up by persons in the NFL office to get the Patriots, and they were not about to let a thing like the truth get in the way.

On the same Friday show that Mortensen bailed out on, John Dennis reported that the weasel who fed the false intel to Mortensen is in fact Mike Kensil, who’s been basically Suspect No. 1 from the beginning. He had the means, the motive (he’s openly hated Bill Belichick going back to their days together with the Jets) and he had the opportunity to be the Patient Zero of the pandemic that is Deflategate, and it makes perfect sense that he’d use a stooge like Mortensen to spread the infection and make it go viral.

And if you’re still one of the sheeple who’ve bought the narrative that Tom Brady is guilty, how do you explain this? How do you justify a reporter refusing to back up his own report? It’s been 6 1/2 months, and Mort has never once addressed the fact that he put out a story that is contradicted by the investigation launched by the very people who fed him the fake information. Nor has he bothered to correct it. Neither obviously did anyone in the NFL, despite the fact they knew it to be wrong as soon as it was tweeted out.

There is only one explanation that fits. And it’s that “league sources” wanted to smear the Patriots, discredit their accomplishments and make them suffer a punishment. And somehow have gotten to the pasty they duped into starting the whole phony scandal to keep him from coming clean.

Now that we have the unprecedented development of a news reporter recusing himself from talking about his own news story, there is one logical next step. Chris Mortensen should be the plaintiff’s first witness in Brady v. The NFL. He began Deflategate. Let him begin the lawsuit he hopes Brady wins.


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Jerry Thornton
We know the leak to ESPN on deflate gate.

[0:03:21] ... was no memorandum there was no pull aside an operations guy or Bill Belichick Tom Brady or equipment guys that by the way. All master Robert footballs because we're getting some complaints they didn't do any they'd set ...
[0:08:00] ... also know you're credit I applaud you it's an ovation minute man Troy Vincent. Was the source for Steven Hayes. He'd destroy all right so it right Gerri just roll his cellphone cell phone Troy Vincent drop the dime on Stephen Hadley called federal well Philly player Stephen it was in Philly flies I'm now a little different. Because Steve and his report was right yes. And months and destroy what I will say that's the NFL is alleging he destroyed and that's what Steve they report you know source is right this and I think he is. The thing that Stephen A citizen in the interview went back I told him basically what this is war is war spring and god that's Troy Vincent thing that's correct. But we knew that because we knew cancel went to Schoenfeld and have them it's that you are in ...
[0:13:49] ... he has because he's bringing the hammer down on. The patriots and Tom Brady in fact just a little bit of the opposite where he is weaker than you think. Is listening to his minions were ...
[0:16:24] ... hole. You not. Not why. I'm Brady. Bill ballot check in the New England Patriots women. Get Super Bowl. Inaction. What am I guess that there there are some validity to that but I don't think it's so much looking forward I think it's looking back at what bill in particular I don't think there's any. What's worked animus. Torch pom. We're certainly the owner here. But I think there's a strong dislike. Or bill Belichick's. Arrogance and personality and his rubbing their nose in it. By beating them everywhere they possibly get some animus toward come from ...

Beverly Scott hired by Obama.

[0:06:06] ... May well. And strategic it re George Cody for a it's true Tom Cruise for example David Beckham the bitter battle and not realize that. Really Smart and and we no matter have the mile per hour. Yes they are Smart well yes now she's tired she has no parent should work full time threat. She she puts them on the scale they're under two and a different pound it out how it. Yeah I know you love the big not short text into the playground if they don't scare the little children out what you you know Jennifer Garner. Like. It's yes and it fired a three. And O says he never never attempted by the opening bell. Jennifer Gardner's intractable decreased. But the name needed is in love with Ben Affleck and reported pool. Had an affair with them. I would say is more track some joke and we all blame her 100%. ...
[0:08:11] ... able to get her passport is going to be kept her out. Jennifer Garner is a fool owns unless you're one Russian one to get divorced that's true she set. Maybe she said all the chips ...
[0:10:22] ... looking for a makeup call you know like if if see a Super Bowl winning quarterback multiple Super Bowl winning quarterback. Who was never arrested for crimes never charged with a crime he's suspended for six games. Now lowered it to ...

ESPN's reporter ducked the show.

[0:01:25] ... one Roger Goodell and National Football League are doing what they're doing Tom Brady. Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and the doing and patriots. OK boys. While what while the public thinks it's out there to talk to someone ...
[0:07:22] ... that. Basis of foundation happens all the time since you know and Troy Vincent. But Stephen A Smith was usable and he used to finally worked its assembly got a relationship. You give me some information ...
[0:16:08] ... used because somebody. Actually more than one somebody has an agenda against Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and and and Robert Kraft added to the patriots as an entity. Used him to promote that agenda in advance that agenda ...
[0:17:26] ... that's gonna happen all politics the more they're gonna use drones. Behind Tom Brady and quarterbacks in the National Football League this year to be a big thing and it's acute but what ever more reports ...